October 10th – 16th, 2011

This week may have us launching forward in new directions, spreading our wings and looking to expand our interests and our activities. We can be very astute with an acute understanding regarding what is truly going on and how we can best proceed with our plans.

This is a week for us to draw upon our intuitive sense. We might have realized by now that what appears to be real is often a charade or a mirage. While we can still sometimes be snookered by the projections on the wizard of oz screen, we have a greater tendency to pull back the curtain and see the little guy punching the buttons. We are not interested in the fantastic presentations as much as getting to the truth, the substance and the core of any situation. And this week is a time when we can do so.

The week starts with us going full bore on putting our mark and imprint on our activities. Although we can run across some speed bumps along the way, we do not have to be put out of commission by them but rather slow down, address any obstacles and then move on with our pedal to the metal. While someone might caution us to slow down or to avoid going into certain directions, let’s consider the source and their agenda before heeding their warnings. Let’s bear in mind that we are in times of provocative change and that many people do not like change. If we make changes, it forces other people to change their definition of who we are but also forces them to consider whether changes are necessary in their own lives. Few people like to self-critique but rather would prefer to bump along. Now is not a time for bumping along but to move ahead with those things that empassion us and to do so in expeditious ways and with a best practices approach.

Fortunately, this week hones our intuitive sense and assists us in having our finger on the pulse. By drawing upon our sense of things more so than empirical reasoning we can eliminate some of the dross from our lives and focus on the truly meaningful. We do have to watch that we don’t try to take on too much. We may be learning to be adept with juggling, especially in light of the fact that we are being asked to juggle more things in shorter time spans, but let’s not overload ourselves with the extraneous.

Awareness, focus and mindfulness are all key in effectively navigating the swirling currents of these times.

The weekend is a time for us to enjoy ourselves, to participate in various activities without getting too involved in any one thing. Sampling a wide variety of interests can help us hone down on our true purpose and most significant involvements.

Monday, October 10th – Leaping Lizards – Uranus, Pluto. This Monday has the Moon moving into Aries where it conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto. We may be a law unto ourselves and even able to supersede the laws of physics. Who has ever heard of lizards leaping? Today, we may well be, for today finds us willing to take machete in hand and carve our own pathway. We may bump into obstacles, but any impediments are merely the old ways of doing things and traditional approaches. And such approaches may no longer work for us in the present, much less in the future. No, this Monday is a day for us to consider options, alternatives, to engage the avant-garde and be iconoclastic no matter the liable scorn heaped upon us by those who follow the old ways of doing things that might eventually lead them to the precipice. Today is a good day for us to start new things or deal with old things in a new and exciting manner. If we suspend our imagination and a belief in the impossible, then we are only locking ourselves into the constraints of the past and of our mindset. Let’s broaden our perspective, take a chance and try something a little bit different today. We do not have to commit for the long-term or feel that we are carving things in stone. On the contrary, today is a day to explore, investigate and experiment.

Tuesday, October 11th – Engaging the Vision – Aries Full Moon, Mars. Tuesday has the Moon in Aries trine Mars, and the Aries Full Moon with the Moon opposed the Sun in Libra. We may be feeling our oats today, looking for avenues of self-expression and wanting to participate in some fun activities. We may be looking far beyond our normal parameters, even beyond the blue horizon. We do not want to be limited or curtailed. We do have to be aware of the importance of balance, balance between our personal interests and those of the significant people in our lives. If we move beyond a competitive comparison to an encouragement of each one’s personal expression, we can create win-win scenarios whereby we celebrate the successes of other people, which in turn can contribute and spur us on to our own successes. One of the beauties of these times is what I have referred to as ‘power to the person’. As we increasingly see the corruption and ineffectuality of the powers-that-be, we can disengage from the noise of control and competition and focus instead on our personal best. Today is a day for us to engage our vision, to consider the avenues for our self-expression and to see our involvements, even our arduous tasks, as our dharma, our calling and one that we can engage with true joy rather than any sense of hardship.

Wednesday, October 12th – If I Feel It, I Know It – Mercury, Neptune, Saturn. This Wednesday has our intuitive sense ratcheted up severalfold. Mercury trines Neptune and the Aries Moon sextiles Neptune but opposes both Saturn and Mercury. Today is a day to trust our instincts, even if other people and the consensus of collective opinion disagree with our viewpoint and would try to steer us away from our sense of things. We may have to hold our cards pretty close to our chest, since our perspective could be contrary to what seems to be going on. Let’s keep in mind that our inner knowing, our inner voice, is often far more accurate than the appearance of things or the collective understanding. I always find it amusing when people assert they know ‘THE TRUTH’ without conceding the truth at one moment could prove to be a falsehood either the next moment or at some future time. We can be very insightful on this Wednesday and if we choose to share our thoughts and feelings, it would be wise for us to choose carefully those people we decide to confide in and always to check the source and be aware of any agenda. We can blueprint and strategize, all from a true sense of what we feel and intuitively understand.

Thursday, October 13th – Measuring our Pace – Venus, Pluto, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury Scorpio. Thursday allows us to put our plans into action. Venus sextiles Pluto and the Sun conjuncts Saturn. The Moon in Taurus today trines Pluto, opposes Venus and conjuncts Jupiter. Although we may have built up a head of steam over the past few days and are looking to get going with implementing our goals, it would be wise for us to measure our pace. We may want to be fast out of the starting gate today, but we just might not have all the energy it takes to be up and running full bore all day long. We may find that outstanding issues or old matters have come up for us to address and deal with. There can be a great deal of intensity to this day, and our energy might be fitful, at times overbearing and excessive, other times feeling like the wind has been knocked out of our sails. Mercury exits Libra, ending the Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Air Sign, and enters Scorpio. We may be far more secretive, less likely to jump to conclusions and a tad bit suspicious regarding what is really going on. Let’s use our investigative powers to concentrate on how we can best deal with what needs to be done, what we wish to achieve and what the most meaningful activities to engage could be. It would be wise to avoid excessive expenditures. We could easily rationalize our desires as our needs, but we would be better served concentrating on our resourcefulness and our ability to get more from less. There can be significant heart-to-heart conversations and connections today. Just let’s be certain that in our willingness to take on certain responsibilities, that everyone is carrying their fair load.

Friday, October 14th – Creative Financing – Venus, Jupiter, Mars. There always seem ways by which we can justify, even rationalize, our actions, no matter how boneheaded our actions might be. Today is one of those days when we could easily justify indulgences and excesses. The bottom line might just be that we want what we want and are willing to dance around the reasons not to act on our desires. Friday has Venus opposed Jupiter and the Taurus Moon square Mars. If we do not put a hold on some of our desires, we could find ourselves digging a deep financial pit. In our attention to immediate gratification, we could become totally unaware of the consequences of our actions. Today is one of those days when we might prove to be our own worst enemy. Not that we will accept responsibility or accountability for our actions. We can convince ourselves that our wants are truly our needs but the fact might just be that we feel entitled to things that we cannot afford without going into debt. The attitude of entitlement is a curious thing since it moves beyond even the belief that we deserve something into the realm that that something is our inherent right. And so we act by financing our desires, going into debt, and putting off the day of reckoning to some arcane future date. Let’s avoid the debt spiral that, once engaged, could lead us down the yellow brick road of creative financing and a tough nut for us to ever crack. As they say in gambling: ‘the house always wins’.

Saturday, October 15th – Wiggle Room – Neptune, Uranus. Saturday has the Taurus Moon square Neptune. The Moon then exits Taurus and enters Gemini where it sextiles Uranus. We may start the day continuing the influence of Friday with thoughts in our head of sugarplums and other delights. We may want to spend time with friends, engage in various forms of delusion and continue the quixotic journey into a world of fantasy and illusion. Let’s just hope that we can backtrack from any bad decisions made or miscalculated actions taken. Things may not seem as they appear, but we could still be enamored by the images, appearances and packaging without truly considering the substance, or what is behind the curtain or the consequences of our decisions and actions. Fortunately, as the day progresses, we may get something of a wakeup call. Our insights can be a great deal stronger, and those Sirens of imagination that might have enticed us to follow our appetites and our desires may no longer seem so appealing. Instead, we might be far more involved with stepping off the track and seeking out new adventures and engaging new possibilities. We are less likely to feel the need of commitment or acquisition, and more likely to be interested in smatterings and samplings of possibilities. A tendency towards trying things out would be a healthy antidote to some of the excesses and indulgences of earlier today and yesterday. Today we have the wiggle room to get out of some decisions made when our appetites got the better of us and our eyes became bigger than our stomach.

Sunday, October 16th – Knowing the Difference – Mercury, Pluto, Mars. While the last two days might have taken us into the carnival of delights, this Sunday is a highly astute day when we might not miss a beat and can actually see laser-like what is really going on. If the wool were pulled over our eyes, this Sunday is a day when we can shear away the strands of illusion and delusion and get a real grip on things and see what is really going on. Mercury sextiles Pluto and the Gemini Moon sextiles Mars. We may be far more mindful today and looking to focus our energy on areas of interest with an investigative mind and a curious attitude. Unlike the last two days when we might have felt that we needed to ‘have’ something, today we are far more content in looking at and considering without feeling the need to control or to acquire. We are not looking to be constrained or restricted by stuff today. We want freedom of movement and to be unrestrained in our explorations and investigations. We may be far more aware of the prison of things owning us rather than our assumptions that we own things. Our choices today may be to go from one thing to another to yet another, all with the idea that a collage of various interests and activities can provide an interesting, intriguing and insightful backdrop in the process of our self-development and transformation. Change is not only a hope but rather a process. We are engaged in the process and looking to self-actualize through a broad palette of testing the waters of new interests and new activities.