September 5th – 11th, 2011

This week can have us with machete in hand ready to cut our path through the jungle of responsibilities and inexplicable situations that could thwart our forward movement. While we might have a determination to make our way this week, we could also be a little less clear regarding our direction. We may not be like ‘wrong way Corrigan’ heading off in one direction only to find ourselves going in the opposite direction. But we could misread some of the signals and indicators and take a wrong turn or get enmeshed in situations that seemingly take us down the right path but in reality could lead us down the garden path with brambles and sinkholes along the way.

Clarity is called for this week but may at times be lacking. With Monday being Labor Day in the US, also considered the unofficial end to summer, this week can have us back in gear, focused on our daily obligations and trying to get the rhythm of our familiar routine. Only problem is the fact that familiar routines are no longer the order of the day. We have moved, and will continue to move, into the reality of abnormalcy being the new normal. We may not have a playbook by which to strategize our movements but we do have the necessary skill set to deal with the twists and turns of our new reality.

Things just are not the way they have been. We could feel as though the rug could be pulled out from under us at any moment, the earth opening up beneath our very feet. While this could be anxiety-provoking, and certainly many of our friends and acquaintances are feeling the symptoms of ratcheted-up stress, it is essential for us to keep in mind the wise and true saying that ‘we never get more than we can handle.’

While the beginning of the week can have us finishing a long weekend of grabbing for all the gusto of summer fun that we can engage, the week moves into a focus on our responsibilities and our tasks at hand. We may feel blocked or restricted in our movement both by new standards, unexpected events and other people’s issues. If such matters come up to block our way, it would be suggested that we not try and bulldoze our way through any obstacles but rather take the tai chi approach, whereby we gauge the circumstances and the conditions and then move according to the energies prevailing. We do not always have to push through hurdles. Instead, if impediments block our way, we can go around them, over them, under them and in accord with the necessary strategies to engage get past them.

The latter part of the week and over the weekend can have us participating in get-togethers with friends. We might take time to consider our future options. If we do contemplate alternatives for ourselves, it is important that we focus on our intentions more than the steps necessary to realize our plans. Let’s always keep in mind that during this paradigm shift we are moving away from the idea that we can blueprint in sharp detail our every move to get from our starting point to our accomplishment. During these times, it is essential that we be open to the realization that our trajectory may be a starting point but as we take our steps in that direction, the direction can change and tangents become significantly more important. We must be flexible and adaptable in our plans and in our process in order to take full advantage of the wonders of these times with the magic and miracles prevalent.

The weekend ends on the 11th. With the energies of this day and tenth year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the US, this day can be fraught with emotion. In our remembrances of where we were at that time, I would suggest that we use it as a mirror reflecting who we were then with who and where we are now. Our growth and transformation are an ongoing process and we may see how much we have changed in this decade’s time.

Monday, September 5th – Live for Today – Mercury, Neptune. This Monday in the US is Labor Day and is the last day of a long holiday weekend, a weekend that seems to signal the unofficial end of summer and the beginning of getting back on the track of our everyday life experience. With the Moon in Sagittarius trine Mercury and sextile Neptune, we may be looking to squeeze out the last bit of summertime fun activities. We are looking to expand our realm, possibly getting out of Dodge, perhaps getting together with friends and just enjoying ourselves. We may feel quite upbeat today, able to present ourselves in grand style and focused on doing whatever we choose to do without much thought to what we should do, or our ‘to do’ list. This is a day when we might put on blinders, blocking out the world conditions and all the hysteria of the larger picture. We know before too long the macro issues will be knocking on our door, looking to impact us directly and demanding we take into account world conditions that could influence our personal lives. But this Monday is a day when we are less concerned about the big picture. On the contrary, we may see this Monday as a recreational time and a time to live for today.

Tuesday, September 6th – What’s Going On – Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter. The 1959 classic song by Dinah Washington “What a Difference a Day Makes” captures the essence of this Tuesday compared to Monday. Today the Moon in Capricorn squares Uranus, conjuncts Pluto and trines Jupiter. We may be pulled up short as we start the day. Unexpected situations, whether situations we have to react to or situations of our own making, could come up and demand our attention. Whatever we have planned for the day, we may have fires to put out before we can attend to our scheduled plans. If we will concentrate on getting the superfluous and extraneous out of our way, then we can clear the clutter and clean the decks in order to best proceed with the most meaningful and most purposeful activities. We could even surprise ourselves at how we are able to move from one thing to another, all the while keeping our eye on the ball. As the day progresses and once we have gotten rid of the irrelevant matters, we may find ourselves expanding our plans and broadening our intentions. Situations could arise that might try and trip us up, but we have developed the ability to be nimble and quick, think on our toes and address situations in an effective and expeditious manner.

Wednesday, September 7th – Relying on our Instincts – Sun, Venus, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Mars. This Wednesday could remind us that we have the tools and the skill set by which to accomplish and be most productive. The Capricorn Moon today trines both the Sun and Venus but also creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon opposes Saturn and squares Mars. This is a day for us to draw upon our own resources and to rely upon our instincts. We can be highly effective, for we can see the big picture and also the steps necessary to accomplish our goals. We have to watch for the naysayers, other people who may critique our plans or put stumbling blocks in our path. We also have to avoid overly self-evaluating ourselves, for we could seek perfection all the while assuming that we don’t have the wherewithal to pull off our plans. Let’s not allow our personal issues of self-esteem to get in the way today, nor other people’s opinions. This is a day for us to hold our cards close to our chest, take a zen-like approach and be in the zone of being our project rather than us doing our project, and avoid overly critiquing our moves. The more we can get out of our own way and avoid other people’s interruptions, the more we can streamline our procedures and accomplish what needs to be done.

Thursday, September 8th – Humility Called For – Mercury, Neptune, Uranus. Thursday has Mercury opposed Neptune and the Moon moving into Aquarius where it sextiles Uranus. Mercury is about to exit Leo and re-enter its own Sign of Virgo later tonight or early on Friday. This Thursday could be a day when the ego gets in the way. With a crescendo of ego assertiveness and ego gratification, our ideas and our future goals may be based more on a best case scenario than a practical trajectory of what could be pragmatic and realistic. We might prove susceptible to our own good fortune, embracing the idea that nothing can go wrong and everything will go right just as long as we are in control. Such lack of humility could be a stumbling block and entice us in buying into illusions and fanciful beliefs, even beliefs of our invincibility and omnipotence. We have to be wary not to over-commit or negate constant checks and evaluations. This is a day for us to think outside the box, not get fixated on any particular idea or position but to be open to the possibilities of options and keeping abreast of alternatives. The magic is not in what we believe to be true but rather our willingness to be open to the mini-miracles occurring daily.

Friday, September 9th – A Little Restraint, Please – Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury Virgo. Friday has the Aquarius Moon square Jupiter and trine Saturn. We could easily get carried away with our own projections and virtually willing to bet the ranch on a high flyer. Why go there? If we would draw upon the wise counsel of a trusted associate, then we might discover a best practices approach to realize our dreams without spending a fortune or going overboard on our desires. Thursday night, early Friday morning, Mercury re-enters into its own Sign of Virgo creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Earth Sign as Mercury joins Venus and the Sun in Virgo. We can be focused on the details, the specifics and the particulars. Our analytical ability may be razor sharp but our attitude could also tend towards the hypercritical. With the idea that a strong offense is a good defense, we could nitpick other people’s frailties and flaws in an attempt to mask our own personal insecurities. We need to rein in any desire to overspend or overdo and take things step by step, even if we find ourselves playing the children’s game of “Mother May I?” with numbers of baby steps and numbers of giant steps. Just as long as we keep stepping, ever mindful of where we are stepping and being certain not to step in it, then this day can be a productive day in developing our plans, all with a little restraint.

Saturday, September 10th – Huh? – Neptune, Mercury. Saturday could be slightly confusing. We start the day with the Aquarius Moon opposed Neptune. The Moon then moves into Neptune-ruled Pisces where it opposes Mercury. This day has a great deal of Neptune influence. We may wonder which way is up and we might find ourselves buying into the best appearance and the strongest presentation. We could easily get seduced by what could turn out to be a grand Hollywood backlot set, all façade without much depth or substance and held up by a few two by fours. This is a day for us not only to take things with a grain of salt but a boulder of salt. We might feel a little dazed and willing to accept things at face value. Such an attitude could tap us as a mark for any shuckster that comes our way, and like a magnet we could be drawing them to us. If we do not get carried away with our hopes and illusions, then we could actually use this day to strategize and blueprint, for we could both see the big picture of what could be and combine it with the necessary steps and specific details to actualize our hopes and dreams. We just have to keep grounded and not get carried away with our imagination.

Sunday, September 11th – Memories – Venus, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter. Sunday is September 11th and the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attack on the US with hijacked planes being flown into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. This September 11th has Venus sextile Mars and continues with the Pisces Moon, which today sextiles both Pluto and Jupiter. Although much may be made of what occurred ten years ago, this day is a day to appreciate what we have and the sacrifices made for us to have it. We may find ourselves reaching out to family and friends and sharing deep thoughts and sincere feelings. This also would be a day when we might take the time to do some fix-up projects around our home. Renovating our home, adding some touch-ups and seeking to create a sanctuary for ourselves may be important to give us a sense of security and nurture during these dramatically changing times. Although some memories may be painful, the poignancy of this day can also well up our love for home, family and friends.