September 19th – 25th, 2011

This week has the official shift from Summer into Autumn with the Sun moving from Virgo into Libra at the time of the Autumn Equinox. Increasingly, we are being asked to find balance in our lives, all the while that things are swinging wildly between extremes. It may seem a tall order for us, but let’s always keep in mind the wise and true saying that we never get more than we can handle. Even if it feels as though we are on overload and being stretched beyond our resources, we never get more than we can handle.

Some of the irritations, aggravations and challenges of the past few years have helped us develop our skill set, our resilience and our ability to think on our feet with a talent to be nimble and quick from engaging our awareness and mindfulness.

The swings this week can be like a roller coaster with various ups and downs, and sometimes within a nanosecond of each other.

We start the week looking to juggle various interests, some of which are likely to be our sense of obligation to someone else. Although we might have a great deal on our plate, we need to avoid glossing over the details, skipping over the specifics. Haste could not only make waste but can also have us making some huge mistakes that would need to be corrected at some future date.

We may not want to be micromanaging and focusing on the particulars, but I would suggest that we keep an eagle eye on the ball, deal with necessary tasks even to the minutiae. We might be far more interested in exciting new interests, but we need to take care of business before we can fully engage the new.

Let’s also bear in mind that there are times in society when people seek to improve the mousetrap, incorporating various bells and whistles that seem good in appearance but prove less effective than the original mousetrap. If we can avoid getting snookered by flamboyant presentations with compelling promises that prove specious, we could save ourselves a great deal of aggravation, needless expense and additional time-consuming steps.

After a flurry of activity to begin the week, mid-week can have us concentrating on home and family matters. If we have not attended to someone’s pressing needs, mid-week could be a time for us to do so. We may be more nurturing, more willing to take the time and spend the time comforting someone going through a difficult patch.

The end of the week and over the weekend, we come into Autumn in full regalia. We are looking to embrace the spectacle of this autumnal season with its harvest fairs, crafts shows and Fall festivals. We are in the mood for fun, but we might also choose to engage so many activities that we wear ourselves out. Let’s take some time to regroup and recharge ourselves for this next week could prove vexing.

Monday, September 19th – Hello, It’s Me – Saturn, Mercury. Monday starts the week with the Gemini Moon, which today trines Saturn and squares Mercury. We might be making our phone calls, reaching out to all and sundry. But our communications may be more for a ‘hello, it’s me’ than any substantive value. People may be chatting each other up, but it would be wise to take things with a grain of salt and read between the lines. This is a day when conversations can be rampant but much of the discussions being more imaginative than factual. If we are assuming that people are giving us in-depth understanding of a situation, it would be wise that we engage our due diligence and check out the facts. Today has a tendency to gloss over details, neglect the specifics. This Monday’s conversations may be more about the story than the reality of the situation. If we buy into what is being presented to us, we could be led down the garden path without being aware of the brambles or pitfalls along the way. Let’s enjoy the camaraderie of other people today, but not accept anything at face value.

Tuesday, September 20th – Daydream Believer – Sun, Neptune, Uranus. Tuesday continues the run on discussions and conversations and still with a tendency to negate specifics and focus instead on the tale being told. We could easily buy into prospects without evaluating them in detail. We might engage possibilities that seem easily achieved. Where a problem lies is the fact that we might not play the devil’s advocate, looking at situations with a critical eye with a concentration of where our liabilities lie. Monday and Tuesday of this week can have us hoodwinked by lofty presentations and wonder-filled offerings that are just too good to be true. While we might not take a realistic viewpoint at some of the things we hear about, it would be wise for us not to make definitive commitments at this time. The Moon today continues in Gemini with a square to the Sun and a trine to Neptune. The Moon then moves into its own Sign of Cancer where it squares Aries. We may not want to engage ‘same old’ same old’ but we also need to avoid jumping at any situation that promises us an escape route. It would be far better for us to take a momentary hiatus from our routine, do our own thing and enjoy brief respites from our day-in, day-out existence. We might want to spruce up our home with some slight novelty, but we might also find the comfort of home being less comfortable and more annoying today. Let’s jump off the track momentarily today, engage something unfamiliar to us, but only as a distraction and momentary diversion.

Wednesday, September 21st – Back in the Thick of It – Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Venus, Saturn. They say that a strong offense is a good defense and this Wednesday could have us or other people being somewhat offensive. The Cancer Moon sextiles Jupiter today but also creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon opposes Pluto and squares both Venus and Saturn. This can be one of those days when we might want to shutter the windows, bar the door, and just crawl back under the covers. We have a great deal of energy today but we might feel as though by engaging the world, we are walking through land mines with the liability to explosive situations at every step of the way. We might feel reticent and shy today, and far prefer the comfort of home and our unflagging support system of family and close friends. This is day for us to avoid knee-jerk reactions, those immediate responses to people or situations. The more we can count to ten, focus on our conscious breathing and not feel played by circumstances and conditions around us, the less trouble or problems we are likely to create for ourselves. This Wednesday is a day for us to tidy things up, to take care of outstanding matters but all with the recognition that there are times as the saying goes that ‘no good deed goes unpunished’. This Wednesday it would be wise for us to let go of any expectations, be ever mindful and aware of what is going on, and do the tai chi moves whereby we work in accord with the energies rather than trying to bend things to our will or take a frontal assault from the situations that might arise. Let’s keep a heads-up today regarding any pronouncements from on high. People may be power tripping but their edicts might be stronger in voice than in true reality.

Thursday, September 22nd – Back in Sync – Mercury, Sun. Whether we have stepped into messes earlier this week or created them for ourselves, this Thursday allows us to straighten things out, refocus and get things right. The Cancer Moon today sextiles both Mercury and the Sun. In the quiet of our own space [can we call it our safe and happy place?] we have the opportunity of figuring things out and reworking any situations that we have glossed over earlier in the week or areas where we reacted hastily and precipitously. We are far more focused today and have the ability to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and make adjustments to things that have preceded without our having engaged due diligence. This Thursday can have us blueprinting and figuring out the best practices approach. What is essential for us today is to have a quiet space whereby we are not distracted by diversions or other people’s input. Our intuitive sense could be strong and we have the ability to blend both our intuition and our analytical mind. This blending can be a winning combination and whatever we have on our plate we can come up with the most expeditious and successful ways to accomplish our plans. We just need a little bit of alone time without being bombarded by the noise of the extraneous.

Friday, September 23rd – Off to the Races – Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Venus, Autumn Equinox, Sun Libra. Friday has Mars trine Uranus and the Moon in Leo conjunct Mars, trine Uranus, square Jupiter and sextile Venus. The Sun exits Virgo, bringing an official end to Summer, and enters Libra at the time of the Autumn Equinox and the beginning of the Fall Season. With the Sun entering Libra, we now have a Libra Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Air Sign as the Sun joins Venus and Saturn in the Venus-ruled Sign of Libra. We may be off to the races on this Friday. Our energy is likely spiked and we are looking for new directions to pursue. We do have to be careful that our passion doesn’t get the better of us, for ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’. With our exuberance, our sense of confidence and our daring we might get involved in situations which are new and unique to our experience but that could prove taxing to our time, our energy and our resources. Let’s engage our passion but do so in activities that we acknowledge as tentative and probationary until they prove themselves worthy of our time and involvement. As this is the beginning of the Autumn season, the imprint for this Autumn can be one where we race off in new directions with passion and determination, looking to put our imprint upon our world. It would be wise to keep in mind our impulse for change but to be wary of change solely for the sake of change.

Saturday, September 24th – Mixed Blessings – Saturn, Neptune. Saturday continues with the Moon in Leo and today we are looking to engage autumnal fun activities. We might want to go to fairs, festivals, and enjoy the warmth of the days and the coolness of night. The Moon sextiles Saturn and opposes Neptune. We are looking to engage our pleasurable activities with that special someone. We do have to be careful that intimations are not created, for people could misread our actions and our comments. Clarity could be lacking today and if misunderstandings are created, there could be some explosive blow-ups over the next week. Let’s use this day to enjoy ourselves and the company of those special people in our lives. But let’s also keep things light and airy. This day could prove a breather, a time to regroup and recharge our batteries before we enter particularly tense times towards the end of the month.

Sunday, September 25th – Innovative or Revolutionary – Sun, Uranus, Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury Libra. This Sunday can be an either or type of day. The Sun opposes Uranus and we might find ourselves embroiled in personality conflicts with other people. Someone might want to place demands on us, and demands that are based upon expectations of how we should behave according to our old behavioral patterns. We might not be in that mindset though. Perhaps we have grown, changed, altered our behavior and broken free of old patterns. If we haven’t, then we are yearning to do so. We all are likely to recognize that the old programming no longer works for the present. We may either be very innovative or just out there naked unto the world yelling ‘I gotta be me’ alternately playing a kazoo. I would suggest the former, especially in light of the fact that the Sun opposed Uranus also has a Moon in Virgo creating an Earth Element Grand Trine with the Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn and trine Jupiter in Taurus. We can be highly adept at expanding our projects in a focused and strategic manner and concentrating on the most meaningful and purposeful activities to engage. Mercury exits its own Sign of Virgo today and enters Libra, reinforcing the Libra Stellium as Mercury joins the Sun, Venus and Saturn in the Venus-ruled Cardinal Air Sign. We are becoming far more considerate of other people, more likely to take into account the ideas and opinions of other people, and more conciliatory in our dealings with other people. Life is good, just so long as we maintain the balance in our lives.