September 12th – 18th, 2011

This week is a high intensity week, a time when we may be impetuous and base our actions on what we wish to be true rather than the hard, cold reality of empirical facts. We may be champing at the bit this week. We might want to be in start-up mode, initiating new projects, beginning new activities, all with an enthusiastic confidence. Attitude is always important but attitude has to be matched by conditions and circumstances. Otherwise, we could be flirting with illusions and delusions that could prove fatal to our well-being.

With the Pisces Full Moon to begin the week, the Sign changes of both Venus and Mars, and Pluto turning direct; this week could be one when we are flipping from one thing to another, seeking the right combination, desirous of doing our own thing and not wanting anyone to rain on our parade. The liability is that we become the grand marshal to the lemming parade of one as we march, even race, to the precipice of the cliffs.

This week demands that we slow things down, not get caught up in a whirlwind of exciting prospects and tone down the rhetoric and the assumptions.

The bizarre aspect to this week is the fact that, even if we step out and step in things that may be unsavory at best, we could easily play the blame game. Instead of accepting responsibility for our own decisions and acknowledging accountability for our actions, we might choose to focus on someone or some thing as the cause of any distress that we might encounter.

This is a week to rein in our emotions, put the brakes on impetuous actions, utilize peripheral vision to see what is truly going on and not buy into our grand illusions. The world is in process of changing dramatically and so too are we. In the process, we need to maintain awareness and keep mindful of the shifting sands of these times.

Solutions proposed at the beginning of the week could unravel over the weekend or at the end of the month. These times demand that we keep our antennae up, read between the lines, not accept anything at face value and be ever mindful and aware.

Monday, September 12th – Maudlin Monday – Mercury, Pluto, Pisces Full Moon, Sun, Mars, Venus. Monday has Mercury trine Pluto and the Pisces Full Moon with the Moon trine Mars and opposed both the Sun and Venus. Our mind can be razor sharp. We can devise a best practices approach to whatever we choose to do. In our choosing we might be looking at the most significant activities we wish to engage. Laser-like, we can develop an in-depth detailed strategy to realize our goals, achieve our ambitions. This day can be highly successful in regard to our planning but we have to keep our emotions out of the way. And that could prove a tall order, since we have the Pisces Full Moon with the Moon trine Mars and the Moon opposed both the Sun and Venus. We could be highly emotional today, and our emotions could either swing between being hyper-critical or feeling victimized and possibly a whipsaw between both extremes. We may want to spend time at home with our family, drawing upon the comfort zone of security in what feels like an increasingly insecure world. Much of what we feel we need to do may be more effectively done in the sanctity of our womb-like space, those areas where we feel nurtured and supported. While our mind today can be sharp, facile and to the point in developing and presenting our ideas; we might feel vulnerable to the shifting tides of these times. Some people may choose to be belligerent and overbearing, all with the belief that a strong offense is a good defense. People can present things in a most logical and competent manner, but such presentations might not feel completely right, as though something is either left out or not fully revealed. We may not have full disclosure today, so it would be important that we not jump to conclusions or accept things at face value. Let’s try to blend both our reasoning, rational mind with our intuitive sense to gauge what is really going on.

Tuesday, September 13th – A Law Unto Ourselves – Uranus, Pluto. While yesterday may have had us planning our moves and coming up with the most expeditious manner in which to proceed, and especially if we didn’t fall prey to maudlin sentimentality; this Tuesday could have us up and running, to where who knows and who cares. The Moon moves into Aries where it conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto. We want to do our own thing, try out new activities and not be reined in or blocked either by our responsibilities or the powers-that-be. ‘Democracy now!’ can be the hue and cry of this day, although the disposition could tend towards the anarchistic rather than any structured format. We are not especially interested in structure or format today and we could run off in our own direction without itinerary or clarity. Yes, impetuous could be our game plan for the day. If we do not take an adversarial approach to everyone and everything, then we can use our desire to initiate new projects and develop new interests in a way that allows us to start things up but with recognition that honing or fine tuning will be necessary as we go along. Let’s look for people acting out today and keep in mind the old saying that the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions. We may want to do our own thing today, but it would be wise to be alert to the law of unintended consequences. If we go hastily and forcefully into the day, we could have some severe blowbacks.

Wednesday, September 14th – Going My Way – Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus Libra. Wednesday continues with the Aries Moon, which today opposes Saturn. Mercury trines Jupiter and Venus exits Virgo, ending the Stellium of three or more planets in Virgo, to enter its own Sign of Libra. We may be feeling very upbeat and optimistic today. We want to emphasize our own personal needs and may feel restricted if other people make demands on us. Our exuberance may know no bounds and we do have to be careful not to fall into excess, over-confidence or extravagance. We might be feeling at the top of our game, but we are unlikely to heed other people’s suggestions for us to trim our sails and confine ourselves to a budget or constricted activity. We are feeling our oats and do not want any parade rainers to soak us with their downbeat attitude. Carpe diem, seize the day, may be our mantram for the day. We can expand, expound and justify but we are far more interested in the ‘yes’ crowd than anyone who might hold our decisions and actions under scrutiny. Late in the day, Venus enters its own Sign of Libra. We may be slightly more considerate of other people’s needs, more diplomatic and slightly less self-absorbed. Our desire for balance becomes highlighted and we might be more diplomatic and looking to put our best foot forward.

Thursday, September 15th – Reticence and Hoped-for Illusions – Mars, Neptune. Thursday starts with the Aries Moon, which today squares Mars and sextiles Neptune. This day might feel like the children’s story The Little Engine That Could with us believing that “we think we can, we think we can”. We might have all sorts of hopes and dreams but other people who know us might question whether we have the wherewithal to pull off our goals, especially in the backdrop of these present times. Although we could be reticent about pushing forward and taking on new projects, we could also assume that such projects have a life of their own. And in deed they do. We are entering a time of paradigm shift, an era of asequential reality when things can occur in a most extraordinary way. Even if we feel blocked by the larger reality or question our own abilities, it would be wise for us to keep in mind the importance of intention. As the saying goes: ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. We may not know the way but if we engage our passion with a willingness that our involvements are what we desire but only if for the greater good, then we can virtually move mountains. Let’s break free from our comfort zone, a semblance of security that could be more a limitation than a support system, and dream our dreams.

Friday, September 16th – This Magic Moment, of Drastic Changes – Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto direct. Friday has the Moon in Taurus conjunct Jupiter and a Grand Trine in the Earth Element as the Taurus Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn and trines Mercury in Virgo. Just as things seem to be coming together in an effective and expeditious manner, something may suddenly erupt that creates discord or dissension. The more that we can work with a grounded plan, expand our activities, all the while budgeting our time, our monies and our other resources, the more we can accomplish. Today is a day when things can fit neatly together. We may choose to make certain purchases but any purchases made will either assist in our personal makeover or contribute to the effectiveness of our involvements. We can be operating on all eight cylinders today, at the top of our game. Where a problem arises is in the fact that Pluto is turning direct today, ending a five plus month retrograde cycle, a retrograde cycle that incorporated the ‘Arab Spring’. We may soon become far more aware of the long-term consequences of the upheavals in many of the countries of the Arab world. There could be explosions, bomb blasts and geophysical activity of earthquakes and volcanoes around this period as Pluto shifts from retrograde to direct motion.

Saturday, September 17th – The Grass Being Greener – Venus, Uranus, Sun. Saturday has the Taurus Moon trine the Sun and Venus opposed Uranus. The Venus in Libra opposition is the beginning of a Cardinal Sign T-Square that impacts this weekend, next weekend and the end of the month. As the planets transit into Libra, first Venus, then the Sun and then Mercury, a T-Square will be created by first an opposition to Uranus and then a square to Pluto. Today we have Venus opposed Uranus. Tomorrow Venus squares Pluto. Although we could use this day as an end of Summer cleanup around our home and in preparation of the forthcoming Autumn, we may also want to be free to do whatever we choose to do today. We may be looking for adventure, infatuated by the new and the different, and easily intrigued by someone who seems like a Siren, enticing us to follow them. While diversions and distractions are all well and good, any entry into an exciting new world might prove to be just a glimpse and a momentary seduction away from our everyday lives. This Saturday could play to the taunting refrain that the grass is greener somewhere other than where we are standing. We could be impetuous and hasty today and it would be wise for us to keep in mind that change can be for the better but also could prove to be for the worse. Relationships could prove dicey if we engage a sentiment of ‘out with the old, in with the new’. We may have momentary infatuations but we could wreak havoc on long-standing associations. Let’s use this day to explore new interests for ourselves, develop new contacts but all with a tentative engagement so that we don’t upset our tried and true for things that could shimmer and sparkle on the short-term but could easily burn out on the long term.

Sunday, September 18th – Under my Skin – Venus, Pluto, Neptune, Mars, Uranus, Mars Leo. The second half of the Cardinal Sign T-Square triggered yesterday with Venus opposed Uranus is operational on this Sunday as Venus squares Pluto. Relationships could be slightly off kilter, even to the point of disagreements and, to the extreme, break-ups. Someone may try to power play in association, seeking to force us to do their thing or conform to their standards. Such an attitude could create blow-ups in our interactions with other people. We do not have to go there, but we do need to be aware that we could feel as though something had gotten under our skin. The itch might be such that we seek to blame other people for our irritation. This tendency could be exaggerated early in the day for the Taurus Moon squares Neptune. We may assume that we know what we want and what we want might not be what we have. We could be pining for people, things and situations that are out of our everyday experience, just beyond our reach. The Moon also sextiles Mars before the Moon goes into Gemini where it sextiles Uranus and trines Venus. If we haven’t thrown down the gauntlet, created an adversarial situation in regard to someone else and have avoided drawing lines in the sand whereby people have to measure up to our standards and our desires for how they should act, then the latter part of the day can have us making nice with friends, family and acquaintances. We may have felt that something got under our skin but now we are relieved and able to refocus our attention. The spell of intrigue and infatuation could be broken and we might find ourselves going from one thing to another, exploring, reconnecting but all in a quick alighting much like the butterfly alights on a flower momentarily, only to fly off to the next flower and so on. This Sunday is a day for us to stretch, explore and make amends for any blow-ups or disagreements that might have occurred in our interactions with other people. Let’s get a grip on this Cardinal Sign T-Square, learn how best to handle it, since we have next weekend and the end of the month as a sequel to this weekend’s Venus T-Square. Late in the day, Mars exits Cancer and enters Leo. We may find our physical energy to be stronger and our desire to express our creative side turned up severalfold. A sense of feeling victimized and reactive to conditions can slip away as we feel more enthused and able to take a proactive approach.