August 8th – 14th, 2011

The volatility of these times can be evident during this second week of August. Intense matters ratchet up significantly. The energies this week could be extreme with liabilities towards poor judgment and impulsive actions, even to the point of accidents and explosions.

Nothing may be done in half measure. Actions taken might be miscalculations with a tendency to push the envelope and go overboard. People are likely to be on edge and we could witness explosive events.

We may feel confused and hoodwinked by what is being told us. With little information, even false information, there could be the tendency to leap forward without considering the circumstances or the conditions. Now is a time for us not to react to any situation without taking the time to have full disclosure regarding what is really going on.

The week starts with us looking far afield. In so doing, our discernment could be lacking and our focus tainted by our personal opinions. People are likely playing the blame game and blowing their own horn but with all the notes being sharp or flat. A cacophony of voices and opinions could drown out more rational thought or true understanding. People may be grandstanding, highlighting their accomplishments, diminishing the efforts of others. Yes, we may start this week as though legends in our own mind. If we do so, then the liability towards impulsive actions and wrong directions is raised exponentially.

Unfortunately, during much of this week, actions taken may not be evaluated or re-evaluated as we go along. On the contrary, once a course is determined we might move ahead with passion and commitment, no matter what the conditions might be or what the circumstances might warrant.

Many people may feel like islands unto themselves this week and be really okay with that. A feeling of not being understood and not appreciated can only add fuel to the fire of determination, passion and intense commitment to continue on without recourse or the willingness to change direction. This week can be a week when the lemmings march without hesitation toward the cliffs.

Humility is called for and the ability to let go of our personal dictates and be open to changing circumstances are necessary if we are to avoid greater calamities for ourselves and for the world at large.

No one ever promised us a rose garden but even if we assume that we are in a rose garden, this week could have us pricked by the thorns.

Monday, August 8th – Hey, You, Get Off of My Cloud – Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, Venus, Sun, Mercury Leo. The week begins with the Sagittarius Moon sextile Saturn and trine both Venus and the Sun. Mercury retrogrades out of its own Sign of Virgo into Leo, thereby creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Fire Sign as Mercury joins Venus and the Sun in Leo. In retrograding back into Leo, Mercury opposes Neptune. Whatever we choose to believe, we are likely to be sticking to it, no matter any evidence that might question our choice or our opinion. We are looking at the big picture and likely to negate the particulars. What we want is what we are determined to have. We can paint pretty pictures today, be overly confident regarding our abilities to achieve them and may even draw for support upon those ‘yes’ people who are in our corner whether we are right or wrong. With a sense of exuberance, overblown confidence and a feeling of the Midas touch, whereby whatever we fancy turns to gold; we could easily be led down the garden path or lead the parade ourselves. No negativity for us today! Our belief in the power of mind over matter and the ability to manifest through our intention can contribute to an illusion of our omnipotence. If we have to go there, then the universe might throw us down the stairwell. These times call for humility, letting go of any sense of our being solely masters of our world. These times ask instead for us to be co-creators, working with the energies rather than trying to bend them to our will.

Tuesday, August 9th – My Way or… – Mars, Uranus, Mercury, Neptune. Tuesday begins with the continuation of the Sagittarius Moon, which today trines Mercury and sextiles Neptune. Mars squares Uranus and may trigger the influence of the Cardinal Climax, the potent configuration of Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus opposed Saturn in Libra, Saturn square Pluto. We could easily convince ourselves that we are right. We might be so adamant in our beliefs that we could justify any actions, even hair-brained moves. The liability for accidents and for stepping over boundaries could be strong as we embrace an attitude of my way or… Although in our case, we might not be willing to even take into account or. We want it our way and may give little thought to alternatives with absolutely no interest in options. Once we launch ourselves and are set into motion, we could be off on our quixotic journey, willing to tilt against windmills, seeking our Dulcinea. No matter how the universe through circumstances and conditions might caution us against our actions, we could be intrepid to the point of recklessness in trying to realize our goals. This Tuesday is a day for us to tone things down, recognize that we might be walking on eggshells and to maintain vigilance and awareness. This day calls for flexibility and adaptability but unfortunately we may be too fixed and rigid to heed the warnings. Later in the day, the Moon exits Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, which could trigger a blowback.

Wednesday, August 10th – Shaking All Over – Jupiter, Lunar Grand Cross, Cardinal Climax, Uranus, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. They say there are no second acts in politics, but such a belief was dispelled by the case of Richard Nixon. In life, and ever more so now than in generations past, there are second acts, third acts, and mixed media. Wednesday continues with the energies hit off yesterday. This mid-week period of Tuesday through Thursday could be ripe for possible over-the-top actions, including such possible areas as: intense actings out, violent moves, earthquake and volcanic activity, terrorist matters and a sense of things going to hell in a handbasket. Yes, we could be shaking all over. Institutions and organizations once believed to be invincible can quake and shake during this mid-week period. This Wednesday has the Capricorn Moon trine Jupiter but also has the Moon creating a Cardinal Grand Cross [can we say Cardinal Climax?], as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto, squares Uranus, opposes Mars and squares Saturn. This mid-week period can be a nasty piece of work. Not being one to suggest barring the door and shuttering the windows, I would advise being wise to recognize the tendency for the energies to be ramped up exponentially. Reason may be lost to action. Humility gives way to arrogance. There could be a rush to judgment, belligerence to the max, and hasty, impulsive and unwise actions. This three-day period of Tuesday through Thursday could prove quite intense. It would be wise for us to take things slowly, not overreact and respond only after we have taken a few deep breaths and fully contemplated the situation. Towards the end of the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over thirty-one hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius late tomorrow. Usually with a Void-of-Course Moon the energy dies down but not necessarily with this Mars T-Square operating — Mars square Uranus yesterday, Mars opposed Pluto tomorrow.

Thursday, August 11th – Crescendo – Mars, Pluto, Moon Void-of Course. Thursday continues with the Void-of-Course Moon that began yesterday. The Moon is Void-of-Course for most of this day making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius late today, early Friday morning. While a Void-of-Course Moon signifies a die down in the energy, this Thursday could prove the exception since we have Mars opposed Pluto today. Rather than a die down in energy, the energy could ramp up, even to a fever pitch. This is the last day of a three-day intensity due to Mars triggering a T-Square, with the Mars square Uranus on Tuesday and Mars opposed Pluto today. Things can crescendo today with highly aggressive actions and a tendency to rash and violent movements. Whatever we do today, let’s take it down a notch or two. We should be ever more mindful today, aware of our surroundings, astute regarding the circumstances occurring around us and adept at bobbing and weaving if need be to get out of the way of any adversarial moves against us. This day can be contentious. There can be power grabs with people power tripping. Even if the powers-that-be may be strident and demanding, increasingly the powers-that-be may seem like the emperor with no clothes.

Friday, August 12th – Looking Anywhere But Here – Uranus, Jupiter. Friday could give us a breather and an essential respite from the past three days. If these last three days had us pedaling as fast as we can, Friday can prove more of a coast. The Aquarius Moon sextiles Uranus and squares Jupiter. We might consider this Friday a ‘mental health’ day, a day when we look to step off the track of our regular routine, look for alternatives to our familiar patterns and focus more on diversions than responsibilities. We might want to try out new things that interest us and appeal to us. We may indulge ourselves with our whims of fancy. And why shouldn’t we?, especially if we felt that we have been through the mill the past three days. The one cautionary advice would be that we watch our expenses. If we have had rough sledding the past few days, we could easily justify our indulgence and extravagance today. Any excess today could catch up with us and it would be wise to keep in mind that these times ask, even demand, that we be increasingly resourceful and get as much bang as we can for our buck. Late in the day, early Saturday, we have the Aquarius Full Moon.

Saturday, August 13th – What’s Good for the Goose – Saturn, Venus, Aquarius Full Moon, Sun. Late Friday, early Saturday has the Aquarius Full Moon. Prior to the Full Moon, the Aquarius Moon trines Saturn. The Moon then moves into opposition to Venus and opposition to the Sun. This Full Moon also brings to climax the two-week period of the Leo New Moon at the end of July. Although we may still be interested in what works for us, and placing our needs and desires on the front burner, we might be a little more receptive to other people’s input. Over the past two weeks we could have been strongly focused on our own personal interests with little consideration of other people’s concerns. We may have acted as though an island unto ourselves, believing that what was good for us was also good for others in our sphere. Nice concept, but a little self-indulgent. This Saturday helps us to take off the blinders of our self-absorption and take a look at the bigger picture and see options and alternatives that we might not have taken into account. We may have had tunnel vision, fixated and somewhat rigid regarding what we wanted and how we wanted it. Now, our consideration can take in not only our personal desires but also the interests of other people. We have the ability to see more, understand more and comprehend more fully how we fit into the larger picture of our society. Today is a good day to reconnect with friends, get together with people and focus on having a good time. Many of us may have been incredibly anxious recently, virtually to the point of circling the wagons and emphasizing our own personal interests with little concern as to how we impacted our friends and loved ones. We could be far more diplomatic now and interested in spending time with those special people in our lives.

Sunday, August 14th – Treading Lightly – Mercury, Neptune, Pluto. Sunday begins with the Aquarius Moon opposed Mercury and conjunct Neptune. The Moon then moves into Pisces where it sextiles Pluto. We may start the day a little confused, unsure of our next move and questioning the agenda of people in our lives. We might even raise the question as to whether we are doing the dance with Jekyll or with Hyde. Yes, we may not know where other people are coming from, but some of our lack of recognizing other people’s agenda could be a result of our tunnel vision and self-absorption over the past two weeks. While we might have emphasized our personal interests and desires over the past two weeks, we are now beginning to take into account the greater good, the concerns and opinions of other people within our circle. In so doing, we could misinterpret other people’s motives and their intentions. This is a day to tread lightly, to take things with a grain of salt and to recognize that we might either be playing or be played upon by the role of the trickster. The sense of reality matching the image could be a conundrum for us today, and the wisest course of action is to suspend judgment and allow things to unfold before opining on what is truly going on. As the day develops, we can get a better sense of things. Once we are more comprehending of what is truly going on, we can put our spirit into action, concentrate on the most meaningful and re-adapt ourselves to be highly productive and get things done. Some of our insights can come from us taking the time to walk along the beach, stroll through the park or just waiting to act until we have a clearer sense of things. Although the world is accelerating and we are being asked to do more and more in shorter periods of time, we do not have to get caught up in the hurly-burly but rather can step off the carousel, consider the conditions, and then act in concert with the energies unfolding. We may no longer be in total control and able to master the world, but we can master our selves.