August 29th – September 4th, 2011

Under the influence of the Virgo New Moon, this week signals a major change in our attitude and disposition. We are moving from a focus on summertime activities with an emphasis upon having fun and seeking distractions from the world at large. And we are moving towards getting back on the track, concentrating on our goals, our ambitions, our responsibilities and our obligations.

This week is also the first full week of Mercury having turned direct after its virtually month-long retrograde cycle. We are still in the ‘shadow’ of Mercury retrograde, but we have the opportunity of being clearer in our thoughts, more direct in our communications and less confused by the whipsaws of circumstances during these times.

We begin the week with a sense of capability and resourcefulness. Whatever we put our attention to, we can accomplish in an expeditious and effective manner. We do need to be wary of buying into our own hype and p.r., since we might easily assume that there is nothing we cannot achieve and realize. Such a belief could prove a prescription not only for exaggeration but also for excess and extravagance.

The mid-part of this week could have us fully involved with the needs and engagements of other people. We may feel obligated to be accommodating and receptive to the desires of someone special in our lives. That’s all well and good, just as long as we don’t move into a self-sabotage syndrome whereby we give more than we get back in return. We may have felt over this Summer period that we have been a little too self-involved, even self-absorbed, to the detriment of our interactions with other people. During this mid-week period, we might seek to make amends and find the balance between our personal needs and the interests of someone else.

The latter part of the week might emphasize clearing the decks, dealing with outstanding issues and cleaning up our space in anticipation of getting back on the fast track. This impulse could also be triggered by the impending weekend, a weekend which in the US is the long Labor Day weekend and the unofficial end of summer and the beginning of getting back into familiar routines.

The weekend itself could have us fleeing Dodge to get out and expand our scope. If the previous weekend were dampened by weather constraints or other restrictions to our having fun, then this weekend is one when we might go for the gold and grab for the gusto of summer fun before this summer fades away as a distant memory.

Monday, August 29th – Making a List, and Checking it Twice – Venus, Jupiter, Mars. We may not be Santa Claus but we could be acting like it today. The Virgo Moon conjuncts Venus, trines Jupiter and sextiles Mars. We are looking at making a good impression and we may be willing to do whatever it takes, and whatever it costs, to go out of our way and do so. This is a day when we could justify various expenses, all with the idea of cleaning up and shaping up for our routine days ahead. A personal makeover is not out of the question today but that makeover could be a complete makeover of our wardrobe, our hairstyle, our work space and our home. The expenses could ratchet up as we seek to overhaul our image and develop a best presentation. We can be very astute both in regard to the form and the format and also to the specifics and the particulars. As long as we rein in our extravagance and indulgence, we could accomplish a great deal today. We may be operating at the top of our game but at least we are looking before we leap.

Tuesday, August 30th – Too Much Without Due Consideration – Venus, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter retrograde. The potential for going over-the-top today cannot be stressed enough. The two ‘good guys’ of the zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, are trine, just before Jupiter turns retrograde for the next four months. Indulgence and extravagance could follow up on yesterday’s binge with a continued tendency towards actively engaging too much. We have to be careful that we don’t over spend due to a sense of insecurity. We might try to make ourselves out to be larger than life and such a disposition could come with a heavy cost and might not be all that effective in the long run. We could easily purchase things that are beyond our price range, all with the justification that such purchases will make us feel good and look good. The Moon, which went Void-of-Course late on Monday, continues being Void-of-Course for some of this day making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo. Leaving Virgo and entering Libra, the Libra Moon creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon opposes Uranus and the Moon squares Pluto. Our profligate ways of the past two days could catch up to us, as someone reads us the riot act of what they consider to be our excessive and extravagant behavior. If we have the sales slips for our purchases, we could find ourselves being called to the returns lines in order to take back some of the purchases we made without due consideration. We may feel our wings clipped, but we might have needed to be reined in from our spendthrift ways. With Jupiter retrograde, we may take the time for an inner reflection of where we have been and where we are going, what is important to us in comparison to those things that have merely been palliatives to the wounds of our soul. We can take on a philosophical and spiritual disposition and realize that much of the stuff we have acquired have only been distractions and diversions from what is essential to our lives.

Wednesday, August 31st – Preaching to the Choir – Saturn, Mars, Mercury. Wednesday continues with the Libra Moon, which today conjuncts Saturn, squares Mars and sextiles Mercury. Our focus today may be on our relationships with those special people in our lives. We might feel that we owe someone something and look to accommodate their needs. Or someone might demand our attention. Either way we are likely to feel more comfortable today with the people we know and trust than with perfect strangers. We could be feeling somewhat shy, a little reticent, and would far prefer engaging those people with whom we are familiar. We can be upbeat and energetic with people who accept us as we are. We might even let down our hair and cry on someone’s shoulder, seeking solace and comfort for some of the stresses we have recently experienced. We don’t have to circle the wagons today, even if we would prefer to stay at home and communicate with the world through our technology than our personal embrace. But we might prefer surrounding ourselves with those advocates and supporters of us who appreciate our talents but also accept us warts and all.

Thursday, September 1st – Tackling the Difficult Chores – Neptune, Pluto. Thursday begins with the Libra Moon trine Neptune. With the support and encouragement of someone, we can push forward our ambitions and engage our future plans. We can start the day energized thanks to the inspiring words of someone who evidently cares for us. Yes, we may step out the door feeling upbeat and ready to take on the world. The Moon then moves into Scorpio where it sextiles Pluto. We have the determination and the passion to take machete in hand and cut our path through the jungle. We might not do so literally but figuratively we can focus on the most important tasks at hand, clear our way and strip away the nonessentials and the irrelevant. With our future as manifest destiny in mind, there can be no stopping us as we clear the path towards our goals. Nothing may be too much for us today, as we feel enthused both by our intentions and the advocacy of someone close to us. Before we plant the new seeds, however, we may have to pull the weeds, till the soil and ready our garden for the new and the exciting plans we have in mind. This Thursday is best served in inventory taking and then getting rid of those chores and responsibilities that would only dog us later on.

Friday, September 2nd – Keeping Our Own Counsel – Sun, Jupiter, Venus. With a thrust of energy yesterday that might have had us focused more on tying up loose ends and getting rid of the extraneous, this Friday can have us looking at finishing up the task of clearing the decks and cleaning out the clutter. The Sun trines Jupiter today and the Scorpio Moon sextiles both the Sun and Venus and opposes Jupiter. With our task in hand and our intentions in mind, this Friday is a day when we might have nose to the grindstone. In the US we are about to enter the long Labor Day holiday weekend, often considered the unofficial end to summer and the beginning of getting back on the track of our regular routines. We may want to bring things to completion before entering the weekend and before we more fully get back on the track of our daily responsibilities after the weekend. We may not be overly communicative today. We want to get things done, line our ducks up in a row and prepare for the weekend and for the days ahead. We may feel energized and capable of multitasking but it would be wise for to take things step-by-step, rather than jumping from one thing to another to yet another. We have the wind to our backs and we can accomplish much, just so long as we don’t go on overload.

Saturday, September 3rd – Raring to Go – Mars, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus. Saturday is a dichotomous day. We start the day with the Scorpio Moon trine Mars. If we have home projects to address, then we may have our ‘to do’ list at the ready as we begin this day. We are focused and intent on dealing with pressing matters around the home and with our family. The Moon then creates a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Scorpio Moon squares Mercury in Leo and squares Neptune in Aquarius. Suddenly, things can slow down or get dysfunctional. If we are dependent upon other people, we may feel frustrated that they just don’t seem able to get with the program. Nerves can be frayed as situations beyond our control create difficulties. We have to avoid losing our temper and lashing out if we are being frustrated or delayed in our intended plans. Although we may feel that we are staying at the party too long, that things are getting in our way, as the day progresses, we can break free. The Moon moves into Sagittarius where it trines Uranus. Even if our scheduled plans are dashed, we might discover that unexpected options open up to us. They could include expanding our interests and broadening our realm. We might decide to get out of Dodge, travel beyond our familiar terrain and do things on the fly, embracing spontaneity and doing things on the spur of the moment. Even if we feel frustrated earlier in the day, later in the day we could discover the truth to the concept that the universe and life’s unfolding have far greater plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves. Surprise! The universe works and offers us wonder-filled opportunities that we might not always see for ourselves.

Sunday, September 4th – Feeling Restraints – Sun, Saturn, Venus. Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy, limiting ourselves by the shoulds and oughts in which we were conditioned. This Sunday could be one of those days when we have to avoid being overly critiquing and in the process self-sabotaging. Today the Sagittarius Moon sextiles Saturn and squares both the Sun and Venus. We could come up with a litany of why we should avoid expanding our interests today. We could limit ourselves by the belief that we have pressing demands that need to be attended to immediately rather than postponed for a more propitious time. Fortunately, even if we won’t give ourselves license to enjoy ourselves, someone else might do exactly that. Other people can encourage us to spread our wings, take flight and not hover out of fearfulness in the constraints of our self-imposed limitations. There will be plenty of time to deal with our responsibilities, and those things that we feel we should get done. Today is Sunday, a day to re-energize ourselves, remove the blinders of micro-focusing and take a macro-view of the big picture and not solely concentrating on the minutiae. In other words, let’s enjoy ourselves in spite of ourselves.