August 22nd – 28th, 2011

The calendar may still indicate Summer, but we could be itching to get back into our old, familiar routine this week. The energy this week could keep us hopping, at times confused, other times following the yellow brick road.

Coming off this past weekend and the beginning of this week, the potential for tricksters appearing could loom large. Whether the trickster is someone we like and trust or our own delusions and grand expectations, we could be vulnerable to specious promises and possibilities that seem too good to be true and are too good to be true.

Our appetites could get the better of us and we might feel deceived or tricked into believing something that has little basis in reality. We may not be especially clear at this time and, if in deed something does occur whereby we feel victimized and taken advantage of, we could find ourselves pulling the plug on certain contacts and relationships.

We may feel betwixt and between this week, with the push pulls of wanting to have summertime fun, while feeling the pulls of our obligations and responsibilities. Balancing the two would be healthy, but like a metronome we might swing from one extreme to the other without finding the middle path, the balance point.

This week has the Sun exiting Leo to enter Virgo and the Virgo New Moon on Sunday. We also have the end to this month’s Mercury retrograde, as Mercury turns direct. This Mercury retrograde has ratcheted up the confusion and the volatility, as evidenced by the wide swings in the world’s equity markets, soaring at times, diving at other times, almost on a daily basis. If we haven’t felt confused, even anxious, during this Mercury retrograde, then we have had the luxury either of being on total holiday in our own idyllic world or of being completely oblivious to the goings-on in the world-at-large.

Zaniness and craziness have been much of this August period, and continues during some of this week.

Although we might be grasping for some fun activities this week, over the weekend we get a little more serious, more focused on our responsibilities and edge ourselves back on the track.

The New Moon configuration on Sunday creates a Grand Trine in the Earth Element with the Virgo New Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn and also trine Jupiter in Taurus. Impacting the fortnight, this Sunday’s lunation kicks off these next two weeks, which could see us highly productive, back on the fast track, and focusing on the most significant aspects of our lives. We shall want to cut to the core, be expeditious in the way we do things and concentrate on getting things done.

Although we get quite a thrust of energy from this New Moon, we do have to be wary of feeling invincible and overloading ourselves assuming that we are Superman or Superwoman.

Let’s keep in mind the concept of the middle path, the balance point between wide swings. And let’s remember that these times call for us to let go of the sense of control and mastering our world and instead embrace the serendipity and synchronicity of life’s unfolding. Before we fully engage the new paradigm, we are surely to be tested by our old familiar habit patterns.

Monday, August 22nd – Dazed by our Own Possibilities – Sun, Neptune, Uranus. Monday begins the week under a spell. The Sun opposes Neptune and the Gemini Moon sextiles Uranus. We could easily fall prey to being legends in our own mind, assuming that whatever we can conceive, we shall easily achieve. While there is great truth in the power of intention, the liability is to accept our own invincibility and our total power to make things happen according to our will. We might seem to have a great deal of energy today, looking for ways to engage new directions and seeing potentials at every turn. We could be itching to make changes, seeking to engage alternatives to our usual patterns and desirous of making a mark in our world. What we have to avoid is marking our territory like a dog, where the best we can do is to stake our claim on one, or possibly many more, situations that all seem good in the abstract but could prove to be a winding road of twists and turns that lead us nowhere. I always suggest that confusion is the starting point of wisdom, since it allows us an ability to consider all sorts of options without being obsessed or fixated on any one thing. Today, however, we could have a myriad of possibilities. Let’s ponder them without fully engaging them. We may be champing at the bit to bring about change to our everyday experience, but we certainly want to avoid the fate of wrong way Corrigan and head off in the wrong direction. Today is a day to window shop our possibilities without fully committing to anything.

Tuesday, August 23rd – Serious Considerations – Saturn, Mercury, Sun Virgo. Tuesday has the Gemini Moon trine Saturn and sextile Mercury. The Sun exits Leo to enter Virgo. We can draw upon the insight and objective perspective of a trusted friend today. If we have been entranced by various possibilities that could allow us full vent of our creative self-expression, today is a day when we can begin to focus on the specifics and particulars of any project we might be looking to engage. Instead of merely assuming that we can achieve whatever we want and however we might want it, this Tuesday gets us into a far more serious frame of mind. Increasingly, we shall be looking at the details, not glossing over the parts that make up the whole. We might also be looking to get back on the track of our familiar routine, our everyday obligations. Even if we are still on holiday, we can feel the beckoning of everyday experience. This Tuesday is a good day to blueprint and plan our tactics, to strategize the most expeditious ways to realize our goals, and to draw upon the sage counsel of those we trust to offer us a critical evaluation of our projections and intentions.

Wednesday, August 24th – Hitting the Skids – Neptune, Sun, Venus, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto. The day begins with the Gemini Moon trine Neptune. The Moon then moves into Cancer where it sextiles both the Sun and Venus in Virgo and then creates a Cardinal T-Square with the Cancer Moon square Uranus and opposed Pluto. The day begins on something of a high note. Yesterday’s strategy sessions could have helped us develop an effective plan of action, the ability to concentrate our energies in the most effective ways and for the most significant projects. We may feel that we are in high gear as we start the day. Our attention could then be diverted into family matters or home issues. We may want to tidy up, straighten things and clear away the clutter in order to have a clean and streamlined base of operations. We do have to be careful that our good nature isn’t played upon. We might find our willingness to assist and to deal with outstanding matters gets us into a quagmire whereby we are diverted by unexpected situations and even blocked by the dysfunctionalities of other people or just of these paradigm-shifting times. We could easily get frustrated, feel our wings being clipped and even get resentful that matters are taking longer than we like and that our plans are being impacted by situations beyond our control. And there’s the rub: we may feel that we are in control of situations, a holdover from the old paradigm, and feel frustrated that unexpected events can arise that reflect our having to work with the energies instead of mastering our world.

Thursday, August 25th – Fish or Cut Bait – Mars, Saturn, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course. In my growing up years, I was often told the idiom: ‘fish or cut bait’. The idea behind the idiom was to decide to do something or to not do anything in regard to the situation in question and just get out of the way. This Thursday could be something like this attitude. Mars squares Saturn today and Venus trines Pluto. The day begins with the Cancer Moon sextile Jupiter, square Saturn and conjunct Mars. The potential for resentment today can be ratcheted up severalfold. We may feel that someone is stepping on our toes or is getting in our way. We are looking to deal with functional people in order to move things along, and if we find that some people just can’t keep up the pace, or are so self-involved in their personal emotional dramas, then we are likely to cut them from our list. This day can be a do or die kind of day. We could feel restricted by other people’s needs but our patience could wear thin with the liability to our telling them to take a hike. We might feel as though we are in drive but only revving our engine and virtually going nowhere fast. Relationships today can be extremely dicey. Some people may take the disposition of a strong offense, even to the point of being blatantly offensive, is a good defense. The energy dies down as the Moon goes Void-of-Course for twenty-seven hours, for much of this day and into Friday, making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo tomorrow. While the energy dies down, the damage may have already been done, and people may be stewing in their own juices, either feeling fully victimized or highly resentful of being put upon by other people’s expectations. A bit of a quandary perhaps, but the best advice for this day is to bite our tongue, count to ten before any response and to engage an attitude of bemusement in regard to the zaniness of life on the earth plane.

Friday, August 26th – Looking for Love – Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus, Mercury direct. The Moon continues its Void-of-Course of twenty-seven hours from much of yesterday as this Friday begins with the Moon making no connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer. The Moon then moves into Leo where it trines Uranus. We are looking for love, fun, and adventure as we end the week and head into the weekend. We want to explore, investigate and sample new things and different venues from what are familiar to us. Even if there have been relationship issues during this week, we are far more concerned today with what works for us and appeals to us than accommodating other people’s needs. We want to be free to do our own thing, go where we want to go and do what we want to do. We might be perceived as willing to go it alone, but we are fine with other people joining us in our parade just so long as we are grand marshal of the parade. Mercury turns direct today ending virtually the entire month of Mercury retrograde. Whenever Mercury is stationary, shifting from direct to retrograde motion or from retrograde to direct motion, things can be a little squirrely. Communications can be off, discussions misinterpreted and travel plans disrupted. Although we are happy to have Mercury turning direct, especially after this passing month’s incredible whipsaws when we might have assumed that things were up when they were actually going down and believing things were down when they were actually moving up, we also need some time to catch our breath and get our bearings before the confusion dissipates and clarity comes to mind.

Saturday, August 27th – Too Much Fun – Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury. Saturday continues with the Leo Moon, which today squares Jupiter, sextiles Saturn and conjuncts Mercury. This is a day when we want to engage summertime fun. We feel summer slipping away and before it does we may want to grab for all the gusto of summertime fun activities. Today is a day when we might look for the true pleasures of life without considering the costs involved. We could easily overspend today, so it would be wise for us to keep our budget in mind. If we have had relationship problems this week, this day is a time when we can make amends. We may be far more willing to be considerate of other people’s needs and more accommodating to other people’s interests. We are likely to be feeling good and upbeat, allowing bygones to be bygones, and looking to put our mark on everything we engage today. We can be dramatic and impressive in presentation. We could find ourselves being generous to a fault, with a tendency towards exaggeration and excess. Let’s certainly enjoy ourselves on this Saturday but let’s also keep tabs on the expenses we may be running up.

Sunday, August 28th – Back on the Chain Gang – Sun, Pluto, Neptune, Virgo Lunation. In the early 1980’s, Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders had a song ‘Back on the Chain Gang’ and some musicologists indicate a subtle nod in their song to the 1960 Sam Cooke song ‘Chain Gang’. Any way you slice it, this Sunday could have us feeling back on the chain gang. The day begins with the Leo Moon opposed Neptune. We may want to continue with summertime frolics, could have plans with friends for social get-togethers, but in the back of our mind we might be feeling the sense of the impending Autumn routine. For this Sunday also has the Moon moving into Virgo where it creates a Grand Trine in the Earth Signs at the time of the Virgo New Moon as the Virgo Moon conjuncts the Sun, trines Pluto in Capricorn and tomorrow trines Jupiter in Taurus. This Sunday also has the Sun trine Pluto. Our focus shifts to our daily needs, our ambitions and our goals. Summer may become a distant memory as we shift gears and concentrate more on what needs to be done, our responsibilities and our obligations. Impacting the next two weeks, this Virgo New Moon offers us the opportunity of being highly productive and in a more expeditious and resourceful manner. We may have had a chance to catch our breath during the roller coaster of this month and the whipsaws of this Summer, but we are looking now at how we can deal with situations in a focused and detailed approach. We are interested in the truly important, the fundamental and the essential. We are not interested in wasting our time on the superficial or the extraneous. We want to get things done. We want to accomplish our goals. And we are far more interested in being realistic about the backdrop of societal and economic conditions than in the mental meanderings of what could be or how things should be. We are willing to take things as they come, engage a pragmatic viewpoint and work productively with the tools available to us. This day begins a two-week period that can be highly productive, highly effective and a time when we just get things done.