August 15th – 21st, 2011

After the intensity of the past week and the impending return to our autumn routine, this week could be a week for us to focus on good times, recreational activities with a strong splash of indulgence.

This third week of August could have us licking our wounds from any hurts resulting from the caroming between the extremes of these times. We may choose to tune out from the world-at-large and from other people’s emotional dramas. We might focus instead on our personal interests that give us pleasure and provide a healthy antidote to the insanities of these times.

Things change dramatically in a moment’s time. We are in the midst of the paradigm shift, a threshold crossing when old stabilities are no longer secure and new foundations not yet established. In order to deal with these times, we just have to hold on, go with the flow and maintain an attitude of bemusement at the swings between the extreme highs and extreme lows.

The early part of the week might have us going for it, and in this case the ‘it’ being ramping up the good time factor. Whatever we choose to do, we’re likely to do it with gusto and even in excess. Instead of a slice of pie, we might want to eat the whole thing. Moderation would be called for, but these times are more likely to engage extremes and excesses rather than moderations. We can easily justify our indulgences with a belief that we deserve some treats after the whipsaws we have been through.

Whether we are a party of one or a gaggle of many, this week entices us to focus on having fun, doing our own thing and quite possibly engaging a certain narcissism whereby we expect the world to revolve around ourselves. Seems to me like a potential set-up for a greater fall [not autumn but the fall of the ego and the fall from grace].

The sense of entitlement is strong this week with a likely outcome to spend, spend, spend with some of our expenses associated with our home, family matters, a personal makeover, all with the justification that we are preparing for the return of routine as we come towards the autumn period.

Unfortunately, clarity may be lacking, or not engaged during this time. Whatever we want, we may feel we richly deserve. The richly, however, could come with a hefty price tag and, if we are not careful, we can find ourselves digging a bigger hole of debt. Let’s not go there!

Although this week is geared to pleasures and feel good activities, at the end of the weekend we might feel unsatiated and even wonder how we got carried away with the thrills and excitements and are left mopping up the collateral damage of our giving free rein to our pleasures.

Monday, August 15th – Live for Today – Mars, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course. Monday begins the week with the Pisces Moon trine Mars and sextile Jupiter. Our intentions could revolve around home and family projects. We might intend to round everyone up and head off to the beach, to a theme park or just laze around the pool. We might feel summer to be coming to an end and this day is one to capture the essence of summertime fun. Even if we need to make preparations for the school year ahead or for our return to our everyday routine, we are more interested in sprinkling our activities with enjoyment and fun times. Although the day starts off with a bang and a burst of gusto, the energy slackens off considerably as the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost forty hours, most of today and tomorrow, making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries late tomorrow. Maybe we are just worn out by the emotional whipsaws and the personal dramas we have encountered. But this Monday and Tuesday could have us exhausted from the trials and tribulations of these times and just wanting to chill out and lap up the sweetness of life. Let’s just be moderate in that so we don’t add on the pounds and through our indulgence feel like a turtle on its back, able to flail but hardly able to move.

Tuesday, August 16th – More, More, More – Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Venus, Mercury. Tuesday continues with the Pisces Moon being Void-of-Course. This Void-of-Course Moon began yesterday, is close to forty hours in length, and continues through much of this Tuesday with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries later on this Tuesday. It may be hard to get us going today, unless there is something that whets our appetite. For today has the Leo Stellium of three or more planets in one Sign in full play as the Sun conjuncts Venus, the Sun conjuncts Mercury and Venus conjuncts Mercury. This day can be narcissism to the max. Everyone may be very self-absorbed and self-focused, looking to grandstand and presenting their ideas and their agenda in a dramatic and perhaps even bellicose manner. We may want more, more, more today, and yet still find ourselves unsatiated. People may have a regal outlook on this day, wanting to be the focus of attention but also with a sense that enough is never enough. We have to be careful regarding decisions made today, for we could be feeling optimistic, omnipotent and able to make whatever we desire an instant reality. People could be insufferable today, having blinders on and able to see only what they perceive. No contrary opinions today, please, since no one will hear anything other than what they choose to hear. This day could be a prescription for disaster but we may be enjoying the ride into the abyss.

Wednesday, August 17th – You Must Remember This – Lunar Grand Cross, Cardinal Climax, Uranus, Pluto, Mars, Saturn. Wednesday could be reminiscent of last week’s wild swings. The Moon in Aries today creates a Cardinal Grand Cross and triggers the Cardinal Climax. The Aries Moon today conjuncts Uranus, squares Pluto, squares Mars and opposes Saturn. We could be all over the place today with real whipsaws, acting and reacting, fast forwarding only to be slowed down, and with a sense of zaniness to the antics of life and how we are living it. This is a day to either step off the track and watch the crazies from the sidelines or take things slowly, evaluating and re-evaluating as we go along. The liability towards errors and mistakes cannot be overemphasized. There may be more of a tendency to act and do something, anything, rather than due diligence and deliberate action. This is a day of initiation and new beginnings but not all starts necessarily lead us in right directions. We could be hasty and impetuous today. Pulls can come from our own desires, other people’s needs, family issues and responsibilities. We could easily feel pulled apart by all the conflicting matters demanding our attention. Let’s slow things down and not feel at the mercy of circumstances around us.

Thursday, August 18th – Lessons Forgotten – Mercury, Mars, Jupiter. Although yesterday could have provided us with a wake-up call, Thursday could have us back on the track trying to move mountains when we have a winch available to us. Although it would be wise for us to keep in our mind, almost mantram-like, the wise saying ‘moderation in all things’; this day could have us going full speed ahead, feeling invincible and able to bend conditions to our will. Nice concept and part of the mindset of the old paradigm [our control over things], but the reality of these times offers us lessons in adaptability, humility, not taking ourselves so seriously and loosening the reins of our assumed control. This Thursday has the Aries Moon trine Mercury and Mars sextile Jupiter. We are likely to feel upbeat today, assume that the storm clouds have passed away and believe that all is right in our world. We may leap forward, sparing no expense as we look to put our mark on the world. Our presentations can be dynamic. We are passionate and feeling self-empowered and willing to move mountains. Where a problem arises is a tendency to over-commit and to over-assume our own abilities. We can take on more than would be appropriate today. Although we may be feeling at the top of our game, it would be far wiser to engage games rather than serious decisions. Let’s enjoy ourselves today, take some recreational time and channel our energies in pleasurable activities rather than significant decisions.

Friday, August 19th – Enthusiasm and Resourcefulness – Sun, Venus, Neptune, Pluto. Yesterday might have had us believing our own omnipotence. And if we acted on our sense of invincibility, we could have leaped into the void. One of the beauties of astrology is the ability to gauge timing, and in life timing is everything. If we jumped too far yesterday, then today we can make amends. If we powered ourselves up, recharged our batteries and had a good old time yesterday, then we are reinvigorated and able to put spirit into action today. This Friday begins with the Aries Moon trine both the Sun and Venus and sextile Neptune. We are energized and ready to develop our future goals. While we have the enthusiasm and confidence, the Moon moving into Taurus where it trines Pluto also provides us a sense of practical resourcefulness. We might have been flying off the handle yesterday but today we can use our optimism to create a best practices approach and realize our goals. If we need to make significant purchases, today we can find the bargains and stretch our monies. We may be far more reasonable, more grounded today than we have been for much of the week. This latter part of the week, Thursday through Saturday, can be the best part of the week, whereby we can regain our confidence and our energy and then put them into a focused and strategic application. We just have to keep our eye on the ball and not get carried away by our own self-importance or by the circumstances swirling around us.

Saturday, August 20th – Off to the Mall – Jupiter, Mars. Saturday could be a day when we attend to errands, make purchases for the upcoming school year, or just buy items to add a little flair to our lives. The Taurus Moon today conjuncts Jupiter and sextiles Mars. While we are interested in the good things in life, it would be wise for us to keep our budget and finances in mind. This is one of those days when we could shop ‘til we drop. We may be looking for special treats for ourselves and we could certainly feel deserving of them. If summer has not lived up to our expectations, then we could easily justify a few expenditures here and there to make up for any disappointments. We could be feeling that summer is coming to an end. The sense of routine with people preparing to go back to school or to get back on track and leave summer behind could be strong and is likely to grow stronger over the next couple of weeks. Before we get there, we would enjoy some indulgences and this Saturday is one when we could indulge ourselves. No reason not to unless we build ourselves a debt pit that would be hard to get out from.

Sunday, August 21st – What it Could Have Been – Venus, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Sun, Venus Virgo. Sunday could have us being a little too critical, even hypercritical. We might have had grand expectations that were not matched. We could have standards hard for any one to reach. This Sunday has Venus opposed Neptune before Venus moves out of Leo and into Virgo later in the day. The day begins with the Taurus Moon creating a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Moon squares both Mercury and the Sun in Leo and squares Neptune in Aquarius. We may feel put upon. We could wake up and realize that we have expended ourselves and our finances on situations, events and people that just didn’t measure up to what we wanted from them. The bloom could come off the rose today as we tend to see the flaws in everything rather than the attributes. This Sunday could be a little gnarly with people moaning, groaning, whining and complaining. Enough already! This attitude could ramp up as Venus moves out of Leo and enters Virgo. Our social interactions may be one whereby ‘misery loves company’. I would suggest just not making the miserable ones our company. The Moon moves out of Taurus and enters Gemini where it squares the newly transiting Venus through Virgo. There could be more kvetching and certainly a tendency to see faults and criticize. Oh, well, we had a pleasant few days and we might now have to reflect on the costs of our good times. Let’s be thankful for what we have and not complain about how it should have been.