July 4th -10th, 2011

This week seems a high energy time with a great deal of movement and caroming between extremes. Excess can be in full gear, thanks both to a cock-eyed optimism and deep-rooted intensities seeking release.

During this week, we have to watch for wild swings between euphoria and discouragement. There can be some real ‘up’ times when we might feel as though all is right in our world and that pesky matters have resolved themselves. And there can be some real ‘down’ times when issues thought resolved come back up for us to deal with and create high anxiety with the sense that the worst is yet to come.

Let’s always keep in mind the volatility of these times and the sense that our mood and disposition can shift dramatically from one moment to the next. Talk about a tilt towards schizophrenia!

Our focus this week can be on fun events, getting together with good friends and looking to engage the true sentiments of the Summer season with an emphasis on re-creation and enjoying ourselves. Our safety net may be our home and family, where we stretch into new adventures and expand beyond our normal parameters, all the while that we have a base camp of support upon which to draw and recharge our energies.

While we start the week with a thrust of energy and may be fast out of the starting blocks, the mid-part of the week gives us momentary pause and slows things down. During this brief reprieve we can draw upon other people’s objective insight and detached counsel, thereby able to devise a best practices approach by which to bob and weave through the kaleidoscopic landscape. Discussions may be to the point, be far less emotionally-charged than earlier in the week and could allow us to be both expeditious and productive in getting things done.

The latter part of the week can be a mixed bag, but what else is new. We may be looking at some big ticket items to buy, perhaps even justifying our purchases by insisting that we have to help the economy recover. Let’s just be careful that we are not getting too indebted. Some expenses may be necessary, but other expenses might be a little frivolous.

The weekend can be pleasant, although our plans could go through dramatic shifts and changes. Things may take longer than we like and we might find ourselves clearing out some of our space and getting back to being more resourceful, especially after some moments of excess and indulgence this week that over the weekend might trigger buyer’s remorse and find us in the returns line at various stores.

Monday, July 4th – The Magic and the Wonder – Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus Cancer. Monday is Independence Day in the US and the last day of Summer’s long holiday weekend. We could be at the top of our game today, feeling good, looking good and open to the magic and wonder of it all. Venus exits Gemini to enter Cancer. As it goes into Cancer, Venus trines Neptune. Mercury trines Uranus today. This Monday can be an exciting time with novel experiences. We might feel in an otherwordly space. This is a day when it would be wise for us to follow our inner voice, be open to wonderful surprises and luxuriate in the realm of possibilities, even if they seem impossible. The Moon is Void-of-Course for much of the day, as it was for the second half of Sunday, with the Leo Moon making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo late in the day when it opposes Neptune and sextiles Venus. This Monday is a day of fun and excitement, a day to let go of our plans and be open to spontaneity and be receptive to some wonderful surprises. Yes, today gives us strong indications of the paradigm shift and what can be known as stepping onto the magical, mystery tour. En joy!

Tuesday, July 5th – Fitting All Together with Great Confidence – Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Mercury Leo. Mercury enters Leo today and as it does so, Mercury squares Jupiter. The Virgo Moon today squares Mars, sextiles the Sun and creates an Earth Grand Trine as the Moon trines Jupiter in Taurus and trines Pluto in Capricorn. We may have it going on today. We might feel as though we are divinely guided as far as putting things in their proper place and doing so both expeditiously and highly effectively. Due to a sense of confidence, and even over-confidence, our tendency to blow things out of proportion and a desire to enjoy ourselves no matter the cost could be aggravated and might put a huge dent in our pocketbook. This is a time when presentations may be dramatic and enticing but also stronger in the images offered than the reality of the situation. If we don’t buy into being legends in our own mind, but instead engage our humility, then we could be highly astute and do more with less expenditure of energy.

Wednesday, July 6th – Straightening Out – Mars, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. The Moon continues being Void-of-Course today making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra late in the day or early Thursday [depending on where we are]. Mars trines Saturn. We are in a phase when the Moon goes Void-of-Course for a significant period of time and that can be a blessing, since the energy tends to die down and can allow for moments of reflection or slow down of our impulses. After the last few days when we might have been going blithely ahead without much concern but rather a large dose of exuberance and confidence, this Wednesday allows us to straighten things out with a little help from our friends. Other people could prove a trusted and helpful sounding board for some of our projects, some of our plans. With detachment and an objective perspective, someone could rein in our overblown concepts and intentions. Through taking things step by step, we may avoid bounding ahead without having done the necessary due diligence. If we would slow things down, this Wednesday would allow us to strategize and devise a best practices approach. We can structure things today, put things in their proper order and diminish the tendency of being a whirling dervish that we might have engaged over the past few days.

Thursday, July 7th – Le Deluge – Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, Uranus, Lunar Grand Cross, Mercury, Saturn, Mars. Forget après moi, le deluge. For we may be the deluge today. After a day when we might have caught our breath, reformatted our plans, and taken the edge off our adrenaline rush; this Thursday has us back up and running, going for the gold and then some. The potential for excess and indulgence is ratcheted up on this Thursday through Saturday. Jupiter trines Pluto. Nothing is done in half measure today but rather things are ratcheted up exponentially. This day can either be the very best of times or the very worst of times, depending on how we play it and how events are unfolding. The extreme during this time cannot be downplayed. Things can go on a positive tear and may seem indicative that all problems have been resolved and that we are back on the fast track able to move full speed ahead. Or the depth of problems could become better known and give us a sense that things are more like a house of cards, flimsy and likely to fall at any significant shift or change. Venus also squares Uranus today. Issues regarding our home, real estate and troubling interactions with other people can add fuel to the fire of extremism. This is a time to take deep breaths, not react immediately to any situation going on and wait for the dust to settle before considering actions or making important decisions. Nice concept, but the energy is so intense that moderation might be an imaginary possibility. We can be hopping, doing our own things and then be asked to deal with curveballs thrown out of left field, and the Libra Moon plays a role in ratcheting up the energy. While the Moon sextiles Mercury and trines Mars today, the Libra Moon also creates the Cardinal Climax by the Libra Moon creating a Cardinal Sign Grand Cross with the Moon conjunct Saturn, square Venus in Cancer, opposed Uranus in Aries and square Pluto in Capricorn. This is a day when we might run ourselves ragged, racing around, juggling any number of things, doing our own thing but also taking care of other people’s needs. Although we can be the deluge today, much of the storminess might not be solely of our making. And après le deluge, we might give greater thought to moi.

Friday, July 8th – Either Or – Sun, Venus, Pluto. Today’s Libra Moon squares the Sun and Venus opposes Pluto. We may feel put upon by other’s people needs or demands. It could feel as though it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back with us deciding to go through our contact list and see whom we might wish to expunge and what social invites we are likely to accept and those we are likely to defer. This is a day of either or. We can be incredibly passionate but our passion can be intense either in regard to our love and devotion or in regard to our distaste and downright hatred. We could have seen sides to people we have not recognized before. It would be wise for us to avoid snap judgments, however, let the dust settle before we come to definitive decisions regarding our contacts and our connections. This Friday can be extreme and it would be wise for us to keep in mind the volatility of these times. Not only can we be seeing the Jekyll and Hyde in other people, we might be exhibiting it in ourselves. This Friday is a day when we need to count to ten before responding or reacting to situations. Impulsive actions today could wreak havoc and demand significant retribution in the days ahead.

Saturday, July 9th – Making Nice – Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Lunar Grand Trine, Lunar T-Square, Uranus retrograde. This Saturday could allow us to make amends for any belligerent actions we might have taken over this past week. Venus sextiles Jupiter and Mercury sextiles Saturn. People may come to their senses and recognize that no one is able to move recklessly ahead, step on toes and create consternation without some blowback. We might find people apologizing for their behavior or excusing their actions with the rationale of overload or overwhelm that seem to be symptoms of these changing times. Uranus turns retrograde today, and whatever our plans might be at this time, we need to keep in mind that things can change instantly and without a moment’s notice. People’s self-interest and self-absorption could also be muted as we all come to the realization that none of us are islands unto ourselves. This Uranus retrograde cycle continues on into the Autumn and turns direct on the 10th of December, at the time of the Lunar Eclipse. Change can be in the air but much of it may become more internalized rather than the spontaneous and sporadic actions we might have taken earlier. The Moon moves out of Libra and enters Scorpio where the Moon sextiles Pluto and creates both a Grand Trine and a T-Square. The Water Grand Trine is created by the Scorpio Moon trine Neptune in Pisces and trine Venus in Cancer. The Fixed Sign T-Square is created by the Scorpio Moon opposed Jupiter in Taurus and square Mercury in Leo. Combined with Uranus turning retrograde, we could find ourselves in a whirlwind. Our emotions can be intense and strong and the sense of having to put up with trying conditions can foster a sense of frustrations and delays. This is a day to make nice with other people, grinning and bearing certain things, all the while recognizing that we might be doing a form of penance.

Sunday, July 10th – Finally, a Day of Rest – Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. After such a whirlwind week of ups and downs and being spun all around, Sunday could prove a necessary and thoroughly enjoyable day of rest. The Scorpio Moon begins the day with a trine to the Sun. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for the rest of the day making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius tomorrow. This Sunday may be one of those days when we just choose to rest, take it easy and luxuriate around our home. If we have plans for this day, we might consider canceling them, especially if they call for large expenditures of energy. We may want to recharge our batteries. And while part of this past week could have had us embracing a great deal of hoop-la, this Sunday seems to turn down the heat, allows us to take some needed ‘time out’ and ‘down’ time and offers us the ability to lay low. If we do choose to do anything today, it might be focused on home and family matters, and could include a clearing away and cleaning out of the extraneous and unnecessary.