July 18th – 24th, 2011

This week can see some endings and some new beginnings. The week begins with us looking to take to the water, going to the beach or just escaping into our imagination of fanciful possibilities. We are not looking to exert a great deal of energy at the start of the week. On the contrary, we might want to enjoy the ‘lazy, hazy days of Summer’, times when we take things slowly and not overly expend ourselves.

We may be quite moody at the beginning of the week, but our imagination is fertile and our intuitive sense could be our guiding light. Let’s keep in mind that these times suggest we be far more receptive and open to the natural unfolding, even if that unfolding seems more asequential than in familiar patterns.

The second half of the week could have us back in the starting blocks, seeking to initiate new projects, focused on new activities and engaging in a proactive stance of doing whatever we want. Where a problem might arise would be if our desires run counter to other people’s interests. There could be a great deal of toe stomping going on the latter part of this week. But new beginnings are often fraught with contention and starts that lead nowhere. It’s all part of the process of testing the waters, trying out new things but with an essential attitude needed of flexibility and adaptability.

The weekend can see us acquiring things without much consideration given to cost. We may want to improve our image, broaden our interests and get involved with situations that make us feel good. Although we may feel that we have gotten a second wind, let’s avoid going from one extreme to the other, going from being reactive, even victimized, to being bellicose and overly self-assertive.

Monday, July 18th – Daydream Believer – Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter. Monday begins the week with the Moon moving into Pisces where it conjuncts Neptune, sextiles Pluto and sextiles Jupiter. We may feel in an otherworldly space, highly impressionable and even in a world of our own. Not only are our emotions heightened. Our intuitive sense is likely to be spot on. While we can be affected by our environment and surroundings, if we maintain our center, we could also trust our inner voice and come up with startling insights and full understandings. This is a day when we can accomplish a great deal, be incredibly resourceful and expeditious in our activities. The key to the effectiveness of this day is to avoid distractions and silly diversions. This Monday allows us to feel and see what is the most appropriate for ourselves, work with a best practices approach and step across the boundaries of empirical reasoning to a fuller understanding of what is really going on. Let’s keep in mind that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift, a time when things unfold according to their own natural rhythm, and a time of magic and miracles when things can occur in inexplicable ways. Abnormalcy seems to be the new normal.

Tuesday, July 19th – Home Fires Burning – Venus, Mars. Tuesday continues with the Pisces Moon, which today trines Venus and squares Mars. This Tuesday is a good day for us to tend to things around our home and deal with family affairs. We might have a lot going on today but we need to be careful not to get caught up in a whirlwind of activity. Let’s take things step by step, not overload our ‘to do’ list, and take a breather now and then to refocus and slow ourselves down. If we get too engaged in a number of different activities, we might be playing the xylophone but hitting all the wrong keys. Today is a far better day to tie things up, enjoy our home fires and resist attempts to initiate any number of activities. It is important to keep in mind that timing is everything. There are times when we can initiate, times to maintain and times to bring things to closure. This Tuesday is far better at fixing things up, maintaining our activities and tying up loose ends than for new beginnings. We can start things up tomorrow and for the rest of the week, but it would be wise on this Tuesday for us to clean things up and clear out the clutter.

Wednesday, July 20th – Getting a Second Wind – Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus, Pluto. Wednesday begins with the Pisces Moon trine the Sun. We start the day feeling good and believing we have taken care of business and dealt with many of the pressing demands. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for five hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries where the Moon conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto. As though a starting gun has gone off, we are ready to begin new things, test new areas and do whatever catches our fancy. We want to be free to explore and emphasize our own unique qualities. We could be impetuous and we might run afoul of traditional values and old ways of doing things. We might even find some impediments in our way as we try to do our own thing. Although we could feel like a law unto ourselves, it would be wise for us to consider the structure and format in which we are operating. Otherwise, our impulsive and spontaneous nature could have us banging our head against the wall.

Thursday, July 21st – Endless Expectations – Saturn. Thursday’s Aries Moon opposes Saturn, and we might find ourselves in a tug of war with someone else. Other people’s demands and expectations could feel restrictive and we might have the sense that whatever we do just doesn’t meet someone else’s criteria. We do have to be as diplomatic as possible for we may step on other people’s toes and might even relish the chance to do so if we feel that our desires are being restricted or curtailed by someone else. This is a day for us to seek balance in our relationships, to engage the give and take and to take into account other people’s needs as well as our own. If we refuse to see things from other people’s perspective, we could be creating a groundswell of opposition that would not only dampen our spirits but could put the brakes on our planned actions.

Friday, July 22nd – The Creative I – Mars, Venus, Mercury. Friday can be a day when we might present ourselves in a most dramatic and creative manner. Today, we have it going on. The Aries Moon sextiles Mars, squares Venus and trines Mercury. We can be facile, quick and sharp so long as we don’t overly self-critique or self-evaluate. Being extemporaneous can work well for us today. Not only do we have the gift of gab but we also can appear with a great deal of flair. We do need to be aware of our audience, for some people might feel that we are a little much, too self-focused and self-absorbed. Why go there when we can have it all? The more we can be aware of the people we are addressing and engaging, the more we can tailor our points to both win support for our ideas and gain admiration for our passion. We may have a lot going on today and we can keep all the balls in the air, if we are zen-like, in the moment, and stay out of our own way.

Saturday, July 23rd – Going to the Max – Sun, Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter, Sun Leo. Friday night, early Saturday has the Sun moving into Leo. The Moon moves into Taurus and squares the Sun, sextiles Neptune, trines Pluto and conjuncts Jupiter. This can be a highly productive day, a day when we can be both resourceful and attuned to the moods and emotions of other people. While we can concentrate on the truly meaningful, we do have to watch for a tendency towards indulgence and extravagance. We may be feeling our oats and wanting to show ourselves off to the best of our ability. Such an attitude could lead to excessive spending or overdoing things. A little restraint may be called for today. If we can rein in our exuberance, we could do things effectively and expeditiously and keep our costs to a minimum. We want to go for the gold today, and we can do so in a strategic, timely and cost effective manner.

Sunday, July 24th – Resting, Relaxing, Re-creating. Sunday does not have a great deal of energy. The Moon continues its transit of Taurus but makes no connections to the planets. This Sunday could be a day when we take a ‘time out’ and give ourselves a day without many plans or any commitments. We may want to laze around, read the Sunday paper in bed and just enjoy ourselves. A trip to the mall or straightening things around our home might be the best we can muster for this Sunday. Whatever we do today, we certainly don’t want to feel pressured or feel that we have to do anything specific.