July 11th -17th, 2011

This week can be an especially fun week, a time when we are looking to broaden our interests and possibly get off the track to roam distant realms. We may feel fairly upbeat and excited about our prospects.

We start the week enthusiastic and hopeful. We may be looking for adventure and wanting to sample various events and activities. We are far more interested in the variety of life and could easily neglect some of our responsibilities as we seek distractions and diversions from our routine.

Mid-week could have us back on the track, attending to our obligations and dealing with the daily, ordinary tasks of living. Interactions with other people could get a little dicey, especially if we are feeling slighted or unappreciated. Friday’s Full Moon could have us feeling a little too reactive and we have to be wary of not falling into a victim mode or getting hypercritical.

The weekend would be a pleasant time to get together with friends and engage in social occasions. We might feel that we have dealt with nagging problems and can now focus on good times with good friends.

Like life right now, this week draws from a broad palette of involvements and emotions. We may feel that we have the opportunity to cross into our future, leap ahead from our ordinary conditions and leave much of our past behind. Nice concept, but it would be wise for us to keep in mind that we may have certain completions and conclusions to accomplish before we free ourselves from the ties that bind. We can try out new things and develop new interests, all the while realizing that we still have some past issues to tie up before we can move easily forward.

Monday, July 11th – Making our Mark – Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Uranus. Monday has Mercury sextile Mars and the Moon moving into Sagittarius where it squares Neptune and trines Uranus. We may feel the world is our oyster with us able to sup and dine to our heart’s content. Nothing may be too much for us today, and we might want to have it all, and then some. We can be very communicative today and especially in regards to our own accomplishments. Everyone may be tooting their horn. But some of the toots could be far more embellished than the true reality of the situation. This is a day to take things told to us with a grain of salt. If we have presentations to make today, not only can we be dramatic in presentation but we could also be most versatile in the ground we cover. There could be a tendency for us to run into ‘know it alls’, those people who have an answer for anything and everything. The trouble is that some of what they know may be more fiction than reality. Although we are jazzed today and looking to make our mark on the world, we do need to be judicious in our choices. Some things may seem great from the outset but could prove to be a run through the bramble patch whereby we could get pricked and scratched by circumstances that are more cumbersome in practice than in our initial evaluation. This Monday is also a day for us to be spontaneous, even impulsive. Remember: we have entered a time of a paradigm shift, where we are asked not to assume total control of our lives but rather to engage the bemusement of surprise at some of the wonder-filled opportunities that seem to come out of nowhere. This is a day for us to keep our antennae up, work with peripheral vision and engage some of the marvels of serendipity and synchronicity.

Tuesday, July 12th – Slow Down, You Move Too Fast – Saturn, Mars, Mercury. This Tuesday could prove the truth to the old saying that ‘haste makes waste’. Today the Sagittarius Moon sextiles Saturn, opposes Mars and trines Mercury. While we might have enjoyed some wonderful surprises yesterday, we may need to temper things on this Tuesday. If we would draw upon other people’s advice and detached perspective, then we could pick and choose the right trajectory for ourselves today. It would be wise for us to do some honing of our itinerary on this Tuesday, for otherwise we could be all over the place, scattering our energies and possibly not getting a whole lot done. Instead of racing around and even possibly running to nowhere, this Tuesday would be a good day for us to slow things down, focus and concentrate on the more meaningful experiences and opportunities this day could provide. We might find in so doing that we have stumbled across some truly exciting activities, fun events that enhance our well-being and put a smile on our face. Even if we feel that we can have it all, it would be far wiser for us to concentrate on those involvements that provide us the greatest sense of self-fulfillment and en-joyment.

Wednesday, July 13th – Restraining our Impulses – Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter. After two days when we might have been running wild, doing our own thing, and fully enjoying whatever we were doing; this Wednesday could have us reined in and forced to deal with some of our obligations. Venus squares Saturn and the Moon exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn where the Moon today sextiles Neptune, squares Uranus, conjuncts Pluto and trines Jupiter. We may feel our decisions and actions being constricted by someone else. We are not islands unto ourselves but rather engage in a larger community of our significant relationships, friends and the backdrop of our society. Other people’s needs and expectations may dampen our intentions and weigh heavy on our spirit. This Wednesday is a sobering day when we need to attend to our responsibilities and focus on our daily chores. If we will bite the bullet and do what needs to be done, we can be highly effective and accomplish more in a shorter period of time than we might have foreseen. The key to this day is to adapt to unexpected situations in a mature and productive manner. Although we might prefer summer fun, this day asks us to prioritize and address the pressing needs of our own situation and possibly someone else’s circumstances.

Thursday, July 14th – From All Directions – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Venus. Much of Wednesday’s energy continues on into Thursday when the Capricorn Moon creates a T-Square by the Moon square Saturn and the Moon opposed Venus. Whatever might have hampered us yesterday and placed demands upon us may not have been resolved but might demand our continuing attention on this Thursday. There could be home and family issues that need us to take the lead and rectify annoying situations. Someone close to us might have certain difficulties and may need our assistance. There are various situations that could keep us hopping from sunup to sundown as we try and put out any number of fires. This is a day for us to have nose to grindstone, take things step by step and not grouse or get upset about the high maintenance of this day. Some people could get resentful, feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders, but the best antidote to any negative feelings would be just to buck up and take care of what needs to be done. It may be summer but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have responsibilities and obligations to fulfill.

Friday, July 15th – Taking Care of Business – Capricorn Full Moon, Sun. Friday has the Capricorn Full Moon with the Moon in the third decanate of Capricorn with its sub-influence of Virgo and the opposed Sun in the third decanate of Cancer with its sub-influence of Pisces. We could easily get upset today, and people’s attitude can swing between the extremes of feeling victimized to being hypercritical. Everyone may have an edge on today. Nothing might seem quite right enough, and with such a disposition we could become angry and resentful about things not being perfect or we might fall into overwhelm and overload feeling that whatever we do it is never good enough. This Friday asks us to leave behind the self-critiquing and self-evaluation and also to let go of critiquing other people or evaluating their abilities. If we take the route of seeing imperfection without recognizing that we are living in a ‘perfect’ world, then we are bound for disappointment and discouragement. News today could create anxiety, but the best approach to the day is to focus on what needs to be done, do the best that we can under the circumstances and not get tied into expectations. Let’s keep in mind that these times ask us to let go of our opinions and judgments but instead embrace the magic and wonder of these dynamic times. Chaos offers us a grand opportunity to make important, even necessary changes. Besides, this paradigm shift also speaks to the idea that we can no longer master the world [as if we ever could] but rather to be co-creators of our world with the universal energies unfolding in accord with their own rhythm and their own rhyme. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Aquarius and we might find that our attitude shifts from being a little too demanding of ourselves, other people and the world situation. We then move into a far more free-flowing quality, able to enjoy the company of friends and looking to consider our prospects rather than our past scenarios.

Saturday, July 16th – Open to the Possibilities – Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn. This Saturday can be a fun day, a day when unexpected opportunities open to us. The Moon in Aquarius sextiles Uranus, squares Jupiter and trines Saturn. This is a day when wonderful surprises can come forward virtually out of the blue. The more spontaneous we can be today, the more enjoyment we might encounter. We do have to watch for expenses, since we could find ourselves engaging in activities that might be thrilling and exciting but also come with a large cost. Today is a good day for us to connect with those special people in our lives. Reunions and reconnections could be part of our day. The two most important aspects to this day are adaptability and resourcefulness. The magic of these times is being open to the mini-miracles in our daily lives, those situations that arise not so much of our making but our willingness to be open to receive. And although we may have been conditioned to believe that everything comes with a cost [no free lunch], we might also realize the old saying that ‘the best things in life are free’.

Sunday, July 17th – The Smorgasbord of Living – Mars, Mercury. Sunday continues with the Aquarius Moon which today trines Mars and opposes Mercury. We might want to sample various activities today. We can go from one thing to another to yet another. Diversity and extensiveness are what we are looking for today. We would far prefer to try something briefly rather than engage in a singular activity. While this can be great fun, some people might take offense to any brief encounter, feeling slighted that our visit and involvement is short in comparison to their expectation. This is a day for us to focus on quality of time more so than quantity of time. We are going for the gold, seeking to embrace it all, yet also with fleeting moments of experiences more than committing to any particular activity. We may be playing the xylophone today, hitting a number of different notes in rapid succession, but it is far better to have a staccato-like quality to this day than playing the one note samba. This Sunday is a day for exploration and investigation and letting go of our expectations and our demands.