August 1st – 7th, 2011

This first week of August can highlight our summer re-creational plans. Getting to the beach, staying down by the pool, hiking in the mountains, barbecuing on the grill and reconnecting with old friends can all play a part in the myriad of summertime fun activities we are likely to engage this week.

We are in August and like lemmings running for the cliffs, we could be streaming out of the cities and away from our familiar patterns to engage the height of summer and vacation time.

No matter what is going on with the financial markets or with various government turmoil, this week we may want to be like the three wise monkeys who ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’.

We may opt for obliviousness to larger concerns as we use the week to take a breather, recharge our batteries and just enjoy ourselves.

We are feeling the impetus of the Leo New Moon of this past week. Certainly some people will be blowing their own horn and grandstanding, but fun, fun, fun can be the keyword for this week and the next two weeks.

We are in FUN mode and willing to enjoy ourselves no matter the cost. And costs there can be. We may be indulgent, take our eyes off our budget, all with the idea of ‘let’s live for today’ as captured in the 1967 classic song by The Grass Roots.

The week begins with us feeling confident, at the top of our game and capable of pulling rabbits out of the hat. Unexpected connections could open interesting doors for us. We might feel as though we are divinely guided in our choices and in our actions. If we will take this feel good attitude and employ it practically, we could get a great deal done, accomplishing more in a shorter period of time than usual and even resolving issues that seemed to have no effective solution to them.

Although we may feel as though we have landed on greased wheels with everything going our way, where a problem arises is with Mercury turning retrograde late Tuesday, early Wednesday. In the bigger picture and in the abstract, we might assume that things are coming together. But as the old saying goes: ‘the devil may be in the details’.

Details we are not especially interested in during this week and for much of the month. Even if we assume that we have taken care of business, able to relax and recreate, we could experience complications arising and particulars just not coming together. While we might try to gloss over the specifics and focus on the big picture, something might be amiss in the details.

This week is not a week for us to overly critique or evaluate. Our ability to analyze and reason could become lost to our desires and our focus on summertime fun. Due diligence might go out the window, as we embrace whatever appeals to us with little satiation. We may be far more interested in just enjoying ourselves, sighing deep breaths of relief and allowing ourselves a belief that all is right in our world.

We may dance to the music this week, but we should bear in mind the cost, whether immediate or long term, of our dues to pay the piper. Who cares?, since this first week of August may have us celebrating a sense of ‘let the good times roll’.

Monday, August 1st – Got it Together – Venus, Uranus, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Mercury, Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto. Monday starts the week in high gear and with a sense of pulling rabbits out of the hat. Things can occur in the most unexpected ways, and we might feel as though everything is coming together with little effort on our part. There is a sense of magic in the air and we could even experience those mini-miracles of serendipity and synchronicity. This Monday is a high energy day with Venus trine Uranus and the Sun square Jupiter. The Moon finishes its transit of Leo with a sextile to Mars. The Moon then moves into Virgo where it opposes Neptune, conjuncts Mercury and creates an Earth Grand Trine as the Virgo Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn and trines Jupiter in Taurus. We can get it together today. Not only can unexpected situations arise that are both pleasing and helpful to our cause, but we could also be highly optimistic and confident in our ability to bend things to our will. While it would seem as though things are falling neatly into place and that we are dealing with the fundamentals and the most important aspects, all the while being incredibly resourceful, we also have to realize that we might be placing too much faith on luck and on things continuing to go our way with little interruption and few bumps along the way. This day can play into the concept of ‘there’s no stopping us now’. And while such a feeling can permeate our choices and our actions today, it would be wise for us to maintain a strict budget and limit our expenses. We could become indulgent and extravagant today without fully considering the ramifications and the long-term consequences. Today is a day not to lose sight of our reasoning to blind faith or to neglect our financial circumstances. We may be feeling good about things, enjoying ourselves, but it would be important not to lose some grasp on true reality.

Tuesday, August 2nd – Murphy’s Law – Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury retrograde. Tuesday continues with the Virgo Moon which is Void-of-Course the entire day making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra tomorrow. This Void-of-Course Moon is over thirty-four hours in length and speaks to a dying down of the energy. Talk about extremes. From the high intensity of yesterday, the energy dies down to barely a blip on the screen. Unfortunately, this is not a day to get much done or to be effective in whatever we are doing. Not only are we confronted with the Moon Void-of-Course today but we also have Mercury stationary and turning retrograde late on Tuesday, early Wednesday. The Mercury retrograde will last for much of this month and has Mercury retrograde back through Virgo and into Leo. Even if we have assumed that various issues have been resolved and some projects completed, we might discover as I wrote above that ‘the devil is in the details’. Certain things can unravel, matters thought brought to closure could come up for reworking or re-evaluation. Let’s keep in mind that Mercury retrograde is akin to Murphy’s Law whereby ‘whatever can go wrong could’. This Tuesday and for the next three weeks plus we need to check and recheck, since various details could fall between the cracks. This day could experience various traffic problems, travel difficulties, misunderstandings and miscommunications. We cannot be clear enough, even if it necessitates repeating our thoughts and ideas over and over. There can be computer glitches and Internet crashes. We could feel as though we have suddenly stepped into quicksand and are sinking with little recourse. This is a day to go slow, add on extra time and take nothing for granted.

Wednesday, August 3rd – Bang, Crash – Mars, Neptune, Lunar Grand Cross, Uranus, Pluto, Venus, Mars Cancer. Wednesday has Mars entering Cancer and trining Neptune. The Moon ends its long Void-of-Course by exiting Virgo and entering Libra where it creates a Cardinal Sign Grand Cross with the Libra Moon square Mars in Cancer, opposed Uranus in Aries and square Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon also sextiles Venus. This Wednesday could have us determined to follow our dream, although our dream could in fact be a grand illusion. Whatever captures our fancy, we are likely to go for it without compunction and full speed ahead. As we progress through the day, we might feel as though we are caught in a pachinko machine with various balls — events, situations, other people’s interests, etc., etc. — raining down on us. This Wednesday could be an explosive day. While it would be wise for us to watch our tongue, the energy today might have us shooting from the lip and leaping without looking. No matter what comes up for us today in the way of blockages, limitations or restrictions, we might want to take note since such matters and issues could be ratcheted up severalfold next week when Mars squares Uranus and opposes Pluto. We might want to say ‘let the games begin’, but this Wednesday is anything but a game. This day could prove more like a demolition derby with various people and events crashing into us. The less impetuous we can be today, the better it would be and the less damage we are likely to impose on ourselves and on others. Today is a day to go slow, test the brakes and try to maintain civility. Mercury has only just turned retrograde and we have three plus weeks during which we may be wading through the water of confusion, pomp and circumstance. Why rush the river when this is a time to tread lightly, and feel things out before proceeding.

Thursday, August 4th – Base of Support – Mercury, Mars, Sun, Saturn, Neptune Aquarius. Thursday is a day when we can put our thoughts into action but only if we are coming from a strong base of support. Mercury sextiles Mars and the Libra Moon sextiles the Sun and conjuncts Saturn. Neptune retrogrades out of Pisces and back into Aquarius. Today is a day when we can preach to the choir, draw upon those people who are familiar with our abilities and move ahead with our projects with assistance. Our communication skills can be strong, although we might be more introverted today, willing to share our thoughts and our ideas with a friendly audience. We may find ourselves depending upon someone else or them depending upon us. We have to be wary of being sidetracked by other people’s dramas or their needs. This is a day when we can be feeling upbeat around our friends and family, but let’s be certain that familiarity neither breeds contempt nor enforces restrictions to our full expression. We may have some great ideas regarding our future plans but it would be wise to mull them over and let them percolate before putting them into full swing.

Friday, August 5th – Too Good to be True – Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, Mars, Pluto. Friday can be another one of those high energy days. We may be getting ready for the weekend and looking at a weekend of fun and recreational activities. In our planning, we have to avoid excess and indulgence. Venus squares Jupiter and the Sun sextiles Saturn. The day begins with the Libra Moon trine Neptune before the Moon exits Libra to enter Scorpio where the Moon sextiles Mercury, trines Mars, sextiles Pluto and opposes Jupiter. We could be a little over-the-top today. The fascinating aspect of this day is the likelihood that in the morning hours we can be gracious, indulgent and extravagant. We might choose to include all and sundry in our weekend and future plans. Then quickly, our mood might shift. Whether we become aware of our grandiose attitude of all-inclusiveness or we recognize the expense involved, we may suddenly feel that we have overstepped our boundaries, been too generous and taken on more than we can possibly handle. The latter part of the day could find us doing a cutback on our plans, our commitments, our expenses. What starts off the day as seeming too good to be true segues into the feeling that in reality it is not as good as it seemed. Let’s try to maintain an even keel today, not be too indulgent to begin the day, nor too parsimonious later in the day.

Saturday, August 6th – I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing – Venus, Sun. Saturday continues with the Scorpio Moon, which today squares both Venus and the Sun in Leo. We may have promised too much. We might have blown our horn too loud. We could have overcommitted ourselves, in our time, energy or finances. Not that we have to be like a dog with its tail between its legs, but we might find ourselves eating a slice or two of humble pie today. If we have overextended ourselves, today is a day for cut backs, determining what we need to let go and what we need to disengage. Some of us may take ourselves to different stores to stand in the return lines. We might also come to realize that we have overspent. Although this is a day for us to be resourceful, we could feel any budget tightening to pinch our self-esteem and impact our self worth. Why go there? These times demand that we be aware and astute with our resources. Times are tough. Expenses are increasing, as rising prices of basic necessities can put a severe crimp in our old patterns and manners of doing things. If we can put our ego aside, this is a good day for us to budget — budget our time, our activities and our monies. Let’s realize that during this paradigm shift, things are changing dramatically, the new normal being abnormalcy and that we are being asked to get real with ourselves and not mask ourselves in identities determined by what we do or what we have. This is a time for us to be like the emperor with no clothes, naked unto the world and expressing our soul and spirit and not our ego identity.

Sunday, August 7th – The Opportunities Lie Along the Periphery – Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, Uranus. Sunday has Venus sextile Saturn. The day starts with the Scorpio Moon square Neptune. The Moon then moves into Sagittarius where it squares Mercury and trines Uranus. We might find ourselves seeking the company of that special someone in our lives. We might have various plans already arranged but we could feel something of a crimp in our pocketbook and decide to tone things down and change any plans that might prove too extravagant. Although our spirits might feel somewhat dampened, we do not have to merely look down at the ground and see what our next step might be. The beauty of these times is the reality of synchronicity, serendipity, things coming out of the blue and wondrous surprises to embrace. This Sunday could give us a good heads-up that situations can arise out of nowhere that might be even better than the plans that we had imagined for ourselves. Let’s bear in mind that while there is an element of crash and burn of old structures and reliable stabilities during this time, it is also a time of magic and mini-miracles, an adventure in living. All we have to do is to be open to the magic and engage the surprises. During this paradigm shift, we have to let go of any belief in our control over circumstances and instead have our antennae up and work with peripheral vision in order to take advantage of opportunities that come up out of the blue. Today could show us that our plans are nothing in comparison to stepping on board the magical, mystery tour of the paradigm shift.