May 9th – 15th, 2011

This week could have us sitting on cloud nine with a sense that it cannot get better than this. We are looking to enjoy ourselves. Can we call it Spring fever?

We want some good times, and we are likely to find them, or create them. We might feel as though we have gotten a second wind. No matter the craziness of the world and bizarre world events that might be headlining the news, we are far less engaged in the chatter of things that do not directly impact us. We are looking to take our journey, and not be in the lemming parade of consensus opinion and collective consciousness [or unconsciousness].

The early part of the week encourages our self-expression and the presentation of our creative ideas. We can make a splash, for we have style and panache, a confidence in our abilities and an obvious talent at displaying our personal best. We can engage the company of other people, those who encourage us and might prove advocates of our own personal interests. As we begin the week, we may sense that we are part of a mutual admiration society. We are not looking for conflict but rather preferring to give and receive support from those close to us.

With such a thrust of good feeling, the mid part of the week allows us to put spirit into action. We can take our exuberance and our wish list and initiate our projects, plant our seeds of new interests. We are likely to be diligent, attentive to the particulars and mindful of what needs to be done to successfully proceed from the conceptual through the execution to the manifestation of our hopes and dreams.

We do have to be wary of excess, indulgence and extravagance mid-week. We might sense that everything is going our way and assume that whatever we want we can readily achieve. And that could prove a dire liability. Overconfidence and over-exuberance could easily lead us down the garden path towards taking on more than we can handle, whether that be projects, expenses or our scheduling.

The end of the week and the weekend could be a time when we reap what we have earlier sown. If we have been extravagant and self-absorbed, we may discover that we have stepped on other people’s toes, offending them without our realizing it, and that we have gone into over-load and overwhelm with the need to cut back on some of our commitments.

Largely a pleasant week, this is also a week when we need to maintain a good balancing act and keep in mind the suggestion of ‘moderation in all things’.

Monday, May 9th – Freeing from Obligations – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus. Late Sunday, early Monday has the Cancer Moon square Mars. Our Mother’s Day commitments may have taken a toll on our sense of self. While family memories could impinge on our self-identity, the chilling limitations of past obligations could prove a haunting but fleeting memory as this Monday proceeds. The Moon moves into Leo where it trines Uranus today. Mercury also conjuncts Venus. Once we awaken, we might feel as though the hangover or depletion of the weekend is behind us. We could feel like we have been reenergized, ready to focus on what we want, what we want to do, no holds, no obligations, no limitations. We may kick up our heels and decide to do things on a spontaneous level, being impulsive and involving ourselves with whatever meets our fancy. This Monday can be a great deal of fun, especially since we are interested in exploring, roaming free and solely doing what we want to do.

Tuesday, May 10th – Bouncing Along – Saturn, Sun, Mercury. Tuesday continues with a ‘feel good’ attitude as the Moon in Leo today sextiles Saturn, squares the Sun and trines Mercury. We continue our parade of fun events and we might join in with someone who appreciates us and encourages us to be the best that we can be. Where a problem might arise is our liability towards having too good a time no matter the cost. We could put our budgetary constraints out of mind and just focus on any thing that brings us joy. Today and tomorrow, it would be wise for us to put our credit cards aside, determine our ‘fun’ money and enjoy ourselves to the extent of our resources geared to these two pleasuring days. While such a cautious action might be wise, we are also likely to be reticent to do so. Let’s keep in mind that there are times when, as the saying goes, ‘the best things in life are free’. Let’s look for the freebies and watch the expenses. Otherwise, if we just have limitless resources to spend over these two days, our expenditures could be like a snowball going down the mountain, gaining momentum, gathering speed and soon becoming an avalanche. If we are carefree and dismissive of our expenses today, tomorrow could be an avalanche of excess, indulgence and extravagance.

Wednesday, May 11th – Never Enough – Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Pluto, Mars Taurus. Wednesday has the imprint of ‘nothing better than this’. Both Venus and Mercury conjunct Jupiter and the Moon, before exiting Leo, trines Venus and Jupiter. The day begins with us feeling super-confident. We may have a sense of being invincible, with a Midas touch, and the belief that everything we encounter today is like to be gold or golden. Our sense of optimism may know no bounds, but so too could our indulgence and extravagance. Although this day is highly upbeat, even inspired, we may over-reach and take on more than we can possibly handle by extending ourselves and stretching beyond our resources. Yes, this could be a day when we feel as though everything is going our way. Such wide-eyed optimism can be enjoyable, albeit perhaps somewhat, if not largely, unrealistic. Fortunately, the Moon moves into Virgo where it trines Mars, which has just exited Aries today to enter Taurus. The Moon also squares Neptune. And the Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn with an Earth Element Grand Trine created with Mars in Taurus, the Moon in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. While we may have a sense that some of our dreams are being rained upon, we could also realize those areas that seem to be the most significant and important projects and then focus on those activities rather than all the trappings we might have taken on. If we have made impulse purchases, we may decide to return some of those items in clearer and more grounded reflection. Although we might have overstepped the bounds of our resources the past two days, we can now figure out what goes, what stays, and repair any excesses we carried out.

Thursday, May 12th – Putting Spirit into Action – Mars, Neptune, Sun. We can accomplish a great deal today. We may seem driven by destiny and things can happen with little effort. Mars sextiles Neptune and the Virgo Moon trines the Sun. We could feel guided in our actions, knowing instinctively how best to put things together. We are not interested in proving ourselves today. We are more willing to take things step by step with careful evaluation and re-evaluation as we proceed. No leaping boundlessly today. We could take on a more conservative approach, going slowly but persistently in the direction of our goals. We have the ability to squeeze blood out of a stone, being expeditious and resourceful. This is a day when we can put our spirit into action, feeling that what we are doing is not only in our best interests but also for the greater good. We can weave a fascinating mosaic impressive to look at and without dropping a stitch and with all the necessary detail work in place.

Friday, May 13th – Getting a Little Squirrelly – Moon Void-of-Course, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto. Today is Friday the 13th and whether we suffer from triskaidekaphobia [fear of Friday the 13th] or not, we could be a little squirrelly today. Late last night, the Moon went Void-of-Course for over thirteen hours, making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo today. This Friday may start off a little slow and with us having a tendency to look over our shoulder and wonder if some shoe might drop. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Libra and creates a Cardinal T-Square with the Libra Moon opposed Uranus in Aries and square Pluto in Capricorn. If we have been self-absorbed and self-involved earlier in the week to the point of being dismissive of other people’s interests, we might be read the riot act by the offended individuals. This could be one of those days when we have to do a payback for ‘if we dance to the music, we have to pay to the piper’. We might have to put our own personal interests on the back burner and attend to other people’s wishes and commitments that we might have neglected earlier this week. Things coming out of the blue, those unexpected situations for which we could not plan for, may come up and disrupt our schedule. We might be forced to dance to someone else’s tune and we might realize that our exuberance earlier in the week and over the past several weeks may have been all well and good for ourselves but might have been like a boulder thrown into a pond, creating huge ripples that proved tsunami-like for the people in our lives. We may have to make amends today and over the weekend to other people, paying our penance and focused on their needs rather than our own.

Saturday, May 14th – Uncomfortable in our Own Skin – Saturn. In nursery rhymes and in astrology as well, Saturday is considered Saturn’s day, and this Saturday hammers home the point. Today, the Libra Moon conjuncts Saturn. We may feel depleted and put upon. Our interactions with other people might be more dour than joyful. We may have certain commitments to fulfill, those socially correct obligations that we agreed to even months before. Now that the day has arrived we might feel a little uncomfortable with any reunions or reconnections, as though we are being forced to walk the plank as we travel down Memory Lane. Although we might be acting like a horse with blinders on, only able to see what is right in front of us, the more we can accept this day as a catch-up day, the more we could also recognize that we can resolve personal issues and any long-standing issues with other people. We may have to look back, even step back, before we can move forward. But this Saturday is a day to address and tie up unresolved issues. We might prefer just having a good old time today, but we can deal with old baggage and leave some of it behind.

Sunday, May 15th – Doing the Dance – Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Mars, Venus Taurus, Mercury Taurus. Often we need to address matters, even peripheral issues, before we can move into our next phase of experience or our next project. This Sunday could be one of those days, for this day is a major turning point. We begin the day with the Libra Moon opposed the Aries-transiting planets of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus, just before the latter two exit Aries to enter Taurus. This day can be a crescendo to much of the focus we might have had over the past eight weeks, when our primary interest has been asserting ourselves, acting at times impetuously and with us being more interested in trying things out than any element of follow-through. We could have been hasty in our actions, neglecting the details and just doing our thing like a tornado roaring through the plains, as we sought the joy and excitement of Springtime. This Sunday asks us to look at the broader aspects of our lives, not merely the tunnel vision of excitement and self-absorption. None of us are islands unto ourselves, and this Sunday could have us broadening our focus, addressing other people’s interests and finding a balance between our own individual concerns and our interactions with other people. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Libra to enter Scorpio where it trines Neptune and opposes Mars. Now is a time for us to become far more resourceful, to strip away the superfluous and the extraneous that might have enticed us over the past few months. We are looking at the truly meaningful. We are also looking at weeding our garden, tilling our soil, for we are moving into a slow down period when we can more effectively, and productively, plant the seeds of our future. Venus and Mercury both exit Aries today, ending the Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Fire Sign. Our impetuousness is lessened as Mercury and Venus enter the Venus-ruled Sign of Taurus where it joins Mars and the Sun to create a Stellium, and powerpack, in the Fixed Earth Sign. Now is even a better time for us to plant our seeds and develop our interests in a persistent and determined manner, by taking things in a focused and slower process than what we might have been doing over the past several weeks. We are becoming more grounded, less rash, and willing to put in the necessary time to develop things rather than attempting a miracle grow process of forcing things.