May 30th – June 5th, 2011

This week can have us running around. In the US we start the week with the last day of the Memorial Day Holiday weekend, also known as the unofficial kickoff of Summer.

We may be in the ‘Summer’ mode during this week, getting ready for fun times in the Summertime. Such preparations can include buying things for our home or wardrobe, all with the idea of making the most out of the Summer season. No matter how the inflation of rising food costs, fuel costs and apparel costs may be impacting us, we are looking to add things in order to enjoy ourselves during this Summer. Purchases early in the week are geared towards our plans and our intended activities for the season during which we hope to take time to relax, participate in fun events, and just generally enjoy ourselves. Even if we plan to stay around our home this summer, we may still want to make certain purchases with our emphasis on staycations whereby we take time off and just stay around our home or do day trips to nearby spots.

The middle part of this week could have us talking up a storm and going from one thing to another. We are far more interested in drawing from a broad palette of possibilities rather than a singular focus. We might be like a butterfly, alighting here and there but never staying too long at any one event.

The end of the week and early part of the weekend may focus our attention on family matters. Celebratory gatherings for graduations, weddings or reunions might be part of our scheduled plans and could provide some wonderful surprises.

Even though we might feel stretched financially, with prices of virtually everything going up, this weekend also has a major game changer as Jupiter exits Aries and enters Taurus. With Jupiter coming into Taurus, we might be looking at spending as though there were no tomorrow.

We end the week and the weekend in high spirits, looking for good times with good friends. We are feeling the love with an upbeat attitude and a sense that ‘it’s all good’.

Monday, May 30th – Shop ‘til We Drop – Mars, Venus. Although this Monday in the US is Memorial Day, a time to commemorate those who gave so much in service to their country, this Monday also is a holiday weekend, and a time when ‘sales’ are pronounced at the retail stores. Some of us might decide to use this day as a time to hit the stores, searching for bargains and buying those items that can enhance our summer fun. The transiting Moon in Taurus today conjuncts both Mars and Venus. We may be looking at creating major makeovers whether it is in regard to our home, our wardrobe or our personal appearance. We want to look good and we especially want to feel good. For those who choose not to shop the ‘sales’ today, indulgence could be the keyword for this day. Living the good life, stuffing our faces with barbecue and taking it easy could be likely alternatives to the frenetic shopping excursions to the local mall or outlet stores. Maintaining a certain restraint in whatever we do is suggested, but likely unheeded. After all, this holiday weekend in the US is the unofficial start of Summer and however we choose to bring in our Summertime we are likely to do so with a bang and added emphasis.

Tuesday, May 31st – Focused then Scattered – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune. This Tuesday is paradoxical, for it begins one way and ends the day in a totally different manner. We begin this day with the Taurus Moon conjunct Mercury. We can be highly attentive to what needs to be done, taking care of business, focused on our goals in a specific and defined manner. If we need to get things done, the early part of the day allows us to be productive, effective and expeditious in all that we do. While we might assume that the way the day begins, so too will it end. But that’s not the case on this Tuesday. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost eight and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini later in the day where it squares Neptune. While we begin the day in a concentrated and focused manner, the latter part of the day could find us all over the place, with our focus lost and our mind and actions scattered. We may feel that we have various possibilities, all of which we want to explore. Our conversations could be filled with non-sequiturs as our mind jumps from one thing to another to yet another. And so it might also be with our actions, with a tendency to shift from one thing to another, with no coherence or completion of anything we are doing. We could be easily distracted and diverted to things that capture our fancy but lead us away from what we need to be doing. The more we can accomplish in the morning, the better it is. In the afternoon and the latter part of the day, the energy dies down before ratcheting up significantly. Our attention is then lost to rambling considerations of unrealistic possibilities and we could find ourselves more interested in following the yellow brick road of fantasies and illusions than on the thoroughfare of reality and clarity.

Wednesday, June 1st – Change is in the Air – Sun, Saturn, Gemini New Moon, Uranus. Wednesday has the Gemini New Moon and a partial Solar Eclipse. The Moon sextiles Uranus and this New Moon has the Sun and Moon trine Saturn. With the New Moon impacting the fortnight of the next two weeks, we could find that some of the changes we have been considering and even initiating take greater form. Whether we can execute the necessary steps to manifest some of the changes we have been contemplating, we may find that our strategy and our plan of action becomes more focused and more consolidated. We are looking to create the format of our new day dawning, and in so doing we are choosing to construct upon rock rather than build upon sand. We may realize that we are at a significant threshold in our lives and now is a time for us to give serious thought regarding where we are going and how we are getting there. Someone could prove a good sounding board, providing an objective perspective and a detached interest to help us fine tune our plans. This is a powerful time to lay down the foundation stones of our future, but let’s keep in mind that this new paradigm which we are entering into calls for awareness, mindfulness, flexibility and adaptability.

Thursday, June 2nd – The Daze of Our Lives – Mercury Gemini, Neptune retrograde. Thursday doesn’t have a great deal of energy and what energy there is could tend to be scattered. The Moon continues its transit of Gemini. Mercury, which rules Gemini, exits Taurus and enters its own Sign of Gemini. Neptune turns retrograde. Today could be a bit of a muddle. We may have various balls in the air. We can attempt to juggle many various things but we might tend to forget about some of the important things that we are supposed to do. This is one of those days when we really need to cut ourselves some slack, write everything down in pencil and have a big eraser in hand to erase some of our more erratic intentions for the day. Yes, this day and tomorrow could be liable to a daze, whereby our minds may be going miles a minute but without much focus, concentration or clarity. If we have something important to do today, let’s check all the details at least twice to be certain that we have covered all the specifics.

Friday, June 3rd – Exhausted by the Tug of War – Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, Lunar Grand Cross, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn. If yesterday led us down the garden path, this Friday could have us being snared by prickers and brambles along the way. Mercury squares Neptune, and the clarity of our thought could be cloudy at best. We might easily fall prey to delusions and illusions. Appearances may not be matched by true reality, so today is a day to take whatever is told us with a grain of salt. We feel upbeat and inspired as we start the day, for the Moon finishing its transit of Gemini sextiles Jupiter. We may decide to schedule more than humanly possible and even more likely to be impossible as the energy shifts when the Moon moves into Cancer and triggers the Cardinal Climax with the Moon creating a Cardinal Sign Grand Cross as the Cancer Moon squares Uranus in Aries, opposes Pluto in Capricorn and squares Saturn in Libra. We may feel pushed and pulled in all sorts of directions. Not only could some of our personal choices seem questionable but other people and our scheduled commitments could also put monkey wrenches in the spokes of our wheels by demanding our time and expecting our involvement. This is not one of those Fridays whereby we say ‘thank goodness it’s Friday’. We are more likely to mutter at the end of the day ‘thank goodness this Friday is over’.

Saturday, June 4th – Insights and Revelations and Good Times – Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter Taurus. Saturday is a day when anything can happen. Wonderful surprises may change our schedule for the day. Let’s be open to our options and consider any alternatives presented to us. Mercury sextiles Uranus. We might hear about something that is exciting and insightful. This is a day when things can fit neatly together. The Cancer Moon sextiles Mars. We may spend time on some home projects. We can figure out a best practices approach to be effective and expeditious in accomplishing our goals. This Saturday also has Jupiter exiting Aries and moving into Taurus. We may be far more interested in getting back into our spending habits and not feel overly limited by inflation costs or by our concerns over the economy or our personal financial situation. Such anxieties may be put aside as we consider having fun times in the Summertime. We want to enjoy ourselves and we are willing to invest in our pleasures. We do have to watch for excess and over-indulgence. We may live for the day, carpe diem and all that, but we might have to pay tomorrow. Let’s keep in mind that if we dance to the music, we have to pay to the piper.

Sunday, June 5th – Not a Care in the World – Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury. Early Sunday morning, the Cancer Moon sextiles Venus. We may whet our appetite with the idea of having something sweet and luscious for ourselves with an added benefit of buying something appealing and lovely for our home or for our wardrobe. If there is any inkling of a ‘sale’ going on somewhere, we could be all over it. We want to fete ourselves and even more so as the Moon moves into Leo where it squares Jupiter, trines Uranus and sextiles Mercury. We are feeling good about things, want to experience new situations and can easily buy into the idea that variety is the spice of life. Of course we do need to realize that our desire for variety may come with a cost, and we could find ourselves easily justifying expenditures on a cost – benefit analysis whereby enjoying ourselves comes with a cost, but not enough of a cost that we have to deny ourselves the benefit. This Sunday is one when we could go over our budget, be excessive in our spending, all with the idea that there is no free lunch and that if we want to enjoy ourselves we are fully willing to pay the fare. Let’s try to keep a rein on our expenses, for it would be easy for us to fall back into old patterns and ring things up, all the while that our credit card balances are ratcheting up. We can be open to new experiences, may sample various different pleasant events, but it would be wise for us to keep a mental note of the expense of it all. We may take an attitude today of not having a care in the world, but we might want to be certain that our decisions and actions do not create cares for us tomorrow.