May 2nd – 8th, 2011

This week can have us involved with Springtime projects, with us planting seeds of new activities, focusing on our resources and juggling various interests. The week seems largely pleasant, the weekend possibly less so.

We are more interested in taking things step-by-step, rather than leaping and bounding over things this week. Many of the ideas and enthusiastic plans we could have had during April can now see greater reality with clearer formats and details taken into account. This is a week when we can continue to have our head in the clouds, but our feet are more firmly planted on the ground.

We are largely interested in doing our own thing, concentrating on our ambitions and devising the most expeditious manner in which to realize our goals. We do not want to be distracted by superfluous situations but rather to cut to the core, deal with the fundamentals and do what needs to be done.

While the first part of the week could have us with nose to grindstone, the mid part of the week and towards the weekend may have us juggling any number of things. We might get involved with a number of different activities, going from one thing to another to yet another.

Communications are highlighted, as we seek out those who could provide some tidbit of knowledge or understanding about this, that or the other. We are drawing from a wide berth and trying to advance our interests but possibly moving forward zigzagging from different things, some of which may have no connection to the earlier activity.

The weekend is Mother Day’s weekend and certainly the focus may be on home and family. We might feel obliged to attend Mother’s Day festivities, even if we would prefer to do other things or have a sense that we have piled on too much onto our plate. The more we can grin and bear whatever goes on during the weekend, with the recognition that some of our personal interests might have to be put on hold, the better we can get through our necessary commitments.

All in all, the week is a productive week, a time when we can accomplish a great deal earlier in the week, then explore the realm of possibilities during the latter part of the week and finally attend to home and family matters over the weekend.

Monday, May 2nd – Putting Things in Place – Neptune, Pluto. Monday is the dark side of the Moon, just before tomorrow’s New Moon. Today, the Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune and trines Pluto. This is a good day for us to arrange things, get things in order and prioritize. Our intuitive sense could be strong, so let’s trust our inner voice and allow it to guide us in expediting situations and concentrating on the truly important. If we need to make purchases that will assist us in making our tasks easier, then it would be wise to go ahead and do so. Everything can fit neatly together today. Not only can we make a good impression but we might also find that there are no holes in our presentation or in the format we might propose. Let’s keep in mind that late tonight, early tomorrow does give us the Taurus New Moon and imprints the next two weeks as a time to plant our seeds and initiate projects that we have been contemplating. This Monday is a good day to prepare ourselves, tidy up, put things in their place and ready ourselves for our seed planting over the next two weeks.

Tuesday, May 3rd – Moving Ahead Methodically – Taurus Lunation, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. Late Monday, early Tuesday has the Taurus New Moon, putting its imprint on the next two weeks. We are ready to formulate the most effective ways of getting things done. We may concentrate on the truly significant and the most meaningful projects, but we’re unlikely to drop a stitch as we do so. We can be energized, optimistic and confident of our abilities. But we can also link our enthusiasm with a best practices approach. Now is a time for us to build upon rock. We’re not looking at get-rich-quick schemes or glossing over important details. We may take our time, but we are looking to cover all the bases. We want to expand and broaden our reach and do so in a grounded, practical way utilizing our resources without excess or extravagance. These next two weeks offer us the opportunity of getting a great deal done. Whatever we might need in order to accomplish our goals, we are certainly ready to employ the most effective and necessary tools. We may feel as though the starting gate is opening up today with us ready to move forward in a focused and cost-effective manner. Although we get a thrust of energy with the New Moon, the energy dies down as the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over thirty-four hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 4th – Alternatives to our Desires – Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune, Uranus. Wednesday starts on the slow side as the Moon continues to be Void-of-Course making no connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Taurus. This Void-of-Course Moon has been a long one, close to thirty-four hours and we may seem somewhat lethargic and certainly less than energetic. There is a sudden shift in the energy today when the Moon moves into Gemini today and squares Neptune and sextiles Uranus. We might find that some of our most deeply held desires no longer work for us. While we could be disappointed if we are let down by certain ambitions not being realized, we also have the opportunity to get out of our own way and be open to receive some of the unexpected gifts from the universe. Today is a day when we can witness the magic of these times. Although some cherished projects may fall flat, other doors could open up that prove far more exciting and are more in tune with where we are going. This is a day to take off the blinders, work with peripheral vision and anticipate some unexpected surprise to come our way. Let’s keep in mind that the universe does not like a vacuum. Even if certain things do not work out for us, other situations and perhaps even more exciting situations could come forward. Today is a day to believe in magic, to let go of our expectations and embrace the awe and wonder of childhood, that feeling of freshness with the feeling of everything being alive and vibrant. We no longer have to make things happen. Our position should no longer be trying to control and master our world. Instead, let’s engage being co-creators, taking advantage of opportunities that are not so much of our making as much as coming out of the blue.

Thursday, May 5th – Trusted Advice – Saturn. Thursday continues with the Gemini Moon, which today trines Saturn. Someone could provide wise and important counsel. In our discussions, we might learn facts that help us make our decisions and assist us in strategizing our plans. We are not islands unto ourselves and this Thursday could prove its truth. Someone seems a close ally, supporter and advocate of some of our ideas and plans. This is a good day for us to blueprint since we have the ability to consider many variables, meanwhile placing them in a structured and coherent format. We may be interested in diverse subjects but we can weave an interesting mosaic that ties together all the different parts.

Friday, May 6th – Trying This, Trying That – Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune. This Friday has the Gemini Mon engaged with the Aries-transiting planets, as the Moon sextiles Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars, all in the Cardinal Fire Sign. We want to explore, test things out, and investigate anything that captures our fancy. We may be very self-focused today, but our curiosity is peaked and we want to try whatever draws our attention and speaks to us. Even our discussions with other people may revolve around our personal interests and our own endeavors. We may be tooting our horn or just expressing our enthusiasm but the more we can keep it within a mutual admiration society, the better it would be. Not that everyone is listening to what is being said. The likelihood of receptive listeners is minimal as everyone wants to share their thoughts, their feelings, their plans without a great deal of interest regarding what is going on for the other person. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for six hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Gemini and before moving into Cancer where it trines Neptune. Whether we have made our plans or not, family involvements can come to the fore and we might realize that our weekend plans will be centering around the family and the celebration of Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Saturday, May 7th – Coming From All Directions – Lunar Grand Cross, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn. I’ve discussed the Cardinal Climax before, the T-Square of Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, an energy configuration that has been operational for the past few months. This Saturday triggers the Cardinal Climax by the Lunar Grand Cross with the Moon in Cancer square Saturn, square Uranus and opposed Pluto. This is one of those days when we may feel pushed and pulled in all directions. Although our focus continues on home and family, issues can arise in regard to such matters. We might also experience ourselves in a tug-of-war with other people, their needs and their demands. We could easily want to break away, do our own thing, assert our own personal interests, but things could just seem to come up and get in the way. We might feel blocked and even tormented by our responsibilities in whatever direction we turn. There is a great deal of energy associated with today’s planetary combination. We can start up various things, deal with issues that are not solely concerned with our own needs, and find ourselves exhausted by the end of the day. No matter how expert we are in time management, this Saturday can show the lie to the practicum of time management as delays inhibit our progress, unexpected situations crop up to demand our attention and we find ourselves more caught up in a vortex of multi-tasks with little control over orchestrating our activities. I would like to write that there is a respite from today’s intensity, but tomorrow continues with family obligations that limit our personal choices. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, one of those time-outs when we have to deal with our history and our family responsibility.

Sunday, May 8th – Recapitulation with a Walk down Memory Lane – Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter. Sunday is Mother’s Day, the day we celebrate our Moms and a day when we might have the tendency to awaken the family history of where we have come from and where we have been. The Moon continues its transit of Cancer, an appropriate energy for today as the Moon rules Cancer and the Moon is indicative of the archetypal mother and Cancer associated with home and family. The Moon today sextiles the Sun and then squares three of the transiting-Aries planets. We may start the day feeling good about our best wishes to Mom. We might reach out by visit, phone or email to celebrate this Mother’s Day. The Moon also squares Venus, Mercury and Jupiter today. We could find our personal desires are placed on the back burner as we address the obligatory attention paid to Mom. We do have to be careful not to get emotionally involved with any remembrances or walks down Memory Lane. Unresolved slights or hurts from long ago could surface today. If they do, then it would be wise for us to maintain a detachment and allow such thoughts to merely wash over us without our holding on to them. While we might feel that we have to be socially correct today to the disadvantage of what we would do otherwise, let’s recognize that sometimes we need to go back over things in order to release certain holds, even subconscious holds, and let go of baggage that can only hold us back from our optimum. Let’s celebrate our past, our upbringing and our Moms today, with the realization that where we are today has been influenced by our upbringing and our response to same.