May 23rd – 29th, 2011

Although some people might be sorely disappointed that the world did not end this past weekend and their ticket to ride to heavenland was not punched, there are certainly indications that the world is changing and that we are shapeshifting along with it.

Now that we are stuck on the earth plane for a little while longer, we can use this week as a time to explore our possibilities and initiate new adventures. We do not have to make long-term commitments, we can go slowly in the process of ruminating our potentials, but we may find ourselves spreading our wings and expanding our interests beyond the normal boundaries.

This week is largely a pleasant week. We may want to get together with friends and loved ones, enjoy the company of other people and just engage in fun activities. It’s Spring after all.

We are looking to our future, not looking back at our past, and we may consider our future to be filled with wondrous opportunities, some of which may just come up out of the blue. Yes, these times of paradigm shift allow for synchronicity, those serendipitous situations that come out of nowhere, a time that offers us the opportunity of stepping onto the bus in our journey of the magical, mystery tour.

There is not the same intensity or depth this week that we might have experienced recently. On the contrary, we want to try things out, approach things with a healthy skepticism instead of just sticking to our routine.

Monday, May 23rd – Gifting our Friends, Gifting Ourselves – Venus, Mars. Monday begins the week with the Moon in Aquarius and Venus conjunct Mars in Taurus. Today can be a powerful day when we might choose to ‘shop ‘til we drop’. We may be looking at adding a little bit of beauty to our homes, our wardrobe and to other people’s lives. This is one of those days when we can be enamored by the appearance of things, seeing their potential and quite possibly neglecting the reality. Connecting with good friends and taking the time to embrace la joie de vivre [the joy of living] may be our primary focal point on this day. Our expenditures could be high but we can easily justify our purchases with the belief that such items only add value to our plans and our goals. Let’s just be certain that we don’t overspend and that whatever we purchase today we can always return in a more sober mindset.

Tuesday, May 24th – Eyes Bigger Than our Stomachs – Jupiter, Neptune, Sun, Pluto. Tuesday begins with us looking to broaden our reach. The Aquarius Moon sextiles Jupiter. We can be feeling enthusiastic, exuberant and confident about our prospects. While such an attitude should be encouraged, this disposition also needs to be one whereby we can have our head in the clouds but we keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. Unfortunately, we might need some disappointments and even deflation of our balloon of hope in order to regain a sense of grounding. After the initial adrenaline rush from the Moon sextile Jupiter early in the day, the Moon moves into Pisces where it conjuncts Neptune, squares the Sun and sextiles Pluto. We could get very emotional today, feeling that we deserve the best things in life without too much effort and yet feeling victimized if our need for immediate gratification is not realized. We might get moody, willing to indulge our appetites beyond reasonable expenditure and even get resentful if things don’t go our way. Fortunately, if we haven’t mucked things up with a whiney attitude and ‘devil may care’ behavior, then the latter part of the day allows us to be far more resourceful, selecting our activities with greater discernment and focused purpose. Yes, we can go through wild mood swings today, so it would be wise for us to keep our emotions in check and not give into extreme volatility.

Wednesday, May 25th – On a Lark – Sun, Uranus, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. Today is a day for us to stretch our wings, be open to receive whatever the universe provides us and act in a spontaneous, even impulsive, manner. The Sun sextiles Uranus and the Pisces Moon sextiles the three Taurus-transiting planets of Mars, Venus and Mercury. We may be running around today, and the most energetic part of the day occurs in the morning. Let’s attend to what needs to be done, try to streamline our operations so that we work more effectively with less expenditure of energy. It would be wise for us to keep a heads-up since we could hear about some exciting possibility that we might want to either act on or, at least, take note of. We may feel guided today and this is one of those days when the opportunities are more outside our normal scope of perception and can come forward just so long as we don’t get in our own way. These energies encourage us to try new things out, do things differently and to be open to the wonder and magic of the universe. Surprises galore can be part of this day, but we need to be willing to take advantage of any situation that arises. Flexibility and adaptability are called for today, a willingness to shift our plans, change our schedule in order to get the most out of any exciting, unexpected incidents. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over thirty hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before moving into Aries later in the day tomorrow. The energy dies down. We could see a flurry of activity early in the day, with things slowing down for the rest of the day and much of tomorrow.

Thursday, May 26th – On Hold – Moon Void-of-Course. The Void-of-Course Moon with the Moon making no further connection to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries started yesterday and continues through much of this Thursday. We may feel that things are on hold, that whatever we do there might seem little resolution or completion of the matters at hand. Let’s not try to force conclusion today. With the Moon still transiting Pisces for much of this day, we are at the end of the Zodiac wheel and just before the beginning of the Zodiac wheel that often triggers initiation. This Thursday might best well be served as a day to tie up loose ends, go over our involvements and be certain that we have covered all bases before we put things to rest. We might not have a great deal of energy to initiate and launch new projects but we can attend to outstanding issues that need to be completed. Today is a day to go back over rather than jump ahead. We could call it a ‘day of rest’ or a ‘mental health’ day but let’s be certain not to judge or opine on what has gone on for us, since we could be moody and harshly critical of any self-evaluation. The more detached we can be, do what needs to be done, the more effective we shall be and the less reactive or feeling victimized we might become. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Aries and we seem to get a second wind.

Friday, May 27th – Out of the Starting Gate – Sun, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn. Although Friday is often considered a wind down day to the weekend, this Friday could have us hopping. The Moon in Aries sextiles the Sun and triggers the Cardinal Climax with the Moon creating a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Uranus, square Pluto and opposed Saturn. We may feel as though we have gained a second wind. We could be up and running even before dawn’s early light. As though our energy has been recharged, we may start the day with leaps and bounds. While we are likely to be feeling far more upbeat, more courageous and more interested in starting things up, our impulsive enthusiasm could run afoul of our routine matters and other people’s interests. We want to do things differently, express ourselves in different ways and engage in new and exciting activities. We could feel as though we want to throw off the old sense of self, involve ourselves in situations to which we are unaccustomed and act as though we were drawing upon a blank slate. That’s all well and good, but we might have some impediments in our dash ahead. These obstacles could prove to be our daily responsibilities, the needs of other people, and even our self-identity based upon past experience. We may want to embrace a new sense of ‘I’ and consequently could be starting various things up without full execution or even completion. Today is a day for us to do the tai chi moves, being nimble and quick and circumventing any blockages that we encounter along our way.

Saturday, May 28th – Doing our Thing. This Saturday has the Aries Moon but the Moon makes no connections to the planets. In the US this weekend is the long Memorial Day holiday weekend, and the unofficial start of Summer. We could be content in just enjoying ourselves today. We are not interested in meeting any obligations, deferring to other people’s needs or having a sense of responsibility to earlier planned commitments. This Saturday is a day for fun, doing what we please and not taking life too seriously. Even if we do have scheduled plans, we might go along with them but not to the point of restricting ourselves or feeling limited by other people’s expectations. This is a day for us to relax, recreate and focus on those interests that speak to us. We are all likely to be seeking the attitude of the California native: ‘Ho, hum, another day in paradise.’

Sunday, May 29th – Nothing’s Too Good – Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto. This Sunday, the midday of the long holiday weekend in the US, can have us feeling good, wanting to expand our activities and interested in putting our personal mark on our involvements. The day begins with the Aries Moon conjunct Jupiter. We might have a great deal that we want to do today, and we are feeling energized, enthusiastic and ready to take on more and more. Our optimism and confidence today could know no bounds. And that could prove our undoing. We could over-commit our time, decide to do more than feasibly possible and try to get various things going, all with the assumption that whatever we start will move easily forward to completion, no hiccups, no setbacks, just greased wheels from initiation to completion. The bizarre thing about this day is that such an over-confident attitude could actually be realized. While the day begins with us in high gear and feeling that everything is going our way, our belief could translate into effective management. The Moon moves into Taurus where it sextiles Neptune and trines Pluto. As if divinely guided, we can intuit a best practices approach, devise the most effective and expeditious means to realize our goals and can accomplish a great deal today. If we spend the day shopping, we can find incredible bargains. If we focus our attention on projects around our home, we can discern streamlined methods to get things done. Everything seems to go our way today, especially in light of the fact that we are blending our enthusiasm and confidence with a ‘get it done’ attitude.