May 16th – 22nd, 2011

This week could be one for the nutters. While the energy this week would caution against aggressive action and extreme behavior, we may see more than one instance of fools rushing in where angels would fear to tread. The intensity of the week cannot be downplayed. But some of this intensity could come on the heels of a placid and uneventful day or two. We might feel as though we are on a maddening roller coaster, bumping along, climbing slow before a death-defying plunge into…

The week starts off pleasantly enough. We may be involved with our Springtime clean up and clear out. We might be doing a significant inventory taking, seeing what we have, what we want to keep and possibly more importantly what we need to be rid of.

Our intuition is strong to begin the week. We could have a sense of knowing without actually knowing empirically but rather knowing from a sense of things.

Our resourcefulness can be strong. We may choose to eliminate the dross and superfluous from our lives. And then we might find the universe is providing us with a further release, even of things we had not considered letting go.

The mid-week can be especially pleasant. Having done our clear up and clean out over the past few days, we might be looking at filling some gaps, engaging projects and adding to our store pile. We could easily rationalize our expansive quality as being only part of the natural cycle, whereby the universe does not like a vacuum and consequently fills any void. Like hunters and gatherers, we may consider that more is more and even better. Few of us appreciate the low maintenance lifestyle of less. Such an attitude seems to speak to limitations and buys into the prevalent but most bizarre bumper sticker concept of ‘they who have the most toys when they die wins’. Huh? Wins what? Besides, they say that we can’t take it with us.

The end of the week and the weekend ratchets up the energy exponentially. Nothing is done in half measure. And as we may all have heard by now, Saturday, May 21st, has been deemed as Judgment Day, a day when we are judged by our actions and our attitudes, followed by the rapture when the good guys ascend into heaven and the rest, well the rest seem not to be saved. Based on the book The Doomsday Code, this Judgment Day is signaled by a massive earthquake that shakes the earth to its core and then begins a five-month judgment period before the end of the world in October.

The energy on Friday and Saturday could prove extreme and might even be indicative of geophysical activity, earthquakes and volcanoes. Such actions could occur on the physical plane of the earth dynamics but could also operate on a personal level with no one doing any thing in moderation.

Yes, this week is a time of great intensities and extreme episodes. Could it also be a week in which the nutters are out and about?

Monday, May 16th – Knowing Without Knowing – Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Pluto. Monday starts the week with a great deal of sensitivity. We may come to realize that our own inner voice, our intuitive sense and our inner knowing are far stronger than empirical evidence or the conclusions of our reasoning mind. Mercury conjuncts Venus and both sextile Neptune. The Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto. This is one of those days when we have the uncanny ability of reading between the lines, seeing what is truly going on and not being mesmerized by the appearance while neglecting the reality. No one can pull the wool over our eyes today. We might be willing to cut people some slack but we are unlikely to be fooled by their protestations, especially if we trust our instincts. This is a good day for us to see what works and what doesn’t work in our lives. We can clear away some of the dross and focus on the truly meaningful. Our sensitivity is ratcheted up severalfold, and our emotions can be strong. Today is a day for us to look at the possibilities and see the half glass of water as half full and not as half empty.

Tuesday, May 17th – The Emperor has No Clothes – Scorpio Full Moon, Sun, Neptune, Uranus. Tuesday begins with the Scorpio Full Moon with the Scorpio Moon opposed the Taurus Sun. Much of the transparency presented to us may seem more oblique rather than clear-cut. We may suddenly realize that some of the projections of ‘good times are here again’ have only been hype, a spin on what is really going on. Whether we have chosen to be resourceful or not, this Tuesday could force us to be more aware of our resources — our monies, our time, our energy and our commitments. If we don’t cut away the unnecessary, we might find that the universe steps in and rids us of certain extraneous matters. It would be wise for us to take a critical look at our finances today. Budgeting, coupon-cutting and considering the balance between our revenue stream and our expenses might be a way for us to truly get a handle on our personal lives and be ready for the vagaries of whatever comes our way. The Moon then moves into Sagittarius where it squares Neptune and trines Uranus. Although we might need to be more selective regarding our plans, we could also be open to some interesting and unexpected opportunities. Our schedule might say errands and responsibility, but the day’s energies may call for spontaneity and taking advantage of situations that come out of the blue.

Wednesday, May 18th – Reach Out of the Darkness – Saturn. Wednesday has the Sagittarius Moon sextile Saturn. We may look to contact someone we trust who lives at a distance from where we are. Foreign connections could provide us with a fresh perspective, a detached attitude and a worthwhile sounding board. We are far more interested in things that lie at a distance from our daily routine. We might give thought to travel plans and getting away from the ordinary. We are looking for adventure but not willing to leap before we look, or before we get wise counsel. We can strategize how to expand our activities and consider not only the big picture but also the detailed means by which to achieve our goals. Even if we feel that the backdrop of the world is getting a little crazier every day, we can have the semblance of sanity to realize that we must recognize our responsibility and our accountability and determine to carve our own way.

Thursday, May 19th – Hitting Bumps on the Autobahn – Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune, Uranus. Thursday starts off in high gear as the Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter. We are rearing to go, full speed ahead and singing loudly and repeatedly the classic McFadden and Whitehead song: ‘Ain’t no stopping us now. We’re on the move… We’ve got the groove.’ Great concept and certainly a wonderful way to start the day, but such an attitude might not last, especially as we hit some bumps along the autobahn. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for six hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn where it sextiles Neptune and squares Uranus. We may feel as though nothing can get in our way, and we might assume that whatever our goals are they can be easily and readily attainable. Once again a nice concept but it may not play into our reality. No matter how confident and optimistic we might be, the day could provide some unexpected twists and turns that knock us off our straight path and might even determine our plans becoming deflated. This is a day for us to rein in our enthusiasm, take things step by step and to be flexible and willing to adapt to changing circumstances. We may head off in a straight line but the real opportunities of this day could lie off on a tangent. Let’s be aware and mindful of the conditions around us, and shift in accord with any change in the variables.

Friday, May 20th – To the Max and Beyond – Mars, Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Saturn. Friday is one of those days when the energy could prove too hot to handle. There is such intensity today that we have to have our wits about us in stepping out the door and in everything we do. The energy is ratcheted up severalfold today and with a great deal of Plutonian energy of transformation and focus on fundamentals. Charles Dickens began his book A Tale of Two Cities with the sentence: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Today is one of those days when we could experience the best and/or the worst of times. Nothing is done in half measure today. Everything may occur to the max and even beyond. This Friday has Mercury conjunct Mars and both trine Pluto. Ramping up the energy ever more so, the Capricorn Moon trines the three Taurus-transiting planets of Venus, Mercury and Mars, and the Moon conjuncts Pluto and also squares Saturn. The energy today can be explosive, shapeshifting and incredibly powerful. Can we get a handle on these energies? Probably not, but what we can do is not become collateral damage to the day’s intensity. We may feel we have a tiger by the tale today. People may be overbearing in their discussions, might try to force various issues, act belligerently and just be over the top in everything they do. Liability to people acting out, explosions and bomb blasts cannot be discounted. Storm systems today can be powerful and quite intense with extreme damage to the affected areas. We might also learn of major earthquakes or volcano eruptions around this time. Moderation in all things is advised today but unlikely heeded. On the most positive level, this is a day when we can clean the slate, get rid of the outmoded and concentrate on building on rock. We can accomplish a great deal today, virtually move mountains, if we work with the energies and not try to impose our will.

Saturday, May 21st – Enraptured with You – Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Sun, Sun Gemini. According to the Robert Fitzpatrick self-published book The Doomsday Code and through his intepretation of the Bible, today marks in Christian theology the Judgment Day, whereby a massive earthquake occurs and we are judged as to whether we are going up to heaven or going down to hell. The Judgment Day is a five-month verdict on our ‘goodness’, culminating with the end of life on earth on October 21st, 2011. Some people may march up to the mountaintop, others oblivious to the hoop-la. The interesting thing about this day is that we are experiencing a great deal of Pluto energy during this period, a shapeshifting and transformational time. Yesterday we had the Mars and Mercury interact with Pluto. Today, we have Venus trine Pluto and the Capricorn Moon square Jupiter. The Sun exits Taurus today and enters Gemini and later in the day the Moon moves into Aquarius and trines the Sun. Today is one of those days when we could be running around. We might not be putting our house in order or finishing up final tasks before the Judgment Day, but we might have a lot on our plate. Not only could we have certain social obligations committed long before, but we may find that we have significant reconnections with special people in our lives. Although we might prefer doing our own thing and spending time with those special people in our lives, our schedule may be set and could have been set long before. Let’s engage our commitments, enjoy the opportunities of interacting with those significant folks and later in the day just do things spontaneously and enjoy whatever captures our fancy.

Sunday, May 22nd – Shaken Up – Sun, Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn. No matter what occurred yesterday, whether the heavens opened up or the earth opened up or we just exhausted ourselves by everything going on, this Sunday could have us a little shaken up. We might feel slightly confused about what we are doing and where we are going. The Sun, having just entered Gemini, squares Neptune. The Aquarius Moon sextiles Uranus, trines Saturn and squares the three Taurus-transiting planets of Venus, Mars and Mercury. We might not be clear-headed today and could be easily impressionable by whatever we hear or see. Today is a day for us to take our time in whatever we choose to do. We may have to recalibrate some of our decisions and some of our plans. We need to watch our expenses since we might have the tendency to overspend, especially if we are feeling out of sorts and need some form of salve to our sense of discomfort. Yes, it could be true that ‘when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping’. It would be wise for us not to be diverted or distracted by our desires. Rather we might choose to alter our plans, refocus our efforts and concentrate on strategies rather than executions today.