April 18th – 24th, 2011

This week can have us doing some Spring cleaning, getting rid of the outdated and making room for new projects and new interests. The sense of ‘out with the old, in with the new’ can be strong for us. We are not interested in continuing on at the same rate and in the same place. We want to throw out those things that no longer work for us and expand in new directions.

We start the week still with the liability of being at loggerheads with someone else. The tug of war between our own personal interests and the concerns of someone else can have us pulled in different directions. We might feel responsible and called upon to take on someone else’s drama and issues. Why go there when we have our own sorting out to do?

The mid-part of the week gives us a more grounded sense as the Sun exits Aries to enter Taurus for its month long transit. While we have our feet on the ground, our head may be in the clouds looking beyond our daily routine and considering how we can expand our interests in the future. We may feel more upbeat, ready to plant the seeds of new projects, yet with a greater willingness to take things step by step rather than impetuous, rash actions that could have highlighted much of our early April.

Interesting new connections might develop, and contacts can be made in a most serendipitous manner. Magic is in the air, and we might even feel as though we want to have a personal makeover, instituting changes to our appearance, to our wardrobe, all in an exploration of a new sense of self.

The weekend may start early for it is Easter weekend and we could have certain obligations that we just have to attend to. These responsibilities could be family events. Although we might feel constricted by our commitments, we’ll do what needs to be done to keep the peace and be socially correct.

Over the weekend, Mercury turns direct ending its three-week retrograde cycle. Although our clarity might be greater now, let’s keep in mind that whenever Mercury first changes direction, whether from direct to retrograde or from retrograde to direct, the dysfunctionality can ratchet up with consequent problems with communications, travel and computer issues.

Like life itself, this week could seem like a roller coaster with the early part of the week bringing up issues regarding our relationships with other people, a clearing out of the debris of our lives and then moving to a far more upbeat and adventuresome quality until we start an early weekend chock full of the ‘shoulds’, ‘oughts’ and plans made in deference to our familial responsibilities.

Monday, April 18th – Stripping Away With the Least Expenditure of Energy – Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto. If this past weekend wore us out, and well it could with the helter-skelter nature of so much going on, then we could start the week slightly exhausted and reticent about doing much. Mars opposes Saturn and the Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto. We could still be in conflict with other people and we have to be certain that any upsets over the weekend do not escalate into either a blow-out or a capitulation based largely on battle fatigue. Take care that the Passover seder doesn’t become a battlefield. We may not have the greatest level of energy now and consequently we could be looking at doing the minimum today. Instead of putting much on our plate today, we might be more focused on eliminating the metaphorical chametz, and focusing instead on the truly important and the most significant. Since we could be running on adrenaline today, it would be wise for us to be resourceful and adept at doing what we need to do with the least expenditure of energy.

Tuesday, April 19th – In the Still of the Night – Mercury, Mars. Tuesday has Mercury conjunct Mars but no Moon connections to the planets as the Moon continues its transit of Scorpio. There may not be a great deal of energy to get things done. We might instead give more attention to our plans, what we want to do and how we can best put our own imprint on our activities. Discussions can be very self-absorbed, with everyone speaking about their own personal concerns but very few receptive listeners. If conversations get heated, they can ratchet up into arguments with neither side willing to give way. This Tuesday might be a day to hold our tongue, or at least count to ten before responding, especially if we feel ourselves being pushed into a corner. More goes on today than meets the eye, and the best use of today’s energy would seem to be planning and strategizing, more than speaking our mind or revealing our cards. But don’t be too surprised if people are blurting out some special secret impetuously and without forethought.

Wednesday, April 20th – Getting Out of Our Own Way – Sun, Neptune, Venus, Uranus, Sun Taurus. Tuesday late evening, Wednesday early morning continues with the Scorpio Moon, which trines Venus before the Moon moves into Sagittarius where it squares Neptune and trines Uranus. The Sun exits Aries and moves into Taurus where it first sextiles Neptune. We may be feeling as though the world is our oyster today. But instead of rushing headlong into the fray, we may be more willing to let things unfold and take things step by step with a willingness to be receptive to the unexpected and unanticipated surprises. Although our day might seem a kaleidoscope of various possibilities, it would be wise for us to let go of our own plans and scheduling and allow situations to develop and new opportunities to come forward. As we cross the threshold of the paradigm shift, it will be increasingly important for us to realize that life and the universe work and work particularly well when we get out of our own way. Whatever we have planned for today, it would be best that we write our plans in pencil with a large eraser. This day can be exciting and thrilling and even more so the less entangled we get with the way we want things to be. If we let go of our control mechanism and allow things to unfold, we might be gifted by some truly miraculous blessings. Remember: we are on the magical mystery tour with the universe being the driver and us hopefully willing participants in the journey without the need for enforcing our itinerary.

Thursday, April 21st – Coming Up Roses – Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus Aries. Thursday is one of those days when we could be feeling at the top of our game, confident, exuberant and wanting to broaden our reach. The Moon continues its transit of Sagittarius and today sextiles Saturn and trines Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. Late Wednesday night and early Thursday, Venus ends its transit of Pisces and enters Aries, a Sign where Venus is not all that comfortable. We may have a sense that we are on fire today, ready to set the world ablaze, willing to expand our interests and put our creative spin on everything we encounter. We may have some willing advocates to our plans, people who could help grease the wheels for our endeavors. Today is an upbeat day, possibly the best of the week. We might give thought to travel plans or just head out of Dodge. We are far more interested in things that lie beyond our normal parameters and more excited by those situations foreign to our daily experience. While we are entranced by a world of possibilities today, we do have to be careful not to lose sight of other people’s needs. We could be feeling a little too self-focused, what some people might consider to be self-centered. Let’s maintain social decorum, be considerate of other people’s perspectives and create win-win scenarios for ourselves and for those who are cheerleading us on. Much of the activity today goes on early in the day. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for five and a half hours as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn. There can be a lot of excitement and involvement early on this Thursday but the energy then dies down. It would be far better for us to focus on our expanding our interests early in the day and then move more into reflection of where we want to go with our optimism and the consideration of a best practices approach regarding how to get there.

Friday, April 22nd – Countervailing Forces – Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Sun, Pluto. Friday is Good Friday and also the last full day of this Mercury retrograde cycle. We may be pulled in various directions today with the extremes going between unexpected situations arising and our responsibilities to planned commitments. Venus conjuncts Uranus and the Capricorn Moon sextiles Neptune, squares Venus, trines the Sun, squares Uranus and conjuncts Pluto. There is a great deal going on today, both in regard to our obligations and also to serendipitous opportunities. The question of which will hold the greater sway could have us swinging back and forth between doing our own thing and taking advantage of surprising incidents, or feeling blocked and limited by the tasks at hand. We want to explore a new sense of ourselves and could engage a personal makeover, whether our appearance or our wardrobe. We could easily justify wardrobe and accessory purchases with the fallback onto the traditional sprucing up for the ‘Easter parade’. There can be some interesting connections made today, those strange and marvelous incidents of bumping into people, either people we haven’t seen for a while or new and fascinating people that mirror the burgeoning new sense of self within ourselves. If we do not get carried away by a free-wheeling desire and attitude, this day could be productive and allow us to plant the seeds of our future. We can focus on the most meaningful, but demands on our time could put a braking action on some of our intentions. Today is a day to go slow, work with peripheral vision and concentrate on the substance and not the distracting images along the way. With Mercury about to turn direct tomorrow, travel plans, communication difficulties and computer problems could surface to slow things down.

Saturday, April 23rd – Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury direct. Saturday could have us all over the place. We may have various errands to attend to, and some of these errands could be more associated with other people’s demands upon our time. The Capricorn Moon today creates a T-Square with the Moon square Saturn in Libra and square three of the transiting Aries planets — Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. Mercury also ends its retrograde cycle and turns direct. Whatever we have planned for today, more could be added to our ‘to do’ list. And the process of getting things accomplished today might be delayed by forces beyond our control. This Saturday is a day for us to ‘grin and bear it’. Things can take longer than we like and it would be wise for us to prioritize and use time management techniques to be most effective with the least expenditure of energy. Although we may be racing around today, much of this day is focused on what needs to be done rather than what we would like to do. Let’s just be certain that in our haste we don’t merely gloss over situations that would demand us to go back over and rework them later on. While there is a flurry of activity today, and a good dose of dysfunctionality thrown in, the energy dies down late in the day as the Moon goes Void-of-Course with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius tomorrow.

Sunday, April 24th – It’s All Good – Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus, Sun, Venus. This Sunday is Easter Sunday and may start off slow and sultry. The Moon in Capricorn is Void-of-Course with the Moon making no connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius later in the day. Sunday could begin with us doing our obligatory commitments, or failing our having definite plans, just taking time for ourselves. We are not in a rush to get this day going, unless we have responsibilities to contend with. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Aquarius where it sextiles Uranus, squares the Sun and sextiles Venus. We might look to enliven the day by doing something spontaneously. We are not as interested in taking things step by step as we are in impulsive leaps and bounds. We want to feel the rush of adrenaline, breaking free of the bounds of responsibility and just do whatever we want to do. If we have dealt with our obligations today and over the past two days, then the later part of this Sunday could be ‘free’ time when we choose to do whatever suits our fancy.