April 11th – 17th, 2011

This week begins with the intensity ratcheted up and ends with the Libra Full Moon on Sunday. Like bookends, the beginning and end to the week seem extreme while the days in between can seem relatively placid.

People may be impatient and belligerent to begin the week. Nobody wants anybody to step on their toes but there can be a willingness to do the toe-stomping. We may feel self-righteous and willing to give additional force, even physical force, to our beliefs and to our opinions. There could be a sense that ‘might makes right’, and yet if we use the might we could do so almost too much and can come up with a reasonable justification for its use.

The mid-part of the week may have us seeking out pleasurable activities, areas that we might not have tried before and areas that give us a ‘feel good’ sense of our lives. We can feel expansive and willing to stretch our usual parameters. Our thoughts do primarily revolve around our own personal self-interest and that could make relationships a little dicey. If everyone wants their own way, there could either be an accommodation to everyone’s needs or a tug-of-war engaged.

The latter part of the week can have our nose to grindstone. If we have been having a good time and perhaps even neglected some of our usual responsibilities, the end of the week might be a time of catch-up, attending to routine matters and dealing with what needs to be done. We do need to watch that we don’t buy into any guilt trips and wind up doing more than would be appropriate. If we felt that we were a little too self-absorbed in the earlier part of the week, we could bend over backwards towards the end of the week, trying to make up for our self-focus by overextending ourselves in regard to other people’s wishes.

The weekend can have us taking care of other people’s situations. We may find that we have more to do than we would prefer, and much of it not of our planning or of our making but rather other people’s stuff. The push-pull in regard to our own self-interest and the needs of other people can have us coming and going over the weekend, even dancing to someone else’s tune.

Monday, April 11th – Bombs Bursting – Mars, Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Sun. Monday could prove one intense day to start off this week. Nothing is likely done in half measure today and the potential to, or liability for, over-reaching and over-extending is highly likely. Mars squares Pluto and Mercury conjuncts Jupiter. The Cancer Moon squares Jupiter, trines Venus, squares Mercury and squares the Sun. We may be gung-ho about starting this day, looking to put our imprint on all matters and stretching our wings. We are likely to feel upbeat, but we could also be feeling like a legend in our own minds. We might assume that whatever we choose to do is ordained by divine right and we could easily justify from a self-righteous position our actions and our decisions. Because the energy is so intense, there can be times today when we are banging our heads against the wall, trying to break down any impediments that might get in our way. Reason has little impact today, for people are going to push the envelope and go for what they want and however they can get it. The potential for accidents and explosions today is strong. We need to rein ourselves in, take hold of ourselves, see what is really going on and then take things step by step rather than by leaps and bounds. This is a day to count to ten before reacting and not to get so engrossed in a situation that we are willing to do battle to win our point.

Tuesday, April 12th – The Zen-like Approach – Uranus, Mars, Saturn. The Moon is in Leo on this Tuesday and the Moon trines both Uranus and Mars and sextiles Saturn. Things may come far more easily today than yesterday. We might have struggled and battled to get our way yesterday, but today is like greased wheels — things can run very smoothly. We feel far more creative and proactive today. Yesterday we might have been reacting to situations but on this Tuesday we have the ability to consider options and alternatives and utilize a best practices approach to get what we want. We may be feeling highly creative and looking to try out new methods, engage new interests and be open to receiving. As opposed to rolling the boulder up the mountain as we might have done yesterday, we are more likely to wait and allow things, and even some wonderful unexpected opportunities, to come our way. If we were belligerent to other people yesterday or experienced such a situation from someone else, today is a day to make amends. We are far more appreciative of a win-win scenario today. There is an old saying that could be proven true today: ‘You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar’. Yesterday, we might have tried the vinegar approach, and it may not have succeeded as we would have liked it to. Today, we can take the honey approach.

Wednesday, April 13th – Getting Better All the Time – Mercury, Jupiter, Sun. Wednesday continues with the good time feeling that we might have embraced yesterday. Today we want to let the good times roll, and so they do. This Wednesday continues with the Leo Moon, which today trines Mercury, trines Jupiter and trines the Sun. We may be operating at the top of our game. Our presentations can be dramatic and compelling. We are upbeat, feeling good about ourselves and focused on having a good time. This is a day to embrace the joie de vivre, the joy in living. We may not be focused on our work and responsibilities today, for our interest lies in having a good time, engaging our creative pursuits and just enjoying ourselves. We may choose to put some of our tasks on the back burner and just take in the good things in life. It’s Spring and we can easily convince ourselves today that things are getting better all the time. Such an attitude is an important one but it could come with a liability of putting blinders on and tuning out any of the negative news or challenging concerns. If we do broaden our scope and widen our interests today, let’s do so with a certain tentativeness, the willingness and recognition that we can always step back from our new found interests if they prove to be excessive or just more than we can effectively handle.

Thursday, April 14th – Back on the Track – Neptune, Pluto. The Moon exits Leo and enters Virgo today. The Moon opposes Neptune and trines Pluto. We might awaken to the realization that certain things have been falling between the cracks as we were looking elsewhere, more engaged in our personal interests and having a good time. Responsibilities put off might need to be addressed and even to the point of correcting certain situations that might have unraveled while we had our eye off the goal. We could start the day slightly out of sorts. While we would prefer to continue with the energies of the past two days when our concentration was more on our enjoyments rather than our responsibilities, this Thursday could have us back to nose to the grindstone. If we do not fall into an emotional snitch about doing what needs to be done, then we can be highly effective. We can cut to the core, focus on the most important things to be done and utilize a best practices approach to accomplish many of our outstanding obligations. This is a day to avoid whining about what needs to be done and instead just get it done.

Friday, April 15th – Compassion Wrongly Placed and Poorly Executed – Venus. Friday has the Virgo Moon opposed Venus. We may be feeling very emotional today, possibly even put upon by what we feel we should do or should have done. Some of these ‘shoulds’ could be reinforced by other people’s expectations. This is a day when guilt trips could come into play. We have to be careful that our decisions and actions are not being manipulated by other people and possibly in a very passive – aggressive manner. Since for much of this week we may have been riding high, having a good old time and just enjoying ourselves, other people could raise the question as to whether we have become too self-absorbed, rather narcissistic and only interested in what suits us. Such accusations could only fuel the fires of our guilt and our belief that we should do more for someone else. Such an attitude could trigger a response of ‘casting pearls before swine’, whereby we do more than would be appropriate for people who can do for themselves but put the yoke of obligation on our shoulders to do for them what they should be doing for themselves. In such a scenario, we have to be very careful how we commit ourselves to the weekend. We could wind up being the gofer [go for] for other people, doing what they want done and putting our own interests on the backburner.

Saturday, April 16th – No Rest for the Weary – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Mars, Saturn. Saturday can have us going all day long. The Moon moves into Libra and creates a T-Square by the Moon conjunct Saturn, square Pluto and opposed both Uranus and Mars. We could be wondering if we are coming or going and may be doing both at the same time. This Saturday could be highly active with us involved more in other people’s activities and interests than our own. There can be delays and things taking longer than we might like. There could also be unexpected demands placed upon us. No matter how we have planned or scheduled the day, we may be going non-stop from early morning to late at night. The more that we can be nimble and quick on this Saturday, the better it would be. This Saturday does not seem like a restful day but rather an exceedingly active one. Although our desire to help other people may be put into action today, it would be wise to avoid other people driving us and demanding that we do more than would be appropriate. Otherwise, relationships can become dicey, with us feeling put upon by people who want what they want and have no compunction in expecting us to get it done for them. Although the earlier part of the week may have allowed us too strong a focus on our own personal interests, the end of the week and this weekend could have us bending over backwards for other people’s concerns. Balance is essential and we need to find the balance today and tomorrow regarding our own personal activities and the needs of other people. Otherwise, we are going to wear ourselves out, resent the demands placed upon us, both of which could lead to some harsh words and nasty encounters with the people in our lives.

Sunday, April 17th – Me or Thee – Libra Full Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun. Much of the focus over the past two days has been on the relationship between ourselves and other people. The early part of the week could have had us flying high, feeling good about ourselves and concentrating on our own personal interests. It might have seemed as though we were in a world of our own, an island unto ourselves. The end of the week and this weekend provided a one eighty. Our personal interests played second banana to other people’s concerns. Whether out of guilty or making nice, we may have gone overboard taking care of and accommodating other people’s desires. This Sunday may give a crescendo to that tendency, for today we have the Libra Full Moon with the Libra Moon opposed Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun. We are ending the fortnight, a two week period when we might have been not only a legend in our own minds but a law unto ourselves. The past two days and this Sunday with the Libra Full Moon could be karmic, a payback time for our being so focused on our personal interests and little consideration of other people’s input. Now is a time when we might need to establish a healthy balance between what we want to do and how our personal interests support or conflict with other people’s wishes. We do not live on an island unto ourselves. We are in a community, a society of varied individuals and this Sunday allows us to see how we can move our personal interests forward without stepping on too many toes and still being considerate of other people’s interests and concern. Today is a day to enjoy the company of others without capitulating or giving up our own personal pursuits.