March 7th – 13th, 2011

This is a week when we want what we want and nothing is likely to stand in our way. We might forego due diligence and may neglect deliberate consideration. On the contrary, we could be firing on all jets, moving swiftly ahead even if our itinerary is not clear and our direction unsure.

While the official calendar might disagree, this week gives us an even greater sense of Spring. We may be champing at the bit, wanting to get on with it. In the process, we could be a little too self-absorbed and might even be tromping on other people’s toes.

There is a great deal of movement this week, but it may seem like we’re riding a roller coaster with some ups and downs and being spun all around. It would be wise for us to be fully aware of what is going, especially since certain things can occur in the most unexpected ways.

As we begin the week, we might feel put upon by the needs, even demands, of other people. We might wonder why we have drawn to ourselves the dysfunctional and the walking wounded. If we could scrape the barnacles from our sides, we could easily glide through this time and move quickly, or so we might imagine.

Mid-week could prove a little stressful. There could be computer problems, Internet issues and misunderstandings or miscommunications. Our minds are working overtime and if we do not get emotionally entangled, we might even come up with some revelatory insights. We do have to be careful not to get moody or swept up in wild emotional swings.

The latter part of the week can be highly productive and we could easily multi-task, especially if we streamline our operations and expedite our activities. We are far more interested in trying out new things and developing new interests. We do not want to be encumbered by old projects or outdated situations. Spring is the renaissance, the rebirth, the renewal, and we are looking forward to the new and the different rather than just re-creating our past.

The latter part of the week allows us to fit things neatly into place. Things run smoothly, and although we would like such ease of movement to carry over into the weekend, that seems rather unlikely. The weekend could prove dicey and we might find our plans being scotched due to other people’s expectations, delays and general frustrations. There are times when things take longer than we might like, and this weekend could prove to be one of those times.

Monday, March 7th – Putting on the Brakes – Saturn. Monday starts the week with the Aries Moon opposed Saturn. We might have all sorts of plans regarding what we want to do, new projects we might choose to develop and situations we would like to explore. Although we are more focused on our personal needs, we could get tripped up by our responsibilities and by other people’s unwillingness to accede to our desires. This Monday seems a balancing act and social decorum is called for. Either we can deal with some of the frustrations and delays that are not of our making but are foisted upon us, or we might try to force our way through emphasizing what we want and the way we want it, other people’s considerations be damned. The latter approach could only cause resentment and residual problems down the road. Reining in our energy and our self-absorption seems important to move ahead, even if our moving ahead is not at the break-neck speed we would prefer. Let’s try to be attentive to other people’s needs, even if we are only paying lip service to them. This is a day when we could experience our plans having the brakes put on them, and the braking action could either slow us down or slam us head first into a wall of even more difficulties. It would be wise to maintain a dispassionate attitude with a tinge of bemusement at the games people play.

Tuesday, March 8th – Slow Down, We’ve Moved Too Fast – Neptune. The early part of this Tuesday has the Aries Moon sextile Neptune. No matter what delays or frustrations we might have encountered yesterday, today begins with us getting a second wind and ready to take on the world and advance our interests. We may find encouragement in the most unlikely places. While we start the day with a head of steam, we can also be practical, focused and attentive to what needs to be done to get us from our desires to the realization of our goals. The Moon moves into Taurus. Instead of rushing forward confident and enthusiastic but without a strategy in mind as we might have done over the past two days, this Tuesday can slow down the pace, allow us to take things step by step and provide us with a pragmatic and focused approach. Like the Aesop fable of the tortoise and the hare, we might have been hare-like over the past two days but now we are taking a more tortoise approach to getting things done. We may be more cautious today, more aware of the resources at our disposal and more conscious of the necessary steps along the way to achieve our plans.

Wednesday, March 9th – Inspired Actions – Mercury, Uranus, Pluto, Venus, Mars, Mercury Aries. Wednesday is one of those days when it would be wise to get out of our own way. No matter what our plans might be, this day could be a whirlwind of insights and unexpected incidents. Mercury conjuncts Uranus today, just prior to Mercury exiting Pisces to enter Aries. We can get some startling revelations if we are willing to let go of our belief system regarding how things operate and be open to the magic, the synchronicity and the serendipity of these times. Unexpected contacts and communications could provide essential keys by which we can streamline our operations and also open new doors for our individual pursuits. We do have to be careful, since the energy can ramp things up. If the infrastructure cannot hold the intense energy of this day, then there could be computer problems, Internet issues and difficulties in travel, especially air travel. Fortunately, the Moon is in Taurus and today trines Pluto, squares Venus and sextiles Mars. We can ground and focus some of the unanticipated variables that come our way. We do need to avoid any sacred cows, getting blocked or fixed in our own desires and beliefs. On the contrary, if we are willing to ‘go with the flow’, be flexible and adaptable to the shifting sands, then we could use today’s energy to make quantum leaps in structuring and formatting what we want to do and do it in the most expeditious manner possible. This Wednesday is a great day to pick up the pace, be receptive to what is going on and then use the new information in a way that helps us be far more effective with less expenditure of energy. We need to be on our toes today, for the insights will be swift and passing. Let’s be certain to notate and keep in mind any significant insights we can adopt and use pragmatically.

Thursday, March 10th – Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here – Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Neptune. Thursday and Friday of this week seem the most pleasant and easiest days of this week. Thursday has Venus sextile Jupiter and the Taurus Moon sextile the Sun and square Neptune. Our interactions with other people can be especially pleasant. It may seem as though we are all involved in the Mutual Admiration Society, appreciating each other’s wit and wisdom and encouraging each other to go for our dreams. We can also tie up various loose ends today. What we do have to be careful of is getting over-confident and over-expansive. We could be generous to a fault today and easily allow extravagance to put a dent into our finances. But this is a good day to reach out and touch someone with words of support and gratitude. If we go shopping today, we do need to keep our budget in mind. We could come across things that we just have to have, but we could become excessive in our spending or our indulgence. While this is a great day for us to enjoy ourselves, let’s maintain a willingness to not have it all, at least all at once.

Friday, March 11th – Another Day in Paradise – Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus Aries. Friday begins with the Taurus Moon sextile Uranus, just before Uranus ends its seven year cycle of Pisces and enters Aries for its seven year transit. The Moon then moves into Gemini where it sextiles Mercury, sextiles Jupiter and trines Venus. Yesterday may have been one of those upbeat days, but today takes it to celestial heights. Can we say another day in paradise? It’s likely to be such, although we might find that we want to put our scheduled activities aside and be more open to being in the moment and spontaneous. Things we hear about today can put a smile on our face. No storm clouds for us today. And we might find that we are juggling a number of different projects and activities, going from one thing to another to another, barely alighting before we take off again. Social interactions can be great fun and incredibly fruitful. Other people may have some good information regarding how we can best proceed with our hopes and wishes. We are looking to cover all the bases today and possibly not in too great a depth or too much detail. The smorgasbord of life is far more exciting and enlivening for us today. This day also has Uranus moving into Aries, thereby creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Fire Sign with Uranus joining both Mercury and Jupiter in Aries. Spring is in our bones and we are focusing on the renaissance, renewal and rebirth that this forthcoming season holds promise to. Spring fever is in the air and we may feel intoxicated by its scent.

Saturday, March 12th – You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Mars, Saturn, Sun. If we could switch our ‘days off’ this week to Thursday and Friday, we might be a great deal happier. As the Rolling Stones indicate, we can’t always get what we want, but sometimes we get what we need. This Saturday continues with the Gemini Moon, which today squares both Mars and the Sun and trines Saturn. While we might feel put upon by what we have to do, some of which could be an end of Winter clearing out and cleaning up, let’s try and avoid falling into any victim mode. It would be easy for us to assume that we are solely reacting to situations and dealing with issues that we would prefer to put aside. Other people could be important sounding boards and might even suggest that we get a grip and do what needs to be done without a great deal of whining or bemoaning our fate. It’s hard to come down from the Mount, and the past two days could have us assuming that all’s right in the world. Saturday and Sunday could dispel the illusion, have us back on the ground, and even feeling as if our lives are more controlled by other people and events instead of our own self-determination. The volatility can be extreme. The highs of the past two days could flip into some significant lows today and tomorrow. Why go there? Instead, let’s let go of our expectations, recognize the cycles of life and appreciate that life is about the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

Sunday, March 13th – Get off of My Cloud – Mercury, Pluto, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Uranus. Okay, so I guess I’m on a Stones roll. But Saturday and Sunday do play to two of the Rolling Stones’ classics. This Sunday has Mercury square Pluto. The day begins with the Gemini Moon trine Neptune and then the Moon moves into Cancer where it creates a T-Square as the Moon squares Uranus and opposes Pluto. Can we say Cardinal Climax? This day could be quite intense. No one wants their opinion to be questioned. Discussions today could get heated, turning into arguments, with someone belligerently reading the riot act. Although we might have plans in mind for this day, this Sunday is one of those days when all hell could break loose, or at the least, we could experience some unexpected situations that impede our movement and create delays and frustrations. This is a day to count to ten before reacting, or responding, to situations. The potential for blow-ups cannot be discounted. If people feel blocked, they may try to use force more than reason to win their ways. Tai chi moves are called for today, stepping out of the way of any runaway trains that could seem headed in our direction. If we don’t get strung out by today’s energies and can keep a handle on the energies, then we could actually get a great deal done. We just have to be patient, think outside the box and willing to make changes as circumstances might warrant.