March 28th – April 3rd, 2011

The calendar may say Spring, but we could be feeling this week as though we are stuck back in Winter, the winter of our discontent. Whether the weather feels Spring-like or more like Winter hanging on, the week starts off on a fairly intense level. We may feel like we want to throw the baby out with the bath water. We are ready for change and desirous of clearing the decks. While we are looking towards our future and would prefer to focus on our intended plans, we may feel blocked by other people and our responsibilities.

Monday could prove manic. If we get through the day without too much delay and frustration, then the rest of the week can be an easier slide. But the slide will only be easy if we let go of our expectations, maintain a great degree of patience and accept the tenor of craziness of these times.

This week enters another Mercury retrograde, and we all know what that can mean. Miscommunications, misunderstandings and delays could be rampant. We might feel as though we’re slogging through mud to just get anything done. Let’s keep in mind that significant decisions and important purchases are best left after Mercury turns direct on the 23rd of April. If we haven’t dealt with major issues prior to the Mercury retrograde, then it would be wise to postpone them until after the 23rd.

We end the month of March this week and enter April, a time referred to in the nursery rhyme as ‘April showers’. These showers may not be only atmospheric precipitation but could also be various matters and even problems raining down on us.

The weekend could be hectic. We might have various projects in mind, but we could also be accident-prone. No time for haste or impulsive actions. Weekend plans may have to go by the boards as unexpected situations demand our attention. We may feel frustrated this week, especially if things get bogged down, delayed or blocked by ridiculous impediments. Let’s remember to breathe, count to ten and not take things too seriously. An attitude of bemusement is necessary during these zany times.

Monday, March 28th – More Ways to Skin a Rabbit – Sun, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus. Monday could prove difficult if we are trying to push our way ahead without considering alternatives to our preconceived plans. We might find obstacles placed in our way, and it would be wise for us to be nimble and quick and not too fixed in the way we wish to proceed. We need to be adept at skirting some of today’s blockages. The Sun squares Pluto and Jupiter opposes Saturn. We might feel that we are being pushed and pulled by our responsibilities and other people’s expectations. We do have to be careful not to engage a tug of war, since adversarial confrontations could result only in lose-lose situations. While we might have to put up with trying conditions, we can also work with options or contingent plans, for the Moon in Aquarius today sextiles both Uranus and the Sun. Even if our schedule is upset by delays and frustrations, we can focus on other matters, develop our plans for the future and just grin and bear some of the stalled affairs. Today is a day to count to ten before any immediate reactions and to be certain to get out of the way of any flying bricks, whether the bricks be literal or figurative.

Tuesday, March 29th – A Pleasant Reprieve – Saturn, Jupiter. After yesterday’s intensity, we might want to take a ‘mental health’ day on this Tuesday, and especially in light of the fact that tomorrow brings us the beginning of the Mercury retrograde. This day has the Aquarius Moon trine Saturn and sextile Jupiter. Connections with other people, friends and loved ones, can be pleasant. If we had any blow-ups yesterday, and certainly blow-ups and explosions might have been part of yesterday’s craziness, then today allows us to make amends and enjoy the comfort and solace of good friends. We can discuss our plans for the future with those who could prove good sounding boards and true supporters. We can also devise a best practices approach by which to develop the means to achieve our goals. If we need to play catch-up with anyone, today is a day to do so. Let’s keep in mind that Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow and begins a three-week cycle whereby our intentions could be questioned and our motives considered suspect.

Wednesday, March 30th – Dislocations – Mercury, Neptune, Mercury retrograde. Wednesday has the Moon in Aquarius sextile Mercury and conjunct Neptune. Today is a day to take things with a grain of salt. We might believe what we want to believe, but we have to be certain to separate fiction from fact. Things may not be as they seem to appear. We can make our plans but it would be wise to write them in pencil with a large eraser rather than carving them in stone. While confusion could make us uncertain about what is real and what is not, we also have Mercury turning retrograde today for its three-week retrograde cycle. Not only can there be miscommunications and misunderstandings. We could experience traffic problems and travel delays. Some of the projects initiated over the past three weeks may have to be reconsidered, reworked and possibly even scratched. If we have moved ahead hastily or impetuously with projects we have recently begun, then we could discover the error of our ways. We may talk a big story, but the follow-through could be lacking. Let’s realize that we might have to make some significant changes regarding our plans and our intentions. If we have built upon sand, then our building process could be washed away. Now is a time to slow things down and give serious thought regarding where we want to put our energy both in the present, and more importantly, in the future.

Thursday, March 31st – Our Compassion Engaged – Venus, Pluto. Thursday can be a day when we put our spirit into action. With the Pisces Moon conjunct Venus and sextile Pluto, our compassion can be engaged and we may find ourselves getting involved in matters whereby we are looking to make the situations better. Our emotions are strong today, and our passions stoked. We may feel a call to action, to do something meaningful that assists others and to deal with fundamental problems. Our emotions could easily be swayed today, especially if our sense of righteousness, or guilt, is played upon. If we do not get carried away by an emotional tsunami, we can use this day to devise a best practices approach to realize our ambitions. Our intuitive sense is heightened and we have the ability to cut to the core. The combination of our intuitive and our concentration can enhance a strategic masterpiece, whereby we can figure out how to get what we want in the most expeditious and resourceful manner.

Friday, April 1st – The Calm Before the Storm – Moon Void-of-Course. This Friday is the first day of April, also known as April Fool’s Day. The Moon is in Pisces but is Void-of-Course making no connections to the planets today and before moving into Aries tomorrow. There’s not much going on this Friday, at least on the surface, but much seems to be stirring below the surface. Yes, this Friday could prove to be the calm before the storm, especially in light of the ratcheting up of the energies over the next two weeks. Today is a good day for us to complete certain tasks, tie up loose ends and bring things to conclusion. We are likely to feel something of a second wind over the next few days and that energy could trigger some impulsive actions and hasty movements. This Friday is a day to catch our breath, rest up and prepare for the starting gate to open and the sprint to begin.

Saturday, April 2nd – Come Hell or High Water – Venus, Pluto, Mars, Uranus, Pluto, Mars Aries. Saturday has Venus sextile Pluto and the Moon moving into Aries. Mars also enters its own Sign of Aries today. The Aries Moon conjuncts Mars, conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto. This is a day when we are likely to be in turbothrust, doing what we want, with passion and determination and little regard as to whether it fits into social decorum or is politically correct. We are all likely to be feeling our oats. The emphasis upon our personal interests is turned up considerably. We may feel like a legend in our own mind and certainly a law unto ourselves. We might assume that our decisions are based upon right action but, in truth, we are primarily interested in doing our thing and getting our way. We do have to avoid being too impetuous and possibly rash. Now and for the next two weeks, the liability is for us to act precipitously without due regard or due diligence. We may go for whatever we want without considering the conditions or the circumstances. Anarchy may be rampant and considerations of other people’s interests minimal. But we do need to keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde. Such a configuration only compounds the tendency to act spontaneously and without forethought. The liability towards accidents and mindless actions is considerable over the next two weeks.

Sunday, April 3rd – Ratcheting it Up – Mars, Uranus, Sun, Saturn, Aries Lunation, Jupiter. Can we all say ‘excess’? This Sunday has the Aries Lunation, the Aries New Moon that puts its imprint on the next two weeks and to some large degree the Spring season itself. And this New Moon is a doozey! Excess might not offer the full ramifications of this day and fortnight. This day, and this New Moon signature, has Mars conjunct Uranus, the Sun opposed Saturn and the Aries New Moon conjunct the Sun and Jupiter and the Lunation opposed Saturn. Talk about impetuous! Talk about leaping before looking! This day may not have us operating on all eight cylinders but we are likely to be forging ahead on adrenaline. The liability for accidents and for actings out, whereby sentiments can turn suddenly and quickly, is high and even off the charts. Now is a time for us to slow it down, have eyes in the back of our head and certainly be MINDFUL and AWARE. These energies can be nasty, primarily due to the spontaneous tendencies to act without thinking and even acting in an extreme manner. These energy configurations are very martial, with people making assumptions regarding their abilities but likely to do an overreach. If we thought the ‘days of rage’ were over, this combination gives greater insistence to rage and spontaneous combustion. It is important to recognize a liability to being accident prone, especially around fire and around machinery. We may also learn of further radioactive contamination. By slowing things down and not getting caught up in the whirlwind of frenzy, we could also use this time to make significant changes and give consideration to new projects and how we can best streamline some of the changes we are looking to incorporate in our lives. The move is on and change is in the air. We just have to be careful where we step and how we step. No rushing the river, or we could get washed away.