March 21st – 27th, 2011

The first full week of Spring, this week can see us expanding our reach and widening our scope. We want to engage the fullness of Spring with its vast promise of renewal, rebirth, the renaissance. We have been looking at making changes in our lives, and now we are ready to clear the decks, focus on the truly important, utilize our resources as best that we can and move forward in new directions and with new faith in our future.

Change is in the air and the primary change may be in regard to how we see ourselves and how we intend our future. We can be impetuous in our actions and we are likely to do nothing in half measure. Once we set our eyes on a goal, we may push forward come hell or high water. And that is where a problem could arise. We might be very confident as to our abilities and our plans, but we could find ourselves running up against roadblocks placed by the present standards or by someone significant in our lives.

Let’s keep in mind that we are on the threshold of a major paradigm shift. We are moving from one phase of humanity’s experience, a phase based upon the instinct of survival whereby we felt it necessary to be in total control of our lives and that we had to orchestrate every single thing in order to make any thing happen. Life was based on the sequential progression of beginning, middle and end, a linear progression with little room for deviation from the norm. Now, we are moving into a totally different phase for humanity, a phase based upon asequential reality, whereby our focus is not on completion but rather on process. In this new reality, we also move away from the mere struggle for survival and the accumulation of stuff and move into a focus on our own personal creative self-expressions and a framework whereby we recognize that we cannot truly master our world but rather can be active participants in the co-creation of our unfolding reality. These are exciting times in which we live, although at times things may seem almost too exciting.

Monday, March 21st – Free to Be – Sun, Uranus, Venus, Neptune. Monday is the first full day of Spring, and we are likely to be feeling full of spring. The Sun conjuncts Uranus today and the day also begins with the Libra Moon trine both Venus and Neptune in Aquarius. We my be feeling good, at the top of our game and ready to initiate the changes that will allow us to be more autonomous, independent and free to be. We are enjoying the company of other people and we are encouraging other people in their new plans as they are supporting us in our new projects and interests. This Monday can be a win-win scenario. Although we are concentrating on our own personal journeys and interests, we do not feel imposed upon by other people’s desires. We can be very diplomatic and gracious today without feeling the need for approval or acceptance of our plans. We know what we want and we can move forward without too much restriction or constraint. On the contrary, today may feel like greased wheels, whereby things are moving smoothly and effortlessly. The key to this day is to embrace our unique talents and abilities and to be open to innovative ways of doing things. We are not looking at re-creating our past, been there, done that. On the contrary, we may figuratively take machete in hand and carve our own path. Let’s just keep in mind that we do not have to do it all. If we will work with peripheral vision and be open to receive, we could also engage some wonderful surprises and exciting opportunities on this Monday. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Scorpio and we may be looking at cutting away some of the dross or the superfluous in order to focus on the truly meaningful.

Tuesday, March 22nd – Highly Resourceful – Pluto. Tuesday is the 22nd, a master number in numerology that relates to the master builder, the ability to build upon solid rock and create a structure that is compressed to be highly functional and well-focused. Tuesday has the Scorpio Moon sextile Pluto, an energy configuration that works well with the numerological significance. This Tuesday allows us to be highly resourceful, able to concentrate on the truly meaningful, strip things down to the basic fundamentals and establish things on a very solid format. We may want to get rid of things that are only superfluous or a distraction. We could do a great deal of cleaning up and clearing out today. If we are initiating projects, our intention will be to do so with minimal expense and using the ingredients to their optimum and most productive. We can get a great deal done today. We have the commitment and passion to do so, and we are not interested in the shallow or superficial. We want to cut to the core and engage only the truly meaningful and those situations that serve a purpose.

Wednesday, March 23rd – Evaluating then Moving Ahead – Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Sun. Wednesday begins with the Scorpio Moon trine Mars and square both Venus and Neptune. Although we are determined to advance our interests, we could do so by stepping on toes and being oblivious to the impact of our actions on other people. We do have to avoid creating discord with other people. If we slow things down, take our time and be conscious of how our intentions might have an effect on other people, we could move our interests ahead while still being considerate and diplomatic of other people’s concerns. We may have to sift through our plans, discard those that have little merit and focus our efforts on the most important and significant to us. Once we have evaluated our goals and our strategy, we can move quickly ahead. The Moon exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius where it trines both Uranus and the Sun. By deciding what is important and what isn’t for our future, we can expand our scope and utilize innovative ways to accomplish our goals. Let’s keep in mind that the paradigm shift of these times asks that we not be control freaks but rather open to the magic of things coming out of the blue. There can be some wonderful surprises and greased wheels to get to where we want to go, if we are willing to be flexible, adaptable and open to change.

Thursday, March 24th – Strong Support Systems – Jupiter, Saturn. Thursday can have us in an upbeat mood, feeling as though whatever we want we can accomplish. The Sagittarius Moon today trines Jupiter and sextiles Saturn. Our enthusiasm could prove contagious and we might find that certain people are highly supportive of our plans and willing to assist us in realizing our goals. We may feel confident and optimistic, and other people could provide important input regarding how we can best achieve our plans. This is a day for us to spread our feel-good attitude and to recognize that some times the question as to whether we can achieve our results depends on being in the right place at the right time and having an attitude of inevitable success. We can expand our activities and do so in a structured and intelligent manner. While we may be looking at our own personal interests, let’s see how we can create win-win scenarios for others as well as for ourselves. Things could easily fall into place and possibly with a little help from our friends.

Friday, March 25th – Coasting Along with Bumps Along the Way – Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus. We may have felt as though we were sliding easily on greased wheels during the past two days. Things may have seemed to be going our way, opportunities to expand our activities, support from friends and loved ones. And this Friday continues in the same refrain. This day has the Sagittarius Moon trine Mercury, square Mars and sextile both Venus and Neptune. We may feel that things are continuing to go our way, but we do have to be careful not to push too hard. Our passion and determination could have us moving too fast and possibly oblivious to some of the possible pitfalls along the way. We are still in a confident and optimistic mood, especially in regard to our future plans and conceptual matters or situations in the abstract rather than the true reality of issues. With our unrestrained enthusiasm we might force situations according to our desires. And other people might be supportive of our efforts. But we have to ask ourselves whether we have taken into account any unanticipated variables that might get in our way, impede our progress or trip us up. Being certain of all the possible combinations of things that could come up would make us more astute in our moving ahead. We may be flying high but we could be doing so more on our optimism than a clear and realistic evaluation of the conditions in which we are operating. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Sagittarius and enters Capricorn where it squares Uranus. This energy configuration is the first of the Moon in Capricorn squares to the planets transiting Aries, energy configurations that continue through the weekend. We may find that our plans are running afoul of reality. Things we did not, and could not, take into account could trip us up and force us to adapt to shifting conditions. We might easily move from a ‘can do’ attitude to a sense of being blocked and restrained by situations beyond our control. Yes, the question of flexibility and adaptability might rise again as we confront unexpected situations that we cannot control but rather have to address in innovative ways and with new techniques. The bumps along the way could prove bumpier.

Saturday, March 26th – What Could Be Vs. What Is – Venus, Neptune, Sun, Pluto. Saturday could prove a most paradoxical day. Venus conjuncts Neptune and the Capricorn Moon squares the Sun and conjuncts Pluto. Although we would prefer to live in an idyllic world where nothing can go wrong and everything goes right, hard cold reality might slap us in the face today. We have a vision of what could be, a vision shared by our friends and loved ones. We might prefer the sanctity and sanctuary of the perfect world that we can inhabit with those special people in our lives. But reality might poke us to wake up and face the true conditions rather than the ideal conceptual world we have devised for ourselves in our mind’s eye. We may feel blocked and impeded by the actions of the powers-that-be. We might see authority figures as harkening back to an old format, an old reality that does not, and cannot, fit into the paradigm shifts we are all experiencing. Yes, the sins of the powers-that-be could intrude upon our visualized ideal world and could hamper our sense of self-determination. Today could force us to find a balance between our vision of an ideal world and the reality of the conditions around us. We can in deed move our greatest desires forward, so long as we keep astute to the changing parameters around us. This is a day for us to take things with a grain of salt, not buy into the hype or spin of how things are being presented to us, and to move ahead with our plans all the while keeping our eyes open to the shifting tides and any changes in the parameters in which we are operating. If we go slow and be strategic in our approach, we can move from what is to what could be.

Sunday, March 27th – Nimble and Quick Without Falling into a Reactive Mode – Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Venus Pisces. This Sunday could have us hopping, but much of our hopping may seem to be responding or reacting to conditions beyond our control. This day has the Capricorn Moon in a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares both Jupiter and Mercury in Aries and the Moon squares Saturn in Libra. The Moon does sextile Mars. Venus exits Aquarius to enter Pisces. While much can be going on this Sunday, we may feel that we have to respond to situations generated by other people or by the world at large. If we tone down our impetuousness and not feel the need to rush into action, then we can deal effectively with the various situations that might arise to confront us. There may be various naysayers to our plans today. No matter, we just need to take our time, juggle the various situations occurring, not overly evaluate the scenario but rather be nimble and quick and draw upon our intuitive instincts. What we feel might be more on target than our trying to understand what is going on. This is one of those days for us to jump when it is appropriate to jump and to do the tai chi moves, whereby we maintain a full awareness of what is going on in the moment and then responding in a determined but flexible manner. We do have to be careful not to fall into a reactive mode or feel victimized by the conditions we might face. Let’s remember that we never get more than we can handle and consequently whatever comes up for us today we can deal with effectively and successfully. We may feel greater compassion for other people today but we do need to avoid getting entangled in other people’s problems. Things may not be the way they seem, so let’s trust our instincts and question the veracity of that which is told to us.