February 7th – 13th, 2011

We might have to put on the brakes to our impetuousness this week. We may start the week off and running but without direction and without itinerary. Movement and momentum are far more enticing that just standing still or running in place. Planning our moves before we launch forward could save us a great deal of wasted energy, spinning our wheels, and might avoid clashes with other people, restricting our momentum. Although we may start the week in fast forward motion, the mid part of the week allows for greater deliberation and even the realization that we might not presently have the resources to advance our future goals.

Let’s see any constraints and restrictions as providing a tempering process, honing our skills, dampening our impulsiveness and instilling the most strategic approach to our game plan. Expenses could be aggravated towards the end of the week. We might feel the bite of increased costs at the fuel pump and in our food costs. Government figures and statistics might say there is little inflation afoot, but our experience towards the end of the week can indicate otherwise.

The weekend seems an especially fun time to get together with friends and do something different from our usual routine. It provides us an opportunity to see that the best things in life sometimes are free. It would be important for us to keep in mind and reaffirm the idea that living simply is not simply living. Remember that resourcefulness is called for during these volatile times. Over the weekend, we may also have plans for a pre-Valentine social gathering, appreciating those people in our life that we love and cherish. Gifts from the heart and of the heart are truly more meaningful than the bling-bling of sparkly baubles.

Monday, February 7th – Slow Down, You Move Too Fast – Venus, Mercury, Pluto. The week begins on this Monday with the Aries Moon sextile Mercury and square both Venus and Pluto. We may have conceived brilliant ideas as to what we want to do with an almost blind faith assumption that what we want we can get. And such an attitude would play to the mindset of the old paradigm concept of mastering the world and controlling circumstance. Not to be a parade-rainer, but I would suggest that our impulsiveness and our desire to quickly move forward are fraught with liabilities, many of which revolve around our lack of consideration of the circumstances and conditions in which we are launching forward. If we allow our impetuousness free rein, no matter how brilliant our ideas and our desires might be, then we could find ourselves hitting the wall of various obstacles. This day could seem somewhat maze-like without due deliberation. With forethought given to our intended plans, we could transform the maze to become more like a labyrinth with circuitous ways that eventually lead to the center.

Tuesday, February 8th – Doing Our Thing – Saturn, Mars, Sun. Tuesday continues with the Aries Moon, which today opposes Saturn and sextiles both Mars and the Sun. The day begins with a tug-of-war between our own personal interests and the interests of someone else. Let’s realize that not everyone will be on the same page with us, and we could experience someone reading us the riot act, trying to dampen our enthusiasm and our confidence for a certain activity and involvement. Although we might be delayed from focusing on our own personal interests, we are unlikely to be stopped. We might have to do the tai chi moves whereby we circumvent the complaints and objections of someone else, but let’s avoid throwing down the gauntlet. We are not looking for adversarial confrontations today. We want to do our own thing, be in our own wonderful world, and focus on those activities that we enjoy and give us a sense of nurture and accomplishment. Although we might have to deal with other people’s issues to begin the day, we can address their needs and then move ahead with our own plans and schedule. Today is a good day to plant the seeds of our new beginnings.

Wednesday, February 9th – Falling into Place – Venus, Pluto, Neptune. This Wednesday is a day when all the pieces could fit easily into the puzzle. Even if we have been stumped by how things could or should work, the mystery and perplexity of the problem can drop away today. Venus conjuncts Pluto and the day begins with the Aries Moon sextile Neptune before the Moon exits Aries to enter Taurus where it trines both Venus and Pluto. This is a day when we might concentrate on our most important relationships, those people who can assist us in advancing our ambitions. We may do an inventory taking of our personal connections and could even consider jettisoning those people from our lives who are just too much effort with little reward. Our passion is engaged and our determination virtually non-stoppable. But we are not looking at racing into the void. We are far more interested today in taking our time, being resourceful and getting the most bang for our buck. This Wednesday is a day when we can devise a best practices approach and move forward taking things step by step and not overextending ourselves. We know where we want to go and we’ll take our time to get there. We are not interested in miscues or misdirections. We might have jumped ahead early in the week but now we are far more content in letting things unfold and finding the right place for everything. This Wednesday could be a highly productive day. We may consider what really speaks to us and what is merely a distraction or a waste of our time. We are looking to cut to the core and focus solely on the meaningful.

Thursday, February 10th – Those Lateral Lobotomies – Mercury, Mars. I always like to suggest to people that the universe often taps us on the shoulder to get our attention and engage our awareness. If we do not get the message with the slight tap, the universe taps a little harder. If we still pay no heed to the message coming from the universe, then we are likely to get one of those lateral lobotomies, those whacks on the side of the head, that force us to notice and pay attention. This Thursday could be like one of those whacks on the side of the head. The Taurus Moon squares both Mercury and Mars. We might have assumed that we got it all together yesterday, streamlined our operations, developed a best practices approach and devised a most resourceful manner of achieving our goals. Maybe we did, but this Thursday could allow a slide back into doing what we want and the way that we want it without full attention to the costs involved. We might justify expenses today by claiming that our expenses are necessary investments in our future. But our resourcefulness, even penny pinching, may be neglected and we could excuse ourselves for making some fairly large expenditures. Let’s not go there. These times ask of us, even demand of us, that we be mindful and aware regarding how we use our energies, whether those energies are our time, our monies or our involvements. We do not have to be like a dog chasing its tail, going round in circles, wasting our time and our resources. If we are not mindful today, we could have a sharp comeuppance or one of those whacks on the side of the head, a lateral lobotomy.

Friday, February 11th – Grinding it Out – Sun, Neptune, Uranus. Friday continues with the Taurus Moon, which today continues its squares to the Aquarius transiting planets with today’s Moon square to both the Sun and Neptune before the Moon sextiles Uranus and then exits Taurus to move into Gemini for the weekend. This Friday can have us grinding out our tasks and obligations, dealing with what needs to be done and having to put on the back burner some of our new interests and our future plans. We might have to look at our budget today, see how we are doing with our finances, all with a recognition that our expenses are ratcheting up while our revenue stream may seem slightly stagnant. The last three days have provided us the opportunity, and the incentive, to get our house in order. While yesterday could have had us doing some backsliding and increasing our debt load, this Friday asks us to deal with our responsibilities, take care of our bills and then consider options and alternatives to the ways we have been doing things. Once we get a handle on what needs to be done, we can then consider how best to streamline our operations, be more effective with less expenditure of energy, and focus on new possibilities. As we end the day, we end our workweek and our focus on our responsibilities. Friday night and this weekend we are looking at having fun, sampling a variety of interests and activities and not taking life too seriously. We may all exclaim: “T.G.I.F. — thank goodness it’s Friday”. And we all could be looking forward to living on the weekend.

Saturday, February 12th – Here, There, and Everywhere – Jupiter, Mercury. Saturday has the Gemini Moon sextile Jupiter and trine Mercury. This is a day when we may want to spread our wings, stretch ourselves and explore new interests and participate in new activities. Today is not a day for long-term commitments but rather a day of sampling, trying out and engaging a number of different things. We may be going from here to there, trying to encompass everywhere. We are feeling upbeat and inspired, looking to enjoy ourselves and wanting to share our feel good sense with other people. Social occasions can be great fun, even if we choose to stay at the party too long. There is so much to do, so much that we want to explore and this Saturday is a day for us to do so. If we could, we would prefer this day to be obligation-free, allowing us to do things on the spur of the moment, embrace our spontaneity and ready to receive whatever comes our way. This weekend is a good time for us to recharge our batteries and not put any expectations on ourselves. A great day and a great weekend, but one that speaks to nothing weighty or too serious but rather things that are enlivening and put a smile on our face.

Sunday, February 13th – Let the Good Times Roll – Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Mars, Sun, Neptune, Uranus. Thursday and Friday had us bumping along, feeling like air was let out of our tires, a little deflated assuming that our resources could not match our desires. We may have felt that what we wanted was too far outside our grasp. This weekend and this Sunday puts a lie to any frustrations, delays and obstacles we might have felt towards the end of the week. Not that we are looking to this weekend to remedy our routine tasks and fix up some of the convoluted messes we my have felt entangled by. No, we’re not interested in the routine affairs of our lives over this weekend. We want to enjoy ourselves and our intentions are well met. Sunday continues with the Gemini Moon, which today creates a Grand Trine in the Air Element as the Moon trines Saturn in Libra and also trines the Aquarius transiting planets of Mars, the Sun and Neptune. Getting together with friends, chatting up people, and just generally embracing la joie de vivre, our joy in living, are more our interest on this Sunday. Sharing and discussing possibilities and appreciating the importance of the people in our lives paint this day in a pre-Valentine Day celebration. We are feeling good, enjoying life, and loving the crazy life in which we find ourselves. This Sunday is not a day for seriousness but rather lightheartedness and full appreciation of what we have. The day ends with the Moon finishing its transit of Gemini with a square to Uranus. Our plans for the week ahead may take an unexpected twist but we may have so recharged our batteries over the past two days that we are ready for anything that comes our way.