February 28th – March 6th, 2011

This week is a time for us to get out of our own way, be receptive to unexpected opportunities but to be discerning regarding what seems to be going on. We may want to jump off the track, take some down time and celebrate the inevitable end of Winter and the forthcoming approach of the Spring. We could certainly be feeling some Spring fever this week, and we may feel as though we have had enough of being anxious about events going on a world away. We might realize that there is not a great deal we can do about world concerns and we might also translate that realization into letting go of tight control over the events in our own lives.

There is magic in the air as we begin the week. Unexpected connections and unanticipated happenings could surprise us and please us. We do have to be careful when making judgments about what is going on. We might not have full disclosure and full information and we could easily allow our emotions to guide our reasoning processes. Such a veering towards the emotional could lead us back down the garden path of maudlin sentimentality and a sense of reactivity akin to powerlessness.

This week calls for a balance between our initiation and our receptivity. We may want to engage new projects and interests, but it would be wise to do so not so much from a gung-ho attitude as from a healthy skepticism wondering whether we are being shown new pathways for us to traverse or only possibilities that tease us and challenge our discernment. We might come up with some startling revelations to light up our lives or some bonehead concepts, which, if followed, could eventually lead us into pitfalls and pratfalls. Remember, the use of free will is all about choice.

Monday, February 28th – Right Connections in Unexpected Places – Venus, Uranus. The week begins with the Capricorn Moon conjunct Venus and sextile Uranus. If we are looking to make an impression, today is a good day to do so. We have an interesting blend of the traditional and the innovative going on today. Not only can we draw upon the allegiance and support of people in significant positions but we could also do a stretch whereby unexpected contacts can be made. This is also a day for us to consider the structure of our lives and see how we can devise a best practices approach. We are looking to be more effective with less expenditure of energy and consequently we might find ourselves developing a best practices approach by streamlining our operations. If we can have some ‘free’ time, we may be able to take advantage of unexpected situations that could arise. This day allows us to see that we do not have to do it all to make things happen, and speaks to the idea of being in the right place at the right time. Can we call it serendipity?

Tuesday, March 1st – Magic’s in the Air – Venus, Uranus, Jupiter, Venus Aquarius. Increasingly, we may come to the realization that our lives are a great deal larger than the prescribed parameters of our mundane reality. Life offers us a far broader palette than the one we might normally paint from. It’s a question of taking off our blinders, working with peripheral vision and being open and receptive to some of the wondrous opportunities that life encounters. Today, the Moon in Aquarius sextiles Jupiter and Venus sextiles Uranus before Venus exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius. This day is a day for exploration, allowing ourselves to move beyond our comfort zone, investigate new interests and participate in activities that might be foreign to our experience but could prove exciting and enlivening. We are looking to stretch today and intention is a determining factor in the unfolding of events. Not that we have to make things happen but rather appreciate that new interests are happening and we can either engage them or neglect them. Even in our engagement, we do not have to commit to any thing for the long term. We know where we have been and we may even assume our trajectory for our future. But this day allows us to step off the track, take diverting paths and consider options and alternatives that might pop up, virtually out of the blue. This Tuesday could prove one of those days that make our lives truly worth living. There’s magic in the air. Let’s breathe it in and embrace the world of endless possibilities.

Wednesday, March 2nd – Making it Real – Saturn. After a likely interesting two days of magic and mini-miracles, whereby some exciting incidents may have peppered our lives, this Wednesday allows us to go through a sorting and structuring process. We can take our new concepts, our new ideas and our new interests and see how we can put them into our lives as a greater reality and in a pragmatic, practical manner. Wednesday has the Aquarius Moon trine Saturn. Other people could prove important sounding boards as we go through our list of new prospects and fascinating possibilities. Let’s remember that we are on the threshold of a major paradigm shift. Life, as we have known it, is going through radical and drastic changes. And in exploring the new possibilities for our lives, we may have one foot across the threshold into our new paradigm and one foot back in the comfort of our old patterns. We do not have to jump across the threshold into the new realm of living. That could prove too scary and might be done impetuously instead of being well-considered. No, we are in a phase of exploration, of testing the waters, trying things out. And during this phase, we do not have to fully commit. We can see if the new interests fit where we are looking to go in making the changes in our lives. We can also draw upon the input from other people and other sources in evaluating our prospects. This Wednesday allows us to seriously consider and weigh the positives and the negatives of some of the interesting new situations of which we may have been more fully made aware over the past few days.

Thursday, March 3rd – Gung-Ho Corrigan – Mars, Pluto, Neptune. Thursday has the Moon conjunct Neptune and Mars sextile Pluto. We are also on the dark side of the Moon with the Pisces New Moon occurring tomorrow. The potential for launching ahead and doing so with dogged determination could also have us winding up by stepping in it. There is a sense that if we believe some thing strong enough, it must be so. This is a prescription for likely disaster. Although we have the energy and the persistence to push forward our case, we also have to be wary of moving ahead without checking the conditions, evaluating the circumstances and continually re-checking our itinerary and our direction as we go along. We might launch ahead and be so focused on our intent that we lose sight of all the warning signs or indications to turn back. Yes, like the infamous wrong-way Corrigan we could head off in one direction only to discover later on that we have gone in the wrong direction. This is a day when we need to engage braking action, engage a little humility and not feel that we can master our world according to our whims and with no concern for the circumstances surrounding us. Let’s keep in mind that the challenge of these times is to loosen our belief that we have total control over our life’s circumstances. We do not. We are neither total masters of our domain nor completely powerless victims to life’s circumstances, but rather co-creators with the natural unfolding. Today is a day to find the balance, be flexible and take the time to make any necessary adjustments as shifting tides might warrant.

Friday, March 4th – Righteous Indignation – Pisces New Moon, Pluto, Mars, Sun. Friday gives us the Pisces New Moon and with it an intense powerpack of five planets in Pisces. Today has the Moon sextile Pluto, conjunct Mars and conjunct the Sun. There may be a sense of manifest destiny as we see a dramatic change in the ways things have been. Certainly, there are major completions and endings going on right now. And while the focus may be more of instituting radical change, the question being lost in the process is: What comes next? This New Moon imprints the energies of the next fortnight. These coming two weeks can be an incredibly emotional time. We are coming to the end of Winter, but we are also looking at stepping onto a new stage, but a stage and participation that may have no clear direction nor focused intent. The potential for deception and delusion can be incredibly strong. Perhaps it is all well and good to concentrate on the eliminations, resolutions and throwing out the ill-worn and outmoded. We may not need to know what comes next but rather allow it to develop according to its own natural rhythm. However, I am reminded of the old but wise saying that ‘the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions’. It would be wise for us to use this time as a time to clear away, complete and bring resolution to some of the outstanding issues in our lives. Let’s bear in mind that the new year truly begins with the Vernal Equinox, the renaissance, rebirthing, that comes with Spring. Although we may feel very emotional, we also have to be wary of being overly judgmental. We might assume that we know what is going on, but such a belief might not only be erroneous but could be downright dangerous. No need for pontificating or righteous indignation, although there would seem to be a great deal of that swirling around. Now is a time to observe rather than to fully engage. This next fortnight could also see some phenomenally intense storm systems with extremes in precipitation and wind speeds.

Saturday, March 5th – Lateral Lobotomies, or Whacks on the Side of the Head – Mercury, Uranus. Saturday has the Pisces Moon conjunct both Mercury and Uranus. We might wonder whether things are up, down or spinning all around. This day can be a confusing one and we need to be certain not to get rigid or fixed regarding our plans or our actions. Flexibility and adaptability are key today, and taking things with a grain of salt. Tricksters may be out in full force today, spinning their perspective on reality as though their fantasies were realities themselves. This is also a day when we need to be careful regarding our communications and our transportation. Things can go unexpectedly awry. What we have to avoid is allowing any disruption to send us into a tailspin whereby we then go on an emotional tear and feel that the world is against us. A little humility and emotional restraint, please. If people are feeling slighted, then the most bizarre responses could occur. We might assume we know what is going on, but it would be suggested that we do so with tongue in cheek and acceptance that things can change without a moment’s notice. If we get too stuck regarding what we want or how we want it, we could dissolve into a rant or tantrum until someone, or the universe, gives us a good whack on the side of the head and suggests we just get a grip. Storm systems today could wreak havoc with travel plans. Solar flares and other atmospheric interference could disrupt communications and Internet transmissions. This is a day to take a deep breath, count to ten, not react immediately to anything going on, shrug our shoulders and accept the counsel that, at times, “Life’s too mysterious. Don’t take it serious.”

Sunday, March 6th – Aprés Le Deluge, Moi – Venus, Pluto, Jupiter. If the past two days have not been gut-wrenching, tear-jerking and emotionally exhausting, then you could possibly consider yourself a meditation guru, able to maintain your center and fully detached from the cacophony that may have been swirling around. Whether intense atmospheric storm systems or extreme emotional tirades, the past two days could have proven a descent into hell. Of course, heaven and hell are more our attitudes and disposition than some physical space that we book travel to. This Sunday gets out of the severe grip of Pisces, as the Moon transits Aries where it sextiles Venus, squares Pluto and conjuncts Jupiter. Today is a day when we might choose to get together with a good friend, step off the track and just enjoy being. We want to do what we want to do today, errands and responsibilities be damned. We do have to be careful that we’re not bouncing back to such a degree that we become a little over-bearing, too self-absorbed and even slightly narcissistic. Although there could be a tendency to go there, a little self-indulgence might be called for, especially if we felt overwhelmed by the conditions around us over the past two days. A strong dose of Spring fever can be in the air, and we are looking forward to and even feeling the coming of Spring. This Sunday is a day to enjoy ourselves and to rework the well-known refrain often attributed to Louis XVth (or his mistress Madame de Pampadour) into “Aprés le deluge, MOI.”