February 14th – 20th, 2011

This week could be dreamy, moody and even illusory. This is one of those weeks when we truly need to be aware and mindful. The liability towards buying into images, appearances and presentations, all of which might be more hype than reality, is incredibly strong. We want to believe in such sentiments as ‘things always work out for the best’ and ‘that whatever is destined to occur does occur’.

Unfortunately, blind faith in such attitudes could also blind us to realities operating behind the scenes. This week is a time when we could feel receptive to conditions, allowing things to unfold as they will, with us having the sense that we are but impotent participants to a progression of events and conditions over which we have little impact, much less input.

Although the paradigm shift of these times does move us towards being co-creators of our world instead of trying to control and master our world; the key to these changing times is the co-creator. We cannot allow ourselves to become victims to circumstance. On the contrary, by our awareness of shifting conditions, we can use due diligence and exercise considered deliberation before we make our choices and exercise our free will as to how we shall be co-creators of our destiny by blending our awareness of what is going on with our decisions as to how to best act under the changing circumstances.

This week can be largely pleasant, albeit with a sense of confusion regarding what we should do and how we should do it. Although we are more aware of shifting circumstance, we might find our moves forward are also replete with interludes whereby we take a walk down Memory Lane, engage recapitulation of past events and interactions with people from our past.

We start the week with our focus on expressing our love and affection for family and friends. Monday is Valentine’s Day but we might not be content to limit our sentiments of appreciation to Monday alone. Mid-week to the latter part of the week we might be looking to enjoy recreational pursuits, either in an observer capacity or as an active participant. The end of the week could have us a little befuddled, with us tying up loose ends of the past while trying to launch our new interests and new activities.

The weekend may have us dealing with necessary errands, those things on our ‘to do’ list that we just have not gotten around to. The weekend ends with a desire to rush forward but like wrong way Corrigan, heading off in one direction when we meant to go in a different direction.

This week is a week for us to watch our step. It would be advised that we take our time in any definitive decisions for we might not have full disclosure and all the information and some of the information we might have might be more fictitious than real. We may see the lights in the distant horizon, but let’s remain skeptical as to whether those beacons actually light our way or lead us down a bramble path to a fantasy world of disappointment and delusion.

Monday, February 14th — Love, Love, Love — Mercury, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus. Monday is Valentine’s Day, a day when we are expected to show our love for those special people in our lives and love for all of humanity. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day has also become a Hallmark Holiday whereby the expectations are far greater than the realizations. This Monday has Mercury trine Saturn and the Cancer Moon creating a Lunar T-Square in the Cardinal Signs as the Moon squares Jupiter and opposes both Pluto and Venus. While we might be in contact with the special people in our lives, and even those people with whom our contact is rather infrequent, we could also find ourselves in something of a no-win situation. Either our expectations or other people’s expectations could be too great and not matched by the expressions of the day. People could take the most insignificant gestures as a slight. The problem with heightened expectations is the difficulty of those expectations being realized. This is a day when we need to focus on good intentions more so than the actual result, since the actual result might not measure up to expectations. We may need to avoid trying too hard today and keep in mind that in the consumer society one can never consume enough to please the marketeers. Let’s just appreciate any show of appreciation and not measure it against any standards.

Tuesday, February 15th – Irritations and Other People’s Needs – Saturn. Yesterday, we had the Cancer Moon create a T-Square in the Cardinal Signs by the Moon square Jupiter in Aries and opposed Pluto and Venus in Capricorn. On this Tuesday, we finish the Cardinal Cross as the Cancer Moon squares Saturn in Libra. Any ill-feelings yesterday that were not expressed could erupt on this Tuesday. Slights, hurts, disappointments can come out today, and our interactions with other people could prove dicey. We might be called upon to engage a caretaking role even to the point of co-dependency. We could find our nurturing side being imposed upon as other people express their needs, even raise their demands, of what they want us to do for them. It will be important today to maintain boundaries, not get sucked into other people’s complaints or issues. The beginning of this week could fall flat and even trigger a slight depression. Could it be the raised expectations? Could it be a sugar high? Today is a day to cut ourselves some slack, not get too irritated by the ways of the world, and not get entangled in other people’s personal problems. We might have to address home and family matters, but we might experience such matters as outstanding issues or unresolved situations that need to be completed. This could be a recapitulation day when incidents of the past, some of which may have been long forgotten, rise up and try to bite us in the backside. It would be wise to keep in mind a paraphrase of the Rolling Stones: we can’t always get what we want but we always get what we need.

Wednesday, February 16th – Brighter Days by Focusing on our Wants – Uranus, Jupiter. Wednesday is like a new day dawning. If the past two days seemed to hit some flat notes and even, at times, knocked the wind out of our sails, this Wednesday can more than make up for it. No matter what other people might think or say, we are more focused on our own personal interests today. If other people have expectations for us, we might flip them off by reminding them that ‘Homey don’t play that game.’ This Wednesday begins with the Cancer Moon trine Uranus before the Moon exits Cancer to move into Leo where it trines Jupiter. Any misunderstandings over the past two days may seem like water off a duck’s back. We are far more interested in change and embracing those activities that engage our passion. We may want to make changes around our home, streamline our routine tasks and find ways to be more effective with less expenditure of energy. We also want to concentrate on projects that allow our creative juices to flow, areas that offer us the ability to express our talents and put our imprint on our involvements. This Wednesday is a fun-filled day when we might want to do our own thing, stretch our wings and just enjoy living the good life.

Thursday, February 17th – What’s Going on? – Sun, Neptune, Saturn, Mercury, Mars. After a brilliant Wednesday when we might have regrouped, regained our confidence and focused on our own personal interests; this Thursday could have us in la-la-land, escaping into fantasies and even buying into the concept of being legends in our own mind. The Sun conjuncts Neptune and the Leo Moon sextiles Saturn and opposes both Mercury and Mars. We could rush forward, assuming that what we want is what we can have. This day could be a day of miscues and wrong directions. We might make decisions and choices based more upon our instinct than our due deliberation. Errors can easily arise out of our enthusiasm without the necessary planning engaged. We could move impetuously and not consider either the conditions or the circumstances in which we are operating. This is one of those days when everyone may seem like a bull in a china shop, moving aggressively ahead but awkwardly and creating heaps of trouble for all concerned. Confusion might be the key characteristic of this day. It would be more appropriate for us to be tentative in our actions and our decisions today. Instead, we could embrace the disposition of ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’. If we can do so, and it may be unlikely that we can, it would be wise for us to use solid, grounded people as sounding boards in regard to any decisions or actions we might make and situations that we would have difficulty turning back from once initiated.

Friday, February 18th – Who’s on First – Venus, Saturn, Leo Full Moon, Neptune, Sun, Pluto, Sun Pisces. This Friday has Venus square Saturn and in a Mutual Reception, whereby Venus is in Capricorn, the Sign ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is in Libra, the Sign ruled by Venus. Not only do we have a battle of wills between our goals and other people’s interests. We could be cumbersome and even downright annoying in our interactions with other people. Social decorum could go by the wayside as we tromp about stepping on other people’s toes or having our toes ground into the floor by other people’s actions. This Friday also ratchets up the Neptunian art of confusion, escape and unreality, as the Leo Full Moon opposes both Neptune and the Sun, just before the Sun enters Pisces for the final four weeks of Winter. Although we might have felt that we had turned a new leaf, we could also feel that dramatic changes we might have created have now left us in a vacuum wondering what to do next. There may be options aplenty for us to consider, but suddenly our courage in pioneering a different way can smack up against reality and force us to wonder what we do next. Drastic change is all well and good but we have to be careful not to be ensnared by the comfort of past habit patterns whereby under the guise of change we only re-create the past but with a different veneer. Yes, today we might have the tendency of subconsciously triggering the old saying: ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss.’ With the Sun moving into Pisces and such a strong emphasis upon Neptune and Pisces right now, we might realize that out of the ashes of our changes and what we have eliminated and what we have just begun, we need to take some time to allow the dust to settle, continue with our inventory taking and maintain a clearing out of the old patterns and old programs that might not work for our future, much less our present. Confusion might reign supreme, but I would also suggest that confusion is the starting point of wisdom for it allows for a disengagement and less attachment to the programs of the past. Nonetheless, this day could still have us wondering: who’s on first. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Virgo where it trines Pluto. Instead of being confused by the big picture, we can concentrate on the details, the pieces that eventually make up the puzzle and focus on specific needs of things to be done. Let’s keep in mind that the journey is a series of steps and begins with the first step.

Saturday, February 19th – Finding the Right Fit – Venus. Saturday has the Virgo Moon trine Venus. This is a day when we can attend to errands, deal with the necessities of our lives and even find the right pieces to the larger puzzle of our lives. Although we might be intoxicated by the heavy Neptune-Pisces influence, we do not have to be waylaid by a hangover of confusion or stalled by our wondering what to do and which way to go. If we take things step by step, then we can address the most pressing needs, all the while moving ever closer to the realization of our ambitions. We do not always have to concentrate on the big picture. Rather, if we take care of the details, then the details will eventually fill in the big picture. This Saturday is an effective and productive day and comes between two days that might be far from clear or focused.

Sunday, February 20th – Disinformation – Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Pluto. Sunday could be a crazy-making kind of day. Neptune is highlighted and with it a tendency to buy into images, appearances and fantasies. A cautionary red flag is raised for this day, and it would be wise that we take everything with a grain of salt today. Whatever is presented to us, it might be best if we consider it with a jaded eye, or at least healthy skepticism. If we buy into presentations and accept what people say as gospel truth, then we could create some major difficulties for ourselves. This Sunday has Mercury conjunct Mars, Mercury conjunct Neptune, and Mars conjunct Neptune. In addition, we start the day with the Virgo Moon opposed Uranus before the Moon exits Virgo to enter Libra where it creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square by opposing Jupiter and squaring Pluto. Aaargh! This is a day when we need to cool our jets, rein in our emotions and recognize that mistakes can be easily made as a result of basing our thoughts and actions on our moods and hype rather than true reality. This Sunday could have us feeling like we are in a surrealistic world, as if we have eaten something or taken something that has sent us into an Alice’s Wonderland type of world. The key for this day is to take a wait and see type of attitude. And while such a disposition is recommended, we might find people, even ourselves, flying off the handle, reacting to spurious information and impetuously acting but acting either without full information or disinformation, a prosaic term for lying. We need not be scared about this day, but we do need to be very, very careful in our thoughts, our discussions and our actions. Things may not be as they seem or as they are presented to us.