January 31st – February 6th, 2011

This week highlights the new, the different, the iconoclastic and our individual pursuits. We are in the process of extricating ourselves from the old, traditional, routine ways of doing life. Instead, we are looking to spread our wings, emphasize our autonomy and express the power of our person. While this shift of energy with its battle between old and new can be engaged in demonstrations and protests on a global scale, we, as individuals, are more likely to bear in mind the idea of creating a suspension bridge. Our suspension bridge between old and new can be built by slats of new interests, new activities and new involvements; all the while that we are going back and forth between our responsibilities and our new engagements. No throwing the baby out with the bath water for us. We want to be certain that we can get to the other side, make our future our now, and not act in a hasty, wasty manner.

I do advise an attentive eye and ear to what is going on far from where we might be. Issues associated with increasing energy costs and rapidly rising food costs with an impending food crisis imminent may all seem remote to us, but such costs and a point of crisis is not far from our own front door. It is essential that we not be lulled into an isolationist mentality that could allow for a belief in ‘it can’t happen here’. I have expressed my concern about rising fuel costs and food costs before and urge, once again, for each of us to be attentive to the increased costs of our basic necessities.

We begin this week dealing with our tasks and obligations, tying up loose ends and tending to our routine chores. As we come mid-week, the energy explodes, like a racehorse out of the starting gate, as we seek new ways to define ourselves, and more personal ways by which to express ourselves.

Mid-week has the Aquarius New Moon and a concentrated energy that speaks to testing the waters, although not so much by dangling our toes in the water but rather by plunging head first into the deep end. We are not interested so much in sampling as in fully engaging and completely embracing new interests that give us a voice and help stoke the fires of our autonomy.

The protests seen against autocratic nations can ratchet up severalfold this week. Although commentators may try to pinpoint demonstrations and protests to the ills of a particular nation or nations, this disposition of people against the authorities is likely to be far more worldwide. The battle between the old formats with their old structure and the new emphasis upon the individual and power to the person is truly engaged. It may not take the form of street demonstrations in all cases but certainly the tendency to at the least ‘question authority’ is ratcheting up worldwide.

This is a week for us to explore, investigate and discover new interests for ourselves and new aspects of ourselves. We want to be free, we ‘gotta be me’, and we want to find avenues of creative self-expression which reinforce our freedom of self-determination.

An exciting week this week is, but also one where we may sweep away elements of the past in order to give space for the new and the different. As a wise and true saying states: ‘the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled.’

Monday, January 31st – Restrictions Imposed – Saturn. Monday begins the week with the Capricorn Moon square Saturn, which turned retrograde last week until mid-June. We may feel the definitions of our old selves to be limiting and restrictive. People may expect us to do things in accord with their experience of how we have done things in times past. We could feel like a bucking bronco reined in by our past, by our contacts and by our normal responsibilities. Although we might feel constrained by our responsibilities and what we have to do, we could easily become resentful and frustrated and feel like the wind has been knocked out of our sails. Instead of going there, we might better serve ourselves by dealing with what needs to be done, attend to our routine affairs and tie up the loose ends. These times demand that we work smarter rather than harder. Let’s be strategic with the understanding that there are times when we have to sit and wait rather than launch forward. Working with the energies as opposed to trying to force our will on the energies offers the lesson, the opportunity and the challenge of these times. The more we can accomplish of our tasks today, the better able we shall be to engage in new interests as the week unfolds.

Tuesday, February 1st – Broadening Our Scope – Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter. For much of the day, the Moon is finishing its transit of Capricorn and during the process the Moon conjuncts Mercury, sextiles Uranus and sextiles Jupiter. We are also on the dark side of the Moon just before the Aquarius New Moon late on Wednesday, early Thursday. This Tuesday is a good day to continue tying up loose ends but also to consider how we can streamline our operations, whereby we can be more effective with less expenditure of energy. If we can devise ways that allow us to keep on top of our routine matters in a more expeditious manner, we could be saving ourselves time, monies and energy and yet also allow ourselves greater time to explore and investigate new interests. One of the beauties of these times is the qualitative factor of time. Although we often only think of time as but a quantitative measure, time has not only an objective value but a subjective value as well. There are times when twenty minutes seems like hours as we plod along, trying to accomplish something but feeling like we are rolling a boulder up the mountain. There are other times when two hours might feel like twenty minutes as we become immersed and fully engaged in whatever we are doing and feeling like we are easily winching the boulder up the mountain. If we will consider our own productive time cycle, that cycle of time when we are zen-like and muse-engaged and things are accomplished easily and effortlessly, no matter whether that time cycle be twenty minutes or forty-five minutes, then we can be more effective and successful in time management. This Tuesday allows us to experiment and discover our productive time cycle. Let’s deal with our routine tasks but do so until we lose steam for the particular project with which we are dealing. Then it would be time to switch to some other activity and continue with that activity until our energy wanes and our interest becomes diverted. Switch time again and as we become aware of what our productive time cycle[s] might be, we can gain a greater handle on the effective management of our routine obligations yet still carve out time to explore new interests and engage new activities.

Wednesday, February 2nd – Racers, Start Your Engines – Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Mercury, Aquarius Lunation, Sun, Mars. Wednesday is considered the ‘hump’ day of the work week, coming as it does in the middle of the work week from which we slide towards the weekend. This Wednesday is anything other than a ‘hump’ day. We could call it a bump day, or launch day or an extraordinarily eventful day that puts its signature on the next two weeks. Wednesday has Venus sextile Neptune, Venus square Uranus and Mercury sextile Uranus. Late Wednesday – early Thursday is also the time of the Aquarius New Moon with the Aquarius Moon conjunct both the Sun and Mars. This day could prove to be a day when we are in turbothrust and likely to go full speed ahead and then some. Our minds are sharp and we might have some startling insights. We may hear unexpected news that can be both thrilling and trigger our focus on developing new interests and taking a different direction from our usual meandering. We are not meandering today but rather entering a world of self-discovery and self-expression. We are not looking to be tied down but rather to accentuate our individuality and our own forms of creative self-expression. Although things are speeding up, in our rush to explore, investigate and discover, we could trounce upon some people’s toes. Not that we are looking to be belligerent. We just want to do our own thing and do so as though time is of the essence. Although we may be running as fast as we can, juggling as many balls in the air that we can manage, this day is an exciting day and one when we are far more interested in trying things out rather than intense, due deliberations. No matter though, since our instincts can be spot on and our thoughts revelatory insights. This Wednesday is an exciting day. If we have taken care of business and our routine obligations over the past two days, we can use this Wednesday as a time to try out new things, work in new ways and engage new activities. With this day creating the signature of the next two weeks, let’s also be aware that democratic forces and the power of the people could be asserting themselves and calling for greater autonomy, greater venues for personal creative self-expression and doing battle with the autocratic forces of old formats and old structures.

Thursday, February 3rd – Structuring the New Format – Saturn, Mercury Aquarius. Thursday has the Aquarius Moon trine Saturn and Mercury exiting Capricorn to enter Aquarius. Our new found interests and our future plans can be formatted and structured today. We do not have to go off in an irrational or merely instinctual manner. On the contrary, this day allows us to focus on our plans, our goals and our ambitions but with a solid game plan and a best practices approach in place. We may find ourselves drawing upon the advice and counsel of those people we inherently trust. We want to fine tune our intentions and devise a strategy that allows us to create the space for our new interests without sacrificing what we need to do in successfully attending to our regular responsibilities. Today is a day to consider how we can get from where we have been to where we want to go. We do not have to do anything in a reactionary or impulsive manner. We have the fire in our belly to create greater autonomy and independence for ourselves and we can develop the ways by which to do so without putting our security or our future at risk.

Friday, February 4th – In the Zone – Sun, Mars, Neptune, Venus, Pluto, Venus Capricorn. Friday has the Sun conjunct Mars in Aquarius. We start this day with the Moon finishing its transit of Aquarius and a conjunction to Neptune. We may feel highly idealistic, wanting to focus more on our possibilities and our future prospects than our usual routine matters. Although today is a good day to give license to our new found interests by considering and contemplating them, we may also find ourselves able to balance what we want to do with what needs to be done. This Friday is one of those days when we could have our head in the clouds but our feet firmly planted on the ground. The key to this day is to allow the sense of synchronicity, serendipity, magic and even manifest destiny to have its play. Venus moves into Capricorn today, exiting Sagittarius, and we shall be far more interested in our social engagements that offer some assistance in moving our dreams closer to realization. The Moon moves into Pisces where it sextiles both Venus, now in Capricorn, and Pluto. If we allow our intuitive, feeling sense to have some say, then we might feel almost guided as to how best to proceed in an easy but effective manner to achieve our goals. We have the determination and the thrust to get to the other side and enter our future. We just have to have the patience and willingness to not go blindly into the night but rather to wait for the signal and the way to best approach our future’s possibilities.

Saturday, February 5th – One of those Me Days – Mercury, Jupiter. Saturday continues with the Pisces Moon and also has Mercury sextile Jupiter. This Saturday is not so much a day for errands or home projects as it is for those interests that grab our attention. We might choose to be spontaneous, even impulsive, today as we search out activities that inspire us and put a smile on our faces. We may want to get together with friends, but in so doing, we want to be certain that we are all on the same page. Social interactions today have to be a win-win situation whereby everybody feels that they are following their individual dream and are able to explore new areas for possible development of new interests. This Saturday can be a fun, enlivening day. We are not interested in restrictions nor all that interested in detailed schedules for our day. We want to be free. We want to emphasize our ‘me’ interests. We want to widen our scope and broaden our terrain, all with the idea of investigation, exploration and discovery.

Sunday, February 6th – The Push Pulls of Social Obligations – Sun, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus. Sunday is a paradoxical day, even kaleidoscopic in the intertwining of different energies, and different push pulls. The Sun and Mars both trine Saturn. Venus squares Jupiter. And the Pisces Moon conjuncts Uranus before the Moon moves into Aries where it conjuncts Jupiter. We could be all over the place today. We might have certain social obligations that we are looking forward to, wanting to catch up with old friends but we might also experience wonderful surprises that come up and entice us to get involved. This Sunday can be a juggling day of various people and various interests, which might be especially fun if we can keep it all going but could also prove exhausting. The more we can plan our day with various interludes of free time to be filled by unexpected opportunities, the better we can engage as much as we possibly can without feeling on overwhelm. Let’s keep in mind that we are seeking a balance between where we have been and where we want to go. Like a suspension bridge between our past and our future, we may initially need to go back and forth before we get to the other side, into our future and then consider cutting the ties of the past behind. But this Sunday could have us swinging between whom we have been with all the components of our past and who we want to be in the future with new prospects and new engagements. This situation would prove a conundrum only if we feel the need to stake our claim either in our past or in our future. Why go there when there may be no essential need to do so?