January 24th – 30th, 2011

This week has us thinking about that Winter getaway and planning an eventful time with that special someone. A largely pleasant week, the energy does shift into a slowdown mode as Saturn turns retrograde on Tuesday until June 12th. Whether we are choosing to stay indoors in our own form of hibernation or things are just taking longer than we might like, situations may seem far easier to resolve in the abstract than in the practicum.

We start the week considerate of other people’s interests and situations. Although we might not be able to get involved in a hands-on manner, we can offer advice and counsel regarding how other people can address their own issues. We may feel obligated to assist, but we just might not have the time to do so. We are living in a changing world, and we are trying to get the feel of the paradigm shift.

Midweek could prove a little difficult. We might feel as though we do not have, nor can we afford, the resources to carry out some of our plans. The sense of costs increasing might become more apparent at the gas pump and supermarket. We are looking at being as resourceful as possible without self-abnegation. Let’s keep in mind the saying that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, for not only could we discover new ways of being resourceful but we could also determine how best to streamline our operations.

The end of the week and the weekend might be time for us to stretch our wings by either getting out of Dodge or making our plans for some future expedition.

All in all, this week is a largely pleasant week with a few curveballs and outstanding matters thrown into the mix for us to deal with.

Monday, January 24th – New Possibilities, Old Responsibilities – Sun, Pluto, Mars, Mercury, Saturn. Monday could have us feeling as if in a tug of war between what we want to do and our normal responsibilities. Although we would far prefer to give thought to our prospects for the future rather than deal with our daily reality, we could find our usual tasks getting in the way of our reveries and our discussions of possibilities. We might even discount our prospects assuming that they can never occur, especially when we see our track record, some of the impediments in the way and the seeming contraction of these times. The push-pulls could prove extreme and even more so if we ask the input of those people who have known us for a while. They might scratch their heads as we tell them our intentions and then they could put the kibosh on what we are considering. People know us by definition, a definition based upon their experience of us, experiences that are past events. If we start talking about doing some thing radically different, we are likely to find that even our closest compadres suddenly become naysayers. Often the reason that occurs is that by suggesting dramatic changes for ourselves it forces them to consider the need of making their own changes. And although we often talk about drastic changes, often such talk is merely talk and stays in the fabrications of our minds. This Monday could have that push – pull between whom we have been and who we would like to become.

Tuesday, January 25th – Everyone is Beautiful in their Own Way – Venus, Neptune, Saturn retrograde. Tuesday continues with the Libra Moon, which today sextiles Venus and trines Neptune. We are far more appreciative, even considerate, of other people’s unique characteristics. We want to reach out and embrace those people who have had different life experiences, different backgrounds and who are foreign to our own experiences. This is a day for us to broaden our social circle, whether we do so by friending someone from a different country on Facebook or we investigate various people on different social networks. We may also be far more considerate and appreciative of those special people in our lives. A warm ‘hello, I’m thinking of you’ can go a long way to reaffirm the sense of connection we all have with those special people in our lives. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Libra and enters Scorpio and Saturn turns retrograde, triggering a slowing down process which may ask us to go back over those situations and involvements that we might have engaged over the past six months. Saturn retrograde is like a winter hibernation. We have a tendency to turn inward and with Saturn going retrograde through Libra, we might find our relationships, present and past, are all under review as to whether the people with whom we have been connected can also cross the threshold with us as we enter a new phase of our life’s journey.

Wednesday, January 26th – Limitations and Restrictions, Whether Real or Imagined – Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Sun, Mars. Wednesday is the first day of the Saturn retrograde and today Mercury squares Saturn and the Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto and squares both the Sun and Mars. Our mind might be a little weighty and our thoughts taciturn or our ideas bordering on the depressively serious. We have to be careful not to put blinders on today and assume that there are all sorts of impenetrable obstacles to prevent us from realizing our goals and achieving our dreams. We do have to be aware of restrictions being announced under the guise of security and any sense of limitation to our plans. Let’s keep in mind the volatility of these times. On the one hand, we have the sense of contractions and constriction, but on the other hand, we have the magic and the miracles. Even when we seem to be banging our head against the wall, if we would change our approach, we might find that there are ways, and ways like greased wheels, whereby things occur easily and naturally, even if unfamiliarly. Other people may try to rain on our parade today, so let’s be certain not to be overly influenced by those people who are slightly negative or downright depressive. There is an old saying that states: ‘misery loves company’. But I always add on the suggestion ‘just not make it your company’.

Thursday, January 27th – Perceptive and Revelatory – Mercury, Neptune, Uranus. Thursday has the Scorpio Moon sextile Mercury, square Neptune and trine Uranus. Our minds can be sharp and perceptive, able to consider a best practices approach. If we don’t get locked into believing that we have to have what we want the way that we want it, then in actual fact we could pull a rabbit out of the hat. Unexpected situations could develop and even if our plans run afoul of the day’s unfolding, we might discover that the altered activities are far more engrossing and enlivening than what we had planned for ourselves. This is a day to take our blinders off, work with peripheral vision and be open to some surprising opportunities. This is also a day when we can work smarter rather than harder. If we don’t get locked into what we want our future to be, we might surprise ourselves as alternatives arise that can lead us into a kaleidoscope of exciting involvements. There’s magic afoot, but we have to be receptive to such a possibility. Some changes in plans could involve upsetting other people. We can make amends in the future, but it would be important that we not limit ourselves due to other people’s expectations.

Friday, January 28th – Spreading our Wings – Jupiter, Sun, Mars. Friday is an exuberant, joyful day. The Moon moves into Sagittarius where it trines Jupiter and sextiles both the Sun and Mars. We are looking to expand our horizons. We may be giving thought to travel plans whether imminent for the weekend or plans of future travel. We are feeling good about ourselves, our prospects for the future and the people we engage. We may choose to spend some extra time with friends and colleagues today, just enjoying the camaraderie and enthusiastically encouraging each other to go for our individual dreams. This Friday kicks off a largely pleasant weekend, and we might even decide to start our weekend early by beginning it early on this Friday or certainly with evening get-togethers. A fun day is this Friday, and one to spread our wings and let ourselves soar.

Saturday, January 29th – Putting our Best Foot Forward – Saturn, Venus. Saturday continues with the Sagittarius Moon, which today sextiles Saturn and conjuncts Venus. This could be a splendid day but one that speaks to adventure and fun events rather than errands or home projects. We are looking at enjoying ourselves, having a good time and sharing our upbeat attitude with all whose path we come across today. We might want to get out of Dodge, visit a good friend at a distance or just take a day trip with that special someone. We are not interested in routine matters. Our horizons have broadened and we would prefer foreign intrigue to the familiar. This Saturday is a good day for us to step out and put our best foot forward. We might even consider some form of personal makeover, whether we decide to buy for our wardrobe or take the plunge and fit ourselves out for some sporting activity. All in all, this Saturday can be uplifting and a breath of fresh air.

Sunday, January 30th – Back in the Saddle Again – Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto. Sunday begins with our thoughts of making it a threesome, three days in a row where we just enjoy ourselves and engage good times with good friends. Nice concept and a great way to start this Sunday, but curveballs may upset our plans and force us to change our trajectory. The day begins with the Sagittarius Moon sextile Neptune. The Moon then squares Uranus, exits Sagittarius and enters Capricorn where it squares Jupiter and conjuncts Pluto. We might have been able to put some of our nagging obligations on the back burner over the past two days, but they seem to come knocking loud and insistent on this Sunday. Whatever we have scheduled for the day, we might have to rearrange. Unexpected situations could arise that demand our attention and limit our free will and our desire to continue with the good times. We might have to attend to pressing needs, fulfill errands and take care of situations that we can no longer postpone. Let’s appreciate the couple of days we might have enjoyed as a time for us to regroup and recharge. Today calls us to attention and action to deal with our responsibilities and take care of pressing needs.