January 10th – 16th, 2011

Like a racehorse bolting from the starting gate in a thoroughbred race, we may start the week dashing forward and moving forcefully ahead. It would be wise for us to consider the coordinates of our direction, for otherwise we could be going full speed ahead and getting nowhere or we could later find ourselves going in the wrong direction. There can be various mixed signals as we start the week, and we need to be mindful and fully aware. We have the energy to move mountains. But the question lies as to where we are moving the mountains.

A head of steam to start the week is all well and good, just as long as we have done due deliberations and planned our activities. We could easily get swayed this week, buying into the images and first impressions without considering the long-term implications. Let’s be cautious and judicious with our confidence and enthusiasm. And keep in mind the old saying that ‘the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.’

We may not be intending to wind up in hell but without forethought and some restraining actions we could bulldoze our way into a heap of trouble.

It is the new year and we want to be off and running, getting things going and advancing our interests and exploring new possibilities. We do have to watch for communication breakdowns at the beginning of the week. There can be problems with computers or internet issues, and air travel could be delayed or experience difficulties.

This is a week when we could get something in our head, assume it to be correct and then proceed without any checking or re-checking along the way.

The latter part of the week and the weekend seem far less frenetic, a little more placid and better put together than the first part of the week.

Monday, January 10th – Do the Hurly-Burly – Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto. Monday imprints this week with ramped-up energy and with us wanting to go for it. The question of what ‘it’ is might stymie us but certainly it will not prevent us from forging ahead. This is one energy-packed day when things are moving quickly, things flying at us from all directions and we may wonder whether we’re up, down or just spinning all around. Mercury sextiles Neptune and Mercury squares Uranus, the latter energy configuration being my least favorite for air travel. We begin the day with the Pisces Moon sextile Mars, square Mercury, conjunct Uranus, conjunct Jupiter before the Moon moves into Aries where it trines Venus and squares Pluto. If we have a great deal planned for this day, then we might feel on overwhelm as unexpected situations or unanticipated problems throw curve balls at our schedule and our intentions. This is a day for us to be quick on our feet but also a day not to be solely focused on any one thing. We might have to be a master juggler today, all with the recognition that there can be miscommunication, misunderstandings and problems getting from here to there. Commotion and confusion could reign supreme on this Monday. We just have to avoid getting caught up in the hurly-burly of it all, take some time to evaluate and re-evaluate, and recognize that we can make choices without giving definitive, long-term commitments.

Tuesday, January 11th – Grandiose and Bellicose – Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn. While the energy might simmer down on this Tuesday, especially after yesterday’s manic Monday, that doesn’t mean that things still aren’t likely to be a little over-the-top. This Tuesday has Mercury square Jupiter and the Aries Moon opposed Saturn. The snake oil salespeople may be out in full force today, making specious promises and painting all sorts of wonderful pictures that have little substance in true reality. This is also a day when we might want what we want with little consideration as to how it impacts other people. Not that we are looking to draw lines in the sand. But we might feel as though our ideas and our desires are what merit both full consideration and total realization. Relationships could be a little dicey and ever more so if people are not on the same page but instead have conflicting thoughts or wants. The tendency towards extreme action and overindulgence cannot be ruled out on this Tuesday. Today is a day to take everything with a grain of salt, allow ourselves time to reflect rather than impetuously act, and consider how our decisions and actions could impact the significant people in our lives. Otherwise, we could move ahead like Sherman’s march to the sea, with a slash and burn strategy, only to find that we have eventually burned bridges, and perhaps even our own britches.

Wednesday, January 12th – Streamlining for Expediting – Mars, Uranus, Sun, Neptune, Mars, Mercury. The sense of overwhelm that we might have felt over the last two days, some of which was certainly of our own making, could die down today but could also serve as a trigger for us to get our act together. This Wednesday has Mars sextile Uranus and the Aries Moon square the Sun, sextile Neptune, square Mars and trine Mercury. While we may feel bound and restricted by our obligations and responsibilities, we could also determine to streamline our operations and expedite the process of our daily lives. This is one of those days when the mantram of ‘working smarter rather than harder’ could impel us to use time management techniques, get the necessary equipment that would allow us to be more effective with less expenditure of energy and free up time for ourselves. Let’s consider options and alternatives regarding how we do our lives. We may discover that old patterns are no longer productive but, in fact, slow us down and create such a backup that we feel in threat of a tsunami-like wave eventually crashing down on us. Let’s keep in mind Einstein’s definition of insanity: ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Let’s consider trying to do things a little differently.

Thursday, January 13th – Back on the Fast Track – Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury Capricorn. Thursday is one of the primo days of this week. Mars sextiles Jupiter and the Taurus Moon trines Pluto and Mercury exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn. We can be highly productive and acutely resourceful. If we make our plans and develop our strategy, we can accomplish more than usual with less cost to ourselves. We may feel highly energized, focused on the most essential projects, and all in a best practices approach. If we need to address financial issues, this is a day to do so. We can consider the best alternatives for ourselves and can get the best bang for our buck today. This is a day not to waste on the frivolous or insignificant but rather a good day to lay down the foundation stones of our future. We could even find ourselves pulling rabbits out of the hat. Yes, magic is in the air, and we do not have to accept the doom and gloom of worst case scenarios.

Friday, January 14th – Taking Care of Business – Sun. Friday continues with yesterday’s ability to effectively get things done. Today the Taurus Moon trines the Sun. Similar to the tortoise and hare allegory, we may be taking things step by step but we are effective at what we are doing and nothing is falling between the cracks. While the beginning of the week could have been a little frantic and frenetic, this latter part of the week slows down, lets us concentrate on what needs doing and in the process allows us to accomplish a great deal. Purchases today would assist us in organizing, restructuring and framing what we need to complete and to prepare us for what lies ahead. This is a day to take care of what needs to be done, tie up loose ends and clear the decks so that we can explore new prospects and new possibilities in the days ahead.

Saturday, January 15th – Here, There and Everywhere – Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, Mars Aquarius. Late Friday, early Saturday could have us being indulgent. Maybe we are celebrating the accomplishments of the past two days when we might have felt that we had nose to grindstone and dealt with many of our responsibilities and the tasks at hand. Late Friday, early Saturday has the Taurus Moon square Neptune, sextile both Uranus and Jupiter and trine Mars. Most of the day has the Moon in Gemini. We could be like a butterfly, flying here, alighting there, not staying too long before off to a different venue. We are also moving out of the strong Capricorn focus and moving towards the Aquarius Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Air Sign next week. We start the process today with Mars exiting Capricorn and moving into Aquarius where it joins Neptune. We are likely to be looking for further social encounters and especially seeking out the unusual and the unique. Today is a day to explore and test the waters but not to dive into the deep end or stay too long doing any one thing.

Sunday, January 16th – Pleasant Get-Together – Venus, Saturn. Sunday continues a rather pleasant weekend. The Gemini Moon today opposes Venus and trines Saturn. We may carve out special time for that significant someone in our lives. This is a day when we just want to let things slide, take things as they come and not put a whole lot of pressure on ourselves. Getting together with friends, hanging out and just enjoying the company of others could be what we intend this day to be. We might reach out and contact those people that we didn’t have to connect with over the holidays. Not that we are feeling the ‘January blues’. It’s just that things can be slowing down, our responsibilities dealt with earlier in the week and time now just to enjoy ourselves and do whatever catches our fancy. A nice weekend to end what had started out as a fairly frenetic week and a day to prepare for a good week ahead.