December 6th – 12th, 2010

This week is a week when we may be in high gear. We want to take care of our everyday life responsibilities, attend to the details for our holiday plans and enjoy the company of friends in holiday cheer. The more we can accomplish now in the way of holiday plans and the completion of matters necessary before the end of the year, the better it would be. This week could be the most productive week before the end of the month, before the end of this year. That being said, make your major purchases or important communications prior to Friday.

We start the week with a thrust from this past Sunday’s Sagittarius Lunation. We want to expand our activities, broaden our interests, all the while being certain that we are not dropping the balls regarding any of our daily responsibilities, loose ends of the past, unexpected events demanding our attention, or holiday festivities with family and friends. We may be in hyper-drive to begin the week, but such an attitude could prove appropriate, especially in light of the fact that the end of this week has us entering a Mercury retrograde zone.

On Friday, the 10th, Mercury turns retrograde and goes retrograde through much of the rest of this month, turning direct on the 30th. We all have experienced some of the downsides of Mercury retrograde, which are akin to Murphy’s Law whereby ‘whatever could go wrong, will go wrong’. Delays, miscommunications and computer / Internet glitches often characterize Mercury retrograde with the similar dysfunctionality to the Keystone Kops.

We also should keep a heads-up of intense energy patterns during the rest of the month, especially the Mondays and Tuesdays, with the 13th-14th being the most severe, but all three perhaps proving problematic on the 13th-14th, the 20th-21st and the 27th-28th.

With what’s coming up for us during the rest of this month, this week would be a primo one to get as much done as we possibly can. We might feel as though we can have our cake and eat it too, although we might have to quickly scarf it down in order to keep up our pace.

Monday, December 6th – Best Laid Plans – Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Mars. Monday begins the week with a blast-off from our launch pad. We are in turbo-thrust thanks to the push from yesterday’s New Moon and with today starting off with the Sagittarius Moon square Jupiter, sextile Neptune, square Uranus and conjunct Mars. We might have a lot on our ‘to do’ list, the best of intentions to accomplish a great deal, but we may come to realize the truth to the statement of the Scottish poet Robert Burns’ admonition that ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often come to naught’. We could be overly optimistic, easily conceptualizing our swift progress for the day but bumping up against the slower movement that things take in earth plane reality. There can also be unexpected situations that crop up that force us to change our plans or that get in the way of our timing and our schedule. We might want to include other people in our plans or take the time out of our schedule to connect with other people. One of our great challenges during these times is not to force things. Our lesson during this paradigm shift is to step away from the egocentric belief that we alone can make things happen. We are being asked to work with the energies, to be co-creators and not to assume that we can force things to our will. As we go through this paradigm shift, we are repeatedly made aware of the importance of our being flexible and adaptable, with a good dose of humility thrown in.

Tuesday, December 7th – Seriousness of Intent – Sun, Saturn, Venus, Pluto, Mercury, Mars Capricorn. Tuesday can be a highly productive day, a day when we can be resourceful, determined and keeping our eye on the ball of what we need to do and what we want to do. Nothing is likely to get in our way today, which could prove disconcerting to those people who want our attention or need our assistance. Today, the Sun sextiles Saturn and the Capricorn Moon sextiles Venus, conjuncts both Pluto and Mercury and squares Saturn. Mars exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn. Our sense of responsibility and our attention to duty and obligation might prove a little off-putting to other people. Nothing is likely to stand in our way today. What we feel we need to do is our focus, and our concentration is narrowed to the tasks at hand and devising a best practices approach for the realization of our goals. This can be a fairly intense day. Things may be revealed, but in their revelation we can use the information and the greater understanding of things to cut to the core, to get to the heart of any matter. We can virtually move mountains today but in the process we might be stepping on some toes. The more diplomatic we can be in our dealings with other people, all the while making sure that they are not slowing us down, the less likely we shall be creating impediments in our way or future problems with which to deal with at a later time. This Tuesday stands out as one of those ‘git er done’ days. Let’s not waste it by making nice. We can have our nose to the grindstone and can tie up various loose ends, thereby freeing us up to strategize the means to most effectively accomplish our ends.

Wednesday, December 8th – Being More Effective with Less Expenditure of Energy – Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus. It is often said that Wednesday is the ‘hump’ day of the week, seeing how it comes in the middle of the work week. This Wednesday is not so much a ‘hump’ day as it is greased wheels. This can be a highly effective and productive day. If we have stepped on toes, we can make amends. If we take off our blinders and are willing to do things in a way different from our usual pattern, then we could discover that things move more smoothly and rapidly than we might have thought ever possible. Venus sextiles Pluto and the Capricorn Moon sextiles both Jupiter and Uranus. We can be highly resourceful and also implement a program that allows us to get more done in a shorter period of time. Now is a time for us to hone, fine tune and adapt new methods and incorporate different techniques. The magic of the day, and there may be a great deal of magic around today, is for us to be open to possibilities and unanticipated variables. Much of today’s action and highlights are likely to be found in the serendipity of things, of being in the moment and taking advantage of unexpected opportunities. Let’s keep our antennae up and work with peripheral vision for some of the wonderful surprises that could come our way.

Thursday, December 9th – Push, Pulls – Venus. While yesterday could have been one of those magical days, this Thursday could have raised expectations as a consequence. Perhaps we assumed that everything could operate smoothly and at a picked-up pace, that things just naturally fall into place. This is true to some large degree, but ever more so when we, or other people, don’t get in the way and muck up the works. Thursday could have some mucking up going on. The Aquarius Moon today squares Venus. Other people might make demands on us, or we might have overcommitted from the ‘high’ we were on yesterday. Today is a day to watch for the push pulls regarding what we want and what we need, our interchanges with other people and their demands on our time. If we feel put upon today, we could cut the ties that bind. We don’t want to feel obligated today and we could ride roughshod over other people’s feelings to enforce our sense of freedom of movement. This is also a day when we need to watch our expenses. We could easily justify outlandish expenditures with the idea that it serves our goals or that if we give something grand to someone, they will reciprocate in kind. Why go there when such attitudes could be fraught with disappointment? Relationships might be a little touchy today, and it might seem that diverging interests create a tug-of-war in our interactions. Let’s take baby steps today, no giant steps. Otherwise, we might find ourselves stepping in it.

Friday, December 10th – Murphy’s at it Again – Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Sun, Mercury Capricorn. Friday has the Aquarius Moon trine Saturn and sextile the Sun. This Friday could be an especially pleasant day to get together with friends and engage the holiday cheer. Mercury also sextiles Venus, which reinforces the enjoyment of get-togethers with friends and loved ones. Where a problem arises, however, is in the fact that Mercury turns retrograde today. Whatever our plans for today might be, let’s be flexible and certainly add on some extra time. If we are meeting people, it would be wise to check and confirm with them. Things may take longer than we like today, and there can be miscommunications, traffic delays and various problems in moving ahead. The Mercury retrograde, often most intense when the planet is changing ‘direction’, speaks to Murphy’s Law which is better summarized as ‘whatever can go wrong, could’. Things do not have to be a disaster, but there can be unintended problems that get in the way. If we have major decisions or significant purchases to make, it would have been better to have done so prior to the Mercury retrograde or wait until Mercury turns direct, after the 30th. If we have to go ahead with major decisions or major commitments, then it is essential that we check and re-check to be certain that the structure, format, specifics and all details are well-covered and all taken care of.

Saturday, December 11th – Necessary Errands – Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Pluto. This weekend can actually be a very lovely weekend, as long as we keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde, necessitating our adding on extra time and confirming and re-confirming plans with other people. Saturday begins with the Aquarius Moon conjunct Neptune. We may be feeling good, excited about our plans and looking forward to social engagements. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for seven and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aquarius and before entering Pisces where it sextiles Mars and sextiles Pluto. We might want to just kick back and enjoy the day, embrace the holiday spirit but as the day progresses, we might find ourselves enlisted in doing errands. Yes, the pressure of holiday commitments could feel strong, although strangely pleasant. We might enjoy the throngs of people, the community celebrations and the fun activities that seem so effortless and yet demand time and energy to manifest. Let’s enjoy the weekend, but also be aware that we could have a tendency to overindulge. We also need to be mindful that these times speak to volatility, the potential for things turning dramatically without notice, and that there are times to enjoy ourselves and times to prepare ourselves. Let’s enjoy our selves and the holiday celebrations with a watchful eye regarding things hitting the wall or the intensity ratcheting up as we come into the early part of this coming week.

Sunday, December 12th – The Calm Before the Storm – Mercury, Venus. Sunday can continue with the pleasantries of this weekend. The Pisces Moon sextiles Mercury and trines Venus. Our intuitive sense and our feeling of something being up, or coming up, could be strong today. We may feel very spiritually connected and motivated. We might decide to go out of our way for other people, helping those less fortunate than ourselves or calling up people we might not have spoken to for quite awhile. We want to be of service and may be feeling very compassionate. Although we might feel that we are well prepared for anything that might come away, and well conditioned after some of the events of the past decade, we could also have a sense of an undercurrent of anxiety, as though feeling that despite the appearance of holiday cheer something is percolating below the surface to give us concern. Tomorrow is a most intense day and on this Sunday we could be feeling the undercurrents that might explode on the scene tomorrow. Yes, this Sunday could prove to be the calm before the storm but it would be good for us to focus on our spiritual beliefs and reinforce the wise and true saying that we never get more than we can handle. Things may not be as they seem, but we can still enjoy ourselves and embrace the true meaning of this holiday period — that in the darkness, the light is born.