December 20th – 26th, 2010

This week is the run up to Christmas, and run we might be doing as we begin the week. We may be checking our list, checking it twice, for all the holiday preparations that we have yet to accomplish. Not only might we find that we have a great deal on our plate, but we could also discover that various curveballs of unexpected situations have demanded our attention and kept us from the expeditious accomplishment of our scheduled activities. Weather problems, demands on our time and sundry other irritations may get in the way of what we intended to do.

Although Monday and Tuesday could have the energies ratcheted up severalfold, the intensity of these two days is reminiscent of the Monday and Tuesday of last week and a foresign of next week’s Monday and Tuesday. We could begin the week going a little overboard in extravagance and generosity. Perhaps we are trying to create an ambience of Christmas past, even though we all realize that the past was then and the present is now with little comparison to our days of past experience.

As the week progresses, things can slow down. We might be more attentive to our home and family matters, seeking solace and comfort in the familial home fires burning. We may even embrace the true spirit of Christmas, the sense of camaraderie and nurturing appreciation for those people in our lives. We can reach out and engage the community of humankind. Our focus on shopping, gifts and the external sensations could drop away as we concentrate on the special magic that this season exemplifies. Whatever our religious or philosophical belief system, the Winter Solstice gifts us with the darkest day of the year heralding the coming of the light in the Northern Hemisphere that increases and intensifies to the Summer Solstice at the end of June.

Towards the end of the week, we may seek out various fun activities — take in a movie, go to the theater, look at the various shop windows in their holiday displays, and enjoy the splendor of the sparkling lights at this holiday time.

The weekend can be pleasant. If we are with friends and family, we may fully enjoy the love and warmth of those we hold dear. No matter what our weekend plans might be, we could use the time to reflect on where we have been, what we have gone through and recognize our own metamorphosis, and we may begin to make plans for the new year ahead.

This week may be a kaleidoscope of varied activities, different engagements and emotional swings, but it also provides a panoramic view of the broad palette our lives have become.

Monday, December 20th – Murphy’s in the House – Mercury, Uranus, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter. Monday is one of those days that could see evidence of the Mercury retrograde axiom of Murphy’s Law: ‘Whatever can go wrong, could go wrong’. The Mercury retrograde squares Uranus, and this aspect is my least favorite for travel, and especially air travel. Combine that with the transiting Moon going through the Mercury-ruled Sign of Gemini and creating both a Grand Trine in the Air Element and a Mutable Sign T-Square and we may find the push-pulls of this day quite extreme. On the one hand, and more in our mind’s eye than in practical reality, we have it all together. We know what we want to do. We know how we want to do it. And we know that things can be easy. And so they can, in our mind’s eye. The Moon in Gemini trines Saturn in Libra and trines Neptune in Aquarius. Our communications are strong. We are reaching out to friends and family far and wide and doing an excellent job of it. The irony of this day lies in the fact that we might have it going on but in deed we may be hitting all sorts of bumps in the road. Where a problem arises is both with the Mercury square Uranus and the Mutable Sign T-Square that the Gemini Moon creates by the Moon squaring both Jupiter and Uranus and opposing Mercury. We may have it all together in our mind’s eye but the practical implementation could hit various snags and be hampered by various roadblocks. Whether it’s a weather issue, whereby we just can’t get moving, or increased anxieties and different glitches impeding our progress, delays and obstructions could get in our way. There are liabilities regarding computer crashes, Internet problems and heaps of all kinds of frustrations and possible difficulties. We are also moving towards a Full Moon Eclipse early tomorrow. To quote Bette Davis in All About Eve: ‘Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.’

Tuesday, December 21st – The Idyllic or the Perfect Storm – Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, Lunar Eclipse, Gemini Full Moon, Sun, Pluto, Mars, Winter Solstice, Sun Capricorn. This day might be best summed up by the notorious and oft-used line from the many film comedies of the 1930’s and 1940’s of Oliver Hardy to his sidekick Stan Laurel: “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.” Mercury sextiles Neptune and Mercury squares Jupiter today. The Gemini Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse, right on the cusp of Cancer opposes the Sun before entering Capricorn and then the Moon opposes both Pluto and Mars as the Moon transits through Cancer. Our emotions could go through wild mood swings, from being in the clouds and seeing only the best in things to a sense of being limited and restricted by the way things are. Our thoughts may be dreamy and idealistic but our actions a little too strong and over-the-top. Family and home matters can come up as we feel our obligations and yet also are fully aware of people’s pain. Let’s keep in mind that these are transformational times and that during such times we all have to go through the labor plans of birthing to the new. This day in the Northern Hemisphere represents the birth of light in the darkness. We have come to the darkest day of the year and from now until the Summer Solstice we grow into the light. At this moment, we can assume the light to be born, a new sense of our being born, but conflicted, feeling the pain of letting go, the sense of eliminations and the obligations to do a walk through events similar to past experiences during this holiday period. The key to this day, to this Winter period, is to maintain the balance between the dream and the reality, to build a bridge between the past and our future, all in the process of letting go of those things that no longer work for us.

Wednesday, December 22nd – The Wonder of Spirit – Venus, Saturn. Wednesday has the Moon in Cancer trine Venus and square Saturn. The holiday spirit can bring us great relief, as we look beyond the appearances and presentations to get to the core and substance of things. Our compassion may be engaged and we might seek ways by which we can assist other people. The sense of ‘there but for the grace of god go I’ can impel some of our actions and our involvements. We may go out of our way for other people, but especially in a more detached manner. We can be very warm and nurturing and ever more so to the greater humanity than to those specific people in our lives. We do have to be careful that we are not being too demanding of other people. Our relationships could be a little dicey during this time. We will be far more beneficent to the masses rather than to those special people in our lives. Let’s try to cut everyone a little slack. Let’s embrace the spirit of these holidays that allows us to look beyond the veil of Maya, beyond the illusions of appearance, and appreciate the magic and mystery of life and living and the unique, beautiful qualities of the different individuals in our lives and the wonder of their spirit.

Thursday, December 23rd – The Magic of these Times – Jupiter, Uranus. Thursday begins with the Cancer Moon trine both Jupiter and Uranus. If we keep our antennae up, take off our blinders and work with peripheral vision, we may see magic afoot. Mini-miracles abound and we might see them in what we might otherwise pass off as trite and insignificant events. But they may be subtle indications of magic and miracles nonetheless. This is a day for us to be open to the spontaneity of these times, the serendipity and synchronicity increasingly evident to us. Feelings of good cheer can abound today as the dimensions seem so much thinner than ever before. Dickens’ wrote of Christmas ghosts of past, present and future. We can embrace the sense of the past, present and future today and possibly more as a mosaic of NOW. As the day progresses, the Moon moves from Cancer into Leo. We are looking for fun activities, enjoyable events that are part of the celebrations of these holiday times. From nurture to creative expression, today allows us to be so much more than we might feel we usually are.

Friday, December 24th – Hail Fellow, Well Met – Saturn, Venus, Mercury. Friday continues with the Leo Moon, which today sextiles Saturn, squares Venus and trines Mercury. We may be looking to get together with various friends and relatives today. Whether we meet with them in person or reach out and connect with them by phone or Internet, we want to make contact with those people that sprinkle our lives with sparkling evanescence. Today is a day for fun and a day to share fun activities with other people. We are looking to fully engage this Christmas Holiday weekend and likely to skip away early from our daily responsibilities to join in the fun and festivities. If we are last-minute shopping, we need to be restrained regarding our expenses or otherwise we could strain our finances. Having a good time does not necessitate it costing a lot.

Saturday, December 25th – Happy Christmas – Neptune, Sun, Pluto. Often our expectations are far grander than the actual reality, and this Christmas Day might turn out to be proof of such an experience. The day begins with the Leo Moon opposed Neptune. Many holidays now seem like Hallmark extravaganzas, with various images and over-the-top splendors presented as the way the holidays should go. Such an attitude expressed might seem Grinch-like to many, but if we can keep this Christmas Day simple, then good times and good cheer can be had by all. But with the Moon exiting Leo to enter Virgo where it trines the Sun and trines Pluto, we might find that we are involved in a precision-executed rollout of holiday gatherings. No detail might be lost but our enjoyment may revolve around the successful production of Christmas rather than the simple pleasures of spending quality time with those special people in our lives. If we get too involved in the image of this day, we could march lock-step in the focused unfolding of the day’s regimented schedule. And then our sense of responsibilities and obligations can take the place of simple wonder and quiet enjoyment. However we choose to celebrate this day, let’s keep in mind, even the back of our mind, that we are celebrating the birth of light in the midst of darkness. Happy Christmas, the light is born.

Sunday, December 26th – Contemplating the Metamorphosis and Making Necessary Changes – Sun, Pluto, Mars, Venus, Mercury. Sunday could prove a most powerful day. The Sun conjuncts Pluto and the Moon transiting Virgo trines Mars, sextiles Venus and squares Mercury. We may be far more conscious of the transformations that we have been going through, the changes operating within our individual selves and the shifts going on in the collective. Today is a good day for us to reflect upon what is truly important in our lives and what seems but a distraction. We may use some of this day as a clean-up from the holiday celebrations, dealing with leftovers, returning gifts to the stores and most importantly seeing whether our lives are truly stream-lined or if they have energy leaks in superfluous involvements. We could give thought today to the core issues in our lives, devise our plans to tie up loose ends of the year, clear the decks for the new year, and consider new year resolutions as to where to most productively focus our energies in order to be happy, healthy and successful in the year ahead. We are all going through major changes, both as individuals and as a society, and this Sunday is a good day to consider he process, the releases from our past and the hopes and dreams for our future. From the chrysalis, the caterpillar becomes the butterfly. In our own transformations, we can discover how to shapeshift, fly and then soar.