December 13th – 19th, 2010

This week begins with a bang, with explosive releases that ratchet up the intensity and could prove too hot to handle. Mondays and Tuesdays of the next three weeks are days that begin those weeks on sharp notes and disconcerting events. This second half of December may be the holiday season, but holiday cheer could give way to angry outbursts and violent actions. And this week offers insight into some of the problems with which we might have to deal during the early part of the winter season and through the first few weeks of 2011.

Oh, joy! We might be singing ‘joy to the world’, but our sentiments could be more a plea for such rather than a committed affirmation of the reality of a paradigm shift. We might be more aware of the ‘end times’ rather than the new beginnings.

Monday and Tuesday of this week are days for us to do the tai chi moves, being aware of the intensity of the energies and then moving swiftly and mindfully in order to use the energies to our advantage with little collateral damage. If we do not become exhausted and wiped out by the early part of the week, the rest of the week seems far more pleasant.

As if obliterating the intensity of the first two days of the week from our minds and assuming that whatever went on were but isolated incidents unlikely to return, the rest of this week can have us focusing on our own self-interests, doing some holiday shopping or self-indulgent shopping for ourselves and then looking to get together with other people, chatting up a storm and having a good old time over the weekend.

Despite the fact that the first part of the week could have us plummeting to depths that seem fathomless and dealing with fundamental issues, the weekend allows us to be far more shallow, concentrating on the superficial, putting on blinders and assuming that the worst is behind us. Nice concept but being oblivious is not a choice during these times, even if we employ it as a healthy respite.

Monday, December 13th – Knocking Off That Chip – Mercury, Pluto, Mars, Sun, Jupiter, Uranus. Years ago, people used to refer to angry people as ‘having a chip on their shoulder’. This Monday seems akin to that phrase with the further action of looking to knock that chip off someone’s shoulder. Today is one INTENSE day. We have a huge power play going on today. Mercury, Mars and Pluto, all transiting Capricorn, are all conjunct today. This is a day when Humpty Dumpty could take a big fall, a day when bomb blasts, explosions, eruptions and all forms of crashing and burning can go on. Nothing is done in half measure today, nor is it done in full measure. This is a day when the energy is ratcheted up off the charts and over the top. Watch out! The powers-that-be can be acting out with little conciliatory words or actions engaged. Storm systems could be blizzard-like or drench areas in historic precipitation amounts. In order to deal with the day it would be important for us to meditate, rein in our desire for immediate reactions and to read between the lines. Things may not be the way they seem, although it would be hard to escape some of the intense actings-out or hide some of the crash and burns of this day. Discussions can turn into arguments, which can then spin out of control into violent physical reactions. If we can get a handle on the energy, then we could be incisive, to the point and use the energy to virtually move mountains. But getting a handle on this energy would be a superhuman feat. The Pisces Moon today squares the Sun and conjuncts both Jupiter and Uranus. We might feel that things far beyond our normal parameters are creating havoc for all concerned, and well they could. We might fall into a victim mode as we watch things and the world itself spinning out of control. But while we might have to surrender any sense of control and feel reactive to situations not of our making, we do not have to fall into fear and anxiety. Instead, we can focus on our faith and the belief that things do in deed work out for the best, even despite the fact that things seem to be ever more falling apart. These are transformational times and certain things need to be eliminated, laid bare and create huge upset before the new parameters take form and take hold. Let’s all breathe, be witness to the intensity without getting caught up in the tsunami of emotions and reactions.

Tuesday, December 14th – Keeps on Going on – Mercury, Pluto, Mars. Monday and Tuesday are two intense days. Whatever started on Monday in the sense of the all-powerful, the all-overwhelming, and the most intense, continues on into this Tuesday. The Mercury, Mars, Pluto conjunction of yesterday is triggered again today. The Moon in Aries today squares all three. As Yogi Berra would remind us: ‘It ain’t over ‘til it’s over’. Whatever was set off yesterday continues on into this Tuesday. We may feel a great deal of our interests and plans are being blocked today. Restrictions and delays could be strong and we could have the sense that another part of the world, as we have known it, is falling away. Freedom of movement might be called into question and various regulations imposed all under the guise of increased security. We might all have the feeling that the noose is tightening and that our individual actions are limited by circumstances beyond our control. But we could also see certain traditions, foundations of the past giving way, no longer holding such weight or authority as they once did. The world is changing, and the world, as we have known it, is fast becoming but a memory.

Wednesday, December 15th – You or Me – Saturn. The intensity of Monday and Tuesday seems to die down on this Wednesday, but we might still feel limited or blocked as to our ability to fully express ourselves. This is a day, as has been the past two days, when the issue of importance of the individual versus the well-being of the collective is called into question. The Aries Moon today opposes Saturn. We might feel restricted by other people or the group at large. Our individual interests could run counter to those of the people in our lives. As we are dealing with an opposition in today’s energies, it would be wise for us to find the balance point between our own personal desires and the interests of those significant people in our lives. We don’t have to be rebels without a cause. We can still do our own thing, focus on our own personal interests but we will have easier sledding if we do so in a way whereby we don’t step on other people’s toes, nor draw lines in the sand by creating confrontational and adversarial situations. This Wednesday is a day that calls for diplomacy, grace and charm. After the past two days, such qualities may be somewhat lacking. But the intensity of the past two days has quieted down and we are moving towards a softer, gentler time frame for the rest of this week.

Thursday, December 16th – Never Enough – Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Pluto. Thursday seems a far more pleasant day than the last three days, and it begins a quieter time and a more upbeat time for the rest of the week. The Sun squares Jupiter today, and the day begins with the Aries Moon trine the Sun and sextile Neptune. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for seven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes it’s transit of Aries and before entering Taurus where it trines both Mercury and Pluto. As if feeling that we deserve a little self-indulgence after the events earlier this week, we could look to fully enjoy ourselves today with indulgence and excess as our companions. Although we could be feeling far more upbeat, and even assume that the storm clouds have passed us by, this is a day to avoid extravagance and the sense that enough is never enough. This is also a day when we might pick up the pieces. Whatever lateral lobotomies [whacks on the side of the head] that we received earlier this week, today we can get back on track, clean things up and focus on a meaningful and to-the-point agenda. We are feeling far better than we have been feeling, but let’s not forget to connect the dots. Some of the issues, situations, problems of early this week may be put in abeyance but might not be fully resolved. Let’s enjoy this day and the rest of this week, embrace the holiday cheer, but still maintain a watchful eye for some of the problem areas that came up and might come up yet again.

Friday, December 17th – Going for Broke – Mars, Venus. Friday’s Taurus Moon trines Mars and opposes Venus. Expenses associated with holiday gatherings might have us going overboard as we seek to impress other people with our generosity and our good taste. Let’s try to be resourceful today, budget our time and our finances. We could easily get carried away buying the biggest and the brightest today, replete with a high price tag and a major dent in our budget. Impulse purchases are likely, for we may feel as though we have to make a splash and don’t have the time to do comparison shopping. If we get caught up in the feeding frenzy of holiday shopping, we might find that we are buying more gifts than we intended and spending more than we had bargained for. This Friday is a day for us to tone down our energy, rein in our impulses and just go slow in everything that we do. Due diligence is called for. Otherwise, we could race forward without consideration of the consequences or long-term implications.

Saturday, December 18th – Plans, Easy in Concept, Harder to Realize – Sun, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury Sagittarius. Saturday seems a real push-pull between our concept of how things can happen and the actual reality of trying to get from the starting point to our destination. Things may not run as smoothly as we would like. This Saturday has the Sun sextile Neptune and the Sun square Uranus. The day begins with the Moon in Taurus, which sextiles Jupiter, squares Neptune and sextiles Uranus before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for six hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini. Mercury retrogrades out of Capricorn, ending the Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Earth Sign, and retrogrades back into Sagittarius. This day could be one of those days when our eyes are bigger than our capabilities. We might assume that we can easily accomplish our plans but such assumptions could hit hard up against the practical manifestation of such plans and also unexpected events that can arise to knock us off course. If we are making plans with other people, we might want to confirm and even recheck with them rather than just accept the likelihood of things running according to plan. Not. This day is one of those days when life seems to interrupt our sense of how things should go. We might want to expand our interests, broaden our sphere, all the while that curveballs of unexpected situations are thrown at us along with possible unintended consequences of our actions. Let’s maintain an element of bemusement at the ironies of life and the foibles of humankind.

Sunday, December 19th – If Only Life Could Be – Sun, Mercury. We may feel fairly upbeat today thanks to the Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius. The Moon is in Gemini and we are moving towards a Gemini Full Moon Eclipse on Tuesday, also the day of the Winter Solstice. And Monday and Tuesday coming up may not be as extreme as this week’s past Monday and Tuesday, but like the three Mondays and Tuesdays to end the month, the energies on these days are certainly no bed of roses. Let’s enjoy ourselves today, get out of Dodge if possible, or at least engage in some uplifting, fun activities. It is the holiday season after all and while much of it can seem frenetic and even demanding, there is the spirit of the holidays that we can also embrace. Let’s let our mind roam into the world of possibilities and recognize that intention and attitude are two key factors in how our lives are likely to unfold, even if with the rollercoaster–like ups and downs. Listening to inspiring words, seeing the world as our oyster are ways by which we can put a smile on our face and realize that life is pretty wonderful. We have had, and will have, those times when life seems like a surrealistic dance often devolving into a Brueghel-like nightmare. Today is not one of those days but a day that is fun, lively and can provide a necessary transfusion of happiness and enjoyment.