November 8th – 14th, 2010

This week could have us looking to expand our operations, broaden our reach and widen our scope. New ideas and various possibilities might intrigue us. We may use the early part of the week to explore prospects. Nothing is considered impossible, especially if we embrace the building blocks of the new paradigm. We are moving more and more into asequential reality where things occur not in a direct progression but rather in a synchronistic, even unexpected, manner. We no longer have to master our world. We can be the co-creators working with the universal energies to engage wondrous opportunities rather than trying to bend the world to our whims.

This second week of November could prove a real see-saw. The early part of the week can have us reaching out, stretching and spreading our wings. The mid-part of the week can have us back addressing our responsibilities, dealing with our everyday obligations and starting to bring completion to outstanding matters before we come into the holidays and the end of the year. The end of the week and over the weekend could see us participating in various social get-togethers and using our colleagues for a brainstorming of prospects and possibilities.

We may not be as stressed this week as we have been over recent months. Perhaps we are getting used to the volatility of these times with its juggling of a number of different things all at once juxtaposed by delays that are reminiscent of the Hollywood movie industry’s mantram: ‘hurry up and wait’.

Let’s keep in mind that time is a subjective factor as well as an objective measurement. There are times when our focus goes to one particular area of our lives, other times when our focus shifts and concentrates on a different area of our lives.

This week can be like an accordion whereby we are expansive and upbeat early on, followed by a more contractive phase focused on our routine tasks, and ending with social engagements and considerations of the world of possibilities.

Monday, November 8th – Stretching Well Beyond – Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury Sagittarius. Monday starts the week with us likely to be in an upbeat, even inspired, disposition. We may be feeling good about things, especially with encouragement from that special someone or those special people in our lives. The Moon in Sagittarius sextiles Saturn and squares Jupiter. Mercury exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. We are looking at expanding our parameters, more interested in things that are far distant from our everyday experience than our normal daily routine. We might consider a wide palette of possibilities, some of which might be classed as fanciful at best. Although it is important that we always keep in mind our options and our alternatives to our present reality, we could also go off on a mental excursion into unrealistic prospects. Today is not a day for fine details or even addressing the specifics. We are more interested in the broad paint stroke of what could be. We might be wide-eyed, even wild-eyed, but so long as we don’t make long-term definite commitments, why not engage the broad scope of possibilities? It’s like a horse having its blinders removed now able to see all around without the perspective limited to merely that which is in front of it. Seeing all things as possible can help us feel energized, enthusiastic and receptive to unexpected opportunities.

Tuesday, November 9th – Back in Form – Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Pluto. Tuesday starts off with us still in something of a la-la-land regarding where we might be if we were not where we are. The Moon finishes up its transit of Sagittarius with a sextile to Neptune, a square to Uranus and a sextile to Venus. We may feel as though our greatest advantages are somewhere beyond our normal existence. We might want to reach out to those people far and wide as if by doing so we are stretching our wings and broadening our horizons. An unexpected situation could come up that brings us back to our present day reality. We might have to address a situation immediately that forces us to banish any Peter Pan-like reveries from our mind and demands that we deal with pressing matters. The Moon moves into Capricorn where it conjuncts Pluto. The energy shifts dramatically today. From swirling thoughts of possibilities and alternate realities we come back into our bodies, focus on our responsibilities and may need to complete certain outstanding projects. We can certainly do so, and the reveries may have served as an impetus for us to deal with our usual obligations, get them out of the way, so that we can truly consider options and alternatives for our future. We can prioritize and enlist a best practices approach by which to get things done effectively, expeditiously and with the least amount of aggravation.

Wednesday, November 10th – With Me or A’gin Me – Saturn, Sun. Wednesday has the Capricorn Moon square Saturn and sextile the Sun. This may be a day when we want to go it alone. We might have a tendency to hold our cards close to our chest, do what we want to do without making too many people aware of what we’re doing or how we’re doing it. If we do share some of our ideas with other people, we might get an unreceptive response. In fact, this is one of those days when someone might try to trip us up, demand that we do things in a particular way and that we be in accord with their ideas and their formats. Nothing can raise the hackles today as much as someone trying to power trip on us. We might experience delays today and more likely so if we are dependent upon other people to get things done or to assist us in our getting things done. Although delays can prove a tempering and honing process, any delays today would only increase our tendency to secretiveness. We may want to do what we want to do today, but we could find demands placed upon us by other people or by restrictions from the powers-that-be.

Thursday, November 11th – Smarter Rather Than Harder – Jupiter, Uranus, Venus. Thursday continues with the Capricorn Moon which today sextiles both Jupiter and Uranus and squares Venus. Later in the day, the Moon exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius. Similar to yesterday, this Thursday could find us having more success following our own course, doing our own thing, holding our cards close to our chest rather than some attempt at team work, consensus or relying upon other people. We might also discover innovative ways by which to streamline our operations. Our time management abilities today can be spot-on with us able to accomplish more in a shorter period of time than usual. Of course, where the kicker comes in, might be in regard to other people’s input or blockages. Although we can be highly effective and productive today, it might be better to be independent of other people or other people’s critiques. Today is a day for us to work smarter rather than harder. If other people need to play a role in our activities or projects, let’s try and get as much done before introducing them into the process to avoid their mucking up the works. Once we have taken care of what needs to be done, we can then engage in social activities later in the day and over the next two days. Wednesday and Thursday might best be used for ‘alone’ time, going into overdrive to take care of our responsibilities and then re-surfacing into the world once we have gotten much of our tasks out of the way.

Friday, November 12th – Catching Up with Friends and Prospects – Mercury, Mars, Saturn. Friday gives us the gift of gab. While we might have been concentrating on our personal goals over the past three days, this Friday could see us in a wind-down and shifting our focus to catching up with friends and considering our possibilities for the future. Friday can be an especially pleasant day for social get-togethers, presentations of expansive ideas and for us to make a good impression. If we have done our due diligence, the energy for which was strong over the past three days, then this Friday affords us the ability of presenting pleasantly our case and winning admiration both for our enthusiasm and for our expertise. We have it going on today. We’re likely to be feeling upbeat, energetic and ready to create win-win situations. This is one of those days when we might embrace the concept that a rising tide raises all boats. We are far less secretive than we might have been over the past two days, far more ebullient and willing to lavish praises on both our own efforts and those of other people. Let’s use this day to consider our possibilities for the future, where we want to go and with whom we want to get there. Not a day for us to nit-pick or micro-manage, this day is better served by lavishing praise and encouraging other people. We may feel that we’re sitting on top of the world, but we also realize what it took to get us here.

Saturday, November 13th – Reality or Illusion – Sun, Neptune. Saturday could prove a little dicey. The Aquarius Moon squares the Sun and conjuncts Neptune. If we had a good day yesterday, a truly good day when we were bellowing T.G.I.F. [‘thank goodness, it’s Friday’] not because it was the end of the work week but rather because it was such a good Friday; Saturday could bring us up short. We could easily be seduced by our feelgood attitude and a sense that nothing can go wrong in our world. The liability towards a lateral lobotomy, or whack on the side of the head, could be strong today if we decide to splurge, follow our bliss and do whatever we want, all without checking the circumstances, conditions or costs. We might go overboard today, make assumptions based on our hoped-for parameters and not the true reality of the situation. Today is a day for us to look at everything with a jaundiced eye, wondering whether what we are seeing is based upon true reality or on our perspective and how we choose to see things. Let’s try to keep a rein on our emotions, our purse strings and our willingness to buy into appearances without considering what is really going on.

Sunday, November 14th – Putting Our Heart into It – Venus, Pluto. Saturday night, early Sunday morning could have us engaging in special moments with a special someone. The Aquarius Moon trines Venus before exiting Aquarius to enter Pisces where it sextiles Pluto. Whether we are in actual contact with a good friend or loved one, many of our thoughts can focus on those special people in our lives. Interactions with other people can be highly rewarding. Everyone is looking at the optimum in their friendships and their connections. We may be far more appreciative of those special people in our lives and we might even be making amends for being a little more closed-off during this past mid-week. As the day progresses, we might be looking for some involvement that really speaks to us. Some of us might engage philosophical or religious activities. Some could decide on going down by the seashore or getting on the water. Others of us may decide on taking in a concert or participating in a dance class. This Sunday can be a fun day, a day when we are nurturing our spirit and feeding our soul. Our compassion is engaged and we can help out other people who are less fortunate or may not have the same skill set as ourselves. Blessings abound — both given and received.