November 29th – December 5th, 2010

This week could prove a real roller coaster with a great deal of intense actings out, a brief interlude of peace and serenity and then some ill-conceived actions that could trigger unintended consequences. We are at the end of November and the beginning of December. The holiday spirit may be well underway and with it we could be entangled with a frenzy of activity and a sense of overwhelm.

There is a great deal of energy shift this week. We may have various responsibilities to attend to and we might prefer to maintain a narrow-focused perspective rather than looking at the big picture. But the big picture could have an impact on us, so it would be wise for us to look up every now and then and see what is going on beyond the confines of our own individual parameters.

We begin the week with rumblings of bellicose actions and reactions. The spinmeisters may spin how good things have become, but it would be wise for us to always check the source and then check their agenda. A sense of sleight-of-hand and even downright deception can be blowing in the wind. We have to be careful and avoid any pitfalls based upon irrational exuberance or buying into the image without due diligence of evaluating the substance.

Mid-week may have us giving thought to our obligations and responsibilities. We might play catch-up with friends and relatives to whom we owe some form of acknowledgement, whether it takes the form of planned get-togethers, a phone call or a holiday card sending them our best wishes. The latter part of the week could find us somewhat accident prone with the advisory that haste not only makes waste but could also precipitate twists, sprains and unintended consequences.

The weekend seems pleasant with us giving thought to how we can broaden our reach, all the while engaging friends and loved ones in our holiday plans. The weekend closes with the Sagittarius New Moon and a focus on planned holiday celebrations and a desire for good cheer.

Monday, November 29th – Don’t Mess With – Mars, Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Venus Scorpio. Monday starts the week off on a sharp note. Nothing is likely done in half measure today but can be done to the extreme. This is a day for us to count to ten before reacting to situations, a time for moderation in all things, and a day for us to rein in our emotions and our opinions. While important cautionary advice, such an approach to the day may be lacking. Mars squares Jupiter and the Virgo Moon creates a Mutable Sign T-Square by opposing Jupiter and squaring Mars. To top it off, Venus exits its own Sign of Libra and re-enters Scorpio where it is uncomfortable. Everyone may have an edge on today, even to the point of looking to pick a fight. Compromise and diplomacy could be lost, and a tendency to push the envelope might trigger belligerent actions. People can be very judgmental and today critical thinking could be more akin to hypercritical evaluations. This is not a day to draw upon other people’s advice unless we want to hear them read us the riot act and tell us how inept we are. This Monday could have everyone enlisting the attitude that a strong offense is a good defense. Although everyone might be a little on edge today, it would be important for us to step away, take a detached viewpoint and see what is really going on and not merely people’s unconscious responses to a sense of overwhelm, overload or heightened anxiety.

Tuesday, November 30th – Keeping the Heat On – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Mercury Capricorn. Tuesday continues with the Mutable Sign T-Square, which today has the Virgo Moon opposed Uranus and square Mercury. Monday and Tuesday could be two intense days, although the intensity ratchets down as we move more into Tuesday. We start the day with unexpected situations likely to pop up, even to the point of forcing us to change our plans and adapt to changing circumstances. Issues that are beyond our usual scope might intrude upon our schedule. Let’s deal with what needs to be done, recognizing that we are learning to juggle situations that are not always of our making. We do need to be certain that we are not glossing over important considerations, so even if things take longer than we might like, it would be wise for us to go step by step instead of jumping to conclusions or rushing ahead without due deliberation. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Virgo and enters Libra where the Moon squares Pluto and then sextiles the Sun. If we are dependent upon other people, we might experience their inflexibility and their being adamant in their belief. Let’s not engage lines drawn in the sand but rather we should do the tai chi moves whereby we acknowledge the source and their likely agenda, and then work with the energy to the best of our ability to move things forward without being blocked or constricted. Later, the Moon sextile Sun allows us to smooth things over, win people to our side and get beyond the past thirty-six hours of intensity and ill will. Mercury exiting Sagittarius to enter Capricorn ends the Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Fire Sign. While we might have had an incredible breadth of vision and may have been more interested in things at a distance, we are moving into a time frame of structured focus, a time when we are looking to deal with things at hand and bring completion to much of this passing year’s outstanding issues. Disentanglement allows us to free ourselves up from weighty responsibilities and disengage from other people’s emotional dramas and needless baggage.

Wednesday, December 1st – Checking the List – Mercury, Venus, Saturn. Wednesday begins the month of December, and we might feel the pressure of the holidays upon us. This day has Mercury sextile Venus and the Libra Moon conjunct Saturn. We might attend to various obligations to the important people in our lives, and even consider making reconnections with people from our past. This time of year has us taking a walk down Memory Lane, making our holiday plans to include those people that have been significant to us but may not be part of our everyday lives. We can make our plans today to address and include all the people, events and situations that we might want to engage before the end of the year. We can be highly resourceful today, strategizing our best practices approach to effectively handle all the trimmings of this holiday season while being certain that we don’t drop a stitch or forget any important factor in our lives. Some of the excess earlier in the week can be dealt with. If we have done holiday shopping over the past few days, we might reconsider and even return some of the items that now seem either garish or overindulgent. This is a day to take some time out and blueprint our plans for the end of the year and the beginning of the upcoming new year.

Thursday, December 2nd – How to Get What We Want – Mars, Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Pluto. Thursday seems action-oriented. We want to do things and get things done. We are interested in being inclusive of other people and not exclusive. After all, even people we rarely are in contact with could provide some clues or assistance to our long-range plans. Thursday has Mars sextile Neptune and the Libra Moon sextile Mars and trine Neptune. We start the day with a great deal of energy, our eyes focused on the goal line and our perspective aimed at our goals and ambitions. Interactions with other people can be quite pleasant. We are far more receptive listeners than usual, considerate and willing to play admirers of other people’s hopes and wishes. We might go out of our way to engage conversations and draw in those who are far removed from our everyday lives. Yes, this Thursday is one of those days when we are looking to reach out and touch someone. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Libra and enters Scorpio where it conjuncts Venus, sextiles Mercury and sextiles Pluto. We can be highly resourceful, stretch our monies and use a best practices approach to get more done in a shorter period of time. If we have lined up our support system and engaged our contacts, then we could find that we are both gaining assistance in regard to the execution of our plans and also being highly effective with the least expenditure of energy. We can figure out the strategy and the means by which to realize our goals, all in a highly effective and productive manner.

Friday, December 3rd – Bang, Crash, Thud – Mars, Uranus. After an especially pleasant and highly effective day yesterday, Friday could have us stepping into things no matter where or how we place our footing. Friday continues with the Scorpio Moon but more significantly Mars squares Uranus today. Yesterday had Mars sextile Neptune and early in the day the Moon sextiled Mars and trined Neptune. Yesterday, we might have felt that we were guided in our steps and in our pathway. Nothing might have seemed to go wrong and on the contrary everything might have seemed to go right. Friday is a horse of a different color. Mars square Uranus could trigger impetuous actions, rash decisions and might prove accident prone. We might feel like a magnet drawing all sorts of problems and issues to ourselves. Aaargh! The main thing about this Friday is to slow down and not allow our sense of confidence or exuberance to get the better of us. We need to work with peripheral vision today, keep our eyes wide open and be on guard for any unexpected situations that could fly at us as curveballs forcing us to be nimble and quick in dealing with them. The potential for people acting out today can be huge, so it would be wise for us to be on constant alert, ever vigilant and willing to do the tai chi moves to avoid accidents or problems. If weather conditions are threatening, their impact could be worse than imagined. Let’s go slow today and be willing to change our plans in accord with changing conditions. If we go blindly into the night or the day, we could end up with a bang, crash or thud. Why go there?

Saturday, December 4th – Making Merry – Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus. Saturday could be a pleasant and enjoyable day. We might feel as though we are on a scavenger hunt with various clues showing up as we go along our merry way. The day begins with the Scorpio Moon trine Jupiter, square Neptune and trine Uranus. We could bump into people we haven’t seen for a while. Some of the bumpings-into can be quite enjoyable, others not so much. That’s one of the mixed blessings of the holiday period. We get to interact with people we haven’t been in contact for a while, but we also have to engage people we would prefer not to see. Ah, well, the joys of the holiday period! If we are doing holiday shopping today, we might find some interesting bargains. The main thing for this day is not to overly program or schedule. Instead, it would be suggested that we have the time to act spontaneously and engage things on the spur of the moment. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Scorpio and moves into Sagittarius, all in preparation of tomorrow’s Sagittarius New Moon. We are in the dark side of the Moon, but also feeling fairly upbeat and confident about our plans and our future. We may have seen the magic of these times and if so, it might have provided us with solace that things can be good, even wonder-filled, no matter the backdrop of the world at large.

Sunday, December 5th – There’s No Stopping Us Now – Sagittarius Lunation, Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, Uranus direct. Sunday has Mercury conjunct Pluto and the Sagittarius New Moon with the Moon conjunct the Sun and both the Sun and Moon in orb of a sextile to Saturn. Our mind is laser-like. We can see the essential ingredients necessary for us to realize our goals and achieve our ambitions. We are looking out for ourselves but not looking to be adversarial or confrontational. On the contrary, we are likely to be very diplomatic, charming and adroit, even to the point of scheming how events and people could assist us in achieving our plans. We may feel exuberant and enthusiastic about our future, and this day begins a two-week period when we are certain to make contact with those important people in our lives. We may make plans to travel, looking to broaden our reach, expand our parameters. Whether we travel physically or figuratively, we are looking to widen our scope and encompass an expansionary approach. This Sunday kicks off a two week period of merry making, focusing on having a good time, but never once losing sight of our goal line. We’ve got it going on and we’re determined that there will be no stopping us now.