November 22nd – 28th, 2010

This week can have us in hyper-drive. We are here, there and everywhere, juggling our daily responsibilities, tackling our holiday plans, engaging our family and spreading our wings. Yes, the energy may be ratcheted up severalfold. We might find that we are also experiencing the Scottish poet Robert Burns’ admonition that the ‘best laid plans of mice and men often come to naught’. Whatever we have scheduled, our plans over the weekend may need to be altered due to unexpected variables that throw us a curveball and demand that we be on our toes, flexible and adaptable to changing conditions.

In the US, this week is Thanksgiving week. What had been traditionally a time of giving thanks for all that we have been given, the holiday has degenerated into a period when we eat too much, laze around too much, watch the incessant football games too much. And with Friday being Black Friday, the kickoff day to the end of year holidays with gift buying and a focus on shopping, we might spend too much. It would be wise for us to take some time and reflect on the fact that we may have made it through the worst of times with the global economic crash and burn possibly behind us and becoming but a faint memory but still with its collateral damage of ramping up our anxiety, increasing our daily stress level and forcing us to repeatedly look over our shoulder for any apparent bogeyman stalking us. Although we could be looking forward to brighter tomorrows, I would emphasize that I indicated the global economic crash and burn was possibly behind us. From my perspective, I would have to assert: not necessarily so. We may come to realize that some of the issues and problems we thought were behind us were only kicked down the road with the early part of 2011 becoming a period when the so-called chickens of financial problems and unresolved difficulties come home to roost. But that is then and this is now.

The week begins with a burst of energy and enthusiasm. We may be feeling good about things, optimistic and confident and all the while looking at life through rose-colored glasses. The mid-part of the week could have us tending to the home fires burning with a concentration on home and family matters. The end of the week and over the weekend seems primarily a time for good times and fun events. We end the week on Sunday going over in detail our preparations for the end of the year and all the necessary accoutrements that go with holiday time and tax year considerations.

Monday, November 22nd — Would You Like to Ride in My Beautiful Balloon – Saturn, Sun Sagittarius. Monday starts the week on the 22nd, in numerology a Master Number associated with the master builder. The week also begins with the Moon in Gemini trine Saturn and the Sun moving into Sagittarius, creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Fire Sign as the Sun joins Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius. We might choose to contact people far and near as we make our preparations for holiday time. Today is a good day for us to brainstorm with others to devise a best practices approach regarding the upcoming holidays, our plans for them, and the manner in which we can add more to our plate of things to do. Taking time to plan and blueprint and get input from other people would help us avoid last-minute rushes of trying to pull everything together only to find ourselves on overload and overwhelm. We may be giving thought to travel plans, getting out of Dodge, spreading our wings and expanding our horizons. We are feeling optimistic about our lives, far more interested in things going on beyond our normal parameters of everyday life and focused more on our future intentions rather than our everyday issues. This day can be an upbeat, enthusiastic day but one that gives greater thought on what could be rather than what is.

Tuesday, November 23rd – Running Around, Our Feet Hardly Touching the Ground – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Lunar Grand Trine, Neptune, Venus. Tuesday could have us going full tilt. The energy may seem akin to the Mad Hatter in Alice’s Wonderland, whereby we are feeling late, so very late for a very important date. The Gemini Moon today creates a T-Square in the Mutable Signs as the Moon opposes both Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius, and squares both Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. We have a lot going on today and we may feel as if we are in constant motion. Can we say overload? Well, that feeling of overwhelm could be ever-present today. If we can delegate some of our responsibilities, that would help us from spinning our wheels, dithering about and going from one thing to another without necessarily getting a great deal done. This is one of those days when no matter how much we do there is always more, and seemingly increasingly more and more, to do. Although drawing upon other people might provide assistance, we also have to be discerning and selective regarding whom we enlist for support. We may find that other people are bringing a great deal of baggage with them, and their emotional issues could cause them to be extremely dysfunctional and more of a hindrance to our efforts than a boon. The Moon also creates a Grand Trine in the Air Signs as the Gemini Moon trines Neptune in Aquarius and trines Venus in Libra. This day is day of two different temperaments and could have us caroming from the sublime to the ridiculous. The less wound up we can be, the more we can enjoy our social interactions with special friends and loved ones.

Wednesday, November 24th – Delays, Frustrations, and Blow-Ups – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Saturn. While yesterday may have had us racing around, Wednesday proves the case of ‘no rest for the weary’. With the Moon in Cancer today, the Moon creates a T-Square in the Cardinal Signs as the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Saturn. We may feel that we have more of a handle on the energy today and feel less on overwhelm, but any sense of having it all together can hit the wall due to the delays and frustrations and other people’s actions. No matter what we plan to do on this Wednesday, it would be wise to add on extra time and to take everything with a grain of salt. Dysfunctionality might be the keyword for this day. There can be blockages, stalls and unnecessary procedures that dampen our spirit, raise our hackles and could even vent frustrations with incendiary blow-ups. This is a day to count to ten before any reaction to aggravating situations. Even if we have planned our projects diligently today, we might not have taken into consideration other people’s input or, more appropriately, their monkey wrenches being thrown at the spokes of our wheels. It would be wise to maintain our calm, take a cool and detached attitude to events unfolding and practice being an impartial observer to the foibles of humankind and its systems and structures. If we don’t take on a bemused attitude at the dysfunctionality of people and of the times, then we could work ourselves up into a real tizzy and then overreact. Let’s do what we can do, all the while realizing that it might seem as though we are bucking against the system and other people’s intentions. Spending time at home, dealing with our own personal issues may seem a safe refuge but we could still experience intrusions and frustrations being foisted upon us.

Thursday, November 25th – Giving Thanks and Going Overboard – Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus. Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the US and many of us may be thankful that we’ve made it through the dark of the past couple of years. We might even think of those less fortunate than ourselves and consider the sense of ‘there but for the grace of god go I’. Whether we are celebrating Thanksgiving or not, our thoughts can take on a sense of gratitude for that which we have and the realization that things could always be worse. Mercury squares Jupiter today and the Cancer Moon trines both Jupiter and Uranus, and the Moon also squares Venus. Our thoughts may be far-reaching, our interests more distant than our everyday, normal functions. We do have to be careful not to overextend ourselves or become so opinionated that we antagonize those around us. This is a day when too much may feel as though not enough. We could indulge to excess, stretch our parameters and push the envelope. We want to feel good, want to do something different from our usual and we might make decisions more based on impulsive desires than rational thought. However we can embrace the new and the different, such a disposition will help quell the wild beast of doing our own thing in excess and to the detriment of ourselves and to others. This is a day for us to exercise moderation but such an attitude could prove lacking. If we are joining with others today, we do have to maintain social decorum for we could find ourselves unexpectedly placed with various people we would prefer not to be around. Let’s hold our tongue, enjoy moments of unexpected delight and not get aggravated by the opinions or actions of other people.

Friday, November 26th – Good Times, Fun Events – Sun. Friday has the Moon in Leo and trine the Sun. We’ve got our groove on today. We want to enjoy ourselves, move beyond our normal parameters and engage in fun events and good times. We might be looking at stepping out into the world, make a strong impression and indulge our deepest desires. We could feel like the king, or queen, of the world today. There’s no stopping us and that could prove a problem. As though given an edict of divine right, we may indulge our wants and our whims without consideration of the present costs, much less the future collateral damage. In the US, this day is known as Black Friday, not because of any negative connotations as much as retailers’ glee at the start of the holiday gift buying and the day that often ratchets up significant sales and healthy profits. There is a feeding frenzy quality to the hype and marketing of this day. Sales on items seem once-a-year bonanzas and people are known to camp out to take advantage of the publicized discounts and sales. With the energy today of the Leo Moon trine the Sun, not only could we be looking to buy holiday gifts for our friends and loved ones but we could easily convince ourselves that we too deserve some goodies and can easily justify our impulse purchases to lavish ourselves of the very best. Whether we go shopping on this day or not, we feel rightly deserving of the best that life has to offer. Can we think that such an attitude could also allow us to bend our budget and break the bank? On this Friday, we might do just that. Today is a day to give thought to our ‘fun money’, that money we are willing to spend on ourselves and on others, before we go out and rack up some significant expenses.

Saturday, November 27th – What It Is, Isn’t – Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Mars. Saturday could easily embrace the sentiment: ‘let the good times roll’. We continue with the Leo Moon, which today sextiles Saturn, trines Mars, opposes Neptune and trines Mercury. Mercury sextiles Neptune and Mercury squares Uranus. Interactions with other people can be pleasurable get-togethers. Everyone seems to be playing to the mutual admiration society. We are more likely to build each other up today, rather than tear people down. We can see potentials, prospects and possibilities in people and in situations. It can be a lovely day, but we also have to be aware that what we see might not be what we get. Not only could we easily buy into illusions, even delusions, today. We could also experience unexpected situations that force us to pause and take another look at scenarios and question our pre-conceived notions. Mercury square Uranus is one of my least favorite energies under which to fly. Travel plans can be disrupted, computers go haywire and miscommunications are heightened. This Saturday, it is essential that we be adaptable to changing conditions and flexible to shift our plans as circumstances warrant. We might want things a certain way. We might even assume that we can control events and conditions. But this day also gives us a strong heads-up that unanticipated variables can often wreak havoc with our plans and our schedules.

Sunday, November 28th – Fine Tuning – Venus, Pluto, Sun. Late Saturday, early Sunday, the Leo Moon sextiles Venus. While we might have had to take circuitous routes or adapted to changing plans yesterday, we can smooth things over with those special people in our lives and find enjoyment in the quirks of living life on the earth plane. For much of this Sunday, the Moon transits Virgo where it trines Pluto and squares the Sun. Although it might seem a damper to enjoying ourselves and focusing solely on good times, this Sunday allows us to deal with particulars, focus on the details and concentrate on the essential and truly meaningful. Although our perspective may have been far wider and broader with a tendency to look at the big picture while neglecting the specifics, this Sunday affords us the opportunity to see what is really going on. We are no longer buying into wishful thinking, hoped-for expectations and detachment from our everyday reality. On the contrary, we are getting back to business, emphasizing our daily responsibilities and attending to those projects that are outstanding and waiting for completion. This Sunday can be a productive day, when we can cut to the core, focus on the fundamentals and streamline our operations. It may force us to narrow our parameters, but our viewpoint over the past week might have been too broad, too wide and even excessive to the true reality of our times. Like an accordion, we might have been in a hyper-expansive mode for much of this week. Today allows us to contract and get down to the basics and specifics.