November 15th – 21st, 2010

This week is a week to dream our dreams, initiate new directions, draw upon the wise counsel of others, exercise mindfulness by being fully aware of circumstances and conditions, and then determine the best course of action for ourselves. Such a prescription for the week might not be easy to engage, for the week begins with various mixed signals.

We start the week under a hypnotic spell of what could be. Issues and problems might be seen only as isolated incidents rather than a more general, all-encompassing trend. Some people may buy into the magic wand of everything being all right, concerns papered over and the road to recovery and full prosperity inevitable and straight ahead. There are those who will see the powers-that-be as having a handle on aggravating situations. In so doing, those irrational exuberants may be handing over their power, putting on blinders and seeing only that which they wish to see. As the mid-1960’s television show Lost in Space cautioned: “Danger, Will Robinson, danger.”

If we buy into the scenario as painted for us, we might start off with renewed confidence but with our underlying assumptions ghastly wrong. While we meander down the yellow brick road, we might not fully realize the hurdles, pitfalls and beasts that could threaten not only our journey but might also prove severe enough to eat us up.

There is rancor and agitation in the world at large. We have seen it with the protests over proposed financial austerity measures in Greece and more recently in France. We have witnessed students up in arms in the UK over intended tuition hikes. We experienced it in the US with people choosing to attend a tea party, all the while sensing that things were not right in our world and yet tea partiers being painted as a lunatic fringe and whackos. And during this past week, we have heard the drumbeats of global travail as different foreign ministers at the G20 have spoken of currency wars and the liability towards nationalist protectionist tendencies. Not to be Chicken Little, but I would suggest the drumbeats of problems and ineffective solutions are growing louder.

What to do? For many of us, we might prefer to put on blinders, urge the world to go away, and focus instead on the upcoming holidays and a sojourn into the land of make-believe. Even if we choose to take that route, these times are volatile times and call for mindfulness and awareness.

Monday, November 15th – What We See Might Not Be What We Get – Mars, Saturn, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury. Monday starts the week with us feeling upbeat, optimistic and assuming the best in everything. Of course, our perspective might be limited by our putting on blinders and seeing only that which we wish to see. Mars sextiles Saturn and the Sun trines Jupiter today. Encouraged by someone who might have our best interests at heart, we could stretch, broaden our reach and expand our involvements, all with a sense of inevitability or manifest destiny but all the while closing ourselves off to some of the potential liabilities in our plans. The Pisces Moon squares both Mercury and Mars today. Although we might be concerned about the backdrop of the conditions in the world-at-large, we might easily assume that we have the wherewithal and the resourcefulness to sail ahead and fully able to navigate any storm-tossed seas. Yes, this week could start off with us embracing irrational exuberance, realizing that we can’t wait forever but instead must move ahead with gusto and relish and the confidence that we can meet and successfully handle any challenges that lie ahead. It would be far wiser for us to take the time and ponder both our assets and our liabilities in making our plans and devising our course of actions.

Tuesday, November 16th – The Magic of These Times – Jupiter, Sun, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. As if still on a sugar high from yesterday’s acceptance of things as we choose to see them, early Tuesday begins with us embracing the concept of magic in the air and protection all around us. The day begins with the Pisces Moon trine the Sun and conjunct both Jupiter and Uranus. As if instilled with a zen-like approach and adopting an attitude that things always work out for the best, we may feel as though we are drawing the best of our times towards us. Our efforts might be minimal today as we await the bus on our magical, mystery tour. Yes, magic happens, but these times not only speak to the magic of synchronicity and serendipity but also ask us to be engaged, and engaged in a different manner than in times past when we felt we had to make things happen for things to happen. Now is a time for us to be co-creators, to work with the energies unfolding, to be flexible and adaptable to shifting conditions, to engage life even under its changing parameters during this paradigm shift, and not sit idly by watching the world slide by. Today is a day for us to have our antennae up, to see where our opportunities lie and to take advantage of some surprising developments that could open other doors or lead us into other directions. It would be wise for us to notate our hunches, those things we hear about that ignite a revelatory insight or unexpected situations that could be intriguing. We might not want to act immediately but rather take the time to consider the possible ramifications of our intended actions. The day slows from the initial thrust of ‘ah-ha’ moments as the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost six and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries. As consolation for the drop in energy during this day, we might bear in mind the words of the 17th Century English poet John Milton who wrote: “They also serve who only stand and wait.” Today is a day to contemplate our possibilities rather than launching forward impetuously or without due consideration.

Wednesday, November 17th – Another Brick in the Wall – Mercury, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Pluto. Wednesday has Mercury sextile Saturn and the Aries Moon trine Mercury and the Moon in a Cardinal Sign T-Square, reminiscent of the Cardinal Climax, as the Moon in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn and opposes Saturn in Libra. We may want to initiate some of our projects, but it would be wise to get sound advice from those in the know before we move ahead with our plans. Not everyone may be on board with our intentions, so we may have to use our persuasive charm to win our ways. It is essential that we be fully aware of the conditions in which we are operating. Although we might want to push ahead today, we would be more successful using our well-thought out strategies rather than just trying to force things through. We may need to talk things out, brainstorm with other people and be fully aware of the rules and regulations that could impact our goals. There can be delays and blockages today so once we have full understanding of the parameters, let’s be nimble and quick in avoiding obstacles. Things may not move as smoothly as we like, and it is important that we be flexible and adaptable to changing conditions.

Thursday, November 18th – Nothing Could Be Finer – Sun, Neptune, Mars, Venus direct, Jupiter direct. Thursday has the Sun square Neptune and the Aries Moon trine Mars and sextile Neptune. We can be gung-ho today, moving ahead with great force and enthusiastic about our prospects. Both Jupiter and Venus turn direct today, ending their respective retrograde cycles. Feeling exuberant, even to the point of irrationality, we could bet the farm and then some on ideas that seem infallible in concept but might prove delusional in practical reality. If we can rein in our sense of confidence and optimism today, then we are far less likely to go overboard on speculative ventures whose risks are far greater than their rewards. This is one interesting day [remind you of the Chinese proverb, some would call a curse, ‘may you live in interesting times’?]. But today, we might want to step off the track, go to the sidelines and watch the reaction of the lemmings to see how fast they race to the sea. If we get caught up in the groundswell of ecstasy today, the high could be fun but not long-lasting. This Thursday is a day to keep to our budget, watch for impulse purchases and listen to the spin, all the while reading between the lines and taking note of the fine print. While a lovely day, this Thursday can be as seductive as the Sirens of Ulysses with similar results.

Friday, November 19th – With a Little Help – Sun, Uranus, Venus, Pluto. Friday has the Sun trine Uranus. The day begins with the Moon in Aries but the Moon then moves into Taurus where it opposes Venus and trines Pluto. We may be interested in altering our plans and reinforcing our independence today. This is one of those days when we want to do what we want to do, no questions asked. We could be rather extravagant and it would be wise not to emphasize our self-directedness to the point of busting our budget but rather just step off the track and take some ‘me’ time. We may choose to be spontaneous and impulsive but we need not be rash in doing so. If we go shopping, let’s keep our receipts in case we want to return any impulse purchase. We might even consider in any shopping expeditions playing a game with ourselves to see how resourceful we can be. As the day progresses, we can easily handle situations in an expedited manner, get to the core of any matter and be highly productive. We want to do our own thing today and given the latitude, we can be highly accomplished.

Saturday, November 20th – Chatter, Blather, and Talk – Mercury, Mars. You might assume that I am referring to a law firm, but in fact this Saturday is a day when we might find the airwaves filled with chatter, blather and talk. Mercury conjuncts Mars with both in Sagittarius. Do not be too surprised if people are talking our ears off and with such passion and determination that it might prove ear-splitting or headache-provoking. This is a day when we might want people to heed the words of the 1950’s-1960’s television show Dragnet with Sergeant Joe Friday’s admonition to witnesses: “the facts, just the facts.” People can go into long diatribes today about virtually anything and everything, expounding with hardly a breath in between on the wheres, the what fors and the whys. Our minds may be a torrent of ideas and thoughts cascading with boundless enthusiasm. This is one of those days when we could head off into various directions. Certainly our interests will be far broader than our normal, usual terrain. We want the world to be our oyster today, but this Saturday could prove a little much so let’s tone it down or just step off the track and get into wide open spaces.

Sunday, November 21st – What We Want, What We Have, What We Need – Jupiter, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Taurus Full Moon, Sun. Sunday is a high energy day. It’s a Full Moon day and we all know what Full Moons tend to do to people — it brings out the crazies. This Full Moon is paradoxical and could prove daunting. The Taurus Moon sextiles both Jupiter and Uranus but also creates a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Neptune just before the Full Moon and the Moon’s opposition to the Sun. We may want what we want and we could be willing to indulge our desires, even to the point of excess. We may feel our desires are truly our needs and might easily justify any indulgence or extravagance. But we could also be easily fooled into believing what we want is what we need, and in such an attitude we could diminish what we have. A sense of discontent could be strong on this Sunday, and we could easily adopt an attitude of the grass being greener somewhere other than under our two feet. What we have to watch for is making definitive decisions or committing either on the long-term or with a significant financial outlay. This Sunday is a day to be tentative about decisions and actions. We might not be clear-headed nor have all the relevant information to make a rational and logical definitive decision. This is one of those days when what we see may not be what actually is. Let’s enjoy the fantasy but accept it for what it is — illusions or possibilities but not the real thing.