October 4th – 10th, 2010

After a few days last week when we might have again engaged irrational exuberance, this week affords a greater sense of reality. This week we may see the bloom come off the rose. While it could prove disappointing that our illusions are quashed, it also allows us to deal with life situations in an effective and resourceful manner.

If we do not give in to maudlin sentimentality or a sense of being like Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the mountain only to have the boulder roll back on top of us, then we can have nose to the grindstone, see what is truly going on and then deal with the essential factors.

Relationships can be highlighted this week. We may have to engage our greatest diplomatic skills in order to avoid adversarial discussions or getting immersed in the blame game. People from our past may pop into consciousness or virtually show up on our doorstep. While we might have responsibilities to attend to in regard to other people, we can do so without getting entangled in their issues or feel that our giving to others is a bottomless pit.

Over the weekend, we might decide on a good autumnal cleanup and clear out, ridding ourselves of items that only get in our way and making space for new and more exciting things to come our way.

Although we might feel like a drudge or a drone this week, the more we deal with tasks at hand, the less distracted and weighty-feeling we shall be for next week.

This week is a time for us to take care of the business at hand, focus on the most significant factors in our lives and touch base with those important people in our lives. We can line our ducks up in a row this week and complete various outstanding projects. This is a week of completions before the new beginnings.

Monday, October 4th – Our Preferences, Our Needs – Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto. After several days when we might have gone on a bender of delights and good times with a devil-may-care attitude, Monday begins the week with a desire to keep the ball rolling and let the fun times continue on. We might easily want to embrace the concept of ‘live for today, for tomorrow never comes’. The Moon in Leo opposes Neptune to start the day. We would far prefer to take a ‘mental health’ day, hang out with friends and just let the world go by as we enjoy ourselves. Procrastination could be strong for many of us today, especially if we have certain obligations to fulfill. We would far prefer to luxuriate in activities we enjoy than deal with our responsibilities. As a result, we might find ourselves wasting time early in the day, reluctant to do what needs to be done, and even resentful that such demands of our daily life are pressing upon us. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over six hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes it’s transit of Leo and before entering Virgo where it trines Pluto. The latter part of the day can be far more productive than the earlier part of the day. We might realize the truth in astrology that ‘timing is everything’. We end the day far more focused, far more productive and with the ability of utilizing a best practices approach to effectively and expeditiously advance our goals.

Tuesday, October 5th – Biting Critiques – Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Mars. Tuesday has Mercury square Pluto and the Virgo Moon sextile both Venus and Mars. Today is a no-nonsense day. We don’t want the spin, the affirmations or the possibilities today. We want the facts, solely the facts, and everything boiled down to a synopsis and provided in a nutshell. People are likely to be critical, even hypercritical, today. Discussions could easily turn into arguments and especially if people are feeling that they are being played or that someone is trying to pull the wool over their eyes. We’re not interested in the great orators or the snake oil salespeople today. We are unwilling to buy into the Wizard of Oz screen today but instead may pull back the curtain to see the little guy punching the buttons. We want to know what is going on at the core, the fundamentals and not the glossy impressions or false appearances. Our mind can be incredibly sharp today, even if unforgiving. If we feel put upon by someone, we may tell them so in no uncertain terms and cut them down to size. Critiques may be biting but also provide a laser-like concentration on the core issues. This Tuesday is a good day for us to investigate the details, look at the specifics and consider the bare bones foundation from which to build or rebuild. This is not a day for easy-going conversations or fun get-togethers with other people. Everybody’s just a little too intense.

Wednesday, October 6th – Back At It – Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto. Wednesday is the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon. This Wednesday begins with the Moon in Virgo opposed both Jupiter and Uranus. Later, the Moon moves into Libra where it squares Pluto. Our mood swings can go through wild extremes today. We may be feeling upbeat and adventuresome one moment, depressed and downtrodden the next moment. Everyone may seem on edge, feeling uneasy and out of sorts. We may seek escapes from our routine responsibilities by doing things on a whim or spur-of-the-moment. We might indulge to excess today, so let’s be aware of our food ingestion and drink intake. Our actions could trigger sharp rebukes from other people and people may be far less considerate of each other today. This Wednesday is a day to try and keep calm, not fly off the handle, deal with what needs to be done without drawing lines in the sand or looking to stir up controversies. There will be enough people out and about looking to cause heaps of trouble for all concerned. Let’s not be part of that crowd.

Thursday, October 7th – Great Expectations – Mercury, Saturn, Libra New Moon, Sun. This Thursday has the Libra Moon conjunct Mercury, the Moon conjunct Saturn and the Moon conjunct the Sun at the time of the New Moon. With four planets in the relationship Sign of Libra, this day and the signature for the fortnight are all about our connections with other people — old, new and those we would like to bring into our lives. We may be feeling disheartened by the circumstances of our lives, the different people and things that make up our lives. We might reminisce about how things were, which are always better in memory than the actual experience. We might wish for the possibilities of what could be. But we are also likely to be in a certain state of discontent regarding how things are. We have to be careful that we don’t raise our expectations as if always raising the standard and asking people to jump through hoops for us. We may feel put upon by other people’s needs, yet not take into account what we expect of them. If we are willing to be less judgmental and opinionated, then we could use this energy to discuss with trusted friends some of our thoughts for our future and our intentions for our days ahead. We might reach out to people with whom we have not been in contact for a while. We might even go out of our way to help those people in need of assistance. The key to this day is for us not to be so self-absorbed that we feel we always give more than we get back in return. If we accept such an attitude, then our expectations, no matter how slight they may seem to be, will prove greater than anyone can match.

Friday, October 8th – Taking the Necessary Steps – Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Venus retrograde. We start this Friday considering our plans for the weekend and with whom we wish to get together. Our minds are a little weighty, perhaps overly serious. We are concerned about any outstanding debts or obligations to the significant people in our lives. Maybe we need to give a call or write an email and catch up with what’s been going on for people. The day starts with the Libra Moon trine Neptune. We may be thinking of plans, even some of our future goals and possibilities. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over six hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio where it sextiles Pluto. This Friday also has Mercury conjunct Saturn and Venus turning retrograde. While our thoughts might revolve around the prospects for our future, whether that be the immediate future of weekend plans or the long-term future of where we want to go with our lives, we may also realize that we need to change things in our lives, get rid of the outmoded and deal with tying up loose ends before moving ahead. It would also be wise for us to take a very objective and serious approach to our financial future. Although the spinmeisters and the equity markets seem to be back into embracing the idea that ‘happy days are here again’, I would caution, as I have done before, that a judicious consideration of deleveraging ourselves from debt, paying down our outstanding bills and giving thought as to how we can cut our expenses and budget our monies is truly necessary in order to not merely survive these times but to thrive from these times. Whether in the US, the UK, Europe and other global communities, it is essential that we recognize that economic necessities call either for severe austerity measures or tax increases or a combination of the two. As the saying goes: “If you dance to the music, you’ve got to pay to the piper.” Since I believe that the economic calamities of the past two years are not fully behind us but rather could show merely the tip of the iceberg, I would suggest using times like this day to put one’s financial house in order and make the necessary preparations for scenarios other than those that are being promulgated by the cheerleaders and hucksters. This Friday may have us serious in thought but also allows us to consider our future options and then devise the most resourceful methods to deal with any contingencies.

Saturday, October 9th – Impassioned and Persistent – Venus, Mars. Saturday continues with the Scorpio Moon, which today conjuncts both Venus and Mars. Whatever we choose to do today, we’re likely to put our heart and soul into it. We are not looking for shallow or superficial involvements today. We’re looking for the gusto, throwing ourselves into whatever we’re doing and not letting go until we’re done. This day is a good day to go through our stuff and throw out all the things that are just getting in our way and tying us down. We want to be lean and mean, able to deal effectively with the least amount of expenditure of energy. People can be intense today and things done today will not be done in half measure. It’s all the way or not even starting out in that direction. Once started, there may be no stopping us, so let’s keep in mind braking action and giving ourselves time to evaluate and re-evaluate as we go along. Throwing ourselves completely into anything could prove exhausting, so it would be wise for us to give thought to some quiet time and down time to recharge our batteries.

Sunday, October 10th – Changing Plans – Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus. Sunday begins with the Scorpio Moon trine Jupiter, square Neptune and trine Uranus. No matter what our plans for this Sunday might be, we are more interested in doing things spontaneously and impulsively. Even if we have committed ourselves to certain events or get-togethers, we may decide to ditch them in order to do our own thing and whatever captures our fancy. Our interactions with other people could prove a little tense, especially if people pressure us to live up to our planned commitments. We want to be free and not hemmed in by plans made at a different time and from a different attitude. We may see the true joy in living as being able to take advantage of opportunities that arise unexpectedly. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. Even if we have used the past two days to do an autumnal cleaning, we are now ready to spread our wings and expand our horizons. Whether we travel or just stretch into new activities, we are more interested in the exciting and adventuresome than in the routine or familiar. Much of this week could have had us in an intense frame of mind, looking at paring down, cutting out. As we come towards the end of the weekend, we want to broaden our realm. That could include trips out of town or engaging fun activities.