October 18th – 24th, 2010

This week our thoughts can focus on our future goals, our plans and our connections with other people. We start the week thinking that all things are possible. We are passionate and determined and looking to move things ahead expeditiously and even magically, all with a little help from our friends. Nothing seems to stand in our way until we hit some bumps in the road towards the latter part of the week.

We may feel ourselves gearing up, conditioning ourselves, ready to take on the world, all the while that things seem so much easier in concept than the actual practical application. But we are not overly worried about the practical application at the beginning of this week. We are far more entranced by the mystique of how things could be.

The latter part of the week could see us launching forward but in so doing we might realize that the actual manifestation is far harder than the way we imagined it to be. It will be important for us to be willing to adapt our methodology according to pragmatic needs and not allow the wind to be knocked out of our sails if we have to go beyond the call of duty.

This week has two Sign changes as both Mercury on Wednesday and the Sun on Saturday exit Libra, ending the Stellium in Libra, and enter Scorpio, creating a Stellium in the Fixed Water Sign as Mercury and the Sun join Venus and Mars in Scorpio.

The intensity ratchets up severalfold and with the US mid-term elections drawing to a close, the nastiness of the campaigns can increase exponentially. Aaargh!

Monday, October 18th – Beautiful Dreamer – Mercury, Neptune, Pluto, Venus. Monday starts the week in a dreamy kind of way. Mercury trines Neptune and the Moon in Neptune-ruled Pisces sextiles Pluto and trines Venus. Our intuition is strong today and it would be wise for us to trust our feelings and our sense of what is going on. Even if empirical evidence indicates otherwise, our gut sense of things can be far more accurate and spot on. Our communications with other people can paint beautiful pictures but backed up with concise insights and resourceful ways of accomplishing our plans. If we have presentations to give or proposals to deliver, today is a day when we can effectively and successfully do so. It would be easy for us to get lost in our reveries today, embrace the attitude of a beautiful dreamer but that might prove a waste of some strong and powerful energy configurations. Let’s plan our strategies, all with a sense of manifest destiny and incorporate a best practices approach by which to realize our goals. We have it going on today and we are unlikely to accept anything as beyond our capabilities or impossible of manifestation. We can give thought to our future, focusing especially on our intuitions with the affirmation that with our will we shall find the way.

Tuesday, October 19th – Feeling Groovy – Sun, Neptune, Mars. The first three days of this week can be especially pleasant. We may feel that there is a wind to our back and that everything is occurring for a reason and in our best interests. The Sun trines Neptune today and the Pisces Moon trines Mars. We may feel that things are happening easily and in perfect order. Our sense of right action can be strong and we can virtually move mountains today as a result of our attitude of being blessed, guided and assisted by the natural unfolding working in our favor. We might feel otherworldly, at times in a marvelous daydream, at times feeling as if all is right in our world. Our sensitivity is highly attuned right now. We are not looking for discord or adversarial involvements. We want things to run smoothly and easily and they are likely to do so. We can be incredibly resourceful as well, getting the most out of our time, energy and monies.

Wednesday, October 20th – Gliding Easily before Hitting the Stumbling Blocks – Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury Scorpio. The sense of ease of the past two days continues on this Wednesday. Although much of our energy has been soft and harmonious, much of our activity could have been more on the conceptual level and on a spiritual high note, rather than on implementing spirit into action. This Wednesday continues with this otherworldly feel, where we might have the sense that we are transcending ordinary reality and traipsing through an idyllic land of limitless possibilities. Today, Mars trines Jupiter and the day begins with the Pisces Moon conjunct Jupiter and Uranus. We are looking to expand our activities and broaden our realm of participation. Our compassion can be engaged and we could get involved with other people’s emotional dramas with the idea that we are both invincible and omnipotent and consequently able to heal the world and effectively remedy any problems. Unfortunately, a couple of days of sipping on the nectar of the gods might have gotten us intoxicated with our own inflated abilities and can have us defer a necessary sense of humility. We could exaggerate our talents and we might engage in fanciful projects that have no real content or substance. As the day unfolds, the Moon exits Pisces and moves into Aries where it squares Pluto. If we have felt like an anointed one, we might find ourselves hitting the wall with circumstances blocking our forward progress. Hard, cold reality could give us a slap across the face and wake us from our meandering through a mental nirvana. Wake up call and a step back into reality. Mercury moves out of Libra ending the Libra Stellium and enters Scorpio creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Water Sign as Mercury joins Venus and Mars in Scorpio. Our intensity can ratchet up, and we might have a tendency to become more secretive and hold our cards close to our chest.

Thursday, October 21st – Me, Thee or We – Saturn. Thursday has the Aries Moon opposed Saturn. We have lost some of our Libran influence and in so doing we might find that our interests come into conflict with other people. Our consideration of other people’s points of view can hold less water now than our own personal interests. Unfortunately, people may also not be as communicative as they had been. We are all more likely to act upon what we want without verbalizing our needs to other people. Such a disposition can set up a liability towards confrontations and adversarial interactions. Let’s not get too fixed in our own beliefs and opinions. If we would take into account other people’s interests, check the source and recognize their agenda, then we could keep ourselves from engaging in a whole heap of trouble. We may find ourselves being blocked as we might have experienced yesterday but we do not have to capitulate or feel that all is lost. The first two plus days of this week could have been quite magical and especially enjoyable. Yesterday and today could create some blocks and frustrations but let’s try and see them as tempering processes.

Friday, October 22nd – What We Can Do And How We Can Do It – Mars, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Aries Full Moon, Sun. Friday can be a high energy day. We could easily get carried away by our desires and by our determination. Mars squares Neptune today. We need to be judicious in where we place our energy today. Nothing is likely done in half measure and it will be important that we be selective as to where we focus ourselves today. If we don’t rush to judgment nor rush into action, we could be very adept at what to do and how to do it. Mercury sextiles Pluto. Our mind is laser-like. We can determine a best practices approach and the most productive activities to engage. The Aries Moon sextiles Neptune before the Aries Full Moon and the opposition to the Sun. Today is not a day to go it alone but rather to draw upon the support and the critique of those people we feel close to. We might be too attached to certain involvements to see clearly. If we ask for other people’s opinions, they can steer us in the right direction and help us concentrate on the most important activities. This day is a 22, a master number in Numerology indicative of the Master Builder. We can either be like ‘wrong way Corrigan’ heading off in the wrong direction and wasting our energies or we can take our time, be selective and concentrate on the most meaningful, with a little help and guidance from our friends. Late in the day, the Moon moves into Taurus and helps to put the brakes on any rash action.

Saturday, October 23rd – Toning Down Our Desires – Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Sun Scorpio. Saturday has the Taurus Moon trine Pluto and opposed both Mercury and Venus. The Sun moves into Scorpio adding greater influence to the Scorpio Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Water Sign as the Sun joins Mercury, Venus and Mars in Scorpio. While we can get the most bang for our buck today, it would be wise that we keep tabs on our budget and our long-term financial situations. If we get carried away by our wants and our desires, we could be digging ourselves a big financial hole that might prove hard to pull ourselves out from. This Saturday is a good day to strip away some of the excesses in our lives. A trip to the dump, or transfer station, to get rid of the refuse and the items that just take up space would be a good way of eliminating the outmoded in our lives. A good autumnal cleaning can help us clear up and clean out our lives and our home spaces. Although the sense of the cup having to be emptied in order to be filled might permeate our day, let’s not be too hasty in filling up the cup to the point of overflow. Today is a day to release the outworn and the outmoded. If we choose to shop or add to our collection of stuff, we are more likely to be looking for quality. What is important is for us not to feel that we have to buy things just to fill in the void. Quality, restraint and a desire to simplify our lives can help us tone down any sense of protecting ourselves by circling the wagons and fortifying ourselves with more stuff. This time of year is a time for us to strip away the non-essentials and realize that less is often more.

Sunday, October 24th – Scavenger Hunt – Mars, Uranus, Jupiter. Sunday seems a most magical day, replete with those moments of mini-miracles. This is a day when we might be better off just allowing the day to unfold than conforming to schedules and adhering to plans. Mars trines Uranus today, and the Taurus Moon sextiles Jupiter. We are likely feeling quite upbeat and able to act spontaneously and on the whim of the moment. There can be some wonderful surprises today, so let’s take off the blinders and be open to the wonder and magic of it all. As though on a scavenger hunt, we might find that our path today is one of going from here to there all without a prescribed itinerary but rather at each turning a new clue and a new opportunity being provided us. Our energy is strong and we might feel exhilarated. Let’s keep our eyes and ears wide open, for magic is in the air. All we have to do is be open to embracing the possibilities and even those seeming impossibilities that come up from out of the blue. We do have to watch that we don’t get carried away by the energy today, since there could be a tendency for us to leap before we look. Let’s look at all possibilities and act upon those that really catch our fancy.