October 11th – 17th, 2010

While there could be some hiccups mid-week, this week seems to be an upbeat and enjoyable week. We are looking to broaden our expanse, but in so doing we have to be careful that we aren’t avoiding our daily responsibilities and our usual obligations. We are not interested in parade rainers this week but are far more interested in walking on the sunny side of the street.

The week begins with us feeling quite upbeat. We want to expand beyond our normal terrain and can easily assume that the worst is behind us. A few curveballs of unexpected situations cropping up to make us aware of changing parameters don’t seem to stop us nor make us mindful of possible liabilities in our skipping down the yellow brick road of good fun with and encouragement from those special people in our lives.

We might even believe that the good times of the late 1990’s are back with everything coming up roses and economic prosperity just around the corner. La-de-da.

Mid-week might force us to accept glimpses of reality that everything is not quite so wonderful as it is projected to be. Naysayers may point out that amidst a sense of euphoria a continued contraction is going on. We may not want to hear any suggestions that there are still fundamental problems to be addressed. We can even embrace the wise and true saying that we never get more than we can handle. And we could easily convince ourselves that we have developed the skill set and honed our resourcefulness to effectively handle any issues or limiting conditions.

The weekend provides another opportunity of fun events with friends — autumnal harvest fairs, pumpkin picking and designing the costume we might wear for Halloween. We may enjoy special moments with special friends but we do have to be careful that we are not shutting ourselves off to mundane reality by focusing only on the positive and the future potentials. There are pitfalls we need to keep vigilant about.

Monday, October 11th – Hearing From Far and Near – Saturn, Mercury. Monday begins the week in a very pleasant manner. The Sagittarius Moon sextiles both Saturn and Mercury in Libra. We could be reaching out to connect with friends and contacts far and near. We want to broaden our perspective and expand our realm. We may be feeling good about things and especially about those people that sprinkle our lives with meaning and enjoyment. We might make plans to travel or visit with friends and relatives, whether over the forthcoming holidays or in a distant future. We want to feel the contact and connection with those people we might not be in daily communication but still are a significant part of our lives. Any plans we share with other people can find an encouraging and appreciative audience. Everyone seems to be wanting, perhaps needing, only the positive elements of life. Today is a day when we’re walking on the sunny side of the street and looking at traipsing down the meadow lane hand in hand with a special someone.

Tuesday, October 12th – Too Good to Be True – Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus. Tuesday continues with the Sagittarius Moon which today sextiles the Sun, squares Jupiter, sextiles Neptune and squares Uranus. We could easily be seduced by our perspective as we look at life through rose-colored glasses. Little seems to be wrong with our world, and we may be far more appreciative of life than we have been for a long time. We might get further enthused as a result of things we hear about from friends and loved ones. Today, a mutual admiration society could be in effect which is quite lovely even if the liability is towards the delusional. We could easily gloss over things today, see only what we want to see, and buy into ‘new’ thinking that as we believe so we are. While there is a great deal of truth in the importance of our attitude and that our attitude influences our conditions, we also have to recognize the tendency for us to close our eyes to distressing matters and unexpected situations that could upset the apple cart. While this Tuesday can be an especially pleasant day, we need to avoid extravagance, indulgence and excess. Moderation is suggested but unlikely to be adhered to. Monday and Tuesday can be very pleasant days but it would be wise to restrain our impulses and keep in mind that during these volatile times things can change instantly without a moment’s notice. Wednesday might provide the wakeup call or the whack on the side of the head, a.k.a. a lateral lobotomy.

Wednesday, October 13th – Squeezing Through the Eye of the Needle – Pluto, Saturn. Wednesday has the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and square Saturn. The bloom may come off the rose today. After two pleasantly uplifting days, we hit Wednesday and hopefully without a thud. We may be called back into our responsibilities, dealing with situations we thought had been resolved or addressing demands that are more other people’s needs than our own. A sense of contraction and constriction could be part of this day. We might learn of certain limitations or we could determine that our projects and our interests are being blocked by present conditions or by someone standing in the way. This Wednesday, often referred to as the ‘hump’ day of the week, can have us feeling like a camel trying to squeeze through the eye of the needle. We do have to watch for our reactions or responses to situations. We might have a tendency towards an adversarial and confrontational style. After two days of climbing to the heights, this Wednesday could seem like a long sharp fall down the tubes. Let’s try and not force anything today. We might have to react and respond to conditions beyond our control but the more we take our time and exercise due diligence, the better able we shall be in effectively handling the issues at hand.

Thursday, October 14th – Keeping Our Own Counsel – Venus, Mercury, Mars, Sun. There is a saying that states ‘walk a mile in my moccasins’. This statement is especially true for us on this Thursday. The Capricorn Moon today sextiles Venus and Mars in Scorpio and squares both the Sun and Mercury in Libra. Other people may be encouraging or may have what they believe to be the best answers to our personal matters. While their intentions may be good, their advice could be disastrously wrong. Today is a day for us to keep our own counsel, hold our cards close to our chest and do what we have to do in the most resourceful manner possible. If we engage other people today, we might experience either their needs for us to get involved in their personal affairs or they may offer too much information, much of which could prove patently irrelevant to the specifics of our situation. Let’s not make waves today. Even presentations could be misunderstood or misinterpreted, so it is wise for us to hold our tongue, do what needs to be done, and take care of our own business.

Friday, October 15th – Getting Out of Our Own Way by Embracing the Magic – Jupiter, Uranus. Wednesday could have been a little intense for many of us, and Thursday we might have been licking our wounds or being more secretive than usual. Friday is one of those gifts we sometimes receive — the sense of being in the right place at the right time, the feeling that wonderful surprises are being offered to us. Friday begins with the Capricorn Moon sextile Jupiter and Uranus. Things can fall easily into place today, as if by some magical happenstance or thanks to our lucky stars. Whatever we have to do today, we can do so effectively and productively and in a streamlined manner. If we have been perplexed by problems, this day affords us the opportunity of finding the right answer and the least strenuous way of accomplishing whatever needs to be done. The early part of Friday allows us to get more done in a shorter period of time than usual, and opens the door to an evening when we can socialize with friends or feel good about our future prospects. It also allows us to get many of our tasks behind us so that we can enjoy the weekend.

Saturday, October 16th – Considerations and Being on the Same Page – Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Venus. Saturday has the Sun conjunct Mercury and the Aquarius Moon trine Saturn and square Venus. Our encounters with other people can be especially meaningful today. We seem far more considerate of other people’s needs and interested in sharing our thoughts with them. Today is a good day for social get-togethers with other people, but we do need to watch for social obligations. If we feel that we have to do something, even if that something is a celebratory gathering, we might resent it or feel that we are too obligated to other people. We might find that other people have certain expenses they want us to join in paying. Let’s keep a rein on our finances today. Assistance might prove far more effective in offering our thoughts rather than helping out financially. If any issues arise in our interactions, it would be far wiser to clear the air rather than allow issues to fester. And it’s important not to allow financial grandstanding where people are either being extravagant or unwilling to pay their fair share.

Sunday, October 17th – Steam Vents – Mars, Sun, Mercury, Neptune. Sunday continues with the Aquarius Moon, which today begins the day with a square to Mars. The Moon then moves into a trine to the Sun and Mercury and later conjuncts Neptune. This day can start with a sense of frustration or blocked energy. We might feel volcanic with anger or disappointment percolating below the surface. Slights, whether imagined or factual, could stir our anger and we might be more than willing to set the record straight. Let’s try and avoid any dust-ups in the early morning hours. Getting out for a long walk or a hike early in the day or going to the gym might be good ways to vent some of our steam and get our energy out in a productive manner. Although the day begins with a blip on the screen, the rest of the day seems quite pleasant. We may enjoy the company of special people, expressing our thoughts, discussing our plans. We can process our plans and consider the wide world of possibilities and use other people as sounding boards as we express our prospects and they encourage the less fanciful ones. The day ends with us lost in our reveries, more concerned about our potentials rather than our daily mundane concerns.