November 1st – 7th, 2010

During this first week of November, we can focus our attention, deal with specifics and particulars, spend time with a special someone for some fun Fall activities and still do an autumnal cleanup and clear out. We may have a great deal going on this week, but we might not seem as stressed out as we might have been over recent months. Are we getting used to the new rhythm, the metronome-like pace whereby we go from one thing to another but hardly have a moment to rest?

In the US, this week brings the mid-term elections and an end to the incessant barrage of political advertising that may have put a furrow in our brow and a surly feeling to our attitude. ‘Enough already’, we might have felt with all the negative advertising that focused less on the issues at stake and more on the personal characteristics of the individual candidates. We could heave a big sigh of relief that these elections are behind us. After the dust settles, we may even assume that we have a clearer picture of the future and are better able to make decisions.

What we need to take into account is the fact that things may not be as they seem. It is essential that we not let down our guard or accept situations at their face value. As I have written before and will no doubt write again in future posts, these times call for vigilance and mindfulness with the ability to be flexible and to adapt to changing conditions. We have to be cautious, Little Red Riding Hood, that there isn’t a big, bad wolf on the way to our intended destination.

While there can be a great deal of volatility this week, we do not have to carom from one side to the other, banging our heads against one wall and then another wall. Instead, we could find our footing, maintain our balance and accept the responsibility and accountability for both our attitude and actions during these transformational times.

Monday, November 1st – Depth of Meaning – Venus, Pluto, Mars, Sun. Monday starts the week and the beginning of November with Venus sextile Pluto and the Virgo Moon square Mars, trine Pluto, sextile Venus and sextile the Sun. Although there can be carping and criticisms going on today, the more we can block out the dissonance, the better able we are to use a laser-like focus to see what is really going on. We can be highly resourceful today, focusing on the most significant aspects of our lives and spending time with those people who contribute great meaning to our lives. We’re not interested in the shallow or the superficial today. We want to cut to the core, concentrate our energies and plumb the depths to get to the heart of any matter. Although we could be distracted and our attention diverted by events that are beyond our control but might have negligible impact upon our lives, the more we attend to what really matters for us, the more we can accomplish with the idea in mind of stripping away the non-essentials and delving instead to the core. We have passion and determination today. We know where we want to go and we can devise a best practices approach by which to get there. This Monday is a day when we can work smarter rather than harder and accomplish a great deal with the least expenditures of time, money and energy.

Tuesday, November 2nd – Hey, You, Get Off of My Cloud – Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus. Tuesday continues with the Virgo Moon, which today sextiles Mercury and opposes both Jupiter and Uranus. Our mind is sharp and precise. We can cut away from the tantalizing images and appearances, pull back the Wizard of Oz curtain to see the little guy punching the buttons and to see what is really going on. Although we could be entranced by the presentations, the smoke and mirrors being shown to us, if we maintain our sharpened focus and not lose sight of the particulars, then we can devise our own form of presentation in which we have all the details incorporated and still present in a pretty package. This Tuesday is a good day for us to consider our future and blueprint the specific means by which to realize our goals. We are not interested in the blather or the superficialities of situations or people today. We want to have the facts, only the facts, and then to create our own scenario with the knowledge that we have done our due diligence and devised our approach with a lean and mean format. We might want to hold our cards close to our chest today, not reveal too much and not be distracted or have our attention diverted by other people’s input. Fortunately, we can see through other people’s pomp and circumstance, and we are able to evaluate and critique according to the true reality and not just in regard to the potentialities, the prospects and the possibilities, all of which could prove impossible due to the prevailing winds of changing circumstances.

Wednesday, November 3rd – Drawing Lines in the Sand – Pluto, Mars, Saturn. Wednesday could prove to be a difficult day if we get too fixated on what we want and how we want it. Today, the Moon in Libra squares Pluto, sextiles Mars and conjuncts Saturn. We may feel our responsibilities are clipping our wings. We might far prefer to be out and about, expanding our interests and broadening our involvements. What we want to do and what we need to do could be in sharp conflict. We might feel beholden to other people. We could sense that our goals are being blocked both by the powers-that-be and by the people that inhabit our lives. People can be a little on edge with chips on their shoulders, just waiting for someone to try and knock that chip off. This Wednesday demands that we avoid knee-jerk reactions, for otherwise we could find ourselves at the mercy of spontaneous combustions whereby we say and do things instinctively without due consideration. This day is one of those days when it would be wise to tread lightly and proceed gently. Although we might feel limited by our daily obligations, the more we can find escape valves, whether through physical exertion of sports activities or by getting out of Dodge and into unfamiliar terrain, the less likely this day will be explosive. We may not be operating on all eight cylinders today, but it would be wise for us to operate with diplomacy and patience and not become consumed by the intensity.

Thursday, November 4th – Feeling Good, Looking Good – Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune. Thursday can be an especially pleasant day. Mercury trines Jupiter and the Libra Moon trines Neptune. We may be in la-la-land, possibly not that realistic or focused on what is truly going on, but we are likely to be feeling good and looking good. Today is one of those Mutual Admiration Society days, one of those days when we are feeling upbeat, assuming that all is right in our world and looking for only those people that both agree and encourage our feelgood sentiment. Not that there is anything wrong with an exuberant, uplifted, even inspired, feeling. But we have to realize that our tendency to see everything as bright and sunny might be a shade too optimistic. If we can rein in our exuberance and maintain a critical eye regarding what is happening, then we can use our enthusiasm to develop our plans, move forward with our intentions and feel that our progress is inevitable. The liability for today is the ‘overs’ – overconfident, overoptimistic, over-exuberant and over-doing. This Thursday is certainly a day to get with a friend or engage in social gatherings. Let’s see this day as a breather from our normal routine and even consider it as a ‘mental health’ day.

Friday, November 5th – Keep It Going On – Venus, Pluto. The feelgood attitude of yesterday can continue on into this Friday, although fortunately today with a strong dose of discernment and selectivity. Yesterday, we might have seen the whole world as being a playground with fun events and good times with good friends, and even good friends just casually met. Friday winnows things down, whereby we are more focused on those special people and those significant involvements. We’re not looking to engage anyone and everyone today. The Scorpio Moon today conjuncts Venus and sextiles Pluto. We are far more selective regarding with whom we want to spend our time and how we want to spend our time. Today is the dark side of the Moon with late tonight, early tomorrow morning giving us the Scorpio New Moon. We might consider today what we need to jettison from our lives, those things, people and situations that are just too much work and do not contribute much to our lives. We want to be lean and mean. Not in a nasty way, but we are looking to make various cut backs, pare down and focus on the truly meaningful that adds purpose and depth to our lives.

Saturday, November 6th – Miscues and Getting Out of Our Own Way – Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, Scorpio New Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Neptune direct. Saturday can have us feeling like the Mad Hatter at a Tea Party [oops, referring, of course, to Alice and her Wonderland, and not to the US political scene]. Mercury squares Neptune and Mercury trines Uranus. The Scorpio Moon is a Scorpio Lunation with the Moon conjunct the Sun, followed by the Moon trine Jupiter, square Neptune, trine Uranus, and conjunct Mercury. Added to the craziness, Neptune turns direct today. The New Moon occurs in the second decanate of Scorpio, the Pisces decanate, Pisces being ruled by Neptune. Let confusion reign! Even if we’re looking for clarity today, we may get a large dose of confusion, which, if we’re not careful, could cause heaps of trouble for all concerned. This Saturday is one of those days when caution is necessary, even demanded, if we are to avoid the pitfalls of miscues, misunderstandings and then heading like ‘wrong way Corrigan’ in the wrong direction and possibly even down the rabbit hole [apologies again to Alice and her hallucinogenic travels]. This Saturday could be one of those crazy-making days when we don’t know who’s on first, what’s on second and… [which I am referring, of course, to the celebrated Abbot and Costello comedy routine]. Just writing about this day could make one a little crazy-making [as though you might not have noticed]. This Saturday is a day for us to get out of our own way, not take any thing at face value and to be open to the wonder and magic of it all. We may be extremely moody, with our emotions going from wild swings between exhilaration and despair, all the while not knowing what might be triggering our mood swings. We might have grand plans for this Saturday, including even an autumnal cleanup, but it would be suggested that we be open to the unexpected and take advantage of opportunities coming out of the blue. We don’t always have to make things happen. And this day will give strong evidence that whatever our plans are, the universe and natural unfolding may have other plans for us. Let’s be flexible and adaptable and realize that today is like a scavenger hunt. Clues can be given to us but many of the clues come forward only as we go from one unanticipated event to the next.

Sunday, November 7th – Fly Away – Mars, Venus Libra. Sunday has the Moon moving into Sagittarius where it conjuncts Mars. Retrograding Venus exits Scorpio to go back into its own Sign of Libra. This Sunday is a day for us to spread our wings, expand our horizons and broaden our reach. We may feel energized and upbeat with a sense that nothing can go wrong in our world. Our confidence is strong and we may be impassioned to move our projects forward and extend ourselves into new areas. We may also find ourselves more conciliatory towards other people. We have less of an edge on, possibly more willing to embrace win-win situations and far more accommodating to our loved ones. If we have been a little harsh regarding our judgment of other people, now may be a time for us to make amends, apologize and do something nice for those special people in our lives. We just have to be aware that our energy is ratcheted up severalfold today and we might be a little too much for some people. Whatever we do today, we’re likely to give it our all and then some. Our determination could tend towards belligerence and we might find ourselves overcompensating. Let’s use our thrust of energy in positive ways, tactfully advancing our interests or engaging other people in a spirited, uplifting manner.