September 6th – 12th, 2010

This week is the last week of the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle, and it would be wise for us to maintain our vigilance, not to accept things at face value and to realize that the devil may lie in the details, to which many of us may be oblivious. With Mercury retrograding through its own Sign of Virgo, we could easily be glossing over the specifics, neglecting certain particulars and more interested in the big picture rather than the minute components that make up the big picture. Awareness and mindfulness are key during these times, and not only during this Mercury retrograde but certainly during these volatile times with their wide swings of ups and down in accord with different factors highlighted at various times.

We are coming off of the Labor Day holiday weekend in the US, and bringing to close the unofficial end of Summer. As we begin this week, we might still want to enjoy ourselves, engage fun activities and have one final Summer blowout as a last hurrah of a Summer that might later be best forgotten.

Mid-week, we may be more focused on getting back on track, getting down to business and returning to our everyday, routine reality. The Virgo New Moon mid-week can have us concentrating on our responsibilities, considering our goals and devising our strategy to get from where we are to where we want to go. But we might still skim over details, so it would be wise for us to do our brainstorming and blueprinting in broad strokes with the recognition that we can fill in the blanks and the detailed approach later on… and after Mercury has turned direct.

The latter part of the week could well be spent in the camaraderie of friends and loved ones. We may appreciate that none of us is an island unto ourselves and that much of our enjoyment and celebration of life are based upon those special people that sprinkle and sparkle our lives.

The weekend may have us looking at clean-up projects, getting rid of those situations and things that only clutter our lives. We may want to cut away the dross in order to emphasize the truly important and meaningful.

The weekend ends with Mercury turning direct. Although we may be thankful for the turn in direction, we need to be aware that during such changes in direction, things can go askew. Communications can be off. Traffic can be at a standstill. And we might have difficulties in getting things done expediently. A day on either side of a turn in direction can impact things going haywire. Sunday of this week Mercury turns direct. Monday of this next week has Pluto turning direct.

A fairly placid week, it is important for us to keep in mind the wide swings both in interests, energies and temperaments during this week. There is a great deal of change going on this week and next week. We might attribute it to the sense of Summer turning to Autumn, but we also have some significant planetary shifts and changes this week and next week.

No matter what is presented to us this week regarding long-term perspectives, it would be wise for us to keep the jury out with no rush to judgment until we can see a little more clearly what is truly going on and take into account important factors that we might be presently overlooking.

Monday, September 6th – Once More for the Gipper – Mars. Monday starts the week, and in the US this day is the third and last day of the long Labor Day Weekend, with the Leo Moon sextile Mars. We want to enjoy ourselves today and have a good time in social encounters with friends and loved ones, all the while focusing on a certain party quality. Even if we’re working today, we might want to slip away for an extended lunch or get together with other people for happy hour. In a best case scenario, happy hour today should last all day long. Whether we can go for an all day party environment or not, this Monday is one when we may want to squeeze all the pleasure out of our activities as possible. We might feel our daily tasks beckoning, but today we’re likely to put them off for yet another day.

Tuesday, September 7th – The Day After, and the Day Before – Neptune, Venus, Pluto, Mercury. In the early morning hours, Tuesday begins with the Leo Moon opposed Neptune and sextile Venus. The Moon then exits Leo to move into Virgo where it trines Pluto and conjuncts Mercury. We might feel the push pull between wanting to continue our holiday with focus on fun events and the pull of our daily responsibilities. We are about to get more fully back on track, leaving our Summer plans behind and returning to our everyday world. We do need to keep in mind both the Mercury retrograde and also the fact that this Tuesday is the dark side of the Moon, the day before the Virgo New Moon tomorrow. This is a day when we may feel betwixt and between. We might want to enjoy ourselves, take some time off, but it would be wise to use any downtime as a time to blueprint and strategize. It is always wise for us to develop our plans and consider our methodology to realize our goals before jumping ahead. This Tuesday allows us to contemplate and consider where we are going and how we want to get there.

Wednesday, September 8th – Taking Care of Business – Virgo Lunation, Sun, Venus Scorpio. Wednesday begins with the New Moon in Virgo and a Stellium of three or more planets in Virgo as the Sun Moon conjunction is joined by the retrograde Mercury in the Mercury-ruled Mutable Earth Sign. There is also the Stellium in Libra, which ends today as Venus, ruler of Libra, exits Libra to enter Scorpio, where Venus is uncomfortable. We may be no nonsense today, unwilling to accept the presentations of good-natured people and the images that might have earlier seduced us. We might be more adept at counting our pennies and watching our expenditures. We certainly are far more interested in getting our money’s worth and even to the extent of becoming slightly parsimonious. Today is a good day to sort through things, take care of outstanding matters and lay down the foundation stones for the world we intend for this forthcoming Autumn. We are getting far more serious about things and have less interest in the superficial, shallow or extraneous. We can accomplish a great deal by putting one foot in front of the other and our due diligence to details.

Thursday, September 9th – Too Good to Be True – Mars, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Cardinal Climax, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter Pisces. Thursday has Mars trine Neptune and the Virgo Moon opposing both Uranus and Jupiter. Jupiter retrogrades out of Aries and back into Pisces. The Moon then moves into Libra where it squares Pluto and conjuncts Saturn. This Thursday could be one of those crazy-making days. We could feel up, down, spun all around. This is a day when we could easily get carried away by what we want and how we want it, even to the point of closing ourselves totally off to reality and the hard, cold facts of what is truly going on. Although we are under the influence of yesterday’s New Moon in Virgo for the next two weeks, often we have challenges to see whether we are in synch with the energies operating or just wanting to go our own way oblivious to everything going on around us. Today could allow for a good dose of obliviousness and a desire to buy into the grand illusions as if they were true reality. Although we could be looking to march to our own drummer today, we might run up against stonewalls placed in our way. Restrictions and limitations could dampen our spirits and we might find ourselves in those wild mood swings. Whatever goes on today, it would be wise to take everything with a grain of salt since we could be more prone to extreme thoughts, feelings and actions. What we see as good, really good, might prove to be too good to be true. And our negative thoughts and feelings could be more depressive than reality would account for. Let’s try and maintain balance today and exercise the wise admonition of moderation in all things.

Friday, September 10th – The Serenity Prayer – Neptune. Friday seems a fairly quiet day, and a day when we are seeking peace and looking for sanctuary. We might find our comfort, solace and nurture in our interactions with friends and loved ones. The Libra Moon today trines Neptune. We are not looking to set the world on fire today. On the contrary, we want peace and harmony and the idyllic. During these volatile times, there are moments when we might cry out the song title of a classic Curtis Mayfield song: ‘We got to have peace’. This Friday is one of those days when we want peace, no discord and just to enjoy the company of other people. We are not interested in making waves or making much of an impression on things today. This Friday could be a ‘mental health’ day when we enjoy the beauty of nature, of the people in our lives and a sense of placidity. The evening can be pleasant, spent with that special someone or lost in our reveries.

Saturday, September 11th – Simplifying, Cutting to the Core – Mars, Venus, Pluto, Mercury. Friday evening, Saturday early morning continues with the Libra Moon, which conjuncts Mars. We may seem to get a second wind or, at least, encouragement from that special someone in our lives. The day dawns and our mood shifts. As if we have gotten a second wind, we’re interested in cutting to the core, getting down to the basics and focusing on the fundamentals. The Moon moves into Scorpio where it conjuncts Venus, sextiles Pluto and sextiles Mercury. This Saturday may be one of those cleanup, clear out days when we’re straightening our home, doing our inventory taking, and taking loads to the dump or to the garbage bin. We might want to simplify our lives and we can do so by getting rid of the extraneous and those things that have served their purpose but no longer serve us. This weekend would be a good weekend for home projects, putting away our summer things and preparing for the Autumn.

Sunday, September 12th – Everything in its Place – Venus, Pluto, Sun, Mercury direct. Sunday continues with our inventory taking and cleaning out. We can see what works for us and see what doesn’t work for us, those things that are only a distraction or no longer serve a purpose. Venus sextiles Pluto and the Scorpio Moon sextiles the Sun. We are looking to be efficient and willing to cut away the dross to get to the essence. This is a day when we can put things in their proper order and in their right place. Although this day can be highly productive as a clearing out day and weekend, Mercury turns direct today and we all know what that means. Although we are ending the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle, whenever Mercury changes direction, whether direct to retrograde or retrograde to direct, things can ratchet to a level of confusion, disruption and delays. Let’s keep focused and avoid travel difficulties, communications glitches, traffic problems and miscues or misunderstandings. Pluto turns direct tomorrow. So today and tomorrow can be explosive and we might cause more harm than good if we do not keep aware and mindful of our thoughts, our speech and our actions.