September 13th – 19th, 2010

This week starts with a blast and a great deal of intensity to push assertively ahead and the week closes with a feel-good end of Summer weekend and an optimistic, upbeat attitude. We may feel as though all is right in the world, that we have rebalanced the excesses and the extremes and that we are full speed ahead in the direction of bounty and good cheer. Having ended the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle this past Sunday, this week allows our thoughts, our communications and our movement to be a great deal clearer and straightforward.

The beginning of the week could prove explosive, both as Pluto turns direct and Mars exits Libra to move into its own Sign of Scorpio. We may also be thrown for a loop with Mercury turning from retrograde to direct motion.

Nothing is likely done in half measure this week and we may feel as the week progresses that nothing can get in our way or stop us from advancing our interests. We may feel confident, optimistic and some people might even be humming the song from The Wizard of Oz proclaiming: ‘Ding dong! The witch is dead. Which old witch? The wicked witch.’

Apart from initial bumps at the beginning of the week and some possible trip-ups mid-week, our attitude is likely to be one of celebration, joy and walking on the sunny side of the street. We might not be totally clear about what we are celebrating, but it won’t stop us from celebrating.

What a great disposition for all of us to embrace!

While this can be a fun week, and a week when we look to squeeze the last remnants of pleasurable activities from the Summer during this last full week of the Summer season, let’s not get carried away by euphoria. It could prove seductive, like the sirens of Ulysses, and if we give in to our feel-good attitude, drop our guard and negate due diligence, then we could be setting ourselves up for a fall as we come into the Fall.

Let’s keep in mind how things during these times can shift dramatically and even drastically, that the volatility of these times can be quite extreme from the highest highs and the lowest lows. Nothing remains the same for too long, so it would be wise for us to balance off our exuberance this week and keep to moderation in all things.

Not looking to be a parade rainer, I would still suggest that we maintain our awareness and our mindfulness and a tentative quality to our actions and our decisions, all the while that this week we could be singing: ‘let the good times roll… roll on and on… and on.’

Monday, September 13th – Bombs Bursting in Air – Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto direct. Late Sunday, early Monday continues with the Scorpio Moon, which squares Neptune and trines both Uranus and Jupiter. Based upon an infusion of appreciation and support garnered from a special someone yesterday, we could start the week assuming that we can pull rabbits out of the hat. We may be open to options and alternatives and buy into the concept that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. Where a problem could arise is in regard to ‘the way’. We could put a great deal of energy towards chasing rainbows and moonbeams, accepting grand illusions as our ‘way’. While we can draw upon our resilience, persistence and dogged determination, we could be heading down a blind alley and wasting our energy on impossible dreams, all with a belief that what we want is what we can have and how omnipotently masterful we are in realizing our goals. A red flag should go up if we accept the idea that we can master the world and control circumstances. That would be a throwback to the old paradigm, a mindset that might not totally work in the changing circumstances of the new paradigm. A little humility, please. The Moon then moves into Sagittarius where it squares Mercury and sextiles Saturn. Our confidence could be ratcheted up and we might depend more upon the encouragement of other people than our own due diligence. We could skip over details, gloss over particulars, all with the assumption that we can bend conditions to our will. Aaargh! Let’s keep in mind that Mercury has only turned direct as of yesterday and although we are headed towards clearer thinking, we are not there yet. On the contrary, with so much energy shifting and changing, in reality we may be more on a slippery slope of dramatic shifts and changes than we might fully comprehend. This Monday also has Pluto turning direct and such an energy shift can be explosive and dramatic. Like the earth moving under our feet, our stability and our security can be shaken to the core. This turn in motion often corresponds to earthquake and volcanic activity, bomb blasts and explosions, and a general breakdown of certain situations that go through their own crash and burn. This Monday is a day not to let the energy get away from us, but rather for us to avoid being unconsciously reactive by counting to ten and letting the dust settle before we respond to actions or decisions.

Tuesday, September 14th – Ratcheting Up – Mars Scorpio. Tuesday continues with the Sagittarius Moon and even if we feel battle scarred from the intensity of these times, our confidence and determination can also be increased likewise. While this Tuesday has the Moon making no aspects and connections to the planets, we do have a significant game changer as Mars moves out of Libra, where it is uncomfortable, and moves into Scorpio, a Sign it co-rules along with Pluto. With Pluto turning direct yesterday and Mars moving into Scorpio today, the intensity is ratcheted up severalfold. People may be out for blood. Frustration levels can be upped significantly and if, in deed, there are no steam valves to vent our frustration, then we could experience people acting out and engaging the belief that might makes right. Nothing is likely done in half measure and that is where the problem can lie. Although we may have the energy to move mountains with dogged persistence and relentless determination, our pushing through might reinforce the old belief that by our will we can make things happen in accord with our wishes. Such an attitude flies counter to the paradigm shift where we are to be co-creators with the universe unfolding rather than our old belief that we could master our world. If we accept the old mindset, we might find the universe has as much, if not more, of a pushback. Now is a time to go gently into the night, to use our tai chi moves of consciously recognizing the energies and working with them rather than trying to control them.

Wednesday, September 15th – Back at It, For Just a Taste – Lunar T-Square, Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Pluto. Wednesday could take some of the bloom off the rose. The euphoria, confidence and optimism of the past couple of weeks could take a decidedly intense twist as the day progresses. We begin Wednesday with the Sagittarius Moon sextile Neptune and creating a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon squares the Sun in Virgo and squares both Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces. We may have the tendency to see the world through rose-colored glasses, focusing more on all the possible sprouts of better times ahead rather than scratching the surface to look at underlying conditions. We might buy into the belief that, if we assume hard enough for things to be a certain way, circumstances and conditions will conform to our hoped-for scenario. A lovely concept, and one which buys into the belief of our being masters of our world and in total control of all the ingredients that make up the backdrop of our lives. But such a concept can be incredibly delusional, especially during these times of the paradigm shift. There is a liability for us to go on faith today and avoid the hard work of analytical evaluation. La-de-da. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn where it sextiles Mars and conjuncts Pluto. With a thrust of confidence and eager anticipation, we could then put our exuberance into concrete action. We might even discover that we have the power and will to bend things to our whims. But the question remains as to whether we are building upon rock or building upon sand. If the latter, then some of our actions and good intentions may be like sand castles at the ocean’s edge washed away by the rising tide. If we take the time, utilize due diligence and are willing to adapt our plans according to the shifting conditions, then we could be building upon rock. The key factor is our flexibility and a willingness to write our plans in pencil with a large eraser. Either we can use the dynamics of these times as a contributing factor to developing our interests or we might find that our ego intensity creates a house of cards with the liability of all fall down when challenged or impacted by unexpected variables.

Thursday, September 16th – Resourceful and Attentive – Venus, Saturn, Mercury. If yesterday didn’t provide a lateral lobotomy or a whack on the side of our head and forced us to either start from scratch or alter our plans significantly, then we might be on the right track. And this Thursday would then allow us to proceed in a most effective and resourceful manner. The Moon in Capricorn today sextiles Venus, squares Saturn and trines Mercury. We can accomplish a great deal today, if we will trust our own judgment, concentrate on the specifics and the details and avoid those people that might have opinions regarding our plans or our actions. Today is not a day to draw upon other people’s input. On the contrary, this Thursday asks us to focus, cut to the core and then build upon a solid foundation with the least steps necessary and the least expense involved. If we would be attentive to the true circumstances and conditions around us, close ourselves off from the commentators and spinmeisters, then we can be highly productive in the most streamlined methods. Let’s keep in mind the wise and true saying that we never get more than we can handle. We have the skill set to accomplish much. We just have to maintain our mindfulness and awareness regarding the shifting conditions around us and make any necessary adjustments as unexpected variables impacting our course of action might demand.

Friday, September 17th – Step by Step – Sun. Friday continues with the Capricorn Moon, which today trines the Sun. This Friday may be a work day, a day when we deal with our responsibilities and can tie up various loose ends. We seem to have a firmer grasp of things going on. We may have devised a best practices approach for us to deal with our tasks at hand. If we will take things step by step, constantly evaluating and re-evaluating as we go along, we could find this Friday to be highly productive, a day when we can take care of business, attend to outstanding manners and complete various projects that have been hanging over our heads. Not only do we have the right structure in mind, but we are no longer glossing over the details. We might have a greater appreciation of both the big picture and the smallest of details that make up the individual factors that eventually make manifest the big picture.

Saturday, September 18th – Nothing Could be Finer – Jupiter, Uranus, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Venus. Friday night, Saturday early morning could be a great deal of fun. The Capricorn Moon sextiles both Uranus and Jupiter. Whether we are partying, relaxing or giving thought to our Autumn plans, this weekend could afford a pleasurable blowout as we embrace the last weekend of this Summer’s season. This Saturday has Jupiter conjunct Uranus and Mars sextile Pluto. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Aquarius where it trines Saturn and squares both Venus and Mars. We are looking for adventure, wanting to do something different and willing to jump at those unexpected surprises that could come up. This Saturday is a day to let go our plans and be spontaneous. Even if we have felt that our lives have been restricted or limited by recent world conditions, this Saturday allows us to blow off steam, engage in recreational activities and en joy ourselves. We may be less than diligent about our finances today and we could easily spend more than we intended. While someone might be carping at us regarding how we should act or what we should do, we want to do our own thing and capture the essence of being free from our daily responsibilities to just have a good time. Nothing could be finer but let’s keep in mind that we could be excessive, indulgent and extravagant today. If we justify our behavior by recognizing that every now and then each of us needs a blowout to let off steam and feel the freedom to be and to do, then this Saturday is a primo day of good times and wonderful surprises.

Sunday, September 19th – Catching a Breath. Saturday might have exhausted us, but fortunately not from frustration as possibly from having too much of a good thing. This Sunday has the Moon in Aquarius but apart from the Moon transiting Aquarius, there isn’t a great deal of energy today. Perhaps we can use this Sunday as a day to catch our breath, luxuriate in some down time without heavy-duty expectations or plans. We might want to get together with friends today, but we are not looking at overscheduling or having too much on our plate. We could prefer just lazing about today, taking time to consider some of our options and alternatives for the future without feeling the time ticking away making us crazy as to what we need to do next. Like a well-needed timeout, this Sunday can be a fun day to relax and re-create and do things spontaneously, on the spur of the moment with whatever catches our fancy in the moment and being in the NOW.