August 9th – 15th, 2010

Relationship issues could be testy as we begin the week but things seem to settle down towards the end of the week and over the weekend. This week seems a little more pleasant than this past week, but I did write a little more pleasant since this past week could have been somewhat hellacious. If this past week weren’t an intense week for you, then perhaps you were off vacationing and tuning out to the everyday reality of life. Lucky you, but for myself this week ranked as one of my worst. Self-fulfilling prophecy, you might counter. Not really, just situations beyond my control impacting me and my plans. But then that’s what this time is all about — realizing that in truth and in reality we do not have control over things but instead must work with the energies unfolding. And what energies they are that are unfolding!

Last week had Mars transiting Libra triggering the Cardinal Climax of the Uranus Aries, Saturn Libra, Pluto Capricorn T-Square. This past weekend and the early part of this week has Venus transiting Libra triggering the Cardinal Climax. Let the games begin! And the game is the game of life itself and how we work with the different facets and characteristics of our lives to weave an interesting, exciting and fulfilling mosaic, all with the realization that we are but co-creators, participants in the dance of life and not the choreographer of the dance or the master of our domain. As the saying goes: Life’s too mysterious. Don’t take it serious.

While this Cardinal Sign T-Square is in play, and will be in play over the next two years, it is essential to keep in mind that Cardinal Signs allow for initiations, new beginnings and are a dynamic for engaging change to old patterns, old structures and old formats. We are fortunate that this T-Square is operating in Cardinal Signs rather than Fixed Signs where we might only feel stuck between a rock and a hard place waiting for some catalyst of extraction or in Mutable Signs where we might only flail about, going from one thing to another to yet another with no real satisfaction.

No, this Cardinal Sign T-Square allows us to test the waters, experiment and explore our options and our alternatives, all with the realization that the old program no longer works for us and the old ways are no longer effective. It is a dynamic and in such a context things can come at us fast and furious. No matter what our plans might be, the possibility of our plans coming to naught due to new variables and unexpected situations putting a kibosh on our well-devised strategies is highly likely. And so, as I have suggested more than once, the key characteristics to effectively negotiate the currents of these times are flexibility and adaptability. Flexibility is necessary for us to ‘go with the flow’, to shift and change as circumstances warrant and as conditions may demand. Adaptability is the talent to find the most effective means to address and successfully deal with the changed parameters. And so, I write once again, Let the games begin!

These times demand that we heed the advice of the refrain in the Kenny Rogers’ classic song ‘The Gambler’:

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em

Know when to walk away and know when to run

We have to learn to walk before we can run, and these times ask that we develop a new skill set, devise a new direction and consider all options and alternatives, some of which may come out of nowhere. We may be a little shaky as we move forward but the natural unfolding is to toddle before walking and walking before running and then moving at our own natural pace.

Monday, August 9th – Full Bore – Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Leo New Moon, Sun. Monday begins the week with the continuation of the Cardinal Climax and the Cardinal T-Square triggered again today by Venus, which opposes Jupiter on this Monday. We also have the Leo Moon trine Jupiter, sextile Mars and conjunct the Sun at the time of the Leo New Moon. We could go full bore today, and a tendency towards indulgence and excess cannot be ruled out. On the contrary, we may be feeling upbeat, confident, optimistic and seeing only the positive and discounting all of the negatives. We are far more interested in how we can move forward with our own interests, expand our horizons and put our creative mark on all things. While our enthusiasm can be inspiring, we have to be careful that we’re not seeing ourselves in an unassailable position and assume that everything will work out according to our desires and our expectations. Although we are all being asked to get a little humility, and to recognize that the parameters are shifting, we often have challenges of relying on our past habits before we cross the threshold into the new paradigm. Today is one of those days when we could feel as though we are masters of our world, that we can shape things according to our whims and that we are invincible in our prowess to make things happen. A little humility is called for with an appreciation that the times they are a’changing and that this magical, mystery tour on which we have embarked is one where unexpected variables and unanticipated events come forward to force us to be flexible and adaptable to the shifting tides. On this Monday, let’s embrace our creativity but with an innocence of all possibilities rather than a fixed belief in our ability to make things happen the way we choose to see them. Today is a day to engage pleasurable pursuits, seek out good times with good friends and look at the possible outlets for our own creative self-expression.

Tuesday, August 10th – Hitting a Snag – Venus, Pluto, Neptune. Tuesday could present some issues in our relationships. The problem might arise as a result of dueling ambitions or different goals. We still have the Venus trigger to the Cardinal Climax with Venus today square Pluto. Relationships could be testy today with people taking an either / or approach, such as ‘either you’re with me, or you’re against me.’ Conciliatory attitudes could go by the wayside and people may be less considerate of other people’s opinions or other people’s needs. The Leo Moon opposes Neptune and the likelihood of misunderstandings and people just refusing to acknowledge any opinion other than their own may be strong today. Everyone may be on edge so it would be wise to cut ourselves, and other people, a great deal of slack. Let’s avoid snap judgments today or being too rigid in our own personal stance, for we could be setting ourselves up for adversarial confrontations and we might even buy into our own perspective without taking into account all of the particulars. This Tuesday is a good day to take everything with a grain of salt and not fall into a defensive position that could seque into the old concept that a strong offense is a good defense. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Leo and moves into Virgo where it trines Pluto. The latter part of the day is a far better time for us to figure out a best practices approach for the realization of our goals, a time when we might be more willing to exercise due diligence and a time when we might be less regal in our approach and more willing to work with other people to create a win-win situation. Timing is everything and this Tuesday could prove that. If we go off half-cocked in the morning hours, then we might have a great deal of remedial work to do. If we give ourselves some time and focus on what needs to be done later in the day, we can step out of our own way and create a focused and streamlined methodology to achieve our goals.

Wednesday, August 11th – Strategizing and Devising – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday has the Virgo Moon conjunct Mercury. Our thoughts are well considered, and we can figure out the precise details to remedy any outstanding matters and to devise the expeditious means to accomplish our tasks. We may spend the day taking care of all the necessary details in order to clear the decks and clean up our clutter. Inventory taking today would assist us in prioritizing our lives, focusing on what we need to be rid of, tying up loose ends and seeing what are the most meaningful areas we wish to develop in the days ahead. Being the 11th, a master number in numerology indicative of the ‘visionary’, this Wednesday is a great day to blueprint and strategize. Let’s take some time to look at our finances, budgeting our expenses and shoring up potential revenue streams. We can work smarter rather than harder today. The more we can cut away, downsize and concentrate on the most important, the better prepared we shall be to deal with the contingencies of these times. Let’s keep in mind that all work and no play can make us dull and listless. While this day is better used to deal with our responsibilities and tasks at hand, let’s take some time for ourselves and enjoy some fun summertime moments. Towards the latter part of the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over twenty-two and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra late tomorrow. The energy drops away and we might take the time for a bit of a respite, especially in light of the fact that the Cardinal Climax is triggered once again late on Thursday.

Thursday, August 12th – Waiting for the Shoe to Drop – Moon Void-of-Course, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto. Thursday is a relatively quiet day, but come the latter part of the day we’re likely to be back on the fast track. With the Moon Void-of-Course as of yesterday with the Moon making no further planetary connections as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra late on this Thursday, this day does not have a great deal of energy during much of the day. Things may not coalesce or come together. We might feel that we’re playing a waiting game, as if waiting with apprehension as to what comes next. As quiet as the early part of the day might be, and let’s keep in mind that quiet is a relative term especially during these volatile times, the latter part of the day could switch from bumbling along to high speed interactions and fast moving events. For later in the day, the Moon moves into Libra triggering the Cardinal Climax as the Libra Moon conjuncts Saturn, squares Pluto and opposes both Jupiter and Uranus. We may feel that we’re in a pachinko machine with various events and incidents and people being the cascade of balls hitting us off and impacting our every move. If we have rested up, not pushed the envelope earlier in the day and are prepared for the tides to shift from a quiet meandering to rapid currents, then we’re likely to be able to keep up with the sound and fury of this latter part of Thursday. We shall need to be adaptable to the shift in the rhythm of this day and ready to juggle various things thrown at us towards the latter part of the day into the evening hours.

Friday, August 13th – Forget the Triskaidekaphobia – Venus, Mars, Uranus Pisces. People often consider Friday, the 13th, as a negative day. Horror movies have created a successful franchise on the day and by drawing upon triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13. But legend and reality often are two totally different things, and so too with the number 13. In the wisdom teachings, thirteen is considered a number of transformation, the alchemical process of turning base mettle of primal humankind into the gold of wisdom and understanding, a process gained through the Herculean tasks of going through the twelve different phases, twelve different functions, twelve different zodiac signs, to rise above the egocentric and come back to the realized individual. Transformation is a process that demands letting go of the past, trusting in the process and being vulnerable and innocent to the ‘outcome’. We are all going through a major transformation during these present times, a transformation both on the collective level of society and on a personal level in our own individual lives. And this Friday the 13th allows for a sense of that transformation and a sense of the importance of our camaraderie with kindred souls. Today has the Libra Moon conjunct both Venus and Mars. Today is for social interactions, those good times spent with good friends and the appreciation for how other people light up our lives. Special moments can be shared today. People seem far more considerate of each other, far more interested in creating win-win situations and look to cooperate rather than compete. Our relationships can go through some positive turns today and we may be looking to celebrate our good fortune with someone special. This day also has Uranus retrograding out of Aries and coming back into Pisces for its brief sojourn to review the last seven years. Our sensitivity can be turned up severalfold as we feel more compassionate regarding the state of the world. What we do have to be aware of is the possibility that there could be more problems associated with water and chemicals and religious institutions. But, all in all, this Friday can be a pleasant day with various social gatherings and kicks off a fairly pleasant weekend.

Saturday, August 14th – A Fine Summer Saturday – Sun, Neptune. This Saturday continues with the Libra Moon, which today sextiles the Sun and trines Neptune. This is a good day to enjoy ourselves, to take time out, get off the track and just have a good time. Whether we get together with friends, or pursue re-creational activities or just luxuriate in the summertime lushness, this Saturday can be an especially pleasant day. We might not want to push ourselves too much, might far prefer the lazy, hazy days of summer to relax and regroup. This is a day when we can reclaim the sense of good living. No matter our concerns about our personal lives amidst the changing parameters of these times, we can chalk this day up to a ‘mental health’ day when we see the possibilities and the potentials without considering any of the downsides. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Scorpio and we may gear ourselves up for a cleaning up and clearing out of the outworn and outmoded.

Sunday, August 15th – Cutting to the Core – Pluto. Sunday has the Scorpio Moon sextile Pluto, and this day would be a good one to get rid of the extraneous and the superfluous in our lives. Whether we do a good housecleaning or consider different areas of our lives we might choose to eliminate, this is a day when we can fully embrace the idea that living simply is not simply living. There is a saying that the ‘best things in life are free’, and on this Sunday we may seek out those activities that come with little or no expense. Whether we choose to take a walk in the park, a hike in the woods or going down by the seashore, we may have a tendency to be more effective with the least amount of expenditure today. We can be incredibly resourceful with the idea of getting the most out of the least. Although we have all been conditioned into the idea that there is no free lunch and that we get what we pay for, we may have lost touch with those simple pleasures that mean so much and cost virtually nothing. Today is a day when we could harness such a concept and come to realize that we can enjoy ourselves without a tremendous cost. Whatever we do today, we’re looking at situations to be meaningful and have a purpose. Otherwise, we just won’t go there. This is a great day for us to realize the wealth and the abundance of our lives and the skill sets we all have developed to deal with the shifting tides.