August 30th – September 5th, 2010

This week could have us running from one thing to another to another. We are gearing up for our focused return to our normal lifestyle, all the while that we are reluctant to let Summer end. Keeping in mind that Mercury is retrograde whereby our communications could be misunderstood and things may take longer than we like, this is a week when we can prepare ourselves for the work ahead.

The early part of the week can be far more attentive to our image, our appearance and what we might need in order to be more effective in our daily activities. A personal makeover could be something we engage, whether it be attending to our hair, buying new items for our wardrobe or purchasing necessary supplies for those things we need to do.

Mid-week seems to have us in a scurrying mode. Perhaps we have too much on our plate or are trying to touch many bases all at once. We need to be careful not to gloss over details or be too hasty in our judgments, communications or decisions. Mid-week would be a time to have good braking abilities, keeping us from babbling or digressing or getting lost in the convolutions of so many things going on in our lives. Let’s remember that key aspects of these transformational times are to prioritize and concentrate primarily on the truly meaningful. The times of helter-skelter and just adding on more, more, more should be behind us. Now is a time for mindful intent with keen awareness.

The end of the week could have us stubbing our toe or hitting the wall. If we do so, then our haste and lack of precision might be the root causes. We may have to step backwards before moving forward. We might also find that we have certain home and family matters to address before we engage the social activities that the latter part of the weekend offer.

This weekend in the US is the long holiday weekend of Labor Day, often seen as the unofficial end of Summer and with a tendency towards one last hurrah and blowout for the Summer season before getting back on track of our daily routine lives. While for many of us this Summer might best be forgotten, let’s find the joy and appreciation that this weekend can bring.

Monday, August 30th – Looking Good – Mercury. Monday starts the week with the Moon in Taurus trine Mercury. This is a day when we can put it all together. Not only can we present ourselves at our best, but we can also deal with the particulars that make up the whole of our presentation and appearance. Yes, we’ve got it going on today. We may choose to go shopping, able to find not only what appears appealing but also has good quality. We might consider a personal makeover, focusing on our image and how we can look our very best. Style is key today and we have it to the max. This is also a day for us to consider our financial situation, to look at our budget and see where we can pare down our expenses. If we choose to purchase something, we can find bargains and things that provide good value at reasonable cost. Our thoughts are focused and we’re not in a hurry to make our decisions. Contemplation serves us well and the percolation of our thoughts can create a tight framework of intricately woven details in a pleasant and appealing manner.

Tuesday, August 31st – A Second Wind – Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter. Tuesday brings a close to August with the Taurus Moon square Neptune and sextile Uranus, before the Moon exits Taurus to enter Gemini where it sextiles Jupiter. Tuesday begins with a sense of certain dreams unrealized or even impossible to manifest. But we would have to ask ourselves whether our goals are based upon the old paradigm of believing that we have to make things happen rather than allowing things to unfold. Although we might begin the day slightly disappointed and even a little anxious, if we work with peripheral vision and keep our antennae up, then we might discover magic is in the air. Unexpected events could provide new opportunities. There is a wise saying that states that god and the universe have far greater plans for us than we could have ever imagined for ourselves. This Tuesday might affirm the truth of this saying. Unanticipated variables could open the door to new and exciting situations. We might have to take a step to the side or allow ourselves a tangential approach in moving forward, but we might also find that surprising incidents give us a second wind, make us aware of involvements that truly speak to us and provide the canvas on which to express our individual creativity. This day could have a wild swing in our emotions, from being slightly discouraged to begin the day to being wildly exuberant late in the day. Again, this Tuesday might offer us the opportunity of no longer having to feel that we need to make things happen as much as being open to receive the blessings and opportunities of the universe unfolding.

Wednesday, September 1st – No Stopping Us Now – Saturn, Sun, Mercury. The thrust of confidence and optimism that we might have received on Tuesday evening could have us going full bore on this Wednesday. Today the Gemini Moon trines Saturn and squares both the Sun and Mercury. We might touch base with other people with our new found enthusiasm, get them to ‘yes’ our proposals and some of our ideas, and we can be full speed ahead in advancing our ambitions and our goals. It’s a nice concept, but where a problem might arise is any tendency to gloss over details and just assume that things work out the way we want them to because we want them to. The old saying that haste makes waste could prove a stumbling block today as we move fast forward ahead without checking the conditions, being aware of the circumstances and merely assuming that we’ve got it going on and that nothing can stand in our way. It’s great to be exuberant and feel that there’s no stopping us now, but it would be wise for us to be certain of our direction, the conditions surrounding us and our itinerary. We don’t want to be rushing ahead only to find out that we’ve been acting like lemmings racing for the cliffs. Let’s keep the braking action in force, check, re-check and re-evaluate as we take steps along the way today.

Thursday, September 2nd – A Wonderful World – Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Venus, Neptune. Thursday is a primo day and could prove the best day of this week. The Gemini Moon today creates a Grand Trine in the Air Element as the Moon trines both Mars and Venus in Libra and trines Neptune in Aquarius. This Thursday is a wonderful day for our relationships. If we have been out of touch with someone for a while, today is a day for catch-up with friends and loved ones. Our thoughts are lively. We’re considerate, interested in what is going on with other people. We can think about the possibilities for our future and draw upon other people both as support systems and as reliable sounding boards. Communications are highlighted today, but bear in mind that Mercury is retrograde. While making plans and considering our prospects are good uses of the energies today, we need to remember not to forget the necessary details or neglect the specifics. Today might be far better for broad brush strokes rather than the intense detailed touch-ups. We can think in the big picture perspective, take a macro view, but we might want to wait on the micro and the actual management of the practical applications. The conceptual and abstract today are far better than the implementation and execution.

Friday, September 3rd – Back Against the Wall – Sun, Mercury, Cardinal Climax, Uranus, Lunar Grand Cross, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn. Friday has the Sun conjunct Mercury and also the Cardinal Climax, again. Yes, they’re back! The day begins with the Gemini Moon square Uranus before the Moon moves into Cancer where it creates a Cardinal Grand Cross and triggers the Cardinal Climax by the Moon squaring Jupiter in Aries, opposing Pluto in Capricorn and squaring Saturn in Libra. The Moon also sextiles both Mercury and the Sun. This day could have us feeling like Sisyphus trying to roll the boulder up the mountain, only to feel like the world around us is rolling back on top of us. Although we might want to start various projects and begin certain activities, we might feel as though we are being blocked and hampered virtually at every turn. We have to avoid being overly self-critical, assuming blame for any curveballs that seem to come out of left field for us to deal with. Our plans and our intentions for this day might have to be put on the back burner as we deal with issues we thought were resolved and deal with unexpected situations that arise and deal with outstanding matters. We could feel as though our back were up against the wall. If we can postpone some of our actions today, it might be wise, since even our best efforts might not accomplish too much. It would be wise for us to notate some of the headlines and newsworthy issues that arise today for they could be a portent of issues needing to be dealt with over the next year. We may feel that we are being pulled in different directions today, so let’s try and slow things down and seek refuge to recharge our batteries in our home and the quiet of our sanctuary, wherever we find that sanctuary to be.

Saturday, September 4th – Friendly Encounters – Venus, Neptune, Mars. Saturday has Venus trine Neptune and the Cancer Moon square Mars. Relationships today can be quite enlivening, even idyllic, if we are willing to come out of our shell and be open to the embrace of camaraderie. We may feel shy, unwilling to engage but today is a great day to spend in the comfort and nurture of our friends and loved ones. The main thing to avoid today would be eliciting our expectations. We might become intoxicated by the way things could be and lose sight of the way things are. Let’s see the perfect scenario as a work in progress, still with flaws and frailties, but a dynamic, evolving condition of what could be. We could become easily infatuated today with someone or something. Let’s enjoy the bliss without getting blissed out which might only lead eventually to disappointment. Similar to the Japanese potter who puts his thumbprint into his creation as an indication that only the source is perfect, or the Arab carpet weaver who leaves a loose thread in deference to his idea that only Allah is perfect, let’s embrace today the perfection of imperfection and enjoy what we have and those idyllic moments that are close to perfection.

Sunday, September 5th – Sunday in the Park – Venus, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn. Sunday can be a fun-filled day, a day of re-creation, social get-togethers and having a good time. The day begins with the Cancer Moon square Venus and trine Uranus before the Moon moves into Leo where it trines Jupiter and sextiles Saturn. This Sunday can be an especially pleasant day. Even if we feel we have to step off of cloud nine and come back to some semblance of reality, today’s reality can be packed with good times with good friends. Invitations may be last minute but the more we can be open to the flow of this Sunday, the more likely we are to find ourselves in the bubbling currents of today’s rapids. A lot can go on today and much of it centered around uplifting, fun events. We’re not looking at grousing and not overly concerned with the world at large. We are far more interested in spotlighting ourselves and our friends with an emphasis upon having fun and enjoying ourselves. In the US this Sunday is part of the long Labor Day weekend, often seen as an indication of the unofficial end of Summer and just before we get back on track of our normal, everyday lives. We could be looking at having quite a blowout this weekend, taking in concerts, going to the shore, enjoying a barbeque, and just having a good hurrah to summer.