August 2nd – 8th, 2010

This week could seem a literal interpretation of the 1937 Fats Waller tune The Joint is Jumpin’. Nothing seems done in half measures this week. On the contrary, the week seems extreme with explosive behavior and wild swings of emotions. Yup, the joint is jumpin’ this week.

The week begins sedately enough with a reasoned, well thought-out approach. We can devise, strategize and figure the best ways to be resourceful and to be effective with the least expenditure of energy.

Mid-week things ratchet up severalfold and are anything but sedate. The potential for indulgence, extreme actions and excess is highly likely. While the beginning of the week may have had us thoughtful, willing to do the necessary leg work and apply due diligence to all our decisions, the mid part of the week may have us being gung-ho, going full speed ahead without considering our methods, our itinerary or even our direction. We may just decide to go for it even if we don’t know what the ‘it’ might be.

We might bite off more than we can chew this week, trying to do too many things and possibly not doing any one of them productively or successfully. Juggling is all well and good, if we are capable of effectively multi-tasking. Otherwise, we could find ourselves on overload and overwhelm.

The weekend could prove a little dicey in regard to our relationships. If we scraped our knees earlier in the week, then we have to be careful that we’re not venting our frustrations on other people and especially those significant people in our lives. We might feel that we can unload our disappointments on those special people in our lives, but let’s keep in mind that they too may have been having their own problems. Now is a time for us to cut ourselves, and everyone around us, a whole lot of slack.

The intensity of this week could trigger accidents, explosions and might force us to alter our present view of conditions.

Let’s keep in mind the importance of flexibility and adaptability during these times and remember the Taoist saying ‘bend like a reed, or break like an oak.’

Monday, August 2nd – Everything Working Smoothly – Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Mercury. Monday starts the week in a grounded and focused manner. Our time management skills seem adept and we can accomplish more than we might have thought possible today. The Taurus Moon creates an Earth Grand Trine with the Moon trine Mercury in Virgo and trine Pluto in Capricorn. Brainstorming and strategizing can come up with a best practices approach. We can deal with the big picture and attend to the smallest of details in the most effective and expedited manner. This is a primo day and not one to be wasted. Whether budgeting our resources or finding those special deals, the wheels seem greased for a productive and successful day. What we do have to watch for is assuming that with everything running so smoothly there are no hiccups or problems further down the road. Let’s not get cocky, too full of ourselves and believe that everything will go the way we plan. Let’s keep in mind that we’re moving towards asequential reality whereby things no longer go from beginning, middle to end. The more we accomplish today, the more we can look into other opportunities for ourselves over the days ahead. But this is August and it would be important for us to factor in some down time this month to recharge our batteries and gear up for those times when things do not go quite so smoothly.

Tuesday, August 3rd – Legends in Their Own Minds – Jupiter, Pluto, Sun. Yesterday could have been one of those extraordinary days when everything seemed to work, all the pieces falling neatly into place. Building on that sense of nothing going wrong, everything being right, we might feel invincible on this Tuesday. We might also feel that what we want is what we should have. We could easily feel like a law unto ourselves, able to cut corners and even skirting honesty and integrity. Our optimism and confidence could be ratcheted up severalfold but we had better be careful for we might be setting ourselves up for a fall. Tuesday has Jupiter square Pluto and the Taurus Moon square the Sun. Today is one of those days when we could bet the ranch on things going our way. The sense of resourcefulness that we might have engaged yesterday could fly out the window with us more prone today to excess and indulgence. ‘Let the good times roll’ could be our refrain. If we lose our clear, objective perspective to irrational exuberance, the costs could prove quite high. Let’s try to rein in our enthusiasm, recognize that there are certain limitations with which we just might have to deal, and scale back our projects, plans and intentions. Things could be brewing with a likely explosive eruption today, more likely tomorrow. Taking things on a tentative level and testing the waters would be far better than jumping into the deep end of the pool. It would be wise to stick to a budget, keep our expenses down and not feel that we have to overly impress other people. We may want to have a good time today, but let’s factor in the costs involved. Moderation in all things would be suggested, less likely heeded.

Wednesday, August 4th – Hellzapoppin’ – T-Square, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn. I started off my writings of these weekly energies with reference to a 1937 tune by Fats Waller and here I am bringing in a 1938 musical and subsequent 1941 film. Hmmm, 1937-1938… Gosh, I hope I’m not channeling a depression-era theme alluding to the Roosevelt Recession of ’37-’38… Curious and curioser… Any way you wish to slice it, this Wednesday has more energy than most us can effectively handle. Mars today triggers the Cardinal Climax and the Cardinal Sign T-Square by Mars opposed Jupiter and Mars square Pluto. This is a great deal of energy to handle and could have a tendency for us to overreach, overextend, overindulge, go overboard and other ‘overs’ that we might not even be able to envision. Yup, this day might just be too much. We could have a tendency to go blindly into the night, and the day, feeling that might makes right and that belligerence and excessive force can win the day. We might feel like Mighty Mouse, but it would be wise for us to have some form of braking system to rein in actions that could be over the top. The day starts with the Moon in Taurus trine Venus and square Neptune. The Moon then moves into Gemini where it sextiles Uranus, trines Saturn, sextiles Jupiter and trines Mars. Whatever we do today, we’re likely to do it with full force. We might be far more interested in scurrying around, juggling a vast number of things rather than sitting still and concentrating on a singular factor. We might be in constant motion today, but our focus and our attention to detail and our due diligence could all be lacking. We might be riding a crest of our invincibility and that could prove a real hazard. There could be saber-rattling today and we might even feel the earth move under our feet, but it may not be associated with our heart-felt passions as much as with some explosive eruptions. Today is a day to keep our eyes wide open and our ears open to whatever might come up. No knee-jerk reactions today, since any action or reaction could be too forceful. Let’s try to count to ten, take a deep breath and relax into the hurly-burly of these wild and wooly energies today.

Thursday, August 5th – After the Frenzy – Mercury, Sun. Thursday may be a day to pick up the pieces, but there may be little time for a respite from the intensity of this week. The Gemini Moon today squares Mercury and sextiles the Sun. We may still be in high gear, but it would be wise for us to slow down and be certain that we have covered the bases, taken care of the particulars by dotting the Is and crossing the Ts. We may be far more interested in having a good time today rather than attending to our usual obligations. If we are taking time for a vacation or stay-cation this week, then we might be less liable to do ourselves damage by overlooking significant facts and not paying attention to important matters. Catching our breath today, taking time for some fun events and engaging pleasurable activities would be strongly suggested. We may only be in the eye of the storm with gale force winds picking up once again tomorrow. Let’s keep in mind the volatility of these times and that when it’s crazy, it’s really, really crazy and when it’s a little more placid, that’s the time for us to catch our breath, recharge our batteries and nurture ourselves. Let’s use this Thursday to nurture ourselves.

Friday, August 6th – Back At It – Neptune, Venus, Lunar Grand Cross, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus Libra. Friday may seem to start off pleasantly enough. The Moon continues in Gemini and trines Neptune and squares Venus. We may have all sorts of plans to have a pleasant day and to make our plans for the forthcoming weekend. Not everyone may be on the same page. Things may start falling apart and there can be some disagreements in our discussions with other people. The energy then shifts dramatically and the Cardinal Climax, of which we’re in the midst, is triggered once again. This time the Cardinal T-Square becomes a Cardinal Grand Cross as the Moon enters Cancer to square both Uranus and Jupiter in Aries, square Saturn in Libra and oppose Pluto in Capricorn. The energy is ratcheted up severalfold and we may feel that we have to do some thing, any thing, just to get the energy out of our system. While we might launch forward with a thousand different projects, let’s recognize that our insistence to get things done may be more an impulse feeling than a realistic projection. We can start things up but let’s have no grand expectations about seeing things through to their finish. We could be acting more like the White Rabbit in Alice’s Wonderland feeling that we’re late, oh, so late, for a very important date. Towards the end of the day, Venus exits Virgo to enter its own Sign of Libra, thereby creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Air Sign as Venus joins Saturn and Mars in Libra. Normally, Venus moving into Libra would accentuate relationships in a positive manner, make us far more considerate of other people’s needs. But at this time the Venus entrance into Libra brings added emphasis, and stress, to the Cardinal Climax, which we are likely to see over the weekend and into the early part of the week dinging our relationships, as Venus hits off the other components of the Cardinal Sign T-Square.

Saturday, August 7th – The Grass Being Greener – Venus, Uranus, Mars, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. Saturday is one of those days when we might imagine that the grass, and life, is far better somewhere other than under our own two feet, other than in our everyday life circumstance. We could be easily infatuated by possibilities of freeing ourselves up from restrictive situations. We want to be free and we might feel that other people are more of a dampener to our lives than a truly contributing and supportive attribute to our living. We could easily be seduced by things beyond our reach, those fantastic mirages of possibilities that seem so wonderful in anticipation but incapable of living up to their build-up and presentation. Relationships could be a little dicey today and over the next few days. There could be a battle of wills between our personal needs and desires and the needs and desires of those special people in our lives. Compromise and consideration are essential factors to prevent blow-ups in our relationships with other people. While spontaneity is encouraged for today, we have to be certain that we’re not trying to force people to our will. We might also experience unexpected situations getting in the way of our intended plans for the day. Although we might far prefer to be somewhere rather than where we are, if we are at home then we might want to make some changes to our environment, clean things up and then do something different from our usual patterns. The energy dies down considerably when the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over twenty-eight hours as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before moving into Leo late tomorrow. Let’s be open to doing things on impulse without knocking things over or creating friction with our friends and loved ones. Today might be a good day to chill and to give ourselves the freedom to just be.

Sunday, August 8th – Catching up with Old Time Connections – Venus, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus. Sunday is the dark side of the Moon just before tomorrow’s Leo New Moon. Yesterday had the Moon go Void-of-Course and that continues for much of this Sunday. Venus conjuncts Saturn today and the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer without making any further aspects to the planets before entering Leo later in the day. This Void-of-Course Moon is a long one, over twenty-eight and a half hours in length. Whatever we intend to do today, there is not a great deal of energy for it to happen. This may be a time when we have to deal with other’s people’s needs in a compassionate and gentle manner. We might decide to reconnect with old friends, catch up with what has gone in their lives and our lives and provide each other a support system and an encouragement that we can get through these crazy times and not only survive them but also thrive during them. The latter part of the day and the evening hours seems focused on fun events. The Moon moves into Leo where it trines Uranus and sextiles both Saturn and Venus. Unexpected events could prove thrilling, exciting and fun-filled activities. Let’s use Sunday evening to enjoy ourselves, get together with our friends and loved ones and have a good time.