August 23rd – 29th, 2010

This week could have us refocusing on our routine, everyday existence. We may feel that summer is coming to an end with a sense of disappointment that this summer was not like the ‘lazy, hazy days’ of summers of the past but rather this summer being intense, anxious with extremes of ups and downs. Whatever we have done or however we have spent this summer, it may not have lived up to our expectations or our comparisons to summers of the past.

Although much of our attention might go to our normal affairs and usual responsibilities this week, we could still want to have moments of pleasurable activities and fun get-togethers with other people.

Our moods can go through radical swings this week, but what else is new? If we haven’t gotten used to the volatility of these times, then we’ll eventually have to get with the program. Of course, this new program is like a blank slate with no directions, no instructions, no ‘how tos’ but rather “a learn as we go” process.

The early part of the week can have us making our plans for the Autumn and for our future. We may draw upon other people’s input for us to consider our options, develop our alternatives. As the week progresses, we could go through some real mood swings mid-week, feeling reactive to situations beyond our control, having to adapt to changing circumstances that are not of our making. Let’s keep in mind that the key characteristics for success during these times are our ability to be flexible and adaptable. The more we can concentrate on streamlining our activities, paring down our involvements to the truly meaningful and being more effective with less expenditure of energy, the more productive and successful we can be during these volatile times.

The end of the week can have us self-absorbed, wanting to do our own thing and not looking to be restrained or constricted by anyone or any thing. The weekend closes with us being highly functional and capable of executing and manifesting our projects to make our dreams come true.

Monday, August 23rd – Reach Out of the Darkness – Mars, Venus, Sun Virgo. Monday has the Aquarius Moon trine both Mars and Venus in Libra. This day is one when we might look to connect with those special people in our lives. We may want to catch up with what’s been going on with our friends and relatives, see how their summer has been, discuss the recent turn of events and just touch base with those important people in our lives. We could use other people as sounding boards for some of our plans or proposed projects. Late Sunday, early Monday, the Sun leaves Leo to enter Virgo. No matter what we are doing or where we are, we might feel the universe tapping us on our shoulder reminding us that it’s getting to be time to get back to our responsibilities and our obligations. We may feel more detail-oriented and we can bring our consideration of particulars into play as we reflect on some of our future goals. We can not only have the vision of where we want to go, but we could also devise the strategic means to get from here to there. Let’s do keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde and so we need to be exceptionally clear in our communications and in our thought processes. If we look before we leap, then we can devise a best practices approach by which to realize our dreams.

Tuesday, August 24th – Manifest Destiny – Neptune, Pisces Full Moon, Sun, Pluto. Tuesday has the Aquarius Moon conjunct Neptune to begin the day. We might feel enlivened by our prospects as though instinctively drawn towards what our destiny could be. The Moon then moves into Pisces where it opposes the Sun at the Full Moon and then the Moon sextiles Pluto. This Tuesday is a day when we can effectively strategize blending both our visionary sense of what could be with a most practical and pragmatic approach to devise the effective methodology to get from abstract concept into practical manifestation. We do have to be careful regarding mood swings today. We could swing high. We could swing low. And we could swing in both directions with all sorts of stops in between. The key element today is not to feel victim to the swirling currents of the world around us. On the contrary, the more we can see volatility as a dynamic, the better able we shall be to effect changes in our personal world by recognizing that things can change without a moment’s notice and that when the winds of change are blowing we too can be far more effective in making the necessary changes in our own transformations and move closer towards where we need to go. The cautionary advice is not to feel merely reactive to situations but rather to see changing conditions as an opportunity for us to utilize and not solely as a challenge.

Wednesday, August 25th – Mind or Emotions – Mercury. Wednesday could allow us to continue with brainstorming and strategizing. We can see the possibilities for our future and yet also incorporate the specific means to realize our potentials. Today continues with the Pisces Moon which opposes Mercury. A balance between our reasoning, analytical mind and our emotional, intuitive sense would be a good way to harness our talents and come up with a direction and an itinerary by which to achieve our intentions. The key today is balance, for if we give in to the metronome then we could easily swing from blind emotion to harsh analytical criticism. If we let the energies get the better of us today, then we might find that we are getting incredibly moody, even resentful of situations and conditions. We would then dive into a sense of victimization and self-pity. Why go there? Instead, we have the opportunity of holding reins on both our intuitive, emotional sense and our analytical, reasoning mind. A blend of the two sides of our brain would allow us to consider possibilities that some might consider impossible, all the while devising the means to make the impossible possible. This Wednesday can be a highly productive day so long as we maintain the balance and use our thinking processes to hone and temper our desires and our intentions.

Thursday, August 26th – I Am the Change – Sun, Pluto, Uranus. Thursday could prove a powerful day and a significant time in which we can measure and note the changes we have been going through. Today, the Sun trines Pluto. During these times, all of us, both as individuals and as a society, are going through a major transformation, what the first nations’ peoples would refer to as shapeshifting. We are morphing from whom we have been into whom we are becoming. Like the caterpillar going through the chrysalis to emerge as the butterfly, each of us has been going through our own major changes. There is no going back, only moving forward. And while we might not fully comprehend where we are going or who we are becoming, we have the tools and the skill set to navigate the uncharted waters through which we are sailing. Although there may be times when our lives feel like storm-tossed seas, other times when things seem stagnant as if stuck in a Sargasso Sea; we are progressing through the process of evolution and involution of our being. The Moon today finishes its transit of Pisces and conjuncts Uranus before entering Aries late in the day or early tomorrow morning, dependent upon where we are on the planet. It would be wise for us to consider where we are compared to where we have been. Even if we cannot fully define where we are or who we are, it is far more important to recognize the change from where we have been or who we have been. Today is a day when we can put our feelers out regarding new interests, new activities, new involvements. Let’s use this day to recognize the truly important and highly meaningful in our lives. In so doing, we can start to begin moving in new directions even if we do so with tentative steps. This Thursday is a day for us to recognize that it is not merely changes occurring in the world around us but far more significantly that each of us might be coming to recognize that ‘I am the Change’.

Friday, August 27th – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – Cardinal Climax, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn. Friday reignites the notorious ‘Cardinal Climax’, the Cardinal T-Square in the Signs of Aries, Libra and Capricorn. Today the Moon in Aries is the trigger point as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and triggers the Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Pluto and opposes Saturn. We may find that we’re doing the two-step today, wanting to boldly advance our own personal interests but feeling limited by past obligations, a sense of diminished resources or blocked by circumstances beyond our control. Although we could feel restricted, we could also use today’s energies as a tempering process, allowing us to weigh our personal interests regarding those that are most meaningful and most important to us. Today is a day for us to prioritize our projects and activities with the realization that any delays do not have to be solely frustrations but could also assist us in determining what to focus on and what we might want to be rid of. We could have a sense of progressing ahead only to be drawn back to deal with outstanding matters. Other people’s expectations could get in our way today, so it would be wise for us to do the tai chi moves whereby we work with the energies to our benefit and avoid being severely hampered by those things that seem beyond our control.

Saturday, August 28th – Me or Thee – Mars, Venus. Saturday could continue with something of a tug of war between our own personal interests and our desires and those of someone else or the desires of other people. The Aries Moon today opposes both Mars and Venus in Libra. Some people may feel that we are just too self-absorbed and self-focused. That could be true today but it would also be suggested that we check the source and check their agenda. The potential for manipulation today is strong. People may want what they want with the assumption that everyone else will play ‘yes’ people to their desires and their opinions. Unless we cut each other some slack today, relationships could prove dicey with people wanting what they want without being accommodating or even receptive to other people’s needs. Let’s try and be on the same page, receptive to other people’s suggestions and come to an agreement between ourselves and those other people in our lives regarding plans and what we are going to do today.

Sunday, August 29th – The Art of Manifestation – Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Sun. Sunday begins with the Aries Moon trine Neptune. If there were any sparks flying in our interactions yesterday, this Sunday allows us the opportunity of making up and playing nice. We can be very persuasive today and create win-win scenarios whereby we can move forward with our interests and with the support of our friends and colleagues. This Sunday is a primo day. Not only do we have a thrust of energy, as if with greased wheels able to move easily forward with the support and encouragement of other people. We also have the Moon moving into Taurus where it creates an Earth Element Grand Trine with the Taurus Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn and trine the Sun in Virgo. We can accomplish a great deal today. If we are shopping today, we can find the bargains and the best buys. This is a day when we not only can get the most bang for our buck. We can be highly effective and get a great deal done in a short period of time. This Sunday may have us operating on all cylinders and even able to pull a few rabbits out of the hat. Today is a primo day for the art of manifestation.