August 16th – 22nd, 2010

This week could feel like the last gasp of a summer that never truly was. With the sense of autumn approaching and the feeling that we need to get back to some of our usual responsibilities, we might use this week for a flurry of fun activities and social interactions. We might feel as though there is no time like the moment and, in truth and in reality, that is all there is, the moment, the now.

We also have Mercury retrograding this week, and we all know what that means. Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’ is back in effect towards the latter part of the week and for the next three weeks into mid-September. Consequently, it would be wise for us to tie up any loose ends, make our significant decisions and purchase major items early in the week or postpone same until the mid-September period.

We might consider paring down during the early part of the week, getting rid of the extraneous and the superfluous in order to concentrate on the truly meaningful and highly important factors in our lives. With so much going on nowadays, it is essential that we weigh our needs and our desires to come up with a prioritized list of where and how to best expend our energies. We do not want to feel like we’re on overload or overwhelm and yet we want to be certain that everything we do and engage in has some deep purpose, some worthwhile meaning.

Mid-week could have us stretching our wings and considering getting off the track, getting out of Dodge and expanding our realm. We may feel upbeat and inspired yet also questioning whether we are in avoidance mode or neglecting our tasks at hand.

The latter part of the week and into the weekend triggers the Cardinal Climax and we might feel torn between the various demands on us and the juggling necessary to maintain everything that we feel we need to do. And with Mercury turning retrograde, we might wonder what is up, what is down, what is turned around. Confusion can be a strong component of the end of the week and into the weekend.

If we do not allow ourselves to fall into overload and overwhelm, if we accept our role as co-creators rather than masters of the unfolding reality, and if we embrace some humility with a good dose of awe and wonder regarding all that seems to be going on, we can accept the kaleidoscope of events, situations and people that seem to come in and come out of our lives. Yes, we’re in the hurly-burly of it all, but by now we should have gotten used to such a pace.

Monday, August 16th – Betwixt and Between – Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Neptune. Monday starts the week as though we were caught in a game of tug-of-war. Jupiter opposes Saturn and the Scorpio Moon sextiles Mercury and creates a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Moon squares the Sun and squares Neptune. Confusion can set in, but we might feel as though we are on a carousel ride grabbing for gold rings that slip between our fingers. We might sense that things are just beyond our grasp, and a sense of discontent could set in. We can see the possibilities, but like some mirage of a promised land we might assume that such a destination is unachievable for whatever reason we accept. We may feel as though we do not have the resources to accomplish our desires. Today is a day for us to pare down our desires and not let our expectations get too great. At the same time, it would be important for us not to feel so constricted and limited that we quash our own dreams, our hopes and our wishes. Finding a balance point, like the balance point between a metronome, is called for today. Otherwise, we might bounce from one extreme to the other, all with a sense of frustration that can lead into a percolating anger likely to be unleashed at any moment. Let’s figure out the rhythm, determine our own pace and not get overwhelmed by the accordion feel of expansion and contraction in our lives today. Things may take longer than we like, so we might want to seek out diversions, play the xylophone rather than the one note samba and focusing solely on one objective that could prove time consuming and vexing.

Tuesday, August 17th – Off the Track – Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars. Tuesday could prove the best day of this week. If we didn’t get ourselves tangled up into a briar patch yesterday, then today could allow for far smoother sailing than yesterday’s bumpy caroming between extremes, all the while that delays and frustrations plagued us. Monday night, early Tuesday morning has the Scorpio Moon trine Uranus before moving into Sagittarius where the Moon trines Jupiter, and sextiles the three planets in Libra — Saturn, Venus and Mars. By thinking outside the box and considering alternatives that we might not have taken into account, we can grease the wheels of our situations and find ourselves resolving issues and problems that earlier frustrated us. We might also come to the realization that there are times when we need to step away, allow things to percolate before getting back on the track and being able to more easily resolve things. Tuesday allows us to see those moments when magic happens, when by getting out of our own way things can occur that remedy situations that had been perplexing to us. This day is a good day to get away with one of those special people in our lives. We are less obsessed by the minutiae, better able to see the bigger picture, and can take a far more philosophical approach to life’s eccentricities. We may feel far more exuberant today, less tied to the conditions and circumstances around us, and may feel more proactive in our actions. Let’s use this day to broaden our perspective, widen our realm and walk on the sunny side of the street. This day can be a ‘mental health’ day, a day when we can fully enjoy the opportunities that life offers us, those special moments with special friends when we can move beyond the narrow track of our lives and explore the widest of possibilities.

Wednesday, August 18th – Doctor Feelgood – Mercury. Wednesday continues with the Moon in Sagittarius which today squares Mercury. The exuberance of Tuesday can segue into this Wednesday, but with an advisory caution that we might not be doing our due diligence regarding specifics or particulars. We could easily gloss over details with the feeling that everything works out for the best and that we have no responsibility or accountability for either our actions or our decisions. Such an attitude could be a prescription for disaster, since these times demand that we be aware and maintain mindfulness. If we don’t have matters to tie up, then we can continue with the feel-good attitude without creating too much damage for ourselves. Otherwise, we could easily make wrong assumptions, which could lead to inappropriate actions and wrong-headed decisions. Even if we want to gloss over situations, let’s try to take the time to review and reconsider before making definitive commitments. While it might be preferable to merely ‘go with the flow’, it would be wise to check the currents and keep attuned to the circumstances in which we are navigating.

Thursday, August 19th – Here We Go Again – Sun, Neptune, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Cardinal Climax, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto. Thursday begins with the Sagittarius Moon trine the Sun and sextile Neptune. We might awaken humming our favorite song, feeling as though everything is right in our world and willing to negate or avoid what seems to be occurring in the world at large. While we might be self-absorbed and self-enthused, confident about our abilities and our prospects; the day shifts energy unexpectedly as the Moon squares Uranus and just before entering Capricorn where it triggers the Cardinal Climax by the Moon creating the Cardinal Sign T-Square by squaring Jupiter in Aries and squaring Saturn in Libra and conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn. From the wild optimism and enthusiasm of the past two days, we might get a whack on the side of the head, one of those lateral lobotomies, that serves as a wakeup call for us to see how certain things are no longer working and how some things continue to crash and burn around us. Although some thing may come out of left field to alter our perspective and demand that we be nimble and quick, it is essential that we not engage knee-jerk reactions but rather take our time to determine the best course of action under shifting conditions. We may want to enlist our resources to launch forward with certain projects and take action to address the unanticipated variables that arise, but it would be wiser for us to reflect on changing conditions before acting. We might want to consider our options, take into account different approaches and the best practices methods to deal with whatever comes up so that we can be effective and productive with the least expenditure of energy.

Friday, August 20th – What It Is – Sun, Neptune, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Mercury retrograde. Whatever occurred yesterday that might have upset our applecart, demanding a shift in our plans, Friday gives us a day when we might question what is up, what is down, what is turning all around. Friday has the Sun opposed Neptune, Venus conjunct Mars and the Capricorn Moon square both Venus and Mars and trine Mercury. Mercury also turns retrograde today until mid-September. Confusion may be the name of the game on this Friday. Misunderstandings, miscommunications and miscalculations and other ‘mis-‘ situations can have us on a scavenger hunt without any clues regarding the next step, much less whatever is going on. Today is a day to slow things down, not take anything at face value and to be wary that we don’t vent our frustrations on other people or those significant people in our lives. A common response for many of us today might be the shrug of the shoulders and the verbal retort of ‘huh?’. It is far better to acknowledge that we may be in the dark rather than assume that we know everything that is going on. If we are sending out emails or any form of transmission, we need to be follow up to be certain that our communications have not only been sent but also received and that the clarity of our message is well understood. If we are looking to get out of town for a last hurrah of summer fun, let’s be aware that our travel plans could take longer than we might have gauged and that traffic problems could arise. This Friday is a day to hunker down, cut ourselves and everyone around us some slack, and keep in mind the saying that ‘Life’s too mysterious. Don’t take it serious’.

Saturday, August 21st – All Fall Down – Saturn, Pluto, Uranus. This Saturday, also a day known to be ruled by Saturn, has Saturn square Pluto, which is transiting Saturn’s Sign of Capricorn. We also have the Moon in Saturn-ruled Capricorn but the Moon sextiles Uranus today. While we might have further evidence of the crash and burn scenario that has gone on ever since Pluto entered Capricorn in the second half of 2008, let’s keep in mind that we are in a time of dramatic transformation and radical change. Old institutions and traditional ways of doing things may be dropping away and we might not be fully clear regarding what could be born from the ashes. Today gives greater evidence of the need to do a serious inventory taking of our lives, see what works for us and those things that we need to be rid of. Whether we choose to rid ourselves of the superfluous and extraneous in our lives or whether the universe steps in to accomplish the eliminatory process for us, today is a day when we might feel that certain things are dropping away in our lives. While we could have the sense that we are no longer in total control of our lives and that life has changed significantly with us having to be co-creators rather than masters of our universe; the positive aspect of such a paradigm shift is to recognize that certain things can occur without our having to make them happen. We are in magic times, and it would be important for us not to solely focus on our losses as much as to be open to the new possibilities, even if we have difficulty seeing what the new seeds of our future might prove to be. Late in the day, the Moon moves into Aquarius and we might be far more interested in our future possibilities and less focused on those things that we are being asked to let go.

Sunday, August 22nd – A World of Possibilities – Jupiter, Saturn. Sunday and Tuesday of this week seem to be the best days of this week. Today, the Aquarius Moon sextiles Jupiter and trines Saturn. We may feel as though we had gained a second wind. If we used Saturday as a day of clearing — clearing away clutter and cleaning up our space — then this Sunday can be a day when we consider what can fill in any apparent voids in our life. The world is our oyster and today we might consider all the different pearls we wish to embrace in our days ahead. Let’s always keep in mind that the universe does not allow for a vacuum, that as certain things are removed from our lives, new situations come in to take their place. Although over recent months, weeks and days, our attention might have been more concentrated on those things leaving our lives, this day allows us to give thought to the broad palette of possibilities that we could draw upon for our future. This Sunday is also a good day to get together with friends and utilize them as sounding boards regarding the potentials we’re considering for our future interests. An enjoyable day this Sunday is, and a day when we can contemplate a wide range of potentials and possibilities for our future.