July 5th – 11th, 2010

Despite some unexpected situations likely to be upsetting our plans at the beginning of this week, this week can allow for a slowdown into summer relaxation and fun. Many people may step off the track, take their vacation or stay-cation time, or just be more interested in summertime recreational activities rather than the daily routine grind.

In the US the week begins with the last day of the Independence Day long holiday weekend. Whether we return to work this week or not, the tendency may be for us to enlist the lazy, hazy days of summer. Even if the economies seem to be stalling, we’re not as focused on the world-at-large as we are on our own personal world. We might decide to go shopping and spice up our home or our wardrobe or our personal appearance.

Relationships can be enticing with everyone seeking out someone to participate in fun, summertime events. We might want to take short trips or even take longer journeys, anything that gives us a sense of change to our ordinary routine.

The latter part of the week and the weekend could have things ratcheting up severalfold. Our insights can be very much on target and we may figure out some of the best ways to achieve our goals and make changes to our normal methods. Our creativity can be strong and we might exercise it around our home and our workplace. We want to put our mark on things, but this time we are not looking at merely making changes for the sake of change. We are willing to take the best of what we have and use it to catapult us forward into new directions and streamlined formats of operation.

Let’s keep our antennae up and work with peripheral vision, for some wonderful surprises could open the door to some marvelous opportunities. Remember: we don’t have to make things happen. We are moving into a new paradigm where things can occur not so much from us making them happen as much as our being in the right place at the right time and being open to receive. We can step away from being in control and masters of our personal world and step onto the magical, mystery tour of exciting possibilities and new dimensions.

The weekend ends with a Solar Eclipse. While we can reinforce our sense of being able to accomplish our goals with a ‘yes, I can’ attitude, we can also be resourceful and use whatever is at hand in ways that are highly effective with minimal cost in regard to time, money and energy. And we can appreciate the fact that the universe works with natural unfoldings and its process of twists and turns.

Monday, July 5th – The World is Our Oyster – Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Uranus retrograde. Have we ever considered the broad palette of opportunities that is before us? Often we have such a wealth of possibilities that it seems hard to pick one or several and which to take advantage of. At such times, we might dither and try and figure out the implications and long-term effects of our choices. This Monday could start the week in such a mode, a sense that we can do several different things today but left wondering which one to emphasize. The week begins with the Aries Moon, which today squares Mercury, trines Venus and sextiles Neptune. This day also has Uranus turning retrograde. Family commitments or scheduled obligations might stand in the way of what we might impulsively want to do. Does it have to be an either or scenario? Not necessarily so, if we are willing to utilize time management techniques. Any planned activities can be dealt with and might prove far more enjoyable than our sense of being restricted by our scheduled commitments. We might want to be footloose and fancy free today, but it would be wise to realize that if we just take care of our planned activities and then allow ourselves some time to do things on impulse, then we can have it all. We do have to be aware that there could be computer glitches today, with computer crashes or Internet issues. And if we are traveling today, there might be unexpected difficulties that either delay us or force us to seek an alternative route or plan. Things can change unexpectedly and quickly today. Being aware and mindful would allow us to shift and adapt to any changing conditions. Late in the day, the Moon moves into Taurus and things can ramp down a notch or two.

Tuesday, July 6th – Straightening Up – Pluto. Tuesday has the Taurus Moon trine Pluto. This Tuesday can be a highly effective day when we can straighten out matters, prioritize our activities and get the most bang for our buck. We may be taking our time today but whatever we are doing, we are likely to be cutting to the core, dealing with the essentials and taking care of what needs to be done in both a structured and well-arranged manner. Presentations today can be both appealing and persuasive. We seem a powerhouse of capability but without being belligerent or self-absorbed. On the contrary, we seem able to present our plans in a charming, persuasive way and with bullet points or the fundamentals emphasized. We could use today’s energies to spruce up our appearance, purchase time-saving devices and clear up any clutter we might have around our home and work spaces. We are impassioned today and may be giving thought as to what our dreams are and how we can best realize them.

Wednesday, July 7th – Get It Done – Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus. Wednesday continues with the Taurus Moon, which today sextiles the Sun, trines Mars, sextiles Mercury and squares Venus. Our effectiveness continues unabated. Whatever we started to deal with yesterday, we may stay on course in the same vein. There can be a great deal of activity around the home and with our family. Straightening, tidying up and a sense of being on the right track seem evident today. Although today could be one of those days when we have to put some of our fun events and recreational activities on the back burner in order to attend to necessary matters, we can accomplish a lot today. What we have to be wary of is assuming that we are building our future primarily on the foundations of our past. We could easily convince ourselves that after an ordeal of wrack and ruin over the past two years, that we’re back on track and the same track as before. Such a belief could prove not only erroneous but downright dangerous for our future. Equity markets could seem stronger on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. If they are, they are drawing upon certain fundamentals and a comparison to past situations rather than being astute and recognizing the past is not being re-created. A conservative approach to finances today is suggested. We could easily believe that we have crossed the speed bump and now ready to sail smoothly along the autobahn. Not necessarily so. We need to avoid being lulled into complacency and keep in mind the keywords of these times: awareness, mindfulness, flexibility and adaptability.

Thursday, July 8th – Reworking the Definitions – Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter. Thursday has Venus opposed Neptune. The day begins with the Taurus Moon square Neptune and trine Saturn before the Moon leaves Taurus to enter Gemini where it sextiles both Uranus and Jupiter. If we have ever seen a magician perform, then we must realize that there are times when magic is nothing more than an illusion, a sleight-of-hand. What appears to be real may be merely a false artifice. It’s like the Wizard of Oz screen, impressive, commanding but once the curtain is pulled back the little man pulling the strings is seen and the image of omniscience falls away. Thursday could be a day when some of our illusions, delusions and great expectations may be exposed for wishful thinking. We might have to re-think and re-work some of our goals, plans and activities. In so doing, we could become less fixed, less rigid regarding how we see things happening and what we want to happen. When we let go of our preconceived notions and our focused intentions, then options that we might not even have considered can come pop up and come forward. Suddenly, we take off our blinders and we can see with peripheral vision, seeing things and possibilities that we might earlier have been closed off to. Today is one of those days when any disappointments or frustrations, once expressed, can fall away and things can more easily fall into place.

Friday, July 9th – The Wonder of it All – Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Mars, Mercury Leo. Friday can be one of those magical days when everything seems to work perfectly, as long as we don’t get in our own way. Mercury sextiles Saturn before leaving Cancer and moving into Leo, where it trines Uranus. The Gemini Moon squares Mars. We can figure things out today, devise a best practices approach to deal with our responsibilities and attend to matters around the home. We can also gain some incredible insights, those flashes of genius that seem to come out of nowhere. This is one of those days when things seem to run smoothly and even more so if we embrace the idea of being co-creators rather than trying to control things or work them to our will. Balance is important and today’s balance is doing what we need to do, allow the universe to unfold in its natural way and then keep attentive so that we don’t gloss over details or merely assume that once on the right track everything will run smoothly no matter what we do. We can start the day by addressing our routine responsibilities, tying up outstanding matters and then be open to spontaneous opportunities. If we can take advantage of surprises in the second half of the day, then we could discover some startling revelations and find wonderful avenues for our own creative self-expression. Today is a day not to get enamored by our own capabilities, to get out of our own way and to keep focused on both what we need to do and situations that come out of the blue.

Saturday, July 10th – Legends in our own Mind – Neptune, Saturn, Venus, Lunar Grand Cross, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus Virgo. Saturday might have us hitting the wall, especially after the last few days when things could seem to have been going merrily along and even better than we might have hoped for. But too much of a good thing often proves to be… too much of a good thing. We can get enraptured by the prospects, assume that everything is going our way and even anticipate that nothing can stop us from smoothly sailing along. It’s a nice concept but also a possible liability for our hitting the wall. And this Saturday could offer some of the head banging that we might not have expected. The day begins with the Gemini Moon trine Neptune. We might have all sorts of grand plans for this Saturday, especially after some magical moments yesterday. The Moon then squares Saturn and triggers a dissociate Grand Cross as the Moon then moves into Cancer where it sextiles Venus, which today has exited Leo and moved into Virgo, and the Moon squares both Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Although we might have received some remarkable insights yesterday and even revelatory understandings, Saturday may pull us up short, demand that we look back at outstanding matters, deal with our committed responsibilities and make us feel as though our well-conceived intentions and plans are coming to naught. With Venus now in Virgo we could also find ourselves becoming far more critical of other people and starting to play the blame game, feeling that other people, and the powers-that-be, are getting in the way of what we want and how we want it. It would be wise to also note that some unsavory news could have been stored up for this Saturday, a day when people tend to disregard the events of the world in order to concentrate on their own personal interests and plans. Something could come from the powers-that-be which could prove limiting to our full creative self-expression. Whatever goes on today, it would be important for us not to fall into despair. Let’s keep in mind that magic is afoot and even if we feel blocked by other people or by our own capabilities, the seemingly impossible are increasingly possible. It’s the magic of these times, the asequential reality and synchronicity of the twenty-first century.

Sunday, July 11th – Keeping the Vision – Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Solar Eclipse. This Sunday has the Sun sextile Mars and Mercury trine Jupiter. The Cancer Lunation, or New Moon, is a Solar Eclipse with both the Sun and Moon sextile Mars. Now is a time for us to blueprint, to consider our options and alternatives all within the backdrop of the presumed limitations and intended restrictions placed upon us as individuals by the powers-that-be. We do not have to succumb to negativity, fearfulness or victimization. On the contrary, once we are aware of the parameters and possible future conditions, we can make our plans, devise our strategy and figure the budget necessary to accomplish our goals. Now is a good time for us to become increasingly resourceful, or see where we can pare our expenses and stretch our monies. With various institutions, governmental and private sectors reporting their half year or full year financial picture, we may realize that the so-called economic recovery still has some significant hurdles to address and scale. For ourselves, now is a time for us to think smarter rather than harder, to be more effective with less expenditure of energy. A good house cleaning now, both literally and figuratively, would go a long way towards creating the best foundation for us to move forward. Let’s not lose sight of our goals or desires, but let’s be aware of the changing backdrop with which we might have to cope. Let’s keep the vision, all the while recognizing the compression, which like the compression of a rock, can create a diamond.