July 26th – August 1st, 2010

This week the energy begins to ratchet up with whipsaws to begin the week and to end the week. We are entering a two-three week period of intense and challenging energies. To paraphrase Bette Davis in ‘All About Eve’, we had better fasten our seat belts for it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The best course of action this week is to maintain awareness, be ever vigilant and be mindful of what is really going on and not merely accepting how things are being presented or the way they appear. The liability towards deception and misjudgment could be strong this week. We might want to make assumptions based upon grand illusions, and such assumptions could prove the recipe for disaster.

People are likely to be on edge and things can change quickly and dramatically. Due diligence and no rush to judgment are called for.

While we can consider possibilities for ourselves, it would be wise that we look at things from different vantage points and fresh perspectives. We could easily convince ourselves of things being the way we want them to be and possibilities being some saving grace.

Missteps to begin the week could unfold into hasty decisions, knee-jerk reactions and overcompensations, or too great a forcefulness, towards the latter part of the week.

Let’s try to avoid getting caught up in the swirling, uncontrolled energy vortices that are likely to abound this week and over the next two-three weeks.

Getting off the track, getting out of Dodge, avoiding long-term commitments and avoiding cut-in-stone obligations would all be suggested for this week.

We may have to stretch this week to maintain our balance, but we have been prepared for times like these. And we have the skill set to effectively and successfully deal with the intensity of these times.

Monday, July 26th – Hopes, Wishes and Grand Illusions – Mercury, Neptune, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus. Monday starts the week with a bevy of energy configurations. The Leo Sun trines Jupiter in Aries. Mercury, towards the end of its transit of Leo, opposes Neptune in Aquarius. Saturn and Uranus make their fifth and final opposition of a cycle that has gone on since the Autumn of 2008. We could easily feel as though we are invincible today. We might have a sense of everything going right. Of course, such a belief may be more a hoped-for conclusion rather than true reality. Certainly, things could be presented in their best possible light, but such a presentation could also negate certain problems and avoid specific issues that would otherwise dampen the rosy picture being painted. Unexpected variables might be thrown into the mix to confuse situations, but it would be far wiser to be in a state of confusion rather than wild-eyed optimism. Irrational exuberance can be back on the table, depicting a confidence and optimism based upon best-case scenarios rather than real factors. Today is a day to take things with a grain of salt, suspend judgment and maintain mindfulness and exercise due diligence. If we do not engage healthy skepticism regarding upbeat presentations, then we could be enlisting in the parade of the lemmings headed for the cliffs. Hope and change can be intoxicating motivators but while we might want to have our head in the clouds, let’s try to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground.

Tuesday, July 27th – Wouldn’t it Be Loverly? – Neptune, Mercury Virgo. Some of the spaciness of yesterday could continue on into this Tuesday. Today’s Moon in Aquarius conjuncts Neptune. If the hucksters and spinmeisters are out in full force today, and certainly the energies today would suggest such, we have to keep our wits about us and not buy into the prospects and possibilities that focus solely on the attributes and negate the liabilities of situations being presented. Monday and Tuesday are good days to get together with friends, take ‘mental health’ days and leave the concerns of the world, and our personal lives, behind us. These two days are not the best for coming to definitive decisions or making long-term commitments. Some of the variables of the next two weeks could be essential in determining where we should go and how we should get there. While we might be feeling good about things or at least buying into some of the pablum being offered us, it would be wise to hold off on any significant moves until we have more information, full disclosure and a sense of some of the upsets that might occur in the next two weeks. So, let’s just enjoy ourselves, pick up a fiddle and play and not take anything too seriously or accept anything at face value. Today also sees Mercury exit Leo and come into its own Sign of Virgo. Our mind can be a great deal clearer and more focused on analysis and checking things out in detail. Although we might want to get carried away by euphoria, or escapism, our mind can be an important rein on our taking wild spins into fantasyland.

Wednesday, July 28th – Back to Looking at the Fundamentals – Mercury, Pluto. Wednesday has the Moon moving into Pisces where it opposes Mercury and sextiles Pluto. Today is a day when we can strip away the images and appearances and get to the heart of any matter. We might not like what we see, but we do have the ability of seeing what is really going on and then determine a best practices approach by which we can realize our goals. This is a good day for brainstorming, going from the abstract and conceptual, focusing on the fundamentals and the basics and then devising the strategic means to achieve our heart-felt desires. We can accomplish a great deal today if we do not let ourselves get distracted by nitpicking the details or critiquing endlessly or falling into a negative mindset. Even if we have felt things were crashing and burning around us, this Wednesday allows us to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and start over wiser and more determined to concentrate on the truly essential.

Thursday, July 29th – You Talking to Me? – Venus, Mars Libra. The Pisces Moon today opposes Venus and Mars exits Virgo to enter Libra. Relationships could prove a little dicey today. They may seem extraordinarily heavy with some people placing demands on us, other people feeling victimized and pulling at our heart strings. The balance between helping someone out and being co-dependent and trying to fix their problems for them could be sorely tested today. Let’s try and avoid emotional entanglements with those people so engrossed in their own personal dramas that no matter what we do, or how much we do, they are unwilling to get a grip, deal with their issues and move on from the emotional morass to which they might be addicted. While people could be a little hypercritical of each other today, it would be wise to maintain a certain detachment and not take anything too personally. With Mars moving into Libra, we have a significant starting gun for some of the likely craziness over the next week as the Cardinal Climax of Saturn opposed Uranus and both square Pluto is reinforced by Jupiter and now by Mars. Let the games begin, although it might seem more like the Colosseum with the lions and the Christians. Yup, it’s time to fasten our seat belts, be ever mindful and aware and not react to situations immediately but rather respond in a balanced and rational manner to whatever comes our way.

Friday, July 30th – The Unsuspecting Terrorized – Mercury, Pluto, Mars, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Jupiter. Friday the 30th could prove one of the most intense days of this Summer, and possibly second only to the upcoming 4th of August. Today, Mercury trines Pluto. Mars opposes Uranus. And the Moon transits Pisces before moving later in the day into Aries where the Moon conjuncts both Uranus and Jupiter, opposes both Mars and Saturn, and squares Pluto. The Cardinal Climax is ratcheted up severalfold and things can occur swiftly and unexpectedly and with incredible force. The liability of people acting out irrationally, terrorizing other people, cannot be discounted. If we can rein in our impetus to act forcefully and draw instead on using our logic and reasoned thought, we can avoid a great deal of harm to ourselves. Accidents can happen and haste may not only make waste but could also instill injury. This is a day to put a lid on any forceful behavior. Aggression can be strong and people pushing the envelope wanting what they want without considering either the logistics or the rationale of their opinions or their behavior. Today is a day to engage brain before acting from brawn.

Saturday, July 31st – Wipe Out – Mars, Saturn, Sun. After the intensity of yesterday, and yesterday a prelude of next Wednesday, we might feel wiped out on this Saturday. Whatever went on in our lives yesterday could have left our head spinning, our emotional being totally drained and our physical body completely exhausted. Saturday has Mars conjunct Saturn and the Aries Moon trine the Sun. If we can muster the physical energy, this Saturday would be a good day to enjoy ourselves, take a break from reality world and engage in some fun activities. We might also want to connect with friends from our past, touching base with old contacts as if to give us a sense of security and a semblance of balance in this ever-increasing craziness of modern times. As life and living is all about cycles, let’s honor the different phases of the cycles. Yesterday’s off-the-wall intensity, to be matched or even surpassed next Wednesday, calls for a recharging of our batteries, a focus on having good times and a need not to become either obsessed or victimized by the circumstances around us. Either we can feel wiped out today or we can embrace the sense of time out to revitalize ourselves through pleasurable activities.

Sunday, August 1st – A World of Possibilities – Neptune. Sunday begins the month of August and also comes mid-point between the intense energies of this week and the intense energies of this coming week. The Moon in Aries today sextiles Neptune. Just as Sunday is often considered a day of rest, this Sunday is a good time for us to catch up with friends, take a leisurely stroll out in nature, and consider the prospects of our future, no matter the circumstances of our present. Dreams are things we need to believe in. Even if it seems as though the world is spinning out of control and things are getting crazier and crazier, it is important to keep in mind that some of our present conditions are indicative of letting go of the past, releasing elements that no longer work and may prove a crescendo of all that has gone before. It is essential that we recognize that we, as individuals and as a society, are on a threshold, the threshold of a paradigm shift. Old patterns, old ways and old traditions may have to go by the wayside as we step across the threshold of the paradigm shift and enter a totally different way of doing things. Synchronicity, serendipity and asequential reality are all part of the magic and miracles that we are moving towards. Even though we shall be entering uncharted waters, there is no reason for us to hold on to the past program, especially in light of the fact that we are not looking to, nor able to, re-create the past. Let’s use this Sunday for mental meandering, to consider what we would want to do, even if we accept the limitations of a belief that our intentions cannot possibly come true. Now is a time to suspend our old beliefs, our opinions and our judgments on reality. Now is a time to embrace blind faith that things always work out for the best, no matter how things might appear in the interim. This Sunday is a good day reflect, contemplate and recognize that we are moving into a magical mystery tour with the capability of pulling rabbits out of the hat.