July 19th – 25th, 2010

This week is a time for us to rest up, enjoy summertime activities and prepare ourselves for the upcoming wild ride of the following two-three weeks. Like a snowball going down a mountain, gathering momentum and eventually becoming an avalanche, the energy this week ratchets up as we move towards the end of the week.

Keeping in mind the mantram of the wise and truthful saying that ‘we never get more than we can handle’, let’s use this week to clear the decks of outstanding issues, take some time to step off the track and recharge our batteries through expansive and exuberant situations, and adapt an attitude of flexibility and willingness to make certain changes to our plans and our schedule as circumstances might warrant or even necessitate.

There are various energy shifts this week, but nothing compared to the following two weeks. As if we were being conditioned to accept a very dynamic period, the energies pick up this week and we are anything but in the ‘lazy, hazy days of summer’. On the contrary, we could find situations rather exhausting and even depleting, but even more so if we are unwilling to shift and switch to the changing tides. Now is a time for us to test our abilities of being fully aware and mindful. We may have to keep our wits about us, trust our own inner voice and believe that no matter what is going on, that things do in deed always work out for the best.

While we might want to hold onto the securities of the past, we have to be certain that such securities are fundamental and can withstand dramatic change. If we feel the floor opening up beneath us, we have to have faith, even blind faith, that such openings do not arbitrarily necessitate a free fall but rather could allow for a free ascent.

These are dynamic times, exciting times, times when things can change drastically, dramatically without a moment’s notice. They are also times when magic and miracles become more evident, and even become an everyday occurrence. The more that we can let go of how we believe things should be, the more we can embrace the magic of what could be.

Monday, July 19th – Whittling Away – Venus, Mercury. Monday starts the week with the Moon in Scorpio sextile Venus and square Mercury. Today is a good day for us to sort through our closets, our activities and our various involvements and see what works for us and what is outdated and too much excess. We may all realize that we need to be lean and mean, cutting away the fat or the extraneous and focusing on the essential and most significant. Unfortunately, the mean aspect might also reflect how people are acting or communicating. Everyone may have an edge on today, feeling like their backs are up against the wall, unwilling to accept the concept that less is more. We might not want to give up anything, assuming that eliminations and releases are a sign of disadvantage or loss rather than focusing on the important and cutting away the dross. We might also feel as though our resources are being contracted, that we do not have the extra cash on hand to fully enjoy ourselves. We might have to make choices, select certain things rather than having the whole enchilada but while such a tendency may be a new disposition for those of us who have been able to have anything and everything, having it all, these times ask us to focus and concentrate. We might not like ridding ourselves of the fat of the land, but through compression we can zero in on the most meaningful, the most significant, and the more essential aspects that make our lives a highly polished diamond, rather than a lump of rock. This Monday is a good day for us to do what needs to be done in whittling away indulgences and excesses, all the while that we suspend our judgment and defer our commentary. Let’s keep in mind that the universe hates a vacuum, and the more we get rid of the outmoded or outdated, the more room we have for the new, exciting and relevant.

Tuesday, July 20th – Sharpening our Skills – Mars, Sun, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus. Tuesday can be a highly productive day as long as we are not distracted by possibilities and prospects and concentrate instead on what needs to get done. The day begins with the Scorpio Moon sextile Mars, trine the Sun, square Neptune and sextile Saturn. Later in the day, the Moon exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius where it trines Uranus. If we utilize a best practices approach, put one foot in front of the other and not get carried away by new interests or new techniques, then we can tie up many loose ends, complete various projects and clear the decks to then either get off the track or consider new interests without the old issues and old patterns intruding and getting in our way. This is the last day of Saturn’s transit through Virgo, for tomorrow Saturn enters Libra. The more we can take into account the most effective and expedited ways to enhance our well-being [physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual], the more we can establish a fundamental base from which to build upon. Today is a good day to clean things up around our home, deal with outstanding matters and resolve issues that could otherwise trip us up in the future. With our skills sharpened today, we can get more done in a shorter period of time than usual. The main thing is to focus on getting it done and not get diverted by tantalizing sideshows. As the day progresses and if we have taken care of pressing needs, we can then launch forward into new activities and new interests. Our spontaneity is heightened and we don’t have to feel weighed down by excess baggage. We can embrace a greater spontaneity, be open to thrilling surprises and take advantage of new opportunities by acting on impulse.

Wednesday, July 21st – Expanding Our Options – Jupiter, Venus, Saturn Libra. Wednesday has the Sagittarius Moon trine Jupiter and square Venus. Saturn exits Virgo today to enter Libra. This is a day when we can be feeling confident, optimistic and exuberant. We might feel as though luck is on our side and that nothing can go wrong. Such an attitude, while fully enjoyable and upbeat, could prove a prescription for disaster if we rely on our luck and discount our due diligence. We could easily gloss over details today, buy into the kaleidoscope of wonderful images and uplifting presentations but we should question whether the appearance is matched by substance. The early part of this week, and especially Wednesday, could put a positive spin on economic conditions and future forecasts. From the hype and the spin today, we might assume that the clouds have parted, the sun is shining and all is right in the world. Maintaining a realistic hold on our exuberance and enthusiasm could keep us from going overboard and being overly extravagant and indulgent, all under the belief [false assumption?] that all the niggling problems have gone away and that we have clear sailing ahead into the idyllic world of abundance, prosperity and sunshine. It would be far better today for us to get off the track, take a ‘mental health’ day and just enjoy ourselves. Decisions and commitments made today could be done so under the acceptance of a best case scenario, which might eventually prove to have been made from irrational exuberance. Saturn exits Virgo to enter Libra today. Much of our focus, and some of our challenges, may veer towards our interpersonal relationships, our connections with other people. During this two plus year transit of Libra, each of us will have to address how we see ourselves — our identity, those characteristics and definitions of what we do as who we are. This phase of the paradigm shift is a transformation and shapeshifting of our identities. Libra is the complement to Aries and for many of us our identity has been attached to what we have, what we do and everything outside of ourselves that we bring into our lives to provide a definition and identity of who we are. Although we may continue to seek our identity in the external world, we shall also have to address the fact of who we are as beings, our fundamental characteristics stripped of all the external accoutrements. An exciting time but for those who have not done their internal work it could prove an uncomfortable time of trying to either replicate the identities of the past or find some new coverings to provide a sense of identity.

Thursday, July 22nd – Here Comes the Sun – Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Sun Leo. Thursday can continue the feelgood attitude of the past couple of days. The Moon continues its transit of Sagittarius, trines Mercury and squares Mars. The Sun exits Cancer to enter its own Sign of Leo whereupon it sextiles Saturn which has just entered Libra as of yesterday. We may feel at the top of our game. We might want to present ourselves in a dramatic, passionate and engaging manner. We could feel as if there is no stopping us now and we might seek out those people who enjoy, appreciate and even encourage our personalities and our grandstanding. We are more interested in ‘yes’ people today rather than any sort of critical evaluation. We are looking for fun events, enjoyable activities and not overly concerned with the more mundane aspects of life. While this can be a fun-filled day, the difficulty arises in the fact that we might not be viewing things from a realistic, much less rational, perspective. We can easily buy into anything that makes us feel good and totally avoid and neglect anything that could put a damper on our enthusiasm. Let’s enjoy the day but let’s also discount the good feelings and fun times. They may be more of an irrational exuberance disposition than a balanced, neutral, reasoning perspective.

Friday, July 23rd – Head in the Clouds – Sun, Uranus, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Jupiter retrograde. Friday may have our feet nowhere near the ground. The Sun trines Uranus today and although the day begins with the Sagittarius Moon sextile Saturn, the Moon then moves into Capricorn triggering our Cardinal Climax of the T-Square with the Capricorn Moon square Saturn in Libra, Moon square both Jupiter and Uranus in Aries and Moon conjunct Pluto. Added to the mix, Jupiter turns retrograde. Should we say: ‘let the games begin!’? This day we might be far more interested in doing fun things, any thing that allows us to be free to be, exploring new aspects of ourselves and trying out new interests. While our heads and intentions might be filled with possibilities, positive changes and the ‘what could bes’, we may have very little connection to the day-in, day-out unfolding of matters, issues and problems. Although we have been feeling much of the Cardinal Climax over the past two years, now the energies are truly ratcheted up over the next two plus weeks. Today virtually signals the opening of the starting gate of a fairly intense and challenging period. There may be a great deal of activity but much of the activity is shoring up shaky situations, allowing some things to go by the boards and really seeing what we need to keep and rebuild and what we need to be rid of. We may also learn that the bloom starts coming off the rose regarding economic situations. We might begin to see the rosy picture painted by the hipsters and spinmeisters only to be a surrealistic representation in regard to what is truly going on. Whatever news events hit the headlines today could indicate problem areas both over the next couple of weeks and possibly even more so in 2011. Let’s keep in mind that we are on the threshold of a major paradigm shift. While we might witness more of the crash and burn, releases and eliminations, it is essential to keep in mind analogies of the mythological bird of the phoenix rising from its ashes to soar ever higher or in Christian theology the concept that out of the crucifixion comes the resurrection and the ascension. So it is for ourselves, both on an individual level and on a societal level. Certain things have to move out of our lives in order for the new to come forward. We may not like the process but the process is the circle of life — birth, death, rebirth.

Saturday, July 24th – Going to Extremes – Jupiter, Pluto, Venus. There is a bumper sticker that states: ‘When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.’ And today’s energies could be a play out of those sentiments especially if we felt tripped up by yesterday. Today Jupiter squares Pluto and the Moon in Capricorn trines Venus. We could easily justify a makeover today, whether that makeover is in regard to our personal appearance, our wardrobe, our home environment or equipment we feel necessary for us to be more productive with our daily tasks. We do have to be careful about going to extremes today, indulging our appetites and assuaging our concerns through extravagance. Let’s keep in mind that yesterday may have been a powerful heads-up regarding the energies over the next two weeks. And while we might want to mollify our anxieties by shopping, spending, indulging, it would be far wiser for us to spend some time blueprinting, considering and preparing for contingency plans whereby we can not merely cope with intense situations but can use them as catalysts by which to thrive under changing circumstances. If we can keep in mind the truth that living simply is not simply living, then we can prepare ourselves for seeing the best in everything and being incredibly resourceful and adept at having less be more.

Sunday, July 25th – We Can Do This – Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Aquarius Full Moon, Sun, Jupiter. Sunday begins with the Capricorn Moon trine Mars before the Moon moves into Aquarius where it trines Saturn, sextiles Uranus, creates the Full Moon with its opposition to the Sun, and sextiles Jupiter. I have written it before, and I’ll repeat it again: we never get more than we can handle. If we will take the time to make our lists, write down our plans and budget our resources of time, energy and monies, all with a recognition of these times demanding flexibility and adaptability; then we are prepared to meet any situation effectively and with success. Now is a time for us to focus on those important people in our lives, be certain that we are acknowledging their needs and their interests, and that our intention is to move into a mindset of always creating win-win scenarios. We may question our steps, wonder whether we are on the correct path but all questionings can be constant reminders rather than critical evaluations. It is important that we realize that we are entering uncharted waters without navigational maps. Although we might be confused, even unsure of ourselves, what we also have to recognize is that despite not being versed in the forthcoming program, we are prepared to meet any situation, that we have the intestinal fortitude and the development of character to not only deal with any thing that comes up but that we can move beyond surviving our challenges and start to thrive from them, using each new test as a catalyst for a great leap forward. And accepting our innocence and our lack of sure footedness increases our willingness not to get fixed or rigid in our opinions of the way things should be. Instead we can slalom the slopes of new situations and unfamiliar terrain as though we were Olympic skiers… and in deed we have trained to be so.