July 12th – 18th, 2010

This week begins with us looking for fun, seeking out pleasurable activities but with a critical and dispassionate approach. Although we want to enjoy ourselves, luxuriate in the summer sun and have a good time, things just might not measure up. A tendency towards perfection might be too rigid of a standard, unless we are willing to see perfection in an imperfect world. Everything and everyone may come under our scrutiny, and each and every situation could be found wanting.

This is a week to engage amusing distractions, diversions that take us off our normal track and could allow us to suspend judgment. Good luck with that one!

Like these times, volatility can be strong this week with us surfing the waves, focused on recreational pursuits, traveling far afield but with the nagging sensation that we should be taking care of business, leaving nothing to chance and a belief that if we are not in control of situations and master of our personal domain, then things could go to hell in a handbasket. [Never understood that phrase, always found it amusing].

The balance between what we can do and that which we need to leave alone could be nagging us towards the latter part of the week. We might enlist busy work to prove to ourselves that we are not indolent, that we are on top of things and that we accept the concept of no rest for the weary.

With these times being whipsaws between extremes, this week does have its different phases, its different themes. The early part of the week would be a time to allow our creative and re-creative juices to be flowing, with an emphasis upon having a good time, enjoying ourselves and recharging our batteries. The latter part of the week would be best served in considering our everyday world, concentrating on the details, focused on the specifics and developing a good health regimen to address our well-being — our physical body, our emotional balance and our spiritual being. The weekend may be a time to spend engaged with those special people in our lives, enjoying the camaraderie, appreciating the interactions and considering our options and alternatives with those people we trust serving as sounding boards. We end the weekend looking to cut away the excesses, readying to employ the concept that living simply is not simply living.

This week and next week could be used as a conditioning, preparing us for what could prove to be a rather rough period at the end of this month and through the first week of August.

Monday, July 12th – Hot Fun in the Summertime – Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury. Monday starts the week with the Moon in Cancer sextile Saturn. The Moon then moves into Leo where it trines both Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and conjuncts Mercury. If we dealt with home and family matters over the weekend, then we can tie up any outstanding issues early in the day before cavorting in the summer sun. We want to have fun, enjoy ourselves and stretch our wings, seeking out new interests, new activities that reflect a new sense of our own being. We have style and panache today, the ability to present ourselves in an exciting manner. We might consider changes to our wardrobe, focus on our personal needs and try out new avenues for our creative self-expression. We may not be interested in what is occurring in the world-at-large but rather concentrating on our own personal realm with the idea of expanding beyond our usual constraints. This can be a fun-filled day but we are not overly serious or concerned with mundane situations.

Tuesday, July 13th – Stepping out in Style – Venus, Pluto. Tuesday continues with the Leo Moon, and today Venus trines Pluto. We’re likely to have it all together today. We may present ourselves in a dramatic manner and with style and class. Even if we’re working with a minimal budget, we can look like a million dollars. This is a day when we might consider a personal makeover. We may be somewhat self-absorbed but we’re also looking to be the best that we can be. Our enjoyment may be more associated with how we look which can impress others and also contribute to how we feel. Relationships today can be to the point and soul-satisfying. Whatever we do today, we are likely to engage with passion, focused on both the bigger picture and the necessary format to achieve our goals. Nothing is done in half measure today, but it would be wise for us to keep in mind the idea of cycles and phases within cycles, which like the ocean waves can have their crests but also eventually their troughs. The one caveat for the early part of this week is not to buy wholeheartedly into the hype being presented to us that everything is hunky-dory or accepting totally our own feel-good attitude. Let’s enjoy ourselves but keeping in mind that during these times things can change instantly and often without warning. Warning: the end of this month and into the second week of August could prove turbulent. The more we can rest up, recharge our batteries and enjoy ourselves now, the better able we shall be to contend with any difficulties forthcoming.

Wednesday, July 14th – Selecting not Settling – Neptune, Pluto, Venus. The day begins with the Leo Moon opposed Neptune before the Moon moves into Virgo where it trines Pluto and conjuncts Venus. The Venus trine Pluto yesterday is reinforced today and especially as the day progresses. We may begin this day with all sorts of possibilities, but many of our prospects may be illusions or even delusions of grandeur. While all things are possible and increasingly so as we move into the new paradigm, we also have to recognize the importance of being judicious and exercising due diligence in our decisions and our actions. Although we might have to put some of our fun-filled plans on hold, we can accomplish a great deal today by prioritizing and concentrating on the most outstanding matters. We could fine tune, hone and temper our goals and our methods. Our relationships can be pleasant but far more so with those that have depth and are profound rather than the superficial encounters we often have with many other people. We are not interested in settling for just any thing today. We want to engage our passion, embrace the fullness of life with a focus on quality more so than quantity. If we are looking at sprucing up our home, adding to our wardrobe or embellishing our style, today is a day to do so. We do have to be careful not to get hypercritical, seeing flaws and frailties, and focusing on the problems rather than the solutions. We can select rather than settle and do not have to waste our time on criticizing or giving time to the negative or our disapproving commentary.

Thursday, July 15th – The Half Glass of Water – Mars, Sun. As of yesterday, our critique of people and situations could veer more towards criticism rather than approval. Although earlier this week, we might have been far more focused on having a good time and enjoying summer fun, as of yesterday the energy shifted. Instead of seeing the half glass of water as half full as we might have done earlier in the week, we may have shifted our attitude into a stronger critical eye, seeing faults, problems and imperfections in everything around us. Our attitude towards the half glass of water may have shifted from seeing it half full and now viewing it as half empty. Such a disposition could be less than charming. It may seem as if we, and everyone else, have a chip on the shoulder. If we would suspend judgment and just do what needs to be done, we could get a great deal done. We can take care of necessary matters, address important details and clean up some of the mess around our home. But to do so, it would be far wiser to just do it and avoid the running commentary that could be exhausting and non-productive. If we take time to consider what needs to be done and devise a right practices approach, then we could effectively design various wellness programs for ourselves —- wellness in regard to expediting our routine matters, wellness in regard to a successful health regimen, wellness in the spiritual discipline of ridding ourselves of judgments and opinions and being more ‘in the moment’, zen-like.

Friday, July 16th – Choppy Waters, Turbulent Times – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto. One of the most significant energy configurations of these times, and of all times, is the T-Square that links up Saturn, Uranus, Pluto. This T-Square has contributed to the crash and burn of global economies, the contraction and elimination of various institutions and giving lie to the effectiveness of the old program and to the old paradigm. A new day is dawning. Although we have not crossed the threshold into the brave new world, we are in the throes of the transformation, on a societal level and on a personal level. Whenever we go through major drastic changes, the waters can be choppy and the times turbulent. This Friday starts with the Moon in Virgo conjunct Saturn, before the Moon moves into Libra and opposes both Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and then squares Pluto in Capricorn. We may feel a little on overwhelm with a great deal on our plate. If we can avoid a sense of overload, then we could also evaluate our projects, our ambitions and the ingredients of our present life. We may find that some of our hopes and dreams are being blocked by other people’s interests or by present formats that restrict our abilities and our latitude. While we might have to be flexible and adapt to shifting conditions, we could discover a resourcefulness of which we had been unaware. Let’s keep our eyes open and our ears attuned to what might be happening in the world-at-large. If there are unexpected events or situations that arise, they may be the harbinger of things to come towards the end of the month and into early August. We never get more than we can handle, but we have to be attuned to the best ways to handle those matters that demand our attention.

Saturday, July 17th – Social Get-Togethers – Mercury. We might want to take this Saturday as a ‘mental health’ day, a day when we put our errands and ‘to do’ list aside and concentrate on having fun with that special someone in our lives. Problems will not go away, but we don’t have to be constantly obsessed by our concerns or anxieties. This Saturday is a day to enjoy ourselves, whether the enjoyment is the simple pleasures of getting together with friends and sharing lively conversations or we decide to go out, engage in fun activities and step off the track of our everyday life experiences. Either way, this day offers us a sense of uplift and good times. No matter what occurred on Friday, we need not react immediately or impulsively. If something came up that forced us to consider or re-consider situations, let’s take some down time first, catch our breath and wait for a more opportune time to deal with any pressing matters. It is far better that we come from strength and confidence rather than acting or reacting in an impetuous and knee-jerk manner.

Sunday, July 18th – Stripping to the Core – Sun, Neptune, Pluto. Sunday continues with the Libra Moon in the early morning hours, and the Moon today squares the Sun and trines Neptune. We may want to tidy up around our home, make it feel more like a sanctuary for ourselves, offering comfort and solace. We might also consider touching base with good friends and use them as important sounding boards regarding some of our thoughts, our plans and our future goals. They may see something that we cannot see for ourselves or at least provide us a more detached perspective regarding what appears to be going on. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Libra and moves into Scorpio where it sextiles Pluto. The latter part of the day and over the next two days, we might consider doing an inventory taking, figure out what works for us and what no longer works for us and that which we need to get rid of. The superfluous and the extraneous in our lives need to go by the boards. In this day and age, there is no time for needless distractions and exhausting involvements. Now is a time to strip to the core, rebuild from solid foundations and prepare for riding the tumultuous waves of these changing times.